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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Universal Shipping

Universal Shipping Incorporated
USI Logo.png
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation Universal Shipping
Alignment Lawful/Corporation
Recruitment Click Here
Date of founding 150 A.S.
Founder(s) Erik T. Demoses & Michael Trenton
Current leader(s) Peter Tomson
Base of operations Trenton Outpost, New York
Primary ID Universal Shipping ID
IFF Universal Shipping
Tag(s) [*USI*]


Genesis (150 - 280 A.S.)

After more than 800 years since the Alliance-Coalition War on Earth, and before new technologies existed like trade lanes and jump gates, there was hard work, high risk, and the original Liberty transportation company, Universal Shipping.

Founded in 150 A.S., with Jack Trenton as the first acting President and Trenton Outpost in the New York System as their corporate headquarters, Universal Shipping were pioneers who spent time and resources moving materials the old fashioned way, by cruise travel, from one system to another. In 173 A.S., President Trenton decided to accept a very risky contract. They moved silver from Colorado to California in order to provide the factories with enough metals to produce rainfall in order to terraform Los Angeles. Luckily they succeeded, and Universal earned their place as a vital part of the Libertonian society. However, as time progressed transportation became easier. Ageira Technologies and Deep Space Engineering (DSE) grew in power as their technologies allowed ships to travel above and beyond what was thought possible.

Good news for humanity as a whole, bad news for the once all powerful Universal - at least at first. As trade slowed down and commodity prices were lowered, the industrious workers and miners of Colorado, d.b.a. Morgan Mining & Manufacturing were out of a job and eventually pushed into a small mined out asteroid field. Once independent contractors to Universal, these disgruntled blue-collars, now deemed as terrorists, took on the name of Xenos. Despite becoming outlaws of Liberty, Universal felt that they had a moral obligation to their unfortunate affiliates. After all, if it wasn't for them, Universal Shipping would never have been the premier trading company in Liberty.

To be more specific in our relationship with the Xenos, if they need resources we ship them to their bases (Now, we drop them off at Ames Research Station or Planet Pittsburgh); we try to lobby the Liberty government to take it easy on them; we offer a transportation service for their members transferring out of LPI Sugarland and LPI Huntsville (This started in the 6th Century); and as a plus, they help us mediate with our competition.

In 181 A.S., Universal Shipping finally secured a foothold in modern Libertonian society. A contract was made between Ageira Technologies and DSE that allowed Universal to move cargo between their bases. This enabled the company to acquire a position of leverage and rise in power as the number one transportation company not only in Liberty, but also Sirius. This contract continued even when the trade lane was created in 280 A.S., and still continues to this day. However, this was a relatively short lived prosperity.

The Great Recession (400 - 600 A.S.)

Over a couple centuries of practicing free trade, Liberty's resources started to deplete and tons of scrap was released into space. Universal was having a hard time reaching those far away edge worlds that were rich in untapped resources. On top of this, around 420 A.S., shipping Trade Gate Parts and Trade Lane Parts were significantly less in demand. So, they focused all their efforts on Liberty's goal - researching. At this time, the only thing on Libertonians' minds was researching. They wanted the best weapons, the best ships, and the best technology for transportation. They needed to develop better ways of reaching the edge worlds in order to be able to compete with the other.

This understandable, but careless goal, immediately turned ugly in 500 A.S.. Just before the start of the 6th century, Ageira Technologies was working on a new jump gate that could possibly launch Liberty vessels from our House all the way to the Edge Worlds and beyond. Seeing as this was the only option, at least in the government's eyes, it was approved and the Dallas Research Station in the Texas System was commissioned. At first, Universal loved the idea. They would have a logistics contract with Ageira Technologies and the Liberty Navy for all Lane/Gate Parts, and other commodities that were needed, for building this new-age device.

After numerous drop-offs, however, Universal traders were noticing the carelessness and aggressive attitudes of the Scientists. "Every time we dropped off their commodities, there was never anyone there to sort it or even count it... If we did see someone, they would scream at us like they were possessed. When that happened, I ran to my ship and got my butt out of there." - Louis Sandara, Captain of the Universal Trading Vessel Ft. Worth; this was the last quote we could find of him before his final trip to Dallas that ended catastrophically. Just before Universal Shipping was about to lobby for Dallas' decommission, it implodes. In 521 A.S., the "Dallas Incident" resulted in the deaths of thousands of scientists, destroying one-hundred and sixty-two universal vessels in the blast, and taking out almost half of the Texas System.

Needless to say, the entire economy in Texas was destroyed. Almost everyone was poor, and these statistics just kept drawing in criminals from all over. Universal immediately pursued a "Texas Aid" campaign, but there were just some people who couldn't help but live the life of a pirate. This eventually led to the privatization of Liberty Police, Inc. (LPI) (Universal Shipping tried to acquire LPI, but they lacked the funds due to their campaign). After spending almost all of the cash assets and financing through Interspace Commerce just to give aid to the citizens of Texas, Universal was heading for bankruptcy and fast. They no longer had the assets to continue their large contracts - like terraforming Planet Los Angeles, California. Soon after the "Dallas Incident," the mission to terraform Los Angeles was ceased.

Fortunately, Universal Shipping managed to prevail, and this financial crises slowly reverted, but it wasn't until the "80 Years War," (around 70 years later!) when Universal returned back to their financial position.

80 Years War (589 - 668 A.S.)

The 80 Years War started in 589 A.S. and officially ended in 668 A.S.; however, the impact of the war lasted for several decades.

By 600 A.S., the Liberty Police, Inc. had established an extensive network of prison bases which enslaved all incarcerated outlaws in order to provide the LPI with a steady stream of income. These actions were absolutely intolerable for Universal Shipping employees. President Musk and his administration fought hard lobbying for the discontinuance of these actions during the 6th Century. However, Liberty just couldn't hear it. They were finally receiving a steady income, and if that meant enslaving outlaws... so be it. Unfortunately at this time, Universal didn't have leverage. If they would of threatened a strict logistics policy with the LPI, they would of lost all of their lawful contracts within Liberty. The President decided to use "off-the-record" operations in order to fight against Slavery.

Shortly after, Liberty (specifically Universal) caught a break. Kruger Minerals and Daumann Heavy Construction convinced the Imperial Rheinland government to wage an 80-years war against the Gas Miners Guild of Kusari. Due to the ever-increasing demand for certain commodities, Universal acquired the contracts and supplied Rheinland with Basic Alloy and Ship Hull Panels from Stokes Mining Station in Leeds, Engine Components from Planet Houston in Texas, and various other commodities. Since, Rheinland had unregulated purchases, they had to finance their war with loans from Liberty and specifically from the Interspace Commerce. Despite the tragedy of war, Liberty was prospering.

When the war ended in 668 A.S., Rheinland was in deep debt with Liberty. They allowed all Liberty corporations to freely trade within their sector. Universal quickly capitalized this opportunity and established contracts with Republican Shipping. They now cornered the trading market in Rheinland, and gained our profits through ores, refined products, diamonds, and even H-Fuel from the Gas Miners Guild (the whole reason why Rheinland started the war). Even after a government change in 705 A.S., Rheinland couldn't kick out our corporations. We were bringing them needed income, and they knew they needed it. Universal continued to be a powerful shipping company throughout Sirius for the next century.

Age of Discovery & USI (801 - 816 A.S.)

