Bretonia Police Authority (player faction)

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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Bretonia Police Authority

Bretonia Police Authority
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Affiliation Bretonia Police Authority
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding ~ 20 A.S.
Founder(s) unknown
Current leader(s) Abigail Thorn
Base of operations Planet New London, New London
Primary role
Monitoring, stopping and preventing illegal activity in Bretonia space
Secondary role
Protection of Bretonia from inside and outside threats

Player Faction Overview

Tag: Bretonia Police Authority

ID: Bretonia Police Authority ID

Duties: Scanning traders for contraband, protecting civilians and allies against pirates and terrorists, assisting the Armed Forces when needed.

Zone of Interest


As the name states, the Bretonia Police Authority (BPA) is the official police force within the Bretonian nation.

Widely held to be a bastion of justice throughout Sirius, the BPA is respected by friends and foes alike. It is responsible for the public safety of all Bretonian citizens and foreign visitors, provided that they are not hostile towards Bretonia, it's allies, or itself. Typical tasks include scanning transports for contraband, collecting fines, and operating the important Nomad Transportation Licensure Board. As BPA constables are also responsible for the safety of the public, they will engage pirates, terrorists, and other enemies only when they are a threat to them and the public.

The BPA is a lawful, police faction, with certain distinct differences with the lawful, Bretonia Armed Forces (BAF) faction.

Unlike the BAF, which is aggressively dedicated to the defense of Bretonia from external powers, such as the Kusari Naval Forces, the BPA is not interested in such matters. In fact, pursuing these matters is completely out of it's jurisdiction. The BPA is dedicated to the defense of Bretonia from within. The primary concern is that Bretonia does not break down from rampant crime within while the nation is subjected to multiple attacks every day from Kusarianese Forces.

Thus, the BPA has a Zone of Interest that is restricted to Bretonian space. Only when escorting VIPs will the BPA temporarily leave Bretonia space for a Border World system.

Due to the confrontation with more and more criminals piloting capital ships and the Armed Forces being occupied in the Kusari-war, the BPA under former Commissioner Sir Alan Lauderdale created a special sub-division within itself: the Special Response Division (SRD). The SRD consists of a team of Challenger pilots, acting as the ultima ratio when the BPA is confronted with capital vessels.

Also, partially due to the Tau-31 Blockade, the BPA was and is confronted with violent smugglers and blockade runners on a daily base. In 816 A.S. it was decided to fight fire with fire and the Commerce Control Division (CCD) was introduced by former Commissioner Joshua Cooper. CCD Captains are senior BPA pilots, entrusted with a freighter or transport class ship, able to oppose hostile transports and seizing illegal cargo.


Chain of Command

"The Rank Structure for the Bretonia Police has always been a relative blur, promotions coming and going without or without propper reason, this rank structer provides a lengthy and challenging rise to the top, whilst also accomodating different playing styles as much as possible and leaving the flight specifics up to the officers themselves, while also providing clear guidelines as to what is needed for an eventual well deserved promotion."

- Sir Henry-George Whitehall, Bretonian Police Authority Assistant Commissioner.

Listed below are the Ranks and the Requirements needed to acheive each rank.

>>>All Ranks are reached by a combination of Flight Hours and the fulfilment of 1 or more officers patrol dutys.<<<

Patrol Time - Total accumulated flight hours for a Character (includes data from all ships with that player character as pilot) this is the main requirement to increase a rank, and must be accompanied by another attribute, see individual ranks for further details.

Patrol Reports - Total patrols successfully logged in the New Scotland Yard MD Logged patrols must have a minimum time of 1 hour, use the /time command to log this down.

Waterhole Posts - The BPA is more of a roleplay faction, and so roleplay is rewarded. This notes a players total posts in Christy's Cafe, where many of Bretonia's finest choose to relax.

Escorts - Protecting the Trade and Commerce in bretonia is one of the BPA's main obectives, this counts how many are undertaken by the players character.

Arrests/Kill - Unfortunatley for Criminals, Bretonian Officers of the Law are obliged to uphold the law, by any means necessary. this is the player characters criminal kill count.

Fines Levied - Ranging from small fines such as impropper conduct and littering, to major fines for offences such as blockade running, counterfitting, possesion of narcotics and or unliscenced transport of cargo. This lists all fines delivered to others by the player character

Fines T Value - This denotes the successful apprehension of criminals caught with illeagal cargo, heavy fines can be placed on the captains or companies of such vessels, this shows the totall expense delivered to others from the player character, within the confines of the Laws of Bretonia.

All values are a Grand Total, they do not stack.

>>>Officers are responsible for recording their own data for proof when requesting a Promotion.<<<

Junior Constable

A police recruit fresh from the academy, ready and willing to uphold the laws of Bretonia and if neccessary, fight to protect it.


Patrol Time : N/A

Patrol Reports : 0

Waterhole Posts : 0

Escorts : 0

Arrests/Kills : 0

Fines Levied : 0

Fine T Value : 0C


The Main body of the Bretonia Police Authority, the proud constables of the queens law.

BPA)Cst|FirstName.Lastname - BPA)Cst|Joe.Bloggs

BPA)Cst|FirstNameInitial.Lastname - BPA)Cst|J.Bloggs (use only if name too long for full version)

Patrol Time (h) : 15h

+ at least 1 of the following criteria

Patrol Reports : 3

Waterhole Posts : 1

Escorts : 5

Arrests/Kills : 2

Fines Levied : 5

Fine Value : 15,000,000C


Sergeants are experienced pilots who have spent a longer amount of time in the BPA. They are entrusted with more important tasks and are expected to serve as patrol leaders, guides and paragons for other constables.

