Lane Hackers (player faction)

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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Lane Hackers

Lane Hackers
LH Logo.png
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation Lane Hackers
Alignment Unlawful
Recruitment Click to join
Date of founding 815 A.S.
Founder(s) Moriarty
Current leader(s) The Professorship (led by Moriarty)
Base of operations Airdrie Hideout, Alberta
Primary ID LH~ The Lane Hackers ID
IFF Lane Hacker Guard
Tag(s) LH~
Primary role
Secondary role
Intelligence gathering, Naval Befuddlement, R&D


Note: To read the entire vanilla history of the Lane Hackers and relevant historical events click here (posts #2-#6)

Lane Hackers are mostly composed of former Los Angeles Ageira Technologies employees who created the extremely complex scanning and database system known as USI (Universal Ship Identification). Departing the company rather acrimoniously in 750 AS, they have become a growing problem in the Independent Worlds.


The Lane Hackers in Magellan and Galileo share one common origin, Ageira. The scandal that erupted within the company after the great Galileo Bypass Project, which resulted in the unnecessary construction of a hugely expensive set of Jump Gates and Trade Lanes, forced several executives and an elite development team out. This would become the second part of the core of the Lane Hackers, along with the original California scanner group that fled to Magellan. The investigation continues to this day, but has so far been unsuccessful in locating the Lane Hacker bases.

No Hacker has ever been captured, although various Rogues in the Independent Worlds have been caught possessing remarkably accurate information regarding upcoming high-value shipments. Security measures have been added to the software, but the Hackers remain one step ahead, leading Ageira security experts to believe that there are many sympathetic programmers still within the company, possibly being secretly paid off with the proceeds from the thefts. The Lane Hackers prefer to sell their information to others rather than do the dirty work themselves, although they sometimes swoop in and tractor in a cargo if it's particularly juicy. Fancying themselves as modern-day Robin-hoods, they avoid direct confrontation when possible, unless it is the henchmen of the despised IC and Ageira.

They like to frequent Freeport 4, Ames Research Station and Thunder Bay Depot, as their asteroid bases within the clouds can become claustrophobic. Their Cardamine addiction forces the Hackers to trade drugs for Trade Lane info with the Outcasts at the Mactan base. Leiden is a key transfer point for smuggled goods between Kusari and Liberty, especially the Artifact trade, which the Hogosha dominate. A steady stream of Hogosha ships make the journey to the Galileo system. The Lane Hackers have also been spotted in Colorado, leading authorities to speculate that there may be multiple Jump Hole routes into that system from the Independent Worlds.


  • Confiscation of all revenues illicitly purloined from the intellectual expertise of former, current, and future Ageira employees by Ageira Technologies with the collusion of Deep Space Engineering, Interspace Commerce, their corporate conspirators and associated hoodlums in Independent Neuralnet Division.
  • Elimination of the hypocritical and puritanical social and legal restrictions on the use of the intellectual enhancer Cardamine.
  • The eventual use of confiscated revenues to establish a new Research & Development technology firm to replace the nefarious Ageira Technologies. The firm will honor its employees, conduct fair and just business practices, and pursue technological innovations for the benefit of all mankind. The firm's first project will be the development of an inter-dimensional, quasi-molecular, table-top nomad-brain disgronifier suitable for purchase by every middle-class family in Sirius. Then families can sleep peacefully without worrying about whether there is a nomad under the bed or about to leap out of the dark closet at 2 am when you have to get up to go to the bathroom because you just had to drink that 26th Sidewinder Fang before you left your neighbor's groovy shindig.


