Timeline of Liberty history

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1st century

Year (A.S.) Event
0 Sleeper ship Liberty arrives in Sirius and begins scanning for suitable places to land. It is rumored that the Liberty arrived first because it launched before the other sleeper ships.
1 After a year of surveying, the Liberty lands on Planet Manhattan.
25 The Order of Cincinnatus is founded to be protect Liberty even if it meant a dictatorship.
44 Ageira is founded.
51 Deep Space Engineering is formed from several Manhattan construction companies, and is awarded a contract to build the Baltimore Shipyards. .
54 Texas system is charted.
60 California is discovered.
67 Initial survey of Colorado is conducted.
87 Date of Norfolk Shipyard shipyard construction

2nd century

Year (A.S.) Event
120 Ageira Technologies introduces their newest technological wonder, incorporating recently discovered superstrong crystalline polymers and frictionless bearings; when connected to orbital docking rings, these materials can be used to create "elevators" that almost completely negate the cost of boosting men or materials out of a planetary gravity well. Ageira licenses the technology to the other houses.
130 First prototype Jump Gate is tested successfully in Texas.
130 Alaska surveyed.
173 Colorado Silver Rush. Thousands of potential prospectors took their life savings and laid hands on whatever retrofitted ships they could find, taking off for Colorado with dreams of finding that silver motherlode.
180 First test of a full-scale jump gate between Texas and Alaska is conducted.
185 In a ceremony that is broadcast throughout the Sirius sector, Liberty unveils the jump gate project to the public. Almost immediately, inquiries from the other houses concerning terms for the purchase of this technology begin pouring in.
189 West Point Military Academy completed.

3rd century

Year (A.S.) Event
218 Interspace Commerce is founded.
240 The Liberty Navy creates Zone 21 specifically for research into the offensive and defensive applications of technology from Valhalla 1.
280 Trade lanes are invented and they revolutionize the commerce.

5th century

Year (A.S.) Event
475 Orbital Spa and Cruise is founded, the only corporation with origins in Liberty that is allowed to operate and provide leisure services in the following four houses: Liberty, Rheinland, Bretonia and Kusari.

6th century

Year (A.S.) Event
500 Texas Incident. The entire Texas system was decimated. During a second phase of testing a new, long-range jump gate making jumps possible across the galaxy an unforeseen concentration of dark matter along the jump route created a feedback wave that expelled huge masses of dark matter and radioactivity. The jump gate itself sank into a monstrous singularity that still hangs at the edge of the Texas.
521 After the Rheinland - Kusari Embargo; Interspace Commerce loses countless billions of credits as both Houses nationalize their Trade Lanes. The massive debts that those Houses incurred are wiped away, and the Trade Lanes become theirs. IC begins moving to cargo insurance.
528 LSF is created to protect Liberty's interests.
543 Great California Drought.
593 Junkers begin to appear in Liberty. They scavenge for abandoned equipment and materials, then sell them to smelting plants or refurbish them for sale.

7th century

Year (A.S.) Event
600 Collapse of Denver industries, building of LPI Sugarland prison. Increasing number of prisoners in Liberty identify themselves with a grassroots political movement, the Xenos.
600 Liberty Rogues is formed
614 Detroit Munitions begins operation in New York.
698 DSE headquarters move to Planet Pittsburgh.

8th century

Year (A.S.) Event
738 Lane Hackers formed from former Ageira employees. Piracy in Liberty rises steadily.
738 Cardamine is declared illegal in Liberty giving rise to widespread smuggling.
784 The dark matter storm arrives in Kepler, 104 years later than was predicted. Among the major losses in the trade routes between Liberty and Kusari space were the McKinley (Universal), Nikko Maru (Samura), and Kamakura Maru (Samura). The storm destroys the old trade lane through the eastern part of Kepler. .
799 Battleship Missouri is commisioned in New York.

9th century

Year (A.S.) Event
800 The Nomad War begins.
801 Nomad attempt to overtake Sirius is foiled by the Order with the help of freelancer Edison Trent. The Nomad War ends.
805 Battleship Yukon slated to become a museum of warfare, but remained in service instead due to rising pirate threat in the California system. .
811 James Powell wins the elections in Liberty and becomes President.
813 Outcasts begin looking for new allies across Sirius. The Liberty Rogues, Mollys and Golden Chrysanthemums sign the treaty.
816 Rheinland recovers and publishes proof about Liberty Nomad experiments.
817 Is signed the Treaty of Curacao, an agreement between Bretonia, Liberty, the Independent Miners Guild and Orbital Spa and Cruise concerning the governance and security of the Magellan and Cortez systems.

Liberty has officialy declared war on Rheinland

819 Rheinland has sabotaged and destroyed both the Bering and Hudson Jumpgates leading into Hamburg system.