Bretonian Charter of Interstellar Law

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Within the Domain of Her Majesty Carina I, Queen of Bretonia, Empress of the Taus, Sovereign of the stars of Dundee, Chester, Lewis, Orkney, Inverness, Poole and Salisbury, the following Rules and Regulations shall be enforced by the agents of Her Majesty, the Crown.

Primarily, all persons and organizations are granted, so far as they conduct themselves in a manner that does not inhibit these same rights in others, the rights of protection under the law, freedom of assembly, passage, and transport, with the following restrictions:

Trade and Cargo



Cardamine Shipments above five units will be escorted either to New London, for seizure and distribution to licensed pharmacies, or escorted out of Bretonia and into the Taus. Offenders will be fined 3 million credits.


Shipments of Artifacts will immediately be seized and transported to Planet Cambridge for safekeeping. Violators will be fined 3 million credits for the artifacts and 2 million credits for assisting the Corsairs, for a total sum of 5 million credits.

Counterfeit Software

Smuggling of Counterfeit Software is covered under Article III, Clause 5 of the Treaty of Curacao:

The trafficking of counterfeit software from Liberty to Bretonia is to be considered a serious offence by both Houses. Any vessel caught with counterfeit software anywhere in Liberty space, Bretonian space, or Magellan or Cortez space, shall be considered guilty of a crime against both Liberty and Bretonia. Any lawful agents of either government catching such offenders are to seize and destroy all such software, and impose a fine of 400 credits per-unit upon the vessel, half payable to the government of each nation. This to be done regardless of where the vessel in question was apprehended.


Any person caught transporting Slaves will be immediately escorted to the nearest Bretonian Government facility to off load them and fined 5 million credits. Furthermore, because of the seriousness of the crime of slavery, all known slave ships will be barred from further conduct in Bretonian space.

The group known as Zoners Against Slavery are exempted from this provision, provided they move the slaves to Omega-49, since they are moving slaves for humanitarian reasons. Any ZAS ship found moving slaves anywhere else will be required to explain their actions.

Pilots of Lawful Affiliation

Any person that is carrying Pilots of Lawful Affiliation will be asked to drop them if transport is available or will be immediately escorted to the nearest Bretonian facility to off load them.

Limited Contraband

Synthetic Marijuana

Shipments of Synthetic Marijuana will be charged a tax, in relation to the cargo size: 200 credits per unit of; that is, one million max, for 5000 units. The traders however, will be allowed to keep their cargo and proceed to their intended destination.

Nomad Biomatter, Equipment and Weapons

Handling Nomad weaponry and Equipment, as well as Biomatter samples, requires licensing from the Bretonia Police Authority. Any ship carrying unlicensed Nomad Biomatter, Equipment, and Weapons can be fined up to 5 million Credits. Note: Alien Organisms DO NOT count as Nomads

Cargo Transported to the Tau Systems

Moving any of the following items across the Bretonian border into Tau space is illegal, and will be treated as an act of war, making the transporter of said goods, an enemy combatant.

IMG ships may move H-Fuel and Deuterium through Bretonia and as far as their holdings in the Tau systems. IMG ships found moving said goods to Kusari will be fined 5 million credits.

War Materiel

The following goods are to be restricted to Borderworld Exports registered vessels in Bretonian space, as per Royal Charter #506 P1-4:

Those carrying any listed contraband or caught in any other illegal act, after paying the applicable fine, will be asked to leave the House systems. If they refuse, said criminal may be destroyed or blacklisted for a specific time.

Combat and General Conduct

Enemy Combatants

Enemy combatants should be dealt with in all prudence, with the understanding that they are a threat to the Denizens of the Realm. Persons projecting terrorist com signatures, such as Coalition or Gaian signatures, will be treated as enemy combatants.

Ships Manufactured in Hostile Nations

Anyone found flying ships produced by Bretonia's enemies will be halted and questioned about their activities. Should their explanation be found inadequate, or they fail to cooperate with lawful Bretonian authorities, they will be considered enemy combatants, and treated accordingly.

Disrupting the Smooth Flow of Trade

Because a smooth running Trade Lane system is essential to the Bretonian economy, anyone found disrupting Trade Lanes in Bretonian space will be fined 500,000 credits, if not found to be engaged in piracy. Should the offender be engaged in piracy, they will be treated as an enemy combatant and the authorities will respond accordingly.

Assisting Hostile Forces

Assisting any enemies of Bretonia will result in a fine of 2 million credits.

Compliance with Law Enforcement Officers

Failing to obey the instructions of a law enforcement officer may result in force being used.

Distress Calls

If possible, BPA/BAF will respond to distress calls from any Bretonians and ships in Bretonia so long as they are of a lawful faction.

All actions above will result in an immediate blacklisting. Any blacklisted ships will be asked to leave promptly. If they do not, the BPA/BAF will use lethal action. Offenders that are unable to pay their fine will be placed on the Wanted List* until they fulfill their fine.

Cargo Scanners

The use of cargo scanners to identify the contents of a ship's hold is illegal in Bretonia. While possession of a cargo scanner is not an offense the following actions involving a cargo scanner are:

  • scanning the cargo of any private craft
  • recording information relating to armaments on military craft or installations
  • selling or import cargo scanners or use information received for personal gain
  • using information received to aid in the commission of a crime
  • disclosing information received to other persons

Penalties for cargo scanner use:

  • a fine of 50 credits for first-time offenders
  • a fine of 150 credits for second-time offenders
  • a prison sentence of up to six months and a fine of up to 150 000 credits for a third offense

Identity scanners may still be sold and used without fear of legal consequence. However it has come to the attention of the Ministry that certain criminal organisations have made unblocked versions available on the black market.