The war between Bretonia and Kusari helped Universal Shipping by providing us with military contracts to supply Bretonia. We developed other major contracts with BMM that cornered the Gold Market, and we slowly started to move out of the Rheinland Market due to increased tensions between them and Liberty that started in the Nomad War of 801 A.S.. Inevitably, Rheinland waged war against Liberty. Put that along with a cheaper barrier of entry to the logistics market, Universal was facing business threats that they didn't account for.

In the age of Discovery, new groups came to corner Universal's grasp of the market. Both Ageira and DSE started up their own shipping branches and independent trading companies emerged; one being the Independent Neuralnet Division, who took over as the leading haulage group for lesser commodities with lower risks. After the group known as the Kings of Freight was contracted, the mainstream workers of Universal experienced a lack of livelihood and many decided to join the Xenos to wage war against the upper-class and foreigners.

This went on until two major events took place. One was that the tensions between Liberty and Rheinland mounted until they were pressed into war. The second was that the Kings of Freight broke their major contract with Universal Shipping and set-up their own bases in the system of Minnesota. A new market for military supplies sprang up, and two men saw this opportunity and struck with all the force they could muster.

Erik T. Demoses and Michael Trenton had not known each other long, but they became instant business partners. Both had been Universal employees, and had risen through the ranks at tremendous speed; saving enough capital to purchase the acquisition of Universal Shipping and they made it to what it is now know as – Universal Shipping Incorporated (USI).

Erik Demoses was a master of manipulation and a true patriot to the Liberty sector. He could charm even the hardest business man into selling his contract for a fraction of its real worth. However, his belief in honor was unquestionable and his word was true. As president of USI, his main objective was to maintain our position in the market and to dominate the trade of military commodities. However, little is known about where he came from, but rumors claim that he was previously the “Don” of a sirius wide cartel.

Michael Trenton comes from a quarreled family. His mother's side were Xenos and his father came from a long line of Universal traders that started with the founder of Universal Shipping, Jack Trenton. When he was a young pilot he left Universal, and his father, to live with his mother on Ouray Base. He was trained to be a fighter pilot there, and was promoted to a 'Royal' in the Xenos' ranks. However, even though he wanted to be loyal to his family, he just didn't have the same moral values as them. He was known to be a very moral man.

He was allowed to leave the Xeno Alliance, without any hindrance thanks to his mother. After he was accepted back into Universal, he made a lot of changes to the company. He trained the escort pilots, some say better than Liberty's finest, and because of his knowledge of how pirates work, he was able to make the Department of Security train the best escorts Sirius has ever seen. Then, after his father passed away, he met Erik T. Demoses. Partnering with him put him in the position as Vice President. Since his acquisition, he became a detrimental part of USI's future.

The New Era for Universal Shipping, Inc. (816 A.S.)

The year is now 816 A.S., exactly one year after Universal Shipping underwent its change in management. As a result of fresh leadership, bright new ideas have broken through the rusted mold that was once Universal. Both the Department of Trade, and the Department of Security have been renovated to be as effective as possible in current times. These renovations have led to new positions of leadership, which are being filled by Liberty's finest.

Aside from this miniature renaissance, USI has formed many new contracts with groups and individual pilots throughout Liberty. However, the most major of these contracts is the one that is closest to Liberty. The organization of a military supply route between the Liberty Navy and USI may lead to victory in the war against Rheinland. With a constant surplus of new ships and vehicles, as well as various other commodities, sent directly to the front lines of the war, the forces of Rheinland cannot hope to last for long against the full might of Liberty and her dedicated citizens.

Besides reinforcing Liberty's own forces, USI has decided to expand outwards and claim new areas of trade that have previously been undiscovered. With the prospect of new alliances at hand, USI is bringing as much business to the outer sectors as possible while maintaining Liberty. Hopefully, with the aid of new resources from the outlying colonies, Liberty will be able to crush Rheinland and maintain its position as the dominating House.

During this year, many new pirate factions stood against USI, but were inevitably forced out of operations. The minor war against the Sirius Cartel and the Slaver's Union displayed the quasi-military effectiveness of USI's Department of Security, and rumors spread of the "Invincible Team."

The Recovery of 817 A.S.

In late 817 A.S., President Erik T. Demoses was kidnapped by a group of Lane Hackers. The Chief Security Officer, Jeffrey Adams, put the Vice President, Michael Trenton, into protective custody. Shortly after, Mr. Adams stepped down from his position and decided to pursue covert operations. Rumor has it that he attempted to find his long-lost sweetheart who was previously kidnapped by unknown slavers and investigated the President's kidnapping in order to find the whereabouts of Mr. Demoses.

With Mr. Demoses, Mr. Trenton, and Mr. Adams not available, the former manager Denny Crane took over as the President of Universal Shipping, Inc.. He appointed Jack Hammerson as the new Chief Security Officer and waited for Mr. Trenton to be released from protective custody to resume his position as Vice President.

With a new leader of USI, an "expansion" was initiated and more recruits for USI were hired. Most of the current employees were promoted and just a few were laid off. New contracts, training, and plans for more bases were found and established. Paired with the ideals of a quasi-military campaign against Rheinland's Economy, USI continued down the path of Military Support and Operations. Although USI was dealt a hard blow when Mr. Demoses was abducted, the recovery was a success and the corporation was now stronger than ever.

The Descent and Rebirth (818 A.S. - Present)

Due to the ever-increasing value of Military Support, USI has gone through several changes of leadership. Araevin Teshurr was a major President of Universal Shipping Incorporated. His Vice President was Jason Sawyer, who ended up being a corrupt individual, and arranged to have Araevin kidnapped so that he could take his place as President. Eventually, Jason was killed, and Araevin resumed his command. Harvey Davidson became the new Vice President, but then resigned after a few months. Since then, the corporation slowly started to fall apart. Many changes in leadership, power struggles, and many employees have left or decided to no longer show up.

In middle of 818 A.S., a Board of Directors took the place of leadership with former President Denny Crane as the new Chairman. His objectives inevitably failed due to his administration's lack of organization and USI was forced to neglect it's edge-worlds' conquest in order to focus on Military Commodities. Near the end of 818 A.S., the Board of Directors were decommissioned, and the aforementioned natural administration of a President resumed. President Charles Bell, a former Chief Security Officer under President Teshurr's administration, took command. Chairman Denny Crane contemplated resigning, but ultimately stepped down to a favorable position as the Chief Affairs Officer.

President Bell's main objectives were to substantially reorganize the company. After the interim Vice President Jordan Smyth stepped down, President Bell received help from the returning founder, Michael Trenton, as the reinstated Vice President. Bell was an aggressive leader that adored USI, and was known to risk the company's relations in order to better its position. Despite the unorthodox strategies that Bell instated, his administration was arguably successful. However, his success came at a price. The relations between the other corporations of Liberty were badly damaged, and a negative reputation formed for USI's inability to satisfy its customers. Denny Crane had immediately pointed out the blatant breaches of etiquette being performed to both the President and the other Executives, but had been largely ignored. Denny, in a final act of desperation, tabled a motion to impeach Mr Bell but could foresee that its effect may be too late. He then exercised certain stock options from other companies who had long been seeking to tempt Denny and his wealth away from USI. Denny did not announce his departure. He knew that USI’s stock price would fall heavily if the news leaked out of his withdrawal. So he took advantage of his insider knowledge, selling discreetly, and made capital off the opportunity.

