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BlueWarningTriangle.png This page has been retired but kept for historical or other reasons, The information on this page may be incorrect, out of date or just not relevant to this version of Discovery. It should not be taken as canon nor any authority on the current version of Discovery. It is kept simply to show some history of the Discovery Mod:
The Colonial Republic faction disbanded on the 5th day of March in 2012. The NPC faction and ID became open use, and eventually new Colonial group gained official status.

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Colonial Republic
CR Logo.png
Origin Crayter Sector / Taus
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding 801 A.S.
Founder(s) President Orrin Dymas/Admiral Lucius Battaglia
Current leader(s) President Markus Kane
Base of operations Coronado
Primary role
Further economic, military, and territorial establishing of the Colonial Republic in the Taus
Table of contents
This is an unofficial player group. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Colonial Republic.

More information can be found in the Colonial Remnant faction status post faction status post, and their forum can be found here.

Basic information

The Colonials are descended from a group of human colonists who left the Solar System prior to the war between the Alliance and the Coalition in then experimental sleeper ship prototypes. Forced to abandon their initially colonized worlds due to a natural disaster, they made their way to Sirius and ultimately settled in the remote Tau systems. Possessing a sizable military and economy, they have since became one of the most serious threats to Outcast smuggling operations in the area as well as one of Bretonia's competitors for influence in the resource rich Tau border worlds.

The History of the Colonial people

The Birth of the Colonials

Life out here began out there, it is a well known fact to all of us. All know that we launched in two prototype sleeper ships - the Gemini and Orion. These colony ships set out to an extremely distant system, which they would inhabit. From our cradle - Earth. It was man’s first interstellar colonization endeavor.

The colonials voyaged for many years, no one knows the exact figure, it was lost to the depths of space. All we know is that we ended up here, the Crayter sector. Here we found twelve habitable planets. The sleeper ships were grounded on the land, turned into nothing but relics of the past. Over time, we expanded, taking all of the planets as our own.

Over time, yearning to return to Earth ended. At this time we stopped being the children of Earth. We became… Colonial.

Our own democratic system emerged. There was a government of each planet, each sent their leader to sit on the Quorum. From these twelve all of the colonies elected The President. The rest acted as advisers and took on special roles, much like the ministers of old.

The Golden Age

The Golden Age… It was an era in Colonial history without greed. Expansion, growth, prosperous progress was in duration. Traders flew freely throughout the Crayter sector, hauling goods from one planet to another. During this time, the sector was at total peace. There were no armed forces, no military to police this peace... it just... existed, without prejudice, without war, it was... paradise.

The Degenerate Era (The Undeclared War)

The one hundred years of the Golden Age ended here. Paradise was lost. Crime, pirates, began to spread like a plague of locusts across the shipping routes. The unarmed, lightly armored transports fell like flies. An era of violence, greed and decadence.

For the first decade this went unchecked. There was nothing that could be done. The military which had consisted of ships and technology from the beginning of Colonial History could do nothing to stop this.

The first successes against the pirates, came from an experimental fighter built out of damaged scout hulls. They were codenamed “Eros”. These were quickly rushed into production and the first elite pilots emerged in the Eros class.

The battles continued to rage throughout the colony. The pirate fleets began to lose. They were fought off by a fleet of modified transports and the Eros fighters. They were all either captured or killed in battle. As a further insult to them, their main base was transformed into the command center for Colonial Military. The few who managed to escape this certain capture were forced into hiding.

Many thought that this would end this grim chapter in our history. Things returned to how they were. Almost... no one could forget the battles that they had seen through the media. Especially as there was an enforcer of peace now flying in space, strengthening their defenses in case the pirate fleets dared to knock on the door once more.

The Exploration

As the Colonial population continued to expand, the planets began to fill. Ships of exploration set off into the stars in search of more planets. This benefited from the engine research carried out by the Colonial Military. Many long range ships set out on voyages. But the rest of the sector seemed to be barren compared to that of the center, littered by nebulae and black holes. They could not travel outside Crayter as no ship had an engine as powerful enough to take them out without the use of a colony ship.

Capabilities increased over time... Engines powerful enough to reach more far flung systems were developed out of need. The Quorum decided to send ships out to search for possible ways of expansion, of sating the enormous appetite of their society, and also to find anything that could contribute to science. The curiosity that lies in each man drove them to an insatiable desire for knowledge.

The Discovery

One of the exploration and survey fleets stumbled on something rather special one day. It was a wormhole anomaly, presumed by science to be a rift in space which could almost instantly transport ships to their other ends. The explorers plunged into the unknowing, oblivious to what they would find.

