Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (3M)

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This is an unofficial player group.

Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (3M)
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation Universal Shipping
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding 50 A.S.
Founder(s) Brian Morgan
Current leader(s) James Raybern
Base of operations Saint Paul Base, Minnesota
Primary ID Miner ID
IFF Universal
Tag(s) [3M]
Primary role
Gather materials for base development
Secondary role
Bring mining back to Libertonians
Table of contents


This organization was originally formed from an amalgamation of small and varied private companies in 50 A.S. as Morgan Mining & Manufacturing (3M). 3M’s market share grew substantially; bolstered by the personal relationships of its founders. The ores they mined were the fuel that made them so successful as they undersold within the group. However, after several hundred years these resources started to dwindle and their ability to supply large orders evaporated. Then, the redundancies began.

Despite attempts to negotiate deals with other Liberty companies, the days of the mining section were numbered. Eventually, in 590 A.S., all mining operations were suspended: Workers were laid off and the few remaining vessels mothballed. The unemployed miners grouped together and vented their anger against the upper classes of Liberty and the foreign corporations that had destroyed their livelihoods. 3M shrank back and concentrated on their manufacturing abilities, eliminated waste, and sold all unnecessary assets. After many years as business partners, Universal Shipping, Inc. (USI)’s growing needs have brought them to the realization that integration would be far more efficient for them if they buy out 3M and rename it as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing.

Product & Service Portfolio

  • Manufacturing and maintenance of freighters, mining vessels, and base construction ships.
  • Construction of mining arrays and civilian laser weaponry.
  • Harvesting and compressing Helium-4 elements from raw Helium.
  • Exclusive mining rights to several exhausted mining fields in Colorado.
  • Shared ownership of Emlenton Storage & Exports and Emlenton Storage & Imports which stand as multi-purposed bases which include the refinery of Helium, the storage of fuel for Liberty, and the goal to make Liberty fuel-independent ("Project Helios").



Project "Helios" main purpose is to provide Liberty an alternative fuel, derived from Helium-4 fusion, that can replace their dependence on Kusari's H-Fuel.

The process for Helium-4 fusion is already proven to work and is referred to as the "Triple Alpha Process." Planet Erie in the Pennsylvania System has the largest Helium-4 Fusion Reactor in all of Sirius. They extract pure Helium-4 from the mined Helium in the nearby nebula. Once purified, they create "pea-sized" fusion reactions by essentially fusing two Helium-4 atoms together to eventually end up with Neon as a by-product. This Neon is sold publicly, and stands as a driving economic force in the Pennsylvania System.

Recap of the "Triple Alpha Process" on Planet Erie:

  • Two Helium-4 atoms are combined to make Beryllium-8 (Highly unstable).
  • Extreme heat has been reached within the core (equal to the core of a Red Giant).
  • One Helium-4 atom is combined with Beryllium-8 to make Carbon-12 (Stable).
  • One Helium-4 atom is combined with Carbon-12 to make Oxygen-16 (Stable).
  • One Helium-4 atom is combined with Oxygen-16 to make Neon-20 (Stable). Neon is the main by-product of this process at this stage, and it is then extracted from the reactor and sold to the general public.

What our project staff plans to do, is construct a similar fusion reactor but much smaller. The reactor must only use Helium-4, and the "Triple Alpha Process" must stop at Oxygen-16 (instead of Neon). The Oxygen can then be extracted from the reactor and siphoned into the vessel's life support module. Thus, no harmful emissions are created, and a new use for Helium is innovated.

Phase 1

Objective: Study the Fusion Reactor on Planet Erie.

Phase 2

Objective: Study the fusion fuel created by GMG and EFL.
Progress: Project "Crossant Neuf" has been activated. Acquiring necessary commodities.

Phase 3

Objective: Construct the model of a fusion engine that uses the "Triple Alpha Process" and "Focus Fusion," high-temperature techniques. Helium must be the main fuel to power this model.

Phase 4

Objective: Create a fusion engine prototype to be fitted onto a Stargazer.

Phase 5

Objective: Create multiple prototypes for use to a variety of ships, and test for a period of one to three years.

Purpose of Entity

Mission Statement

At 3M, our mission is to bring the mining and manufacturing industries back to Libertonians. We will attain this by establishing exclusive contracts (for commodities & mine-able fields), researching fusion reaction through Helium-4, training our employees up to Universal Shipping (player faction)'s standards, and cornering the market for “P.O.B.” needed resources.