James Barlow, the new president of USI as of 820 A.S., was an entrepreneur throughout his whole life. He was the founder of the Orbital Mining Corporation, which grew to the point of getting the attention of Michael Trenton. Trenton felt like his skills would be best in USI's 3M. After only less than a year, Barlow found himself at the President's seat. He first appointed a new Chief Affairs Officer, Richard Burton; limited the powers of Charles Bell; and started negotiations with the corporations of Liberty. However, all of his efforts were short lived. He passed away from a mining accident. Michael Trenton was put in place as the President of USI, finally following one of his father's achievements. Here is a list of some current events:

  • Universal Shipping, Inc. has fired the Kings of Freight and acquired their two bases in the Minnesota System. Taking over this system, USI can now easily distribute military commodities throughout Liberty.
  • With the down fall of the Slaver's Union, USI continues to suppress the Slaves market and corners the Refugee market in Bretonia in order to prevent a slave trading outbreak.
  • Even with the Xenos growing, USI is still dedicated to help them become an established worker's union within Liberty. They accept contracts for food, water, oxygen, as well as other commodities for ship and base building. Rumor has it that the Xenos were able to build a base in the Minnesota system with USI's aid, but that was never confirmed.
  • The War on Rheinland is now under control. With USI's preliminary attacks on their market, and the Liberty Navy's successful attacks on the forefront, Rheinland is becoming a weak state in Sirius.
  • A new concentration of commodities and patrols have been focusing towards Bretonia. Gallia has taken over parts of Bretonia, and we have now come to terms that Gallia is making their way into Liberty. USI plans to make preventative measures and maintain the fight in Bretonia. We're confident that Gallia doesn't have a chance with our Alliance.
  • The re-acquisition of Morgan Mining & Manufacturing (3M), renamed as Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (3M), of 819 A.S. is projected to be a lucrative venture in the market for Base Development. All assets were inoperable before the acquisition, but the Universal mechanics and engineers at Baltimore Shipyard were able to trade them in for modern vessels that meet current mining regulations. After the announcement of the acquisition, public concern about the relationship between DSE and Universal became reality. However, the Executive Administration assures the public that "the sole purpose of this child-company will be different from what DSE is currently working on."
  • After an international incident involving USI's Charles Bell, closed-door conversations led to the publicly known outburst of Bell. Bell's administration asked him to step down and appointed James Barlow as the new President of USI (820 A.S.). Unfortunately, Barlow passed soon after due to a mining accident. President Michael Trenton is continuing where he's left off. At the moment, USI is in the process of mending these relationships and bettering its reputation as a more customer-friendly organization. Bell has recently taken the position of USI's Chief Security Officer.
  • USI has officially purchased the Hyperspace Institute ("HSI") as a subsidiary group. HSI had 3M build them a "secret" base, and they are now using that as it's main headquarters. HSI's purpose is in research and development of Hyperspace technologies. (Note: this base was destroyed in a pirate attack)

Purpose of Corporate Entity

Mission Statement

We have four important goals at USI that declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions upon: (1) To ship high-risk, high-value commodities to our affiliates and allies to become the number one trading corporation in Sirius and to better supply Liberty’s and our allies’ economy and lawful forces. (2) To assist affiliates and allies by actively securing trading routes, bases, and convoys in order to better serve the free-trade market and to protect the lives of traders. (3) To aid in the war against Rheinlanders by targeting their economy so that our Liberty Navy can succeed. (4) To provide philanthropic services to Libertonians and her allies to better their lives and allow them to be contributing members of their nation.

Vision Statement

In the near future, USI will once again become the number one trading corporation in all of Sirius, help win the war against Rheinland, be a name that makes pirates tremor, and be the mentors all traders dreamed about. We’ll do this all by training recruits to be family, be consistently reliable to our affiliates and allies, and by taking a moral stand for those who are needy.

Public Ordinances

[1.0] Corporate Ordinance Applicable Domain
[1.1] The following corporate ordinances of Universal Shipping Incorporated (“USI”) applies to anyone who comes in contact with USI personnel, operated and affiliated bases, and/or individuals or groups doing business with USI.
[1.2] The “area” for which USI extends its domains, our Zone of Influence (ZOI), of a base is a 10km radius.

[2.0] Base Conduct
[2.1] Any vessels requesting to dock with a USI owned base are welcome to. Exceptions are for those who break any of the following base conduct rules below:

  • [2.1(a)] Contraband is not permitted. A list of contraband can be found in the Liberty Ordinances.
  • [2.1(b)] If a vessel was commanded by a USI employee to leave our ZOI of the owned/affiliated base, the aforementioned vessel must leave the area. The reasons of the USI employee must be justifiable.
  • [2.2(c)] No one shall threaten, harm, or attack any owned or affiliated USI bases.
  • [2.3(d)] Any vessel/call-sign that is known to be hostile to USI, USI’s affiliates, or USI’s allies, must immediately state their reasons for contact once they have entered our ZOI. Failure to do so may result in a prompt defensive action that may include the destruction of your vessel.

[3.0] Personnel Conduct
[3.1] If asked to halt by a USI employee/affiliate, you must halt. The reasons for a USI employee to halt a vessel must be justifiable. We hold the right and the means to scan cargo for any contraband. We also hold the right and the means to prevent a preemptive attack on another vessel.
[3.2] We value “Freedom of Speech,” although if our USI personnel feel threatened, they are instructed to command you to leave the area. If the vessel does not leave the area, they will be breaking our corporate ordinance 3.3.
[3.3] Harassment or threatening behavior and conversation will be considered a risk and will be dealt with justifiably by USI personnel.

[4.0] Matters of Being Affiliated with Rheinland or Supporting their Cause
[4.1] All vessels and call-signs who support the Rheinland economy or war efforts in any way are considered extremely hostile to USI personnel. We hold the right to pursue with extreme prejudice.

[5.0] Justifiable Consequences and Punishments
[5.1] Breaking any of the USI corporate ordinances may result in the following actions:

  • [5.1(a)] We hold our right to a Citizen’s Arrest. An insubordinate vessel may be commanded to be under arrest and escorted to another system, an authoritative figure, or to a prison base for due processing.
  • [5.1(b)] An insubordinate vessel may be commanded to be halted until released to an authoritative figure or to another USI personnel/affiliate.
  • [5.1(c)] If an insubordinate vessel is considered a threat or hostile, we reserve the right of Self Defense and will use necessary force to either destroy your vessel or compel you to flee. USI personnel hold the right to chase fleeing insubordinate and hostile forces.
  • [5.1(d)] Any hostile or incident caused by a possible hostile will be placed under investigation by our Department of Security or Department of Internal Affairs.
  • [5.2(e)] Hostiles may find their call-signs being placed on USI's bounty board.


Link to fill out a Loan Application:

Q: Why shouldn't I go to other organizations for a loan?
A: The other organizations are charging you too much and they're not even being truthful with how much interest they are charging you. We like to be open and flexible with all of our loans. Our APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and DPR (Daily Periodic Rate) are given below, and you have the option to pay it all (or in payments) at any time. All payments will greatly reduce your total interest due.

Q: Who is eligible to request for a new loan?
A: Anyone in Sirius is permitted to put in a request for a new loan. Assuming they are of a lawful affiliation.

Q: Can I take out a loan for any reason?
A: Your reasons for a loan must be stated in the request. It's up to the Treasury (Executive Administration) whether or not your request will be approved.

