Kruger Minerals (player group)

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This is an unofficial player group. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Kruger Minerals.

Kruger Minerals
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Alignment Lawful/Corporation
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) unknown
Base of operations Essen Station, New Berlin
Primary role
Ore mining and processing
Secondary role
Expansion to gas mining


Kruger Minerals works in partnership with ALG Waste Disposal to mine the valuable resource deposits within Rheinland and its neighboring territories.

Kruger was a primary supporter of the 80-Years War. After the conflict ending in disaster, Kruger's base operations was exhausted and the company persecuted. Today Kruger is attempting to rebuild by establishing an alliance with ALG Waste Disposal.


In 193 A.S. a multitude of small companies were formed in preparation for securing contracts to mine the distant systems, sealing lucrative deals. Kruger Minerals was one of these companies and was successful in obtaining rights to establishing mining operations in Dresden as well as receiving considerable government backing in regard to its plans of expansion.

However, in early 587 A.S., the company was put in a difficult place. Their largest rival, Daumann Heavy Construction, had succeeded in claiming the remaining mining fields in Dresden, thus striking out expansion plans. Kruger were faced with the prospect of losing out on its government influences and a resulting economic decline. They had no choice but to expand into the Crow Nebula, since they felt that there was enough gas for everyone in Sigma-13, but that viewpoint was obviously not shared by the GMG.

Kruger lost almost everything during the 80 years war, a large portion of their fleet, a station, their expansion plans, as well as having to pay the cost of reparations to the GMG. Since then, further restrictions on their ethical standards and further compensation payments left the company unable to recover.

In 817 A.S., after numerous negotiations between ALG and Kruger, an agreement was made to merge the Glaenzende Steine Division into the ALG as a trial initiative. The details of this are secret, however it is rumoured that the offer was more substantial than predicted. This is in ALG's interests, as this money will be put towards remodeling and modernising the division, therefore increasing output. It is hoped by ALG Waste Disposal that this will be the first step of many into total control, there is no other foreseeable option for Kruger to survive.

Though Kruger Minerals encourages their labour force to take breaks when they are too tired to work safely; it is their choice to keep working because no work means no pay; ALG would like to see further improvements in the worker standards, and as displayed by their own example have found that workers with more positive attitudes are more productive and profitable. This ideology has been imposed on the Glaenzende Steine Initiative, in which workers will have reduced hours, higher wages, higher grade equipment and protection provided.

This initiative will serve to provide materials and services to both ALG and Kruger Minerals. Still involved in mining operations, but expanding to incorporate waste disposal and manufacturing support.

Seeing ALG moves, Republican Shipping started to worry that such acquisition would had lead to a change in the power relations between themselves and ALG. Hence in the aim to cope with ALG strategy, [[Republican Shipping]] tried to bargain with some minority sharholders in order to acquire a stake in Kruger Minerals capital.

At this point the Rheinland Government stepped in. A potential acquisition of Kruger by ALG would have likely lead to a monopoly in the raw materials market in Rheinland, being ALG the biggest supplier of metal and Kruger the biggest supplier of H-Fuel. The Kanzler was not willing have the need to face such a challenge to his power and so he fiercely opposed to further integration between the two companies.

This situation seemed to be quite favorable to Republican Shipping aims but the Army Secretary pointed out that if Republican Shipping would had been involved in the mining industry they probably would have shifted financial resources from research on ship technology to research on mining technology with a potential harm for Rheinland ability to cope with other nations in the shipping technologies. To rule out completely the problem, the Kanzler even tried to nationalize the company on the base that H-Fuel is so important for military effort that it cannot be left in the hand of a private enterprise. Unfortunately for the Kanzler, the new war against Liberty weakened his support in the Rheinland Chamber of Representative and lead to the impossibility to have such nationalization to be approved.

This situation left Kruger Mineralen in a very bad position. Neither ALG nor the Republican were in the position to go against Kanzler will; many other Rheinland companies, were still suffering from the war situation where not in the position to invest huge amount of money in an almost bankrupt company like the Kruger. And, the same time, all the rumors about Kanzler opposition where pushing down Kruger Minerals stock prices. In this situation ALG keeped their shares and started to await next chance to take over the company but they doesn't know what will happen further and right now they are just hoping.