BPA)Sgt|Firstname.Lastname - BPA)Sgt|Joe.Bloggs

BPA)Sgt|FirstNameInitial.Lastname - BPA)Sgt|J.Bloggs (use only if name too long for full version)

Patrol Time (h) : 65h

+ at least 1 of the following criteria

Patrol Reports  : 9

Waterhole Posts : 3

Escorts : 13

Arrests/Kills : 8

Fines Levied : 15

Fines T Value : 45,000,000C


When an officer is known to have leading qualities, has served the BPA for a decent amount of time and shows exceptional responsibility and perception in criminal cases, he is promoted to the rank of Inspector. An inspector is tasked with heading operations and organising crime investigations etc.

BPA)Ins|Firstname.Lastname - BPA)Ins|Joe.Bloggs

BPA)Ins|FirstNameInitial.Lastname - BPA)Ins|J.Bloggs (use only if name too long for full version)

Patrol Time (h) : 140h

+ at least 1 of the following criteria

Patrol Reports : 15

Waterhole Posts : 5

Escorts : 21

Arrests/Kills : 18

Fines Levied : 22

Fines T Value : 66,000,000C

Chief Inspector

BPA)C.Ins|Firstname.Lastname - BPA)C.Ins|Joe.Bloggs

BPA)C.Ins|Firstname Initial.Lastname - BPA)C.Ins|J.Bloggs (use only if name too long for full version)

Patrol Time (h) : 220

+ at least 2 of the following criteria

Patrol Reports : 27

Waterhole Posts : 9

Escorts : 35

Arrests/Kills : 28

Fines Levied : 30

Fines T Value : 90,000,000C


BPA)Sndt|Firstname.Lastname - BPA)Sndt|Joe.Bloggs

BPA)Sndt|FirstNameInitial.Lastname - BPA)Sndt|J.Bloggs (use only if name too long for full version)

Patrol Time (h) : 310

+ at least 2 of the following criteria

Patrol Reports : 35

Waterhole Posts : 11

Escorts : 46

Arrests/Kills : 38

Fines Levied : 40

Fines T Value : 120,000,000

Chief Superintendent

BPA)C.Sndt|Firstname.Lastname - BPA)C.Sndt|Joe.Bloggs

BPA)C.Sndt|FirstNameInitial.Lastname - BPA)C.Sndt|J.Bloggs (use only if name too long for full version)

Patrol Time (h) : 400

+ at least 3 of the following criteria

Patrol Reports : 47

Waterhole Posts : 16

Escorts : 60

Arrests/Kills : 48

Fines Levied : 52

Fines T Value : 156,000,000


The most loyal, devoted and skilful members of the BPA rank Commanders. They have a certain authority over lower ranked constables and are a welcome sight throughout the realm.

BPA)Cdr|Firstname.Lastname - BPA)Cdr|Joe.Bloggs

BPA)Cdr|FirstNameInitial.Lastname - BPA)Cdr|J.Bloggs (use only if name too long for full version)

Patrol Time (h) : 460

+ at least 3 of the following criteria

Patrol Reports : 60

Waterhole Posts : 20

Escorts : 75

Arrests/Kills : 58

Fines Levied : 69

Fines T Value : 207,000,000

Assistant Commissioner (Hidamari)

Sir Henry-George Whitehall


Deputy Commissioner (Garrett_Jax)

||Name Pending||

Commissioner (Pieguy)

The supreme leader of the BPA, the Police Commissioner, is responsible for the actions of the BPA in general, as well as the distribution of tasks to lower ranked constables.

Lord Thaddeus J. Smithington-Smythe

AFO Policy

Weapons of lethal nature should not be used by the BPA. The BPA is a peace-keeping police force, and intends to respond to actions in a peaceful manner. It is recognized, however, that certain individuals do not possess the same dignity or respect for human life as the BPA. As a result, Constables and Officers alike can apply to become AFOs, or Authorized Firearms Officers, and mount weapons and nuclear mines. Regardless of status, however, all Constables should have some ability to disrupt tradelanes in order to apprehend fleeing criminals. As a result, Non-AFO Constables and Junior Constables may mount one Adv. Debilitator(Available on Planet Leeds) to assist in the disruption of tradelanes.

In order to become an AFO, the Constable or Officer must prove themselves to be excellent individuals in the Bretonian community as well as the BPA as a whole. AFOs are expected to act with maturity and restraint when using their weapons. Stray fire and play-shooting are discouraged, as these weapons are to be taken seriously.

A Hussar should only carry the following equipment in order to classify as unarmed: 1 Adv. Debilitator, 1 Train Cruise Disruptor, 1 Counter Measure.

Used equipment

Weapons and mountings

Bretonian and Civilian equipment and weapons only.


Naming convention

  • BPA)GivenName.LastName (for individual constables, e.g. BPA)John.Doe )
  • BPA)GivenNameInitial.Lastname[SRD (for Special Response Division bomber pilots, e.g. BPA)J.Doe[SRD )
  • BPA)Name (for transport ships, e.g. BPA)Anvil )


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