Q: What are the terms?
A: Whatever you want them to be! The "term" date you set on your request is the "due date." You're basically stating a promise that you will pay on that day. However, you can put "N/A" in that application and your default due date will be set to 6 months from the day the loan was disbursed.

Not only can you "opt" out of a due date, but you can pay on any day. The more payments you make, the less interest you'll owe!.

Q: How do you guys choose who gets approved and who doesn't?
A: We will first see what kind of relationship you have with Universal Shipping Incorporated. Then we'll do a background check and measure how much of a risk you are based on your established integrity. The last thing we do is decide whether or not your submitted request is reasonable: replying with a counter-offer is common in these situations.

Q: Can I have a cosigner?
A: We will definitely consider cosigners in the request. Cosigners have equal responsibility for paying for all debts owed.

Q: What's the interest rate?
A: We are proud to say that our interest rates are negotiable, but the following are our fundamental interest rates:

  • 260% APR (0.71% DPR) - Standard Rate: All non-universal and lawful personnel.
  • 200% APR (0.55% DPR) - Affiliate Rate: All secondary Universal personnel.
  • 100% APR (0.27% DPR) - Family Rate: All [*USI*] personnel.
  • 0% APR (0% DPR) - Recruit Rate: All new members of [*USI*] on first loan.

Click the following link to use USI's Loan Calculator:

APR - Annual Percentage Rate; DPR - Daily Periodic Rate
Interest is compounded daily
We'll round up to the nearest ten-thousand after interest is calculated.
All rates are subject to change

Q: What happens if I don't pay on time?
A: If you break the agreement by not paying on the specified day, your interest rate will be increased to 0.82% DPR starting the day after the default, and it will be more difficult for you to be approved for future loans. The best thing to do if you can't pay on time is to talk to our Treasury (Executive Administration). We understand how hard it can be out there. Another way to prevent this is to state "N/A" in your loan application. Your Due Date will automatically be set to 6 Months starting the day the loan is disbursed.

Q: I heard that if I refer someone to apply for a loan with you guys I get a commission. Is this true?
A: Yes. Depending on your relationship with us, you'll receive commission for sending an accepted applicant our way. Here is the breakdown:

  • If you're a USI Personnel or an Ally to USI you receive 25% of the interest paid after termination of the terms.
  • If you're anyone else you receive 10% of the interest paid after termination of the terms.

Q: How much can I take a loan out for?
A: This truly depends on your background check and the purposes of the loan. Make a request, and if we think we can help you we'll reply with a counter-offer if the amount requested is too high.

As for our new members, here is a list of no-interest, maximum loan amounts you will be eligible for:

  • Cadet [CA] - 15,000,000 Credits
  • Junior Employee [J-E] - 12,000,000 Credits
  • Coordinator [C] - 5,000,000 Credits
Term: All first loans to new members must be paid back within one month from receiving the loan.

Current Contracts

  • The Xeno Alliance
  • We are considered neutral, and both sides refrain from negative confrontation.
  • In exchange for their "off the record" assistance, we supply their bases with needed commodities.
  • It has been defined that independent Universal vessels are not included in this agreement.
  • Current negotiations are underway for the rehabilitation of Xenos to be trained in mining operations with the newly acquired 3M
  • Expiration: Undefined
  • Link(s):

  • XT-16 Prison Liner (Captain Mark)
  • The XT-16 is a Prison Liner that manages the overflow and transportation of Liberty's worst.
  • USI has agreed to participate in Project "Invisible Prison" in order to assist XT-16's mission.
  • Expiration: Expired
  • Link(s):

  • Universal Shipping, Inc. Bounty Board
  • USI offers the right to claim bounties on behalf of our organization.
  • You must be a registered member or organization in order to gain this right.
  • Expiration: N/A
  • Link(s):

  • Emlenton Storage & Imports
  • Emlenton Storage & Exports is owned by [*USI*].
  • Located on the right of E4 in your NavMap within the Pennsylvania System (Next to Planet Erie).
  • Expiration: N/A
  • Link(s):

Employee Rules & Information

Code of Conduct

  • Always be true in your service to Liberty and our allies.
  • Respect the laws of each system and organization. This includes giving your full cooperation to authoritative factions.
  • Be loyal to USI. Do not sell or give any information that could harm USI or its members in any way.
  • Do not ship contraband that is against the [Laws of Liberty] and our allies.
  • Be honest. This entire corporation is based on honesty and we expect all of our members to show integrity.
  • Respect all members of the USI. As a rule of thumb you should treat others the same way you would like to be treated. All members (executives and nonexecutives) have the right of free speech as long as they do not violate another's right. To be specific, disrespect in the form of defamation or derision is not permitted.
  • //In order to join, you need a valid real-life contact point. For example: E-mail, Steam, Skype, or Forum ID. In fact we prefer you to have a Forum ID and a Skype account (both are free).
  • //Follow the server rules. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may be sanctioned by USI as well.
  • //Metagaming is not allowed. Find ethical ways to make money.

Convoy Conduct

  • You must stay in your designated position in line, unless changes have been made by the convoy leader.
  • Respect everyone in the convoy. A team is nothing if they don't have each other's backs.
  • No 'testing weapons' on members (or anyone else for that matter)
  • Convoy leaders must state what to buy next and where before the convoy reaches their immediate destination.
  • You must pay the required fees after your convoy has reached its final destination.
  • Listen to your superiors and scouts, they know what's best for the convoy.
  • // Any OORP chat should be Private if at all possible. If you must OORP in Group, type "//" in the beginning of the message.

Convoy/Trading Procedures & Fees

Convoy Leader - The Convoy Leader has the following responsibilities: (Only applies in Official Convoys or Operations)

  • Organizing the official convoy via Skype.
  • Establishing the Line-up of all vessels and changing the Line-up when necessary.
  • Directing all vessels to each destination.
  • Being the negotiator during stressful situations or appointing a member of the convoy as the negotiator. Negotiators try to find a compromise between the convoy and a unit or group of interest (usually pirates).
  • Must make sure all fees, insurances, and rewards are taken care of during and after the convoy.
    • Fees are charged to all Trading Vessels (Convoy Leader is not excluded).
    • 5% goes to each escort; 20% goes to the USI bank, [*USI*]Deposit.
    • If rewards or insurances are paid to any member of the convoy, a request for reimbursement from USI should be made on the USI Forums or through Skype. USI covers all insurances and rewards.

Trading Vessels - All trading vessels are charged the following fees after any/all completed destinations, regardless whether they are flying solo or with a convoy:

  • 5% of their profits should be sent to each escort.
  • 20% of their profits should be sent to [*USI*]Deposit.
    • The mandatory (maximum) limit per month is $50,000,000 credits. This means that if 20% of your profits are higher than the limit, you keep the excess profits. If you have lower activity and 20% of your profits are lower than the limit, then just keep depositing 20%. This does not mean you MUST deposit the limit - only when 20% of your profits match or exceed the limit.
    • The start/end date for each schedule is when the Admins post the monthly activity of the faction.

Security Vessels - All escorts are expected to receive at least 5% of each trading vessel's profit (tips are encouraged!). There are three positions an escort can take:

  • Scout - Takes "Point" or leads the convoy. Their main purpose is to identify any hostiles ahead of the convoy and inform the Convoy Leader or trader. Above all, they should keep the hostiles focused away from the trader(s).
  • Shield - Takes "End" or trails closely behind the last vessel in the convoy. Their main purpose is to sabotage any and all hostile interceptions or chases.
  • Support - This position is versatile and may be given to any rank, class, or ship. Their purposes vary on the convoy or operation.