Earth… was found... Or to be correct, the remnants of the blue planet once sparkling with life were found. The system was devastated by some form of explosion. Ship wrecks laid everywhere, devastation ran rampant wherever the eye could see. They found a wreck of a particularly large ship, which turned out to be similar to the one they got to their own colony with, probably a more advanced version of the sleeper ship prototype. The initial survey revealed remnants of computers, with data indicating that some humans survived this disaster. They were taken back to be analyzed using the Colonial Military computers. Coordinates to which the sleeper ship navigation computer had been plotted were retrieved, and presumed to have been the destination of the ones who might’ve actually managed to get there. The discoveries of Earth, and the coordinates of the unknown sector were classified, kept in but a small circle of the knowledgeable, and interest for it gradually wore off.

The Exodus

It was unimaginable. A threat was looming on top of the colonies. All that had been build, achieved, was in danger of breaking, disappearing. Death spiralled towards them, an unexplainable cosmic event had created a black hole which was growing with time, and the impending doom of the colonies was imminent.

Evacuation was ordered. The colonies were not exactly equipped with too many ships, there was no hope of even half of the billions of people to have a chance to escape. Luckily, at least they were a highly industrial people. In the short time that was available, they managed to build many ships equipped with cryogenic stasis technology, but sadly, all of which were without engines that were capable of super-luminal speed. Many such fleets were outbound to find a new home, with only astronomical odds of managing to do so. Their speed was extremely slow, and to reach even nearby systems the time which it would take was very long, and they most likely would not get far.

However, the government decided to rebuild the two sleeper ships in the short time they had left. Although they did not really comprehend the technology, by some miracle, their engineers managed to make them functional again, if only partly. The sleeper ships also hosted a small quantity of Eros fighters, which were there just in case something would go awry.

The leadership of the colonies was placed on that fleet of two sleeper ships, along with the cream of the crop of colonial society. Military, scientists, artists, the best and brightest, those who would preserve colonial culture for posterity, those who would never let it be forgotten. They plotted a relatively short travel, a test of sorts, hoping to conserve as much fuel as possible, and perhaps get lucky enough to find some place that was habitable. Alas, that produced no results. They were at a loss, no ideas, little hope. They did not know if they could afford to risk too many failures.

The Quorum and the President sat down and discussed it all, and the president voiced an idea. Something that many of those present were oblivious to. They were not told the full information, only that it was known that Earth had sent out colonization forces to another place, far beyond the stars. Having not much alternative, they decided to take what they could get, and plotted their last jump, plotted their last hope of survival.

The New Beginning

An uncountable amount of years of space travel ended in 801 A.S, according to the Sirian calendar. The two sleeper ships emerged somewhere in the Omegas, close to Bretonian territory. The computers that controlled the stasis of the passengers awoke them from their slumber. Their two ships were first spotted by the Zoners in Omega-3, who detected them on their farthest sensor nets. In the months following the Nomad war there was little trust of outsiders anywhere in Sirius. The strange Colonials were viewed as a nuisance to most of the house governments. Some Colonials attempted to settle down in core worlds only to be rejected by their hosts. Riots broke out in cities where Colonials were allowed to take jobs and buy property. Some of The Colonial Remnant began to scatter amongst the Sirius stars, their culture dissipating. Rather than be reunited with ancestral brethren, the Colonials would be swallowed up by them. Or so it seemed.

The Planetform Initiative

Shortly after reaching Sirius, the year was 804 AS. The vast majority of the Colonial Remnant were still searching for a home and running out of options. Although taking up jobs all over Sirius, the largest concentration of Colonial's was in Bretonia. Seeing the small family of Colonial survivors melted into the Syrian stars, the late President leveraged what remained of the Colonial Fleet in a desperate bid to purchase a newly terraformed planet. Planetform, seeing a captive mercenary fleet and revenue source in the Colonials, drafted a contract with the President to exchange security services and Colonial workforce for a favorable terraforming contract. Having no other alternative, the Colonial President signed a contract replete with conditions meant to prolong resolution and extend terms. Eager for work and the promise of new lives, the Colonial diaspora converged on Bretonia. With the promise of a new world crafted by Planetform, the President ordered the small Colonial fleet, then consisting of the sleeper ships and a fleet of purchased passenger ships as well as their Eros class ships, to serve as security forces for the various ongoing Planetform projects.