  • The interdiction and disruption of all commercial traffic in the colony of Liberty and its bordering systems in order to bankrupt Ageira Technologies, Deep Space Engineering, Interspace Commerce and Independent Neuralnet Division through disruption of their contractual obligations throughout Sirius.
  • Harassment and, where necessary, termination of all so-called "legal authorities" under the corrupting influence of Ageira Technologies, Deep Space Engineering, Interspace Commerce and Independent Neuralnet Division.
  • Infiltration of commercial interests by Lane Hackers at every level of planning, production, logistics, and security services to provide timely intelligence to the Lane Hacker Professorship and allied parties. Disruption of all broadcasts of the ancient Terran Techno-Operational Treatises known as "James Bond films". Confiscation of all known copies of these Treatises for Lane Hacker training purposes.
  • Leveraging the Lane Hacker alliance with the Outcasts and Liberty Rogues to further insinuate the enlightenment of Cardamine into Liberty Society at every level.
  • Embarrass, humiliate, harass, prank, infiltrate, disrupt, annoy, irritate, purify, cleanse, flail, disgronify, discombobulate, confuse, disconcert, fluster, rattle, encumber, thwart, obstruct, hinder, impede, interfere, and tickle Liberty Security Force and Liberty Navy at every turn to reward them for so masterfully and effectively shilling for Ageira Technologies, Deep Space Engineering and Interspace Commerce. This shall include but not be limited to sneaking Cardamine into the food supply at the LSF and Liberty Navy barracks and depositing yellow organic liquid supplements into their drinking water at every opportunity.

Organizational Structure

Lane Hackers advance in rank by making contributions to the achievement of the Lane Hackers' goals and correctly following the Lane Hackers' methods and operational guidelines. These contributions are measured by completion of advancement requirements, contribution of credits to the Lane Hacker Research & Development fund, successful completion of mission assignments, creation of unique plans to achieve the Lane Hackers' goals, assassination of corporate villains and their police or navy flunkies and active participation in Lane Hacker operations.

Please note that all Lane Hackers adhere to the following policy however those of Operative rank and above can opt out after notifying the Professorship.

CLOSED ECONOMY POLICY: Lane Hackers are completely prohibited from accepting transfers of credits from their non-Hacker relatives throughout Sirius. Everything that your Lane Hacker character possess must be earned through various unlawful acts such as extortion, piracy, smuggling or completion of missions.
Lane Hackers Career Path.png

Initiates are former Ageira Technologies employees or other recently enlightened and converted citizens of Sirius or Lane Hackers from the Outer Circle who were found worthy of undergoing special Lane Hacker training in advanced hacking and extortion protocols, as well as superior operational techniques. In order to prove themselves, Initiates should focus their efforts on becoming proficient in Lane Hacker extortion techniques, efficient teamwork, tactical combat and fulfill the promotion criteria within a reasonable time frame after their admission into the faction.


Operatives are Lane Hackers who through their performance have proven to be proficient in standard operational, hacking and extortion protocols. They are now trustworthy enough to gain access into the USI system of Mactan Network and accompany senior Lane Hackers in special missions. This is the rank where the real training begins as the Operative chooses on which field of study to master as well as focus and develop their Lane Hacker persona. They advance to one of the next ranks by completing all criteria from a specific field of study.


Fixer is the junior mastery of the Influence specialization. They are seasoned smugglers, diplomats and brokersscientists of the Lane Hackers. They know how to speak and barter under stressful scenarios as well as oversee conduct and publish research for the benefit of the organization. Fixers have a very good knowledge of the LH smuggling operations and are the first to be chosen to represent the Lane Hackers in standard diplomatic communications.


Subverter is the junior mastery of the Sabotage specialization. They are proficient interdictors who have learned advanced extortion techniques and how to apply them. Their skills involve interception, interdiction and extortion of commercial traffic. Due to their expertize they are regularly chosen and regarded as the most reliable scouts and escorts in smuggling convoys.


Assassin is the junior mastery of the Warfare specialization. They possess exceptional reflex, coordination, awareness and tactical training, as every single assassin is expected to be capable of conducting successful assassinations independently in a hostile environment against enemies possessing number and firepower superiority. To even further improve their tactical and combat potential all assassins undergo special cardamine-enhanced training in combat, tactics and electronic warfare.


