Liberty Navy ID

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The Liberty Navy are the military of Liberty. They maintain Liberty rule in systems claimed by Liberty and assist in law enforcement. They also patrol the systems bordering Liberty. Liberty is assisting Bretonia against Gallia.

Pilot carrying this lawful ID is a member of the Liberty Navy, who:

  • - Can engage and destroy any ships within Alaska or the Zone-21 Minefield that do not belong to either the LSF or Liberty Navy.
  • - Can demand contraband and levy fines within their Zone of Influence, and attack if ships refuse to comply.
  • - Can attack ships which are in violation of Liberty laws or belong to a house or organisation considered hostile by Liberty within their Zone of Influence.
  • - Can defend allied or neutral lawful ships and bases within their Zone of Influence.
  • - Can escort traders within their Zone of Influence.
  • - Cannot participate in unlawful actions except as described above.
  • - Cannot use any transports with more than 4,300 cargo.

Allowed ships: Fighters, Freighters, Transports, Gunboats, Cruisers, Battleships