Vagrant Raiders

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This is a player faction. For the server rules for this faction, see Vagrant Raiders ID.

Vagrant Raiders
Vagrant Raiders.png
Origin Independent Worlds
Alignment Quasi-legal
Recruitment Click to join
Date of founding 800 A.S.
Founder(s) John Petrucci
Current leader(s) Harold Kane
Base of operations VCS Metropolis
Primary ID Vagrant Raiders ID
IFF Freelancer
Tag(s) VR-
Primary role
Establishment of a free quasi-lawful society
Secondary role
Supporting allied and damaging hostile operations, premier and elaborate trade and shipping
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The Vagrant Raiders are a paramilitary organization based in the western Independent Worlds and the core military of Natio Octavarium. Founded after the Nomad War by a Maltese smuggler named John Petrucci, the Raiders have gone through several incarnations, originally smuggling cardamine from Malta to Liberty, pirating traders along the way. After the Battle of Freeport One, in which the Vagrant Raiders fleet participated, the Spyglass-class battleship VCS Metropolis was engulfed in a subspace tear, severely damaging it and flinging it to the edges of Sirius. After months of grueling travel with a severely weakened hull, the Metropolis made it home and Petrucci fell into a coma.

Now, under the leadership of a long-time member named Harold Kane, the Vagrant Raiders are rebuilding both their ranks and their fleet, with repairs and upgrades to the Metropolis underway. With another long-time member, Escher, as part of High Command, the group has intent to restore the former power of the Vagrant Raiders, and then some, this time without dependence on the Cardamine trade, and without the abrasive diplomatic tendencies of previous leaderships. Presently, the group is focussing on the construction of Natio Octavarium, an independent house based on a free society for all those wishing to put their differences at the door for greater cooperative benefit.


  • To restore the former glory of the Vagrant Raiders.
  • To gain credits, power, and influence, and have fun doing it.
  • To aid our allies in any way possible - whether it be information, force, supplies, or humanitarian aid.
  • To secure an independent base of operations for ourselves and an independent trade network for our allies as part of Natio Octavarium.
  • To establish a technically-legal Vagrant Transport Corps, shipping goods both mundane and exotic to our friends throughout Sirius.


Civilian weaponry: Unlimited
Codename weaponry: Unlimited
Outcast weaponry: No usage
Rogue weaponry: No usage
Lane Hacker weaponry: Inactive (access to Hellflurries per this post)
Other weaponry: Prohibited, unless allowed by personal tech request (or SRP)
Missiles/Torpedoes: Unlimited
Cloaking Devices: Limited to command ranks only on a case-by-case basis


Depending on rank, Vagrant Raiders are permitted to use ships that have been manufactured on Border Worlds, Lane Hacker and Outcast bases. Exceptions can be made with prior consent from all parties involved.

Having a large smuggling vessel requires a rank higher than Bandit.

  • Taskmaster - (Leadership Rank) Taskmasters run passive operations for the Vagrant Raiders, such as location scouting and transport shipment. Taskmasters often handle diplomacy on the side. They coordinate with Warlords, with whom they are on the same level of ranking, to make their plans happen. Taskmasters are considered part of Vagrant Raider High Command.
  • Warlord - (Leadership Rank) Warlords are the chief executive officers of Raider-dealt pain. They coordinate with the Taskmasters as to where prime strike locations are, and make sure those strikes happen. Warlords are considered part of Vagrant Raider High Command.
  • Marauder - Not quite high command but smarter than your average Raider, the Marauders are field commanders of the Vagrant Raiders. Without the presence of a Taskmaster or Warlord, the senior Marauder in a group of Vagrant Raider ships assumes command of the group. Marauders are trusted to keep order among subordinates during spaceborne operations.
  • Raider - These individuals are officially a part of the "crew". They've impressed the Warlords, proved their worth in their respective subject fields, and have displayed prowess in combat and character. They are considered "the normals" in the Raiders.
  • Bandit - The "lackies", as James LaBrie would put it, are newly recruited personnel that have yet to prove their worth among the Raiders. They are provided a small ship to perform escort duties, and have the option of getting themselves a small freighter to spread the reach of smuggled goods amongst the colonies. They are the 'grunts' of the Vagrant Raiders, often called to the front lines to do the more gritty work such as basic escort duties, scouting, and absorbing plasma-fire for the senior Raiders.


Freighters: Rhino, CSV, Dromedary, Clydesdale, Camara, Drone, Anki, X-Shuttle, Ragnar, Civilian Freighter

(restricted): Grizzly, Repair Ship

Transports: Bumblebee, Mammoth, Percheron, Behemoth, Pirate Transport, Border Worlds Transport, Firefly

(restricted)Armored Transport, Democritus, Prison Liner

Light Fighters: Civilian Shuttle, Starblazer, Griffin, Scimitar, Surveyor, Falchion, Arrow, Tiger Shark, Hayabusa

Heavy Fighters: Bayonet, Switchblade, Kingfisher, Crow, Falcon, Marauder, Saishi

Very Heavy Fighters: Sabre, Raven's Talon, Touketsu, Scraper, Eagle, Wasupu, Virage

Super Heavy Fighters: Arrastra, Spatial

Bombers: Broadsword, Cutlass, Roc, Waran, Havoc Mk II

Notable Ships

VCS Metropolis (Spyglass II-class battleship): The flagship of the Raiders. The Metropolis acts as the main mobile base of operations, supplying ammunition, repairs, safe bunks, and a hideout for Raiders and guests who require it. Originally a Spyglass-class battleship, the Raiders have modified the various systems aboard the Metropolis, as the Hellfire Legion no longer maintains the vessel or supplies parts to the Raiders. After major hull and internal damage, the ship was set for reconstruction in the style of an Arbiter-class battleship.

VCS Silent Man (Ibis-class carrier): Originally the Bretonian Liner Majesty, the ship now known as the VCS Silent Man was retrofitted as a lighter, sleeker Ibis-class carrier by Aquila Defense Systems after major reactor damage crippled the reconverted liner.


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Faction Relationship
Natio Octavarium
Temporary Autonomous Zoners
The Junkers Congress
Vereinigte Widerstandsarmee
Kingdom of Bretonia
Republic of Liberty
Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army
Everyone Else
Liberty Rogues
Federal Republic of Rheinland
Bounty Hunters Guild
At War
Kingdom of Gallia
At War

Full diplomacy available -- Vagrant Raiders Faction Information

Zone of Influence

Primary ZoI: Independent Worlds

Secondary ZoI: Rheinland, Border Worlds, Certain Edge Worlds