Deceiver is the junior mastery of the Intelligence specialization. They are accomplished interrogators and notorious manipulators who can effortlessly mania-interrogate or gather intelligence from their targets. They have undergone special training and possess extensive knowledge in the history of Sirius and each faction independently which they can put to use at any moment.


Emissary is the senior mastery of the Influence specialization. They are veteran negotiators of the Lane Hackers with many connections to influential figures around Sirius. They are known to employ associates and directly speak with the Professorship. Emissaries have completed advanced training and are able to represent the Lane Hackers in every diplomatic capacity.


Saboteur is the senior mastery of the Sabotage specialization. They are master strategists, tacticians and trackers of the Lane Hackers. They are the primary designers of day-to-day traps and other type of operations against the corporate establishment. Saboteurs have received extensive training to think always one step ahead of the enemy, maximize profits on each extortion and achieve interdictions which none would ever consider to be possible.

Master Assassin

Master Assassin is the senior mastery of the Warfare specialization. They are the most elite Assassins who through their service proved their extreme combat skills and proficiency in evasion, electronic warfare, tactics and arms. They are the kind of special operatives for whom there is no such thing as impossibility and there are simply no assignments that are too dangerous. Their ability to survive against all odds and their determination to prevail in most hostile environments make them unmatched and feared even by most experienced fighter pilots in Sirius.


Infiltrator is the senior mastery of the Intelligence specialization. They are professional spies and undercover agents who extract valuable intel from friends and foes alike. They are considered one of the best agents in Sirius who are hard to find and even harder to capture. Their superb training involves stealth, deceit, intrigue and trickery enhanced by higher than average amounts of Cardamine. Infiltrators are regularly involved on missions of utmost importance for the Lane Hackers which require more brain and delicate handling than sheer muscle.


Provocateurs are the most elite Lane Hackers demonstrating abilities and skills above and beyond of what is expected of the typical member. They usually serve as aides to the Professorship. Provocateur is also an honorary title indicating the completion of exceptional challenges in the Lane Hacker's career. Provocateurs are extremely talented individuals excelling in every aspect of the Lane Hacker profession. Being masters at combat and survival, they plan, prepare and execute the most daring operations against enemies of the Lane Hackers.


Professors are the masterminds and leaders of the Lane Hackers. Known in all of Sirius for their singular and unique intelligence and strategic thinking, Lane Hacker Professors tend to calculate their wily stratagems ten steps ahead and hide plans within plans within plans. Promotion is only available when there is a vacancy in the Professorship. All level 4 Hackers or above interested in the promotion will be required to compete for the job through a special mission assignment designed by the sitting Professors. Provocateurs who reach Professor rank retain their honorary title and are styled as Professor Provocateur, a more prestigious title.

Area of Operations

Zone of Operations.png

This is the Zone of Operations of the Lane Hackers. Within the marked systems all Lane Hackers have full clearance to operate in. Liberty and its surrounding Border Worlds is where the absolute majority of our operations are conducted. There, the Lane Hackers along with the Liberty Rogues have the final word and authority over everything. In Rogue-speak, that means "Our Turf". So when an independent pirate or an Outcast who is not a member of the Orange Alliance plunders your targets, it is well within your rights to treat them as a hostile infiltrator and aggressively interrogate them until they wet themselves and offer a bribe. Unreasonable ones can be destroyed on sight.

  • All operations in Manchester and Leeds systems should be conducted with utmost deference to the Mollys and Gaians.
  • All operations in Shikoku system should be conducted with utmost deference to Golden Chrysanthemums, Blood Dragons and Hogosha.
  • All operations in Omicron Minor system should be conducted with utmost deference to The Order.

This includes cessation of any and all activities and returning to Liberty upon a request. In case of any disputes, the Lane Hacker is to withdraw respectfully and immediately, then forward the issue to a Professor as soon as possible.