Unexpected, a wealthy Stuttgart’s family (that already owned the Stuttgart Wafer, Wurstel und Beer), taking advantage of the low prices of Kruger shares on the stock market suddenly bought a large amount of shares and finally got the control. In the first shareholder meeting after the takeover the new controlling shareholder, the Weber Fiduciary Fund (a legal entity used by the Weber family to operate on the Rheinland Stock Market), appointed a new CEO of the Kruger Minerals: the former CEO of SWWB, Thomas Weber. The business community saw as a peculiar coincidence that Thomas himself had previously worked himself in the Kruger when he was just 19 years old. After this meeting there was a discussion inside the ALG about their alliance with Kruger and they decided to keep their alliance to later get second opportunity to take over the Kruger company and form grand Rheinland corporation.

Being the the Stuttgart Wafer, Wurstel und Beer an important food supplier of the Army some rumors said that the Weber acquisition had been saw by the Kanzler with friendly eyes (if not directly inspired by him). An other indication of the Kanzler favor is the fact that no member of cabinet pointed out that one of Thomas Weber main consultant is Jack Hole, a bright mining engineer born in Rheinland but from libertonian parents and graduated from the Liberty Mining University.

Late 817 A.S., Under Weber's direction, Kruger Minerals is starting to grow again and it has made a remarkably grand level of reform. They are more convenient and they are trying to claim all Kruger fields absolutely. They have even developed a new logo as a symbol of new times. The new task of Kruger Minerals is to conquer the market, which is currently dominated by Daumann Heavy Construction.


Kruger minerals is Mining Based company that is focused on Copper, Cobalt and Silver mining. They hold one diamond field too but expansion is not possible, due to the financial crisis the company has to face. Dresden diamond mining field is almost depleated but Kruger still believes that there are "hidden" diamond mining places there.

Extra revenue: Copper, Cobalt, Silver. Used Mining ships: Mining Ship, Basalt, Dacite, Mafic. Kruger mining opperation zones: Dresden, Omega 11, Omega 7, Omega 3.


Faction Relationship
Rheinland Federal Police
Rheinland Military
Republican Shipping
Daumann Heavy Construction
Liberty Authorities
Red Hessians
At War
At War
At War
The Wild
At War
At War

Main Equipment

  • ID: Kruger Minerals
  • Transmitter/IFF: Kruger Minerals
  • Company Tagging: Kruger|

Naming conventions

Kruger|Name.Surname - escort ships

Kruger|Shipname - cargo ships

Kruger|MS-Shipname - mining ships

Zone of Inner Operations (ZoIO)

Kruger Minerals is a Rheinland corporation that operates inside Rheinland and its borders. Mainly we operate in the following systems: New Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Omega-7, Omega-3. However, we can be seen in Stuttgart, Hamburg and [[Munich] too. We also do trade runs throughout Sirius, mainly between Rheinland, Kusari, and Bretonia.

New Berlin

Owned Base: Essen Station (HQ). Kruger Mining Site: - Main Operations: Moving through or cargo.


Owned Base: Bautzen Station. Kruger Mining Site: Diamond field. Main Operations: Diamond mining and cutting.


Owned Base: Mannheim Station Kruger Mining Site: - Main Operations: Extracting gas from nearby gas giant and H-fuel processing.


Owned Base: Elbich Mining Facility. Kruger Mining Site: Silver, copper and cobalt field. Main Operations: Silver, copper and cobalt ore gathering.


Owned Base: - Kruger Mining Site: - Main Operations: Minor mining in some fields.


Owned Base: - Kruger Mining Site: - Main Operations: Kruger inner trade missions, moving through or local business.


Owned Base: - Kruger Mining Site: - Main Operations: Kruger inner trade missions, moving through or local business.


Owned Base: - Kruger Mining Site: - Main Operations: Kruger inner trade missions or local business.


New Berlin- Essen Station

  • CLASS: Abbey
  • GRAVITY: Partial
  • DOCKING: Yes
  • Essen Station is the headquarters and primary manufacturing facility for Kruger Minerals, a once proud company experiencing hard times. Wishing to exploit the vast gas resources of The crow nebula despite claims made to the territory by the Gas Mining Guild (GMG), Kruger was a primary supporter of the 80-Years War. After that conflict ended in disaster, Kruger's capital was exhausted and the company persecuted. Today, Kruger is attempting to rebuild by allying itself with ALG Waste Disposal.

