Independent Miners Guild ID

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The Independent Miners Guild is a mining corporation that is not affiliated with any house. It focuses on mining and shipbuilding outside of the House systems, and will sometimes trade with unlawful factions such as the Mollys and Hessians. The IMG is allied with the Crayter Republic and partnered with ALG and Gateway. Its enemies include the Outcasts and Corsairs.

Pilot carrying this lawful ID is an Independent Miners Guild member, who:

  • - Can attack any ship in self-defense, to protect an allied or neutral lawful ship, or in defense of a base of the same affiliation, both within and outside of their Zone of Influence.
  • - Can attack ships belonging to houses or organisations considered hostile by the IMG within their Zone of Influence.
  • - Can demand Slaves and Cardamine from any ship within their Zone of Influence and destroy those who refuse to comply.
  • - Can engage in piracy against Kruger, Daumann, GMS and BMM outside of House space.
  • - Cannot dock Cruisers and Battleships on any base within any House, except on IMG bases.
  • - Cannot use any transport with more than 4,300 cargo.
  • - Cannot ally with any unlawfuls except with Red Hessians or Mollys, against unlawfuls only.
  • - Cannot participate in unlawful actions except as described above.

Zone of Influence: Taus, Omega-3, Omega-7, Omega-2, Omega-47, Dublin, Cambridge, Newcastle, Magellan, Coronado

Allowed ships: Fighters, Freighters, Transports, Gunboats, Cruisers