Operational Focus

General purpose operations outside of allowed zones are strictly prohibited. While you're off "exploring the galaxy" to expand your mind, you are not disrupting the corporate shenanigans in Liberty! Collaborating with factions or docking to their stations which are considered as 'Unfriendly', 'Hostile', or 'Belligerent' as described in the Lane Hacker Diplomatic Channel without the prior written approval of the Lane Hacker Professorship will be considered traitorous. Without prior approval, you aren't conducting espionage, you are colluding with the enemy!

This does not mean that outside our zone of operations, the villainous Ageira Technologies, the exploitive Interspace Commerce, and the corruptive Independent Neuralnet Division will be safe from justice. Or vessels carrying Ageira White Boxes (including their respective Gallic counterparts) will be allowed to ferry their cargo without repercussions. Those scums can be targeted during special operations led by those who attained Deceiver or Provocateur rank.

In normal circumstances Lane Hackers may also leave their allowed zone of operations only in a pursuit of a crooked corporate flunky that began in the zone, to evade corrupt cops and their bullying naval lackeys, to transit to the base of our allies in order to conduct official business or in order to fulfill an official mission assignment. There are no zone restrictions for smuggling activities.

OPERATIONAL FOCUS POLICY: General purpose operations outside of allowed zones are strictly prohibited. Only Lane Hackers who attained Deceiver or Provocateur rank are exempt from this policy.

It is strongly recommended that all ships squawking Lane Hacker Guard IFF should contain at least one unit of Cardamine at all times. This stored cardamine can be used for intellectual and tactical combat enhancement, giving you another advantage over your enemies.

Scanner Array Ontario.png


The Lane Hacker Smuggling Division is generally smaller than in most unlawful organizations and not many resources or emphasis is placed on it as well. This is attributed to the fact that the Lane Hackers believe their unique set of skills should be spent on more special and exclusive activities than smuggling as that can be accomplished even by outside contractors. Subsequently, the LH smuggling routes are fairly limited and cargo variations are few and standard. And as expected from an unlawful organization, the Lane Hackers always experience a trade deficit; their exports are less than their imports.

In addition, the usage of exotic materials during ship and equipment construction, the vast resources spent in R&D and the luxurious lifestyle that most Hackers pursue, places significant strain in the financial and logistic capabilities of the Lane Hackers. If we also take into consideration, the logistic limitations mentioned before, the following policy has been issued which helps avoid commodity shortages and maximizes financial gains for the Lane Hackers.

PREFERENTIAL SMUGGLING POLICY: All Lane Hacker general-purpose smuggling activities are required to be in accordance with the Smuggling Operations paragraph of the Technical Manual. Only Lane Hackers who attained Fixer or Provocateur rank are exempt from this policy.

Operational Protocols

The Lane Hackers are the masters of deception and subterfuge. They rely on their exceptional intelligence, technical expertise and superior operational techniques more than on the sheer firepower and combat proficiency. Lane Hackers should always keep a low profile and take advantage of special maneuvers and tactics to avoid being detected and caught by Little Squeaky Fiends (LSF) or their dull-witted consociates from the Liberty Navy. All Lane Hackers are expected to know and eventually master all tactics and techniques described in the Lane Hacker Technical Manual. All passage within range of planets and lawful bases shall be conducted as swiftly as possible. All unknown vessels are to be considered unfriendly or hostile at all times. If you are unable to defend yourself against a vessel that is within weapons range, you must withdraw immediately under the assumption that you are about to be attacked. No Hacker has ever been captured. Don't be the first one!


Utilizing our superior intelligence, we have created a network of contacts, friends and clients throughout Sirius. Despite our small numbers many organizations and individuals constantly seek our favor and friendship which has resulted in a web of treaties, alliance declarations and business partnerships that have solidified our influence and relevance in the sector. All contacts, agreements and meetings are being catalogued in the Archives.