Dresden- Bautzen Station

  • CLASS: Sanctuary
  • GRAVITY: Partial
  • DOCKING: Yes
  • AMENITIES: Limited
  • Bautzen Station supports the Kruger Minerals operation in Dresden system.
  • Smaller than the rival Daumann facility at Leipzig, Kruger chose to focus solely on the extraction of Diamonds from the shifting clouds and rogue asteroids that populate Dresden.
  • Built in 288 A.S., shortly after the construction of the New Berlin to Dresden Jump Gate, Bautzen station supports the Kruger Minerals mining operations in the Dresden system. Smaller than the rival Daumann facility in Leipzig, Kruger chose to focus solely on the extraction of Diamonds from the shifting clouds and rogue asteroids that populate Dresden, particulary in the Schwefelnebel. It is from here that the famous blue diamonds, known as "Hessian Tears" originated, mined from the lava fields of Dresden by the tireless efforts of Kruger Miners. The vast majority of the diamonds mined in Dresden are used in industrial concerns. However, as the quality is often not good enough for the luxury goods markets.

Omega-7- Elbich Mining Facility

  • CLASS: Cathedral
  • GRAVITY: Partial
  • DOCKING: Yes
  • AMENITIES: Limited
  • Elbich Mining Facility is owned and operated by Kruger Minerals. Elbrich focuses exclusevely on the extraction of Silver from local asteroid fields.

Frankfurt- Mannheim Station

  • CLASS: Sanctuary
  • GRAVITY: Partial
  • DOCKING: Yes
  • Mannheim Station is the farthest outpost of the once vast Kruger Mineral concern, mining resources from the nearby gas giant, Heidelberg. The impure gas resources collected from Heidelberg, however, require the re-synthesis of H-Fuel in a process that is uneconomical, but which provides one of the few sources for H-Fuel in Rheinland space.
  • Officialy Mannheim Station is owned by Kruger Minerals and they use the base to mine deuterium from the nearby gas giant Heidelberg. Originally constructed in 670 A.S. by Daumann, Mannheim never made much profit, although Daumann used it more for the prestige of owning the only H-Fuel manufacturing facility in Rheinland than for making money directly, for it gave them a bit more power, especially of their Kruger rivals.
  • Eventually, however, as the after-effects of the Eighty Years War faded away, Daumann made several deals and swapped the ownership of Mannheim and its gas miners in exchange for the ownership of the planet Holstein. Kruger, happy to get rid of this terraforming project on Holstein, was unaware of the raw material deposits that Daumann surveyors had found on Holstein, nor of Daumann's intent to restart terraforming process. Nevertheless, Kruger has made a reasonable amount of money out of selling H-Fuel at an extrimely high cost to the Rheinland Military, who have had little choice but to buy it from Kruger, for the Gas Miners Guild (GMG) woud charge the Rheinland Military an exorbitan price.


Kruger Minerals fleet mainly uses civilian or rheinland ships.


These vessels are used for escorting and defending kruger ships and stations. Escorts are effective for defending Kruger transports. If there is a possible threat Kruger escorts tries to block this threat before it gets close to the transport or station. Kruger|Name.Surname


Civilian Very Heavy Fighter.


Civilian Heavy Fighter.


Civilian Light Fighter.

Tiger Shark

Rheinland Light Fighter.


Civilian Bomber.


Freighters and Transports are used to transfer goods between stations through the Sirius. Freighters are small and fast used for close distance trading and supporting. However, Transports are used for long distance trading. These ships has a large cargobay and they are not so agile as Freighters. Kruger|Shipname


Rheinland Transport. Cargo - 3000.


Rheinland Transport. Cargo - 5000.

Advanced Train

Transport. Cargo - 5000.

Large Train

Transport. Cargo - 4500.


Transport. Cargo - 3000.


Transport. Cargo - 1000.

Large Transport

Transport. Cargo - 2000.

Heavy Tanker

Transport. Cargo - 4800.


Freighter. Cargo - 275.

