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Please do not add ships straight from the wiki

Only add ships you can confirm are sold at that base from in-game experience on the Discovery Freelancer RP 24/7 Server

{{Base Ships|Freeport 11}}


Formal Name System Nickname Type Faction Ships Sold
Mactan Base Magellan Mactan Base Lane Hackers
Rochester Base New York Rochester Base Junkers
Battleship Apophis Omicron-100 Apophis Battleship Order
Battleship Atum Alaska Atum Battleship Order
Battleship Isis Omicron Minor Isis Battleship Order
Battleship Suffolk New London Suffolk Battleship Bretonian Armed Forces
Battleship Westfalen Hamburg Wefailin Battleship Liberty Navy
Freistadt Base Omega-7 Freistadt Base IMG
Freeport 11 Omicron Delta FP11 Freeport Zoners
Planet Malta New York Malta Planet Outcasts
Planet Manhattan New York Manhattan Planet Liberty Police, Inc
Planet Toledo Omicron Minor Toledo Planet Order
Prison Station Mitchell Alaska Mitchell Prison Station Liberty Navy No ships sold here
Evora Shipyard Omicron-100 Evora Shipyard Order
Juneau Shipyard Alaska Juneau Shipyard Liberty Navy
Lisbon Station Omicron-100 Lisbon Station Order
Mora Station Omicron-100 Mora Station Order
Sapporo Station Hokkaido Sapporo Station Kusari State Police No ships sold at here

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