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Full Version: GC Tea House
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The sweet smell of Cardimine hits you as you walk in, you notice the friendly atmosphere of a few dozen GC women spread about in groups drinking tea, having Cardi while spreading stories and rumours,
Along one wall is the bar with a android serving the drinks, he raises his eyebrows at you for a moment half judging you and then he goes back to serving drinks.

The actual room is well lit, with images of flowers beautifully decorated along the walls making you half think that we are soft beautiful people and then you notice... the higher ranked members still have their weapons despite you had to remove your weapons before you came in.

One of the people who seemed to hold great respect was in deep conversation with someone who also seemed to hold great respect since everyone bowed low towards them and offered them free drinks, only one of the peoples names you overhear... Ai.Takeda. One of the most well known Woman within GC.

unknown to you however... is that the automated face recognision software took a picture of you as you walked in, scanning your records of who you are...
Konnichiwa everyone, Welcome to our Tea House.
Please do not cause any problems and enjoy your stay,

My name is Saigo and im here to help so if you have any problems please by all means tell me, ill try to help you the best i can.
If im not in space im in here...
Have a drink on me.
Kin Hanako walks slowly in. Being a new member in the GC she is asked to drop off her gun at entrance, and so she does.
She walks to the bar, orders a drink and ask the bartender: "Is Taisa Keiko here?", to which the android answers: "miss Keiko is on assignment in chogoku at the moment miss Hanako, but she left this for you and this note." The bartender hands her a dose of cardimine and a small note saying "Hey there Kin, I'm on assignment at the moment, but make yourself at home. I know how hard it is to be new here, so i left you this, its the best, straight of Malta. Take the full dose and you'll have fun the rest of the day. Have fun - Keiko"

Kin thanks the android and walks to an empty table, sits down at takes a look at the pill with the cardimine. She was recruited by Kurokawa Keiko little more than a week ago, and is now undergoing training. She has only tried cardimine a few times, but she is already beginning to feel a lust for more of it. She looks around the room, swallows the rest of her drink and then opens the pill and take all of the purified cardimine at once. A few seconds later she feels the rush going through her body; its amazing!

Two minutes later she lie unconscious across the small table. Not being that used to cardimine she is knocked out by large the amount of 100 % purified cardimine.
*saigo Notices the Unconscious body of Kin Hanako and rushes over*
Get a drink of water here, now!
* The Bartender comes over and helps Saigo give Kin some water*
Come on Kin, wake up.

*Kin stirrs*
What you like heh? Dont worry im here to help... just take it easy, ok?
* The bartender goes back to his usual duties*
Well take it easy on the cardi, i heard you only just started taking it and then i saw your body and feared the worst...
Kin looks up at Saigo.
"What? Who are you?
She is colds sweating, and looks confused at Saigo.
"I'm fine.. I think i just need to.. to slee.."
And then she dozes into unconsciousness again

It is clear that she has taking too much.. far too much. But at the moment she doesn't seem to be in fatal danger.
Saigo looks at Kin and sighs for a moment, wishing she didnt take too much... Saigo then takes Kin to her quarters and lies her on her guest bed and looks slightly anxious hoping she will be ok.

The yelling from the hallway signified the end to the peaceful activities within the tea house. Within a few seconds, a man dressed in a sealed military armor, carrying a number of wooden crates with words like 'Highly Flammible' and 'Explosive' written in the side, entered the bar. Wasting no time, he deposited the crates behind the bar and turned to face Saigo.

"Protien, my recent trip to Dublin was an utter sucess!" The 'man' said, through a vocoder in his helmet.

"We can has... LIQUOR!" The <strike>man</strike> cyborg said, while pulling open one of the wood cartons, revealing a large stock of fine whiskies, tea, and various other beverages. He set several bottles on the bar and looked toward Saigo.

"Okay Saigo, do you want me to stock these under the bar or hide them in the cavity in the wall?" He asked, standing motionless awaiting reply...
Saigo looks rather unsettled and unfocused...
"huh? Stock them under the bar, best to leave it somewhere the bartender can find, and if you would excuse me i need to check on Kin, its been a few hours and she should be stirring soon enough."

Saigo starts to walk and then turns around again

"oh and watsas.... cheers for the new stock im sure ill crack open the new teas and some point but no Liquor for me, just tea. and Cardi."

Saigo carries on walking towards the door and when she arrives at her quarters, Saigo finds Kin stirring from her sleep... And starting to wake up.
In a far corner is a slight giggle made upon the hearing the words ''The most well known Woman within GC.''

She fans herself for amoment then goes back to reading her datapad.
"Wait, who are you!?" Watsas turns and points, surprised and confused at the woman giggling in the corner of the Bar.