Mining ships

Mining ships are used for valuable resource extraction from the mineable fields. Like the transports, there are two mining ship classes small miners and large miner. Small miners are used to get small ammounts of resources delivered to nearby base or they work as personal miners for transports to get goods on board the transport fast. Large miner is used to mine and collect large ammounts of resources. They can work as resource storage too, because it has a large cargohold, and that means resource collector can trade while miner extracts the resources. Mining equipment is differient too, Large miner can get more resources from rocks due to advanced mining equipment. However, it is not so agile as small miners. Kruger|MS-Shipname

Mining Ship

Used for mining. Loadout atleast 2-4 mining lasers. Transport/Miner. Cargo - 2750.


Required 2 mining lasers. Civilian Heavy Miner. Cargo - 70.


Required 2 mining lasers. Civilian Super Heavy Miner. Cargo - 160.

Light Miner

Required 1 mining laser. Civilian Light Miner. Cargo - 30.

Special ships

Special ships are used for special Kruger opperations and they support Kruger in many ways- Repairing Kruger ships, Transporting important cargo and moving resources between stations and large ships. For Naming Contact Kruger Administration.

Rheinland armored transport

Armored Transport used for cargo/passenger transporting that needs tight security. Cargo - 600.

Heavy Lifter

Used for Ore transporting between miners and stations. Cargo - 750.

Repair Ship

Used for repairing kruger minerals ships. Cargo - 350. Batteries/Nanobots - 4000.


Fighter/Bomber Equipment

For Fighters Kruger mainly uses civilian and Rheinland civilian weapons technologies. From Rheinland Military weapons you can use Hornvipers. Also, we are using armour upgrades and there can be ships that are using advanced scanner technology. For codename weapon usage contact administration. For Bombers- standard bomber EMP and Energy cannons and turrets. Same as fighters, bombers can have advanced scanners.

Freighter/Transport Equipment

For Freighters and Transports we are using civilian equipment. For transports we use transport turrets, for freighters- civilian weapons.

Mining Ship Equipment

For mining ships we use mining lasers and defence equpiment, that means civilian weapons and for large miners civilian transport turrets.

Special Ship Equipment

Please contact administration.


Kruger Minerals has a structure containing 3 main branches and management. When a pilot joins Kruger, he can sellect his main branch and achieve his rank, after we discuss his skills. When the main branch is sellected, we can also join other branches too and start as the high-ranked pilot if he has a great skills. Also... There are special branches, or "Minor" branches, which are used for a special missions/assignments for Kruger.


Vorsitzende (Chairman) - Owner of the Kruger minerals company. Stellvertretender Vorsitzender (Vice chairman) - Governs the company in the Chairman's absence. If the Chairman is present, the Sv. handles the bank, the process of mining, transport and employment moderation issues. Also plays an important role on diplomatic meetings.

Miner employees:

Abbau Leiter (Extraction leader) - Responsible for supervising and co-ordinating the mining operations and the distribution of profit between other miners. Gelernter Bergmann (Experienced miner) - A miner with officially acknowledged experience and therefore authority over his co-workers. Knappen supervise mining operations in the absence of Abbau Leiters. Mainly opperating arround with the standart mining ship. Bergarbeiter (Miner) - The everyday Kruger Minerals employee, responsible for extracting ore and diamonds from minable fields using small mining vessels.

Transportation employees:

Vertriebsleiter (Sales manager) - Leader of the transportation-related issues, responsible for setting up trade routes, leading convoys and keeping Kruger's products on the market. Advanced Transport Pilot - Experienced transport personell, responsible for moving large amounts of cargo around and keeping the larger supply routes busy. Transport Pilot - Transport pilot that is responsible for carrying goods between systems using medium transporters. Freighter Pilot - New transportation employees, responsible for the delivery of Kruger material to the markets and the assembly of needed mining equipment and space port supplies in turn using freighter class ships.

Security staff:

Aufsicht (Supervisor) - Chief of security. Responsible for splitting and controlling security wings of the Kruger minerals corporation. Can be involved in quick, field diplomacy if the situation demands. Master Escort Pilot - Leaders of security wings patrolling Kruger territory and safeguarding convoys. Has authority to command Miners and Transport personell if their lives are at stake. Advanced Escort Pilot - Escort pilots with good expiriance in escorting and fighter/bomber piloting. Escort Pilot - Security personell responsible for the integrity of convoys and supervisory Kruger territory.


Dockarbeiter (Dock worker) - Employees commandeering Lifters that carry the Miners' material back to the Kruger space ports or the distribution personell. Ingenieur (Engineer) - Employees commanding Repair ships that are repairing stations and ships.