Information is the biggest weapon of the Lane Hackers. We sell and buy intel constantly, and we are by far the biggest information brokers in all of Sirius. Sometimes we even sell information to hostile organizations. This legendary reputation, this clientele, was not built on false or fake data. When we strike a bargain, when we give our word, we always uphold it. Instead, we rely on our superior intelligence in order to fool, confuse, puzzle, trick, and deceive our enemies while always keeping our word intact.

FULL CREDIBILITY POLICY: All Lane Hackers are expected to complete any agreements, promises or deals they make with outsiders.

More detailed data on Lane Hacker diplomacy and quick overview of diplomatic agreements is available in the Lane Hacker Diplomatic Channel.

Technology Protocols

Lane Hackers are permitted to pilot ships at their rank and below. Some perks also unlock access to various technological trees. In addition, with every promotion Lane Hackers gain access to faction-owned ships which they may freely make use of. For information about the shared wings, you can check the Lane Hacker Wings Database.

LH Technology access1.png
LH Technology access2.png
LH Technology access3.png
LH Technology access4.png

Some unmentionables contend that the Outcasts and Liberty Rogues build superior weapons to the Lane Hackers. We know the Liberty Rogues don't because their puny little minds aren't enhanced by regular Cardamine doses. As to the Outcasts... Well, the intense radiation in Omicron Beta must be dulling the enhancing effects of their Cardamine hits if they think they can build a better gun than a Lane Hacker. Lane Hackers research, develop, build, and sell the best ships and equipment credits can buy, or Ageira backstabbers can steal from us. Buy it. Mount it. Use it or join the Liberty Rogues. Note that some "Ageira" civilian ships and weaponry are sold on Lane Hacker bases. These were originally designed by Lane Hackers before they defected from Ageira. If they are sold on a Lane Hacker base then you are permitted to use it no matter where they may have originally come from.

PURE TECHNOLOGY POLICY: Any Lane Hackers who seek to use weapons or other equipment not sold in a Lane Hacker operated base or allowed by their rank should apply for permission explaining why available options do not suffice.

Lane Hacker technicians are researching the adaptation of salvaged prototype weaponry into our ships' systems. All pilots desiring to use salvaged prototype weapon systems must submit their proposal to the technical department through our secure comm channel for safety inspection and approval. This should not be construed by you nit-pickers as meaning that salvaged prototype weapons are better than Lane Hacker weapons. Salvaged prototype weapons suck like a used Cardamine hit. Lane Hacker adapted prototype weaponry may be useful in the right hands. There's a big difference!

There are rumors that some of our colleagues have been using scanners which sacrificed detection range in favor of increased cargo scanning range. Surely these are spread by our enemies in order to demoralize our movement because every self-respecting Lane Hacker knows that detection range is far more important in almost every type of operation. There is no greater shame for a Hacker if their target has escaped because they detected their pursuer from a greater distance while the Hacker was oblivious to the transport's exact location. If you are caught, expect to be ridiculed, derided and demoted to Initiate for a week in order to learn the basics again, punk.

TOP DETECTION POLICY: All Lane Hacker ships should be equipped with a version of Spyglass Scanner or an Advanced Deep Scanner. For special operations, different scanners are allowed after being granted permission.

Extortion Protocols

Demand roughly 500 credits for each unit of cargo space on the ship. If the transport is hauling high profile cargo like ore of any kind, demands can go up to 1500 credits per unit of cargo. If the transport is not hauling cargo the demand should be reasonably smaller. These are general guidelines but not mandatory, as Lane Hacker operatives are encouraged to rely on their personal judgement depending on the specific circumstances and variables that may apply during an extortion.

