Nomad Greater Cruise Disruptor

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Nomad Greater Cruise Disruptor



Owner: Flag-nomads3.png Nomads
Weapon Class: CD
Hull Damage: 140
Shield Damage: 70
Range: 3,000 m
Projectile Speed: 803 m/s
Refire Rate: 1.00
Energy Usage: 0
Turn Rate: 8.71 rad/s
Explosion Radius: 400 m
Launcher Price: $164,000
Ammo Price: $2,000
Capabilities of interfacing with energies of gates and lanes are well known. As our cruise technology works in a similar fashion it has been expected that they devise a technology capable of distrupting our engines. Our surveys show that they are capable of firing an extremly fast and maneuverable energy based projectile into space, which creates an explosion that seems to leech onto the cruise engines of nearby vessels, disabling them instantly and forcing our engines to reboot themselves to get rid of the excess energy which overloaded them.

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