General Convoy Procedures (Step by Step)

  • Convoy Leaders will communicate via Skype or in our Private Forums when the next convoy will take place (along with all the necessary information).
  • The Executive Administration is allowed to substitute members for the following reasons:
    • If they feel that one member hasn't been given the opportunity to be in a convoy enough.
    • If a member has broken the Code of Conduct.
    • If they feel a member needs more training
    • If a designated member was chosen for a mission for RP purposes.
  • At the start of a convoy the Convoy Leader will check attendance and give a brief on the assignment (Route). If there are any Junior Employees, they will be briefed on engagement rules and evasive maneuvers.
  • When the assignment is completed, the credits are distributed appropriately.
    • Use the following website to help you calculate fees: Percentage Calculator
    • Or just use your own calculator:
Profit = (Selling Price per Commodity - Buying Cost per Commodity) X Cargo Capacity
20% Fee = 0.20 X Profit

Employee Benefits


  • Our Payroll System applies to all members who complete eligible assignments, such as:
    • “Official Convoys”
    • Mandatory Meetings
    • Training Exercises
    • Any other assignments that are awarded as “Tallys.”
  • Ranks that are not on the payroll:
    • Junior Employee (Department of Trading)
    • Cadet (Department of Security)
    • All ranks in the Executive Administration are not on the payroll, and instead receive bonuses based on the retained earnings of Universal Shipping, Inc.
  • Each member in the convoy will also receive a "Tally" for each completed assignment.
  • At the end of the month, the Treasury will count each tally earned and pay each member by their rank, certifications, achievements, and bonuses. Here is a basic payroll based on rank (Tally is represented as "t:” 1t=500,000 Credits):
    • Employee and Security Officer: (1t)
    • Coordinator, Supervisor and Patrol Leader: (1.5t)
    • Chief Coordinator, Manager and Senior Security Officer: (2t)
    • Chief Security Officer, Chief Logistics Officer, Chief Affairs Officer: (3t)

[NOTE: Certifications, achievements, and bonuses can all add to a member's payroll based on rank]

Convoy Rewards

In the likely case that we are confronted by Pirate(s)/Terrorist(s) and the Convoy Leader gives the order for engagement, Rewards are given as follows:

  • IF we win, each Escort and the Convoy Leader is given 2,000,000 Credits for each hostile destroyed.
    • All Trading Vessels must survive.
    • At least one Escort must survive.
    • A win is if the hostiles flee or are destroyed.
    • Doesn't matter who took the last shot - We're a team, we all get paid!
    • Convoy Leaders must pay out the rewards initially. They will be reimbursed by the Treasury once they applied for reimbursement.
  • IF one of our Trading Vessels are destroyed, please look at Insurance.

[NOTE: If the Official Convoy was incomplete or has failed (destroyed by Hostiles), then the assignment will NOT be counted as a Tally on the payroll]


As a Trader for Universal Shipping Incorporated, you are covered under our private insurance. Here is some information on our Insurance:

  • There are no deductibles and no monthly payments. We are proud to be able to provide this to our Traders.
  • Our insurance only covers the loss of cargo. However, we have a fantastic team of mechanics and engineers to bring your ship back to life – 2 hour guarantee!
  • If your trading vessel was destroyed while on your duties, then you are eligible for Emergency Insurance Disbursement (EID). Immediately contact your Chief Logistics Officer, Vice Chief of Staff, Vice President, or President via Private Communications (// In-game). If the evidence is provided in the logs, then they will immediately send you 500,000 credits for your EID.
  • Procedures for receiving Full-Coverage Insurance Disbursement (FCID):
    • If your trading vessel was destroyed during an Official Convoy, and you were hauling cargo, then your convoy leader is permitted to release immediate FCID. The convoy leader would then have the responsibility of adding the hostile to our Hostile List as well as the Bounty Board.
    • If your trading vessel was destroyed during any other time, then you must request disbursement from the USI Treasury here.

[NOTE: With the information provided in your claims, we will identify the hostile, assuming it’s not a planet, and we’ll place him on our Bounty Board.]


Payroll Bonuses Credits Requirements & Rules
  • Most Active Member:
  • Second Most Active Member:
  • Third Most Active Member:
  • 5,000,000 Credits
  • 3,000,000 Credits
  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • Cadets and Junior Employees are not eligible.
  • Must recruit at least 3 new members to be eligible for “Most Members Recruited.”
  • The “Recruitment Referrals” bonus is given for each new member you recruit.
    • Recruited Members must put you down as their "Recruiter" in their application.
    • Recruited Members must meet the minimum activity requirements in their first month in order to be considered an active "recruit."
  • Most Official Convoys Completed:
  • Second Most Official Convoys Completed:
  • Third Most Official Convoys Completed:
  • 5,000,000 Credits
  • 3,000,000 Credits
  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • Most Members Recruited:
  • Recruitment Referrals:
  • 15,000,000 Credits
  • 5,000,000 Credits



