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Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Private Contractor
Gender Male
Height 6' 1"
Weight 150lb
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Affiliation Fugitive
Born 799 A.S.
Table of contents

Background Overview

The Beginning

An unknown pilot was admitted to Erie General Hospital on March 817 A.S., as a result of a space ship accident of an unspecified cause. After spending roughly half a year in coma, the pilot finally regained continuousness, but diagnosed with post-traumatic amnesia. With help of a Zoner medical researcher, the pilot registered for a new set of identifications and started going by the alias of "aerelm". Spending the next year exploring every corner of Sirius, even the regions civilian pilots were strongly advised to avoid, looking for traits of his forgotten past, aerelm finally returned to Liberty in 818 A.S. and decided to start anew and stop searching for who he may have been.

Deciding to use this fresh start to make an honest living, multiple failed attempts at menial job followed, and during his employment as part of a network security team he started inserting what he called "harmless scripts" into his work to "make a little on the side". Coming in contact with a hacker trying to breach a bank network aerelm was employed to work on at the time, tired of making it from day to day, the hacker persuaded him to join him on what he claimed to be "cyber-heist of the century" which would set him for life. Accepting the offer and using his position in the security team to breach the network, with help of the hacker he had befriended they managed to successfully alter the interest calculation algorithm and "take off with more cash than one can possibly spend in two lifetimes".

Utilizing his newly formed connections within the Lane Hackers, aerelm started working his way closer to the various unlawful groups within the region such as the Hellfire Legion and the Lane Hackers, by regularly joining their various shady activities in space, and through his regular cooperations with the Vagrant Raiders, came into contact with D. Jameson, administrator of the 101st Ghosts of Razgriz.
aerelm's Roc, Deep Omicrons

"Our resident psycho!"
Flavorarrow.png N. Callahan

"Viva & Blue"

Retaining his Freelancer status despite his close cooperations with the Lane Hackers, his work with the notorious duo known as "Viva & Blue" on their unlawful Liberty board became a turning point in aerelm's unlawful career. Due to his active participation on the board targeting Liberty Navy personnel and capital vessels, aerelm soon earned a K.O.S. status within the house of Liberty and turned into a renowned private contractor in many unlawful circles in different corners of Sirius.

With the increasing heat in Liberty due to his K.O.S. status, aerelm attempted to seek refuge in Rheinland, but due to the authorities considered him "just another low-life gun-for-hire desperately trying to escape the consequences of his actions" and the preemptive ban they issued on him due to suspecting him to sooner or later abuse his neutrality within Rheinland, aerelm found himself hostile to yet another government and so proceeded to slowly work his way into the unlawful circles of the house. Finding his place within the Red Hessian movement soon after while still retaining his Freelancer status, he started his collaborations with the Red Hessian Army, which resulted in a close personal alliance with Major G. Hoerst of the Army after an incident where aerelm successfully retrieved his pod during a Das Wilde ambush.

Nacìon Maltese

aerelm's Sabre, Omega-41
Despite having worked closely with Administrator Jameson of the 101st in the past, the onset of his collaborations with Nacìon Maltese was not until early 820 A.S. when he was approached by M. Perez, the new administrator of the Ghosts, based on his past collaborations with the 101st and his reputation within Omegas, and was given an assignment to retrieve the full set of Gladiator blueprints for Outcasts, to be used as the basis for their then-planned Carabela heavy fighter. Using his connections from his time in Liberty, aerelm successfully managed to execute a plan to infiltrate Tripoli Shipyard and steal the blueprints with the help of Silver Reaver, whom had managed to earn a special place within the Corsairs Empire.

Returning to Alpha on the verge of Outcast civil war, aerelm decides to make use the chaotic situation to claim two separate rewards from the two main leading factions of the Nacìon for his recent mission for the 101st. So, taking advantage of lack of communications between the Ghosts of Razgriz and the Contari Lance, he managed to update his previous permissions for Outcast technology to open access to their snubcrafts and weaponry through the Lance, and at the same time, obtain ownership of Villa Senza Nome from the Ghosts as his payment, which as a result earned him the official status second-grade Outcast citizen.