Commercial operators who are willing to make restitution for their previously devious and socially destructive methods of conducting business by materially contributing to the Lane Hacker cause may live. Atomize the vessels of those who refuse, and sell their escape pods to the Slavers Union for re-education. All vessels belonging to unfriendly and hostile factions are viable targets for extortion. There is no such creature as a neutral freelancer. The Lane Hackers possess allies, friends, and enemies. If an individual does not belong to an allied or friendly faction, then they are to be treated as a target of opportunity, regardless of the bizarre claims they will certainly make in order to avoid extortion. Individuals affiliated with distant business partners such as Zoners, IMG or ALG can be kindly asked for a small donation on a voluntary basis. Rude or offensive ones may be freely extorted.

Ageira Technologies patsies, Deep Space Engineering cockalorums, Interspace Commerce lackeys and Independent Neuralnet Division hoodlums are on high priority hunt list. Drop whatever you are doing, hunt them down, and separate them from their ill-gotten credits without mercy! Live another day, only if you pay, you greedy, oppressive, sniveling weasels!

TOTAL WAR POLICY: Ageira Technologies, Deep Space Engineering, Interspace Commerce and Independent Neuralnet Division primary branches should have half of their cargo loads confiscated or destroyed with the exception of human cargo.
Special Cases
  • Vessels smuggling Counterfeit Software or Black Market Light Arms shall not be taxed or interfered with in any way unless they belong to hostile factions, in which case the entire cargo shall be confiscated. All other vessels carrying those two commodities shall be assisted as the circumstances dictate.
  • Vessels carrying Ageira White Boxes (or their respective Gallic counterparts), Artifacts or Cardamine should have their entire cargo confiscated unless they belong to our friends or allies.
  • Vessels smuggling Synthetic Marijuana, Nox or carrying Stabiline should have their entire cargo destroyed on sight unless they belong to our friends or allies.
  • Supplies heading for Poena Outpost or Freeport 12 shall not be intercepted as these modular stations have been cooperating and conducting business with the Lane Hackers of Leiden Base.
Airdrie Hideout Research Complex.png

Faction Code of Conduct

From the very beginning our purpose as a faction is to create a richer and more in-depth roleplay experience for all players on the server. It is our ambition to allow our roleplay enemies, allies and members alike to experience a truly unique, immerse and deep journey into a complex and dynamic universe. Ever since the faction's creation our out-of-character messages have been extremely scarce and specific while the identities of its membership were protected in order to ensure that they can enjoy genuine roleplay encounters. At the same time we are fully aware of all the dark sides associated with all Internet communities that are unfortunately inherent to this medium. In order avoid them as much as possible we have introduced a number of internal restrictions and policies. In general we try to avoid as much out of character involvement in the community as possible and try to enforce similar approach for our new members. Subsequently, all faction members are required to abide by the following code of conduct. Any server rule violations that happen on the server will be sent to the Lane Hacker Professors before being posted to the admins. The Professors have the option of vetoing any report of a server rule violation.

  • Faction members are not allowed to comment about The Lane Hackers in the non-roleplay context in any way, be it in game, on forums or in various chats. The Lane Hacker Professors are the only ones authorized to respond to feedback in the non-roleplay context in any way. You must not respond to any kind of critical comment yourself, even if you are directly involved. This of course does not mean you're forbidden to advertise the faction or provide information that is publicly available.
  • Faction members are expected to minimize non-roleplay communications on the server and avoid verbal arguments. It is especially forbidden to lecture other players or complain. If anyone speaks to you "out of character" on the server in a critical or demanding way just ignore them. Do not respond in any way to "out of character" messages about the rules or fair play and avoid using "out of character" comments in the local or system chat. Report serious incidents to the Professorship. Non-roleplay communications are allowed when you are coordinating during a joint operation in a group chat or when helping new players.
  • Faction members are not allowed to disclose to any person who is not part of The Lane Hackers information about the identity of other faction members or share discussions that take place in Lane Hacker channels. Revealing identities of DiscoveryGC players is also violating the platform's Terms of Service.
  • Lane Hackers who violate Discovery server or internal faction rules are subject to demotion in rank or termination of their faction membership. This may occur even if an administrative sanction is not imposed.

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