  • Any USI member can claim these achievements.
  • You must provide supporting information for most of the achievements.
  • Time-stamped, gun-cam shots are the way to go.
  • Try to log your in-game chat, that way you can provide what was said for RP.
Achievements Description Award
"The Libertonian" Complete all Liberty Fighter named achievements. 30,000,000 Credits
"The Patriot" Shoot down or arrest 2 Rheinlanders. 8,000,000 Credits
"The Liberator" Save 3 civilians from piracy by any means necessary. 3,000,000 Credits
"The Defender" Defend Trenton Outpost from a total of 3 threats by shooting them down or arresting them. 4,500,000 Credits
"The Executioner" Kill or arrest a Rogue, Hacker, and Corsair. 6,000,000 Credits
"The Guardian" During a convoy, defend the traders from 3 consecutive groups of hostiles by either shooting them down or evading. 5,000,000 Credits
"The Avenger" Shoot down or arrest a hostile that has shot down one of USI's members in the past. 3,000,000 Credits
"The Upholder" Arrest or shoot down someone who has broken one of Liberty's Laws (You need proof that the Lawfuls were okay with your assistance). 1,000,000 Credits
"The Treasurer" Assist the Executive Administration with general costs of running USI in real currency. 3,000,000 Credits
"The Faithful Ally" Complete all Bretonia Fighter named achievements 30,000,000 Credits
"The Cavalier" Shoot down or arrest 3 Corsairs or 2 Gallians. 8,000,000 Credits
"The Hussar" Successfully land a SNAC and destroy a Molly GB or other Capital Vessel. 2,500,000 Credits
"The Crusader" Lose control of your character's emotions, and have him kill over his personal beliefs (Lots of RP proof is needed). 2,000,000 Credits
"The Paladin" Shoot down or arrest 2 hostiles without help. 10,000,000 Credits
"The Templar" With the assistance from an unlawful faction, shoot down a hostile. 4,000,000 Credits
"The Challenger" Win a PvP tournament (must have fought at least 2 people). 6,000,000 Credits
"The Beastmaster" Complete all Liberty Trading Vessel named achievements 30,000,000 Credits
"The Rhino" Scare a pirate away while in a trading vessel. 8,000,000 Credits
"The Grizzly" Pirate a Rheinlander and take all of his cargo in your trading vessel. 4,000,000 Credits
"The Mammoth" Protect another trading vessel while in your own trading vessel by distracting the pirate long enough for the other trader to escape. 4,000,000 Credits
"The Bison" With a group of at least 2 other traders (no escorts), destroy a pirate in a GB (the whole group gets the achievement). 2,500,000 Credits
"The Mastodon" Complete Junior Employee Mission X without any deaths. 5,000,000 Credits
"The Scholar" Complete all Latin Phrased achievements 30,000,000 Credits
a posse ad esse
"from being possible to being actual"
Set up, get approved and complete a contract. 8,000,000 Credits
ad hominem
"to the man"
Defend a civilian in Liberty from a lawful ship by convincing the lawfuls that the civilian is innocent (RP Only; no PvP). 5,000,000 Credits
"i am here"
Gain a reputation by knowing at least one individual in each of our allied factions. 10,000,000 Credits
astra inclinant, sed non obligant
"the stars incline us, they do not bind us"
Complete a contract with a faction far away from New York. 10,000,000 Credits
pax tecum
"peace be with you"
Get a peace treaty approved between 2 or more factions. 30,000,000 Credits
quod erat demonstrandum
"what was required to be proved"
Complete 2 investigations. 20,000,000 Credits
carpe diem
"sieze the day"
Set up and Complete a contract in one day. 10,000,000 Credits
acta non verba
"deeds not words"
Arrange a contract to ship needed commodities to an XA member. 15,000,000 Credits
quid pro quo
"this for that"
Set up and complete 5 contracts. 50,000,000 Credits
pro bono publico
"for the public good"
Start up a marketing campaign for USI by giving away free stuff to civilians. 15,000,000 Credits
velle est posse
"where there's a will, there's a way"
After a contract has been declined, revise it to get it approved. 15,000,000 Credits
veritas. virtus. libertas.
"truth. courage. freedom."
Uncover an allied faction scandal through an investigation. 30,000,000 Credits
veni, vidi, vici
"I came, I saw, I conquered"
Complete an acquisition of a faction to be incorporated as a new department in USI. 50,000,000 Credits
virtute non armis fido
"I trust in virtue, not in arms"
Convince a hostile group and an allied group to not fight each other. 5,000,000 Credits
vox populi
"voice of the people"
Interview a civilian in Liberty or Bretonia. Ask him what he does, what he likes/dislikes about his House, etc. 3,000,000 Credits


Want a better paycheck? Or maybe you just want to feel like a master of an art? Well, we have just one question: “Why not both?” At USI, we provide our members with an optional educational program that teaches them how to master a certain area of importance to our company. Keep in mind that only the best can finish these programs. We provide the following certifications:

  • Scout
    • The art of protecting convoys and mining operations by reconnaissance and special tactics.
  • Shield
    • The art of protecting convoys and mining operations by sabotage and special tactics
  • Artisan
    • The art of trading like a ghost and negotiating like a professional.
  • Ambassador
    • The art of manipulation and contract creation.

Each completion of a certification program will add 5,000,000 Credits to your paycheck.

Stock Exchange

Universal Shipping Incorporated is currently publicly traded on the Manhattan Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol of US. These shares do not pay dividends. Currently, Universal Shipping Incorporated is majority held by the Tomson family, who controls 60% of the shares.

For more information, please contact USI's Department of Internal Affairs.

Unique RP

We may not be able to ship commodities to every system in Sirius and Gallia, but that does not mean our restrictions come without its perks. Here is list of examples that benefit our faction’s role play:

  • ’’’We can’t trade with Pirates, BUT…’’’
    • We can go on patrols that suppress their illegal activity; saving the lives of civilians.
    • We can place bounty contracts on them to bring down their organizations.
    • We can assist the lawfuls and our allies of Liberty and Bretonia by helping them clear the lanes and mining areas of pirates.
    • We can pursue investigations on the Freelancers that are affiliated with the pirates and cripple their number of allies and supplies.
    • We can liberate slaves from the slave trade that supports the income of the pirates.
    • We can trade with and support the Xeno Alliance...*CORRUPTED FILE:404*
  • ’’’We can’t trade with the lawfuls of Gallia, BUT…’’’
    • We can assist our ally, Bretonia in the war against them.
    • We can help supply Bretonia with needed ships, equipment, and military commodities.
    • We can help the Gallic factions that are against the lawfuls by supplying their strategic bases.
    • We can set up reconnaissance missions to explore and search for more allies that need our assistance.

Outside of the benefits that more than replace the negatives of our restrictions, we also strongly support the role play development of each and every member we have. We’ll help you develop a biography of your character that is active. This means that when you’re ready, we’ll provide you with the man power to develop your story further. It doesn't end when you join a faction, it begins. Does your character have a lost loved one to be found? We’ll help you establish an event that is built around finding them… You just may not like what you find.

How should a USI member act, generally?

We are scared of pirates. That fear drives us to use everything in our power to make sure we don't die or lose any profit. This includes paying opposing pirate factions to "take care" of each other, and even putting other corporations (that we deem inferior and corrupt) into their hands so that they take us off their radar. Our absolute love is money. We're so passionate about money, that we feel angry when one of our friends or the poor get cheated. If we get cheated, all hell breaks loose. "Hell hath no fury, like a Universal Trader cheated." This passion of ours gets us in trouble. We love to gamble, but we easily jump to conclusions about the "fairness" of the games. We sympathize with the poor. See, the poor helped us become rich. Now, it's our time to protect them from the lawfuls and unlawfuls... well, unless we risk ourselves (then, no way). The only people we have respect for (outside of liberty) are the Bretonians, and even then we feel superior. So, if you feel the same way...Join us. If not? Enjoy your petty bank and heartless souls.

Work Credit Offers (WCOs)

Our unique system of paying our members for their work in RP, called the Work Credit Offer (WCO), can only be found at USI. No other faction has a system remotely like this one. This is ‘’basically’’ how it works:

  • An assignment will be created by either a high ranking officer or by a member with a good RP idea.
  • This assignment will be finalized and posted on our private forums.
  • Any member who signs up to participate in the assignment would be eligible to receive the WCO benefits.
  • We then pay you for how much RP work you put into the assignment. This can measured by posts in either our Private Forums (if the assignment should be kept internally) or on the GC Forums (if it can be reported externally).
  • However, there are times when we’ll apply the WCO to general OORP assignments like updating information, research, negotiations, etc.
  • It’s that simple.

The purpose of our WCOs is to pay our members for RPing (or needed written jobs) that are close to the amount they would receive if they traded. Now, most of these WCOs are given to our Department of Internal Affairs members. That’s correct. It’s a ‘’real’’ department that anyone can be a member of. Not just for show.

Internal Loans

We offer loans to our members for very little in return. We have the lowest rates in Sirius. Do you need a better ship? Or maybe you always wanted to get that Capital Armor upgrade but never wanted to spend the credits? Our members can get loans for their spending needs, and they don’t have to worry about paying back their left kidney in return. However, we like to take loans to the next level. If you set up a loan contract with someone outside the USI you’ll get commission! As long as their approved by our treasury, you’ll get 20% of the interest owed.

For more information and a list of rates, look at our loans section.

Legal Support

Sometimes it’s difficult to make sure contraband doesn’t end up in your cargo hold. We understand this. That’s why we give our members legal support when issues like this happen. Our legal support extends to almost any issue that arises while you’re flying under USI.