In early 821 A.S., aerelm was again approached by the Ghosts of Razgriz, with their new administrator G. Casta offering him an assignment to track down and return a researcher known as K. Pennybrooke and return her to Maltese space. During his search for Pennybrooke, aerelm was approached by R. Bishop, an undercover Liberty Security Force double agent who was in search of Pennybrooke as well. Deciding to cooperate with Bishop out of mutual interests, aerelm was later provided with a full set of Avenger blueprints as payment after tracking down Pennybrooke and arranging a meeting with her for Bishop.


The "Obsidian", humorously dubbed as "Frankenstein's Bird" by aerelm, is a unique modification of aerelm's previous signature ship - The Roc bomber - and his most prized possession. After getting his hands on various set of blueprints for different ships, aerelm decided to do his own share of experimenting with ship designs, and so contacted M. Santoro, the head of Santoro famiglia, which he had done business with before their involvement with Contari Lance, and offered him a deal in return for access to their facilities, connections and manpower. Once the necessary arrangements were made, aerelm contacted three individuals to assist him in designing the ship: A Freelance engineer, J. Snow, to lead the engineering team working on the design. A Gaian who's known for his race gear enhancements, O. "Clockwork" Evans, to design the engine of the ship. And owner of The Narcotic, L. Verde, for his past experience in the area.

Designing and construction of the vessel took place on Cartagena Shipyard in Omicron-81, basing the initial designs off the Roc bomber and then incorporating elements from Avenger, Gladiator and Rapier, which after a run of trial and error resulted in a ship that could be classified as a Super Heavy Fighter. During the construction, Junker Marauders were contracted to supply the engineering team and the Junkers Congress to ship in the parts and material required for the actual construction of the ship.

Ever since the completion of this vessel, the Obsidian has become aerelm's permanent vessel of choice, and with its final design and blueprints remaining in the hands of its designer, aerelm's become the only pilot known making use of this vessel.

Villa Senza Nome

Villa Senza Nome, Planet Malta

"Mister Aerelm, I do like the show you put on. The work you do is indeed shiny."
Flavorarrow.png "Viva"

Having once belonged to the infamous Logan Willows, "The villa with no name" or Villa Senza Nome as known by the locals, is a luxurious establishment in the remote outskirt of Maltese home planet. Due to its remote placement, the location of the villa is known to have an exceptionally low density of Cardamine in its environment compared to the rest of the planet, and was specifically built to allow Administrator Jameson to isolate and study the effects of Liquid Cardamine on human body. Due to being of no use for the average Maltese inhabitants, the establishment was left abandoned after the disappearance of L. Willows and D. Jameson. The same unique quality of the location, however, made it an ideal choice of residence for aerelm. Having heard about the location from D. Jameson himself, and aware of its unique quality, aerelm requested ownership of the villa as his payment for retrieving Gladiator blueprints for the 101st, and has since been residing in this remote corner of Planet Malta.

The villa underwent extensive renovations and modifications after the ownership was passed on to aerelm, and now makes use of a state of the art security, a fully automated maintenance and upkeep system, as well as a hangar bay housing the various ships and equipment collected by him over the years, and kept as trophies of his past achievements.

Personal Relations

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Junkers Logo.png Junkers
Flag-outcasts.png Outcasts

* The above-listed standings indicate aerelm's general attitude toward pilots of each faction, and is not essentially mutual.