Vision Statement

We see our company as the preferred and exclusive mining and manufacturing firm by ’’’822 A.S.’’’, and "Project Helios" will be complete by 835 A.S. As per our mission, we plan to rehabilitate and hire 3,000 ex-Xeno Alliance offenders to help us grow as a libertonian faction. We will achieve this by utilizing the skills and resources of Universal Shipping (player faction), as well as the minds of the best astrophysicists in Sirius.

Employee Rules & Information

Fees and Procedures

3M is not a department of Universal Shipping Incorporated: we are one of their subsidiary companies. We follow our own mutually exclusive rules and procedures here:

  • 5% of your profits will be graciously given to [*USI*]3M.Profit. You may be aware that this percentage is also compulsory for any USI traders hauling the mining commodity.
  • You will charge any hauler outside of USI 40% of the selling price of the mining commodity. The price is considered our standard, but may be adjusted at certain occasions or as you see fit.
  • You will charge USI traders depending on the quantity of traders available. This standard "internal" price should never be charged higher than the percentage given below. This encourages people to haul in groups, which is proven to be a more secure way of moving cargo. The system works as the following:
    • 1 Trader(s): 20%
    • 2 Trader(s): 17.5%
    • 3 Trader(s): 15%
    • 4 Trader(s): 12.5%
    • 5+ Trader(s): 10%

Code of Conduct

  • Always be true in your service to Liberty and our allies.
  • Respect the laws of each system and organization. This includes giving your full cooperation to authoritative factions.
  • Be loyal to 3M and USI. Do not sell or give any information that could harm either firm or their members in any way.
  • Do not ship contraband that is against the laws of Liberty and our allies.
  • Be honest. This entire corporation is based on honesty and we expect all of our members to show integrity.
  • Respect all members. Treat others the same way you would like to be treated.
  • //In order to join, you need a valid real-life contact point. For example: E-mail, Steam, Skype, or Forum ID. In fact we prefer you to have a Forum ID and a Skype account (both are free).
  • //Follow the server rules. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may be sanctioned by USI as well.
  • //Metagaming is not allowed. Find ethical ways to make money.

Structure of Ranks

Call-Sign Convention

3M Vessel: [3M]Mine.Shaft[TAG]
3M Vessel Example: [3M]Atlas[M]

For a list of mine shafts: Click Me

List of Ranks

  • General Manager - [GM]
  • Lead Engineer - [LE]
  • Miner - [M]

Breakdown of Ranks

Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (3M)
Rank Tag Overview Requirements Signing Bonus
General Manager
Autonomous manager of 3M
  • Appointed or voted in.
  • Costs for each Call-Sign
  • Access to all 3M shared accounts.
  • 70,000,000 Credits for Bonus
Lead Engineer
Lead field engineer for building, scanning, exploration, and project leader of "Project Helios"
  • Must complete the 3-step recruitment process (Click Here)
  • May be appointed by GM.
  • Access to some shared accounts.
  • 2,000,000 Credits for Call-Sign
  • 20,000,000 Credits for Bonus
Exclusive miner for 3M and USI
  • Must complete the 3-step recruitment process (Click Here)
  • Must be approved for hire
  • Loan for the purchase of a new mining vessel. (See "Loans" for more information)
  • May have access to a shared account if applicable.
  • 2,000,000 Credits for Call-Sign
  • 2,000,000 Credits for Bonus

Areas of Operation

Since 3M is a subsidiary firm of Universal Shipping Incorporated (USI), their area of operations follows closely to USI's. However, typically members of 3M are often found around Liberty.


Faction Relationship
Universal Shipping
Liberty Police Incorporated
Liberty Navy
Ageira Technologies
Deep Space Engineering
Interspace Commerce
Kingdom of Bretonia
Republic of Kusari
Kishiro Technologies
Colonial Republic
Liberty Rogues
Lane Hackers
Federal Republic of Rheinland
At War

Permitted Ships

Dsy miner lf.png
MV-422-B "Surveyor"
Civilian Light Miner
X shuttle.png
X11 "X-Shuttle"
Civilian Freighter
E78-12 "Spatial"
Civilian Deep Space Explorer
Dsy mining.png
DU5-7Y "Hegemon"
Civilian Mining Ship

"Repair Ship"
Repair Ship
Heavy lifter.png
Civilian Base Construction Platform
Dsy miner shf.png
Civilian Heavy Miner

Bases Populated

Emlenton Storage & Exports, Pennsylvania (Liberty)
Milford Base, Pennsylvania (Liberty)
Saint Paul Base, Minnesota (Liberty)
Duluth Shipyard, Minnesota (Liberty)
Trenton Outpost, New York (Liberty)
Planet Denver, Colorado (Liberty)