Providing that you are completely honest with our Executive Administration, we’ll do all that we can to remedy the issue and get you back on your feet.

Structure of Ranks

Call-Sign Convention

Trading Vessel: [*USI*]Vessel.Name[TAG]
Security Vessel: [*USI*]F.LastName[TAG]

Trading Vessel Example: [*USI*]Atlas[T]
Security Vessel Example: [*USI*]J.Smith[CA]

The “TAG” of all vessels reflects the member’s current rank within the department. For the full list of tags and ranks look at “List of Ranks.”

List of Ranks

Executive Administration

  • President - [P]
  • Vice President - [VP]
  • Chief of Staff - [CS]
  • Vice Chief of Staff - [VCS]

Department of Internal Affairs

  • Chief Affairs Officer - [CAO]
  • Chief Coordinator - [CC]
  • Coordinator - [C]

Department of Trade

  • Chief Logistics Officer – [CLO]
  • Manager - [M]
  • Supervisor – [S]
  • Employee – [E]
  • Junior Employee – [J-E]

Department of Security

  • Chief Security Officer – [CSO]
  • Senior Security Officer – [SSO]
  • Patrol Leader – [PL]
  • Security Officer – [SO]
  • Cadet – [CA]

Breakdown of Ranks

Executive Administration
Rank Tag Overview Requirements Signing Bonus
"Luke Emerson"
Director of all operations, departments, and finances
  • Appointed or voted in.
  • First in Command
  • Access and Control of all Assets
  • Including Flagship Vessel
Vice President
"Nicole Burton"
Vice Director of all operations, departments, and finances
  • Appointed or voted in.
  • Second in Command
  • Access and Control of all Assets
  • Including Flagship Vessel
Chief of Staff
"Edward Moore"
Chief Director to the Chief Security Officer and the Chief Logistics Officer
  • Appointed or voted in.
  • Third in Command
  • Access and Control of Most Assets
  • Shared Luxury Liner or Yacht for HR purposes
Vice Chief of Staff
"Mick Brutus"
Vice Director to the Chief Security Officer and the Chief Logistics Officer
  • Appointed or Voted in.
  • Fourth in Command
  • Access and Control of Most Assets
  • Shared Luxury Liner or Yacht for HR purposes.
Department of Internal Affairs
Rank Tag Overview Requirements Signing Bonus
Chief Affairs Officer
"Lulatia Bellisario"
Autonomous director of the Department of Internal Affairs
  • Appointed or voted in.
  • Cost for the purchase of the L-584 "Enterprise" Luxury Liner
  • Access to all necessary Assets
Chief Coordinator
"Bob Roberts"
Assistant Director of Internal Affairs
  • Must be able to assist the duties of the Chief Affairs Officer
  • Must have knowledge of all DIA systems and procedures
  • Must be a mentor
  • Must complete at least 4 jobs in the prior month
  • One of the jobs must be a new or renewal of a contract
  • Cost for the purchase of the "Democritus" Luxury Yacht
  • Access to all necessary Assets
  • Must complete the 3-step recruitment process (Click Here)
  • Must be approved for hire
Department of Trade
Rank Tag Overview Requirements Signing Bonus
Chief Logistics Officer
"Dylan Rogers"
Autonomous director of the Department of Trade
  • Appointed or voted in.
By default authoritative rank
  • Appointed or voted in.
  • Must sustain at least the minimum activity requirements for a consistent 3 months
  • Must be able to assist the duties of the CLO
  • Must be a mentor
  • Must know and enforce all internal rules
  • Must know all trade routes and logistic plans
  • Costs for each Call-Sign
  • Cost for the purchase of a Freighter/Transport for HR purposes
  • 35,000,000 Credits for Bonus
Directs convoys and other operations
  • Must sustain at least the minimum activity requirements for a consistent 3 months
  • Must have contributed more than 50,000,000 credits in logistical transportation to [*USI*]Deposit
  • Must be able to create routes up to USI standards
  • Must be able to realistically calculate times of routes
  • Costs for each Call-Sign
  • 20,000,000 Credits for Bonus
Established trader
  • Must sustain at least the minimum activity requirements for 1 month
  • Must have contributed more than 12,000,000 credits in logistical transportation to [*USI*]Deposit
  • Costs for each Call-Sign
  • 8,000,000 Credits for Bonus
Junior Employee
  • Must complete the 3-step recruitment process (Click Here)
  • Must be approved for hire
  • Loan for the purchase of a new trading vessel. (See "#Loans" for more information)
  • 2,000,000 Credits for Call-Sign
  • 2,000,000 Credits for Bonus
Department of Security
Rank Tag Overview Requirements Signing Bonus
Chief Security Officer
"Charles Bell"
Autonomous director of the Department of Security
  • Appointed or voted in.
  • Cost for the purchase of the "Enterprise" Luxury Liner or the "Democritus" Luxury Yacht
  • 75,000,000 Credits for Bonus
Senior Security Officer
By default authoritative rank
  • Appointed or voted in
  • Must sustain at least the minimum activity requirements for a consistent 3 months
  • Must be able to assist the duties of the CSO
  • Must be able to train in fighting techniques, escort techniques, and contract negotiations
  • Must be a mentor
  • Must enforce all internal rules
  • Must know all rules of USI trading and security protocols
  • Must know all trade routes and logistic plans as well as contracts
  • Cost for the purchase of a Freighter/Transport for HR/Support positions
  • 48,000,000 Credits for Bonus
Patrol Leader
Prestigious master escort and fighter
  • Must display exceptional fighting techniques
  • Must display an initiative by either establishing a new contract or leading an operation
  • Must sustain at least the minimum activity requirements
  • 32,000,000 Credits for Bonus
Security Officer
Trained in escorting, collaborative fighting, and field security.
  • Must sustain at least the minimum activity requirements for 1 month
  • Must display basic fighting techniques proven through Cadet Training
  • 2,000,000 Credits for Call-Sign
  • 20,000,000 Credits for Bonus
  • Must complete the 3-step recruitment process (Click Here)
  • Must be approved for hire
  • Loan for the purchase of a new escorting vessel. (See "#Loans" for more information)
  • 2,000,000 Credits for Call-Sign
  • 2,000,000 Credits for Bonus

Areas of Operation

The Republic of Liberty

Liberty is our home, and we are accepted in all major systems. At this point in time the only systems in Liberty that we are not permitted to enter are Ellesmere, Puerto Rico, Illinois, Virginia, and an unknown system that does not exist. However, we are still called by our authorities to enter these systems.

As the main exporting and importing company in Liberty, we ship most commodities and equipment needed by other corporations such as, but not limited to: Deep Space Engineering, Ageira, Liberty Police Incorporated, Interspace Commerce, and Orbital Spa & Cruise. Our main shipping contract within Liberty is with the Liberty Navy, as we are their main suppliers for all Military commodities, equipment, rations, and other goods.

License (transmission #107): Unlimited use of Liberator & Executioner crafts, 4 Guardians, 2 Avengers and 1 decommissioned Liberty Gunboat for training purposes.

Kingdom of Bretonia

Since we consider Bretonia a sister to Liberty, and because they are at war with Gallia, we feel the need to assist them in any way possible. By contract, we are allowed to travel through most of the Bretonian systems. In fact, the only systems that we are not permitted to enter are Salisbury, Londonderry, and Poole - unless granted access by the system owners. Our main goal is to supply them with enough needed commodities in order to buy them time in defeating Gallia. If their military fails, we have to be prepared to take the fight to Liberty.