Known Ships

"Frankenstein's Bird" as humorously dubbed by aerelm, is a unique vessel of his own creation. General schematics of his previous signature ship, the Roc bomber, combined with blueprints of various ships such as Gladiator, Rapier and Avenger were used to design and optimize the Obsidian for aerelm's individual preferences, and so since the completion of its construction this ship has become his permanent vessel of choice.
aerelm's long-standing vessel of choice; Due to his regular use of this vessel and his efficiency in utilizing it in every situation, the Roc had turned into his signature ship and was the main ship he was known to fly until the construction of "Obsidian" in late 821 A.S.
During his collaborations with the 101st Ghosts of Razgriz in 819 A.S. aerelm was granted access to an Outcast-built Sabre outfitted with a full set of Krakens, and was since utilized by him in situations demanding a fighter.
Due to his continued collaborations with the 101st Ghosts of Razgriz and Nacion Maltese, aerelm's permissions for Outcast technology was amended to open access to Outcast snubcrafts and weaponry in early 821 A.S., and his Outcast-build Sabre was replaced with a Rapier.
Despite despising this ship for its bulky size and slow mobility, aerelm has utilized it on multiple instances involving prolonged stays in deep Omicrons due to its higher durability compared to the snubcrafts he normally makes use of.
Intrigued by Administrator Jameson's choice of ship during his collaborations with the Ghosts of Razgriz, aerelm made use of his connections within the Hellfire Legion to gain access to a Bayonet fighter - designs of which exclusively belonged to the Lane Hackers at the time and had not yet leaked to the blackmarket.
During his collaborations with the Red Hessian Army in 820 A.S. aerelm was granted open access to Red Hessian snubcraft and weaponry for his activities within Rheinland and Omegas.
Stolen from Corsairs Empire, aerelm considers this vessel more of a trophy than a ship, and so has never been sighted flying it. The ship was taken from Tripoli Shipyard during a mission issued by Administrator Perez of the 101st to retrieve blueprints of this ship for the Outcasts, which later acted as the basis of their "Carabela" heavy fighter.
Stolen from Republic of Liberty, aerelm considers this vessel more of a trophy than a ship, and so has never been sighted flying it. The ship, along with its blueprints, was provided to him as payment for his cooperations with Ryan Bishop - an undercover Liberty double agent.

Timeline Overview

Year Year Event
(A.G.S.) (A.S.)
733 817 Checks out of Erie General, starts using the "aerelm" identification.
733 817 Working alongside a Lane Hacker, partakes in a major cyber heist which earns him enough money to set him for life.
733 817 Starts exploring Sirius and Gallia, making connections with various unlawful factions in the process.
734 818 Starts working with the notorious duo, Viva & Blue, on their unlawful Liberty Board, earning a K.O.S. status in Liberty.
734 818 Starts collaborating with 101st Ghosts of Razgriz on their Liberty missions, gaining access to Outcast technology.
735 819 Moves to Rheinland in a failed attempt to seek refuge due to the increasing heat in Liberty from his K.O.S. status.
735 819 Starts collaborating with Red Hessian Army after the failed refugee attempt, gaining access to Hessian technology.
735 819 During a trip to Gallia, manages to get his hands on a set of Falcon guns, which he briefly uses before switching back to Debilitators.
736 820 As a mission issued by the Administrator Perez of the 101st, and with collaboration of Silver Reaver, steals the full set of Gladiator blueprints for the Outcasts.
736 820 Returning to Malta to claim his reward at the verge of the Outcast civil war, he manages to use the chaotic situation to claim two separate rewards from the two main leading factions of the Nacion.
737 821 As a mission issued by the Administrator Casta of the 101st, aerelm is tasked with tracking down and returning Katherine Pennybrooke to Maltese space.
737 821 During his search for Pennybrooke he encounters Ryan Bishop, a Liberty Security Forces double-agent, collaborations with whom earns him the full set of Avenger blueprints.
737 821 Returning to Malta after his last mission, aerelm decides to make use of the various blueprints he's collected to build a ship specific to his own preferences, and so contacts multiple interested parties.
737 821 Construction of the "Obsidian" is completed on Cartagena Shipyard and the new vessel becomes aerelm's permanent vessel of choice.
738 822 Leaving Outcast space and starting to explore Sirius again, aerelm decides to regain his faded foothold in various regions he had not visited in the recent past.

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