U.S.I. is considered to be a powerful allied-corporation to Bretonia. Like Border Worlds Exports, Universal will assist the local police or military whenever needed; meaning we supply the Bretonia Armed Forces with Military commodities, like Light Arms and Military Vehicles. Some of our traders have been made famous for saving the lives of V.I.P's and War-veterans in the area. Our traders have also moved refugees from Leeds to Planet Pittsburgh to give them hope and a better life.

Republic of Kusari

This section of Sirius can be ghost-like at times yet can turn deadly without warning. We are merely business associates in this area. When you are passing through act appropriately; even if the people there are not treating you the same way. Due to our current relationship with the corporations in Kusari, we are granted to travel through the main systems. Although, some systems like Tottori, Fukuoka, and Hiroshima, are ones that we are not allowed to enter.

Sadly, most Kusarians see Universal as a selfish, credit-driven, Liberty corporation; they don't see the helpful and friendly family that we have today. They believe we are the cause of their strife and that we have somehow hurt their economy. If only they could see that we wish for their economy to grow. Currently, because of the newly-established embargo, Universal shipments in Kusari have been decreased.

Nevertheless, our relationships with the corporations within Kusari are still under development. We hold temporary contracts when available, but we have no major or official contracts yet.

Federal Republic of Rheinland

Rheinland is a sector that we do not enter, unless given a direct order by a higher authority. However, we are allowed to travel to as close as the border worlds in between Liberty and Rheinland. The only purpose to travel to those worlds would be to supply and repair the Navy vessels stationed there.

Universal Shipping is strongly disliked in Rheinland. We represent the growing infrastructure of Liberty and we are very successful at shipping military equipment and commodities to any destination. Universal also donates credits to Liberty and her proud navy, which allows the Liberty Navy to train the best pilots and to have them fly the best ships. Because of this, we are willing and ready to aid our navy in combat if it comes to total war.

There are shipping corporations in Rheinland that we may meet during our assignments. As such, we should exercise extreme caution (despite our past relationship with Republican Shipping). The only Rheinland corporation that we are considered neutral with are the ALG Waste Disposal - We need them, and they need us... It's a healthy relationship.

Kingdom of Gallia

Gallia is located outside of Sirius. The major obstacle when negotiating in this mysterious place is actually the 'lawful' authorities. They blame the people of Sirius for abandoning them a long, long time ago during the settlement. Therefore, they don't appreciate Sirians trading or even entering in their space. Although, there is one group in Gallia that appreciate our presence. Their organization is called the "Republique de Gaule" and they represent the Council - An exiled community and government of Gallia.

All personnel are to take extreme care when traveling near a Gallic lawful base. Attack if you must, but running is preferable.


The Taus sectors are also quite far from our home. In the northern sectors there is a large activity of the Outcasts, but sometimes Universal shipments enters them in order to deal with the local Independent Miners Guild. Most of the Taus, however, is a war zone and under the influence of Gallia. Tread carefully.


Most of the Omega Systems are under the control of large unlawful organisations. It is probably the most dangerous sector for our convoys to travel, therefore only the best and bravest pilots are assigned to these convoys. Furthermore, most of the times, the Universal shipments are sighted in Omega-49 and Omega-50 supplying Planet Gran Canaria or various other Zoner and Bretonia installations.


We don't go there. We hardly know anything about these systems. The sole exception is Omicron Theta, which is primarily used to pass from the Sigmas to the Omegas or the opposite. In this system a Zoner group called The Phoenix is sighted, but currently we don't have any contacts with them.


Faction Relationship
Liberty Navy
Liberty Security Force
Deep Space Engineering
Ageira Technologies
Interspace Commerce
Other Liberty Corporations
Liberty Police Incorporated
Kingdom of Bretonia
Xeno Alliance
The Council
Everyone Else
Unlawfuls (General)
Unlawfuls (Liberty)
At War
Kingdom of Gallia
At War
Federal Republic of Rheinland

Permitted Ships

Fighter Class

Dsy civilian shuttle.png
CTE L-337-K "Civilian Shuttle"
Civilian Shuttle
Cv starblazer.png
CTE 1440AV "Starblazer"
Civilian Light Fighter
Li fighter.png
LZF-9805 "Liberator"
Liberty Light Fighter
(Tech: 90%)
Cv fighter.png
CTE 4000 "Griffin
Civilian Light Fighter
Dsy miner lf.png
MV-422-B "Surveyor"
Civilian Light Miner
J3P 5S "Hayabusa"
Civilian Scout Fighter
(Tech: 75%)
CLI-11000 "Arrow"
Civilian Light Interceptor

Li elite2.png
Liberty Heavy Fighter
(Tech: 90%)
Hw p2 hf.png
CTE-HF "Kingfisher"
Civilian Heavy Fighter
"Moldy Crow"
Civilian Heavy Fighter
Dsy renzu hf.png
Renzu Corp "Saishi"
Civilian Heavy Fighter
Cv elite.png
CTE-3000 "Falcon"
Civilian Heavy Fighter
BYC "Marauder"
Civilian Heavy Fighter

Dsy renzu shf.png
Renzu Corp "Touketsu"
Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
Li elite.png
BDR-804 "Guardian"
Liberty Very Heavy Fighter
(Tech: 90%)
Cv vheavy fighter.png
CTE 6000 "Eagle
Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
Renzu Corp "Wasupu"
Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
SV-17 "Virage"
Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
IR-7 "Raven's Talon"
Civilian Very Heavy Fighter

XB-2 "Havoc Mk II"
Civilian Bomber
CTE 19000 "Roc"
Civilian Bomber
WAR-4b "Waran"
Civilian Bomber

Freighter Class

Li freighter.png
EL-HiL27 "Rhino"
Liberty Freighter
Dsy civilian freighter.png
CTE FR-2303-K "Civilian Freighter"
Civilian Freighter
DSE-720 "Camara"
Civilian Freighter
X shuttle.png
X11 "X-Shuttle"
Civilian Freighter
YX "Dromedary"
Civilian Freighter
Dsy renzu fr.png
Renzu Corp "Anki"
Civilian Freighter
DL-Hai "Grizzly"
Liberty Shuttle

Transport Class

Transport armored.png
Civilian Armored Transport
Transport small.png
CT-49x "Gull"
Civilian Transport
EL-HiL51 "Mammoth"
Liberty Transport
Transport large.png
CT-39X "Albatross"
Civilian Transport
Dsy trainx2.png
CT-53 "Heron"
Civilian Train
Civilian Transport
Series "DL" "Border Worlds Transport"
Civilian Transport
Dsy trainx3.png
CT-69 "Crane"
Civilian Large Train
Liberty b cargo.png
Class C5 Liberty Transport
Liberty Transport
Dsy trainx4.png
CT-73 "Stork"
Civilian Advanced Train

Special Vessels

E78-12 "Spatial"
Civilian Deep Space Explorer
"Repair Ship"
Repair Ship
Heavy lifter.png
Civilian Base Construction Platform
T-833-GB "Ahoudori"
Kusari Explorer
CTE-12400 "Condor"
Civilian Gunboat
Luxury Yacht
Luxury liner.png
L-584 "Enterprise"
Luxury Liner
Prison liner.png
"Prison Liner"
Prison Liner
Ind liner.png
Renzu Luxury Liner
"The Barge"




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