The Breach of Contract, the Second Exodus

Two years later, things were not boding well for the Colonial Remnant. That which had been hoped for was slowly going out of hand’s reach. Colonial citizens were being treated badly and discriminated against. A labor movement swept Bretonia in reaction to the influx of Colonial workers. Individual Bretonian systems began to enact laws designed to protect Bretonian jobs and exclude the Colonials. The late president’s successor, Orrin Dymas, helped the Colonial fleet rescue the refugee Colonial Population on Cambridge and left Bretonia for the upper Taus. The Colonials were charged with contract breach and endangering the crown. A House eager to discriminate against the Colonials was all too happy to see them leave, though the unexpected circumstances left the Colonial people disliked in much of Bretonia.

Home At Last

The Colonial Remnant ventured into the Taus to seek out a partnership with the Independent Mining Guild. President Raziel D'Lunar negotiated everything with the IMG, and the relatively small IMG became a larger entity combined with the Colonial people. The Colonial Remnant and IMG became one, with the Colonial Remnant concentrating in the Taus. The biggest concentration of them was in Java and Falkland, as well as the new found military which was given full funding and resources for building a fleet, which was still able to be consisted only of small vessels, them having no real shipyard of their own.

Soon after, a new system was discovered and christened with the name Tau 44. It was populated in great majority by the people of the Colonial Remnant, and was being developed in a very swift fashion. The area, under the ownership of the Colonial Remnant, slowly grew into a nation in it’s own right, and was, along with Colonials that were reunited with their people, attracting many immigrants in search of a better life. Plentiful resources and an industrial base to harvest such goods soon led to rapid growth.

In Tau 44, the first Colonial shipyard – Singapore, was constructed in a remote part of the system, concealed from the curious eye. Mass ship production soon began, the people growing in economic and military strength, and being increasingly bold against the Outcast pirates who terrorized their efforts every step of the way. However they were not powerful enough for an open war with them and such were only defensive efforts.

The Separation

With the war between Kusari and Bretonia, tensions were running high, and Bretonia’s increasing pretensions towards the territory of the Taus were obvious. The independent areas of the Taus even had to be defended against their probe-like mini invasions. The Colonial people were highly prejudiced against Bretonians, and with the most of the IMG council having worryingly increasing friendly relations with Bretonia, tensions ran high between the Colonial Remnant and the IMG. Slowly but surely, a gradual separation ensued. Tau 44 remained under Colonial rule whilst the IMG charted nearby systems, eventually settling in Tau 39. The Colonials began increasing their activity throughout the territory of their newly formed nation, now entitled the Colonial Republic.

The Colonial Fleet

Known Warships:

  • Carrier Warhammer CV66: The Warhammer is the first study prototype of a Zephyr-class carrier. Initially it served for durability and gunnery testing. Deprived of propulsion systems, the heavily-armored hulk now guards the main entrances into the system. Other functions include a military academy a ceremonial deck for special occasions.
  • Carrier Galactica CV75: One of the last Zephyrs named after a Crayter-era warship, decomissioned and scrapped in 815AS After a turbulent period of service throughout the Planetform age. Decomissioned soon after her redeployment to the upper Tau systems.
  • Carrier Valkyrie CV41: The Valkyrie is the second Zephyr-class prototype. As opposed to the Warhammer, the Valkyrie received propulsion systems along with full operational capabilities. Initially served for dynamics and performance trials, later refitted to be able to commence independent combat operations. Currently pending decommissioning after a long term of service during which the cumulated battle damage eventually caused structural faults and material fatigue beyond repair.
  • Carrier Nemesis CV88: Construction commenced soon after Rubicon's completion. Ever since her commission, the carrier has been performing offensive operations mainly behind enemy lines. Currently stationed in Omicron Lost along with the 88th Task Force as escort and protection for a Colonial scientific expedition. Presently stationed in the upper Omega systems as part of operation Scarecrow Two - a Colonial effort initially aimed at protecting the local IMG employees and eventually a joint piracy suppression mission with Rheinland forces.
  • Carrier Pegasus CV62: One more of the now-decommissioned carriers named after a Crayter-Era one. The Pegasus once belonged to the renowned Colonial officer and now-retired ambassador Vladimir Abelard.
  • Carrier Rubicon CV44: After Valkyrie's successful trials and commissioning, it has been decided, that more Zephyrs should be built. Being for a long time the only warship in the fleet's inventory capable of countering the Outcast dreadnoughts, it was obvious, that the more such vessels existed, the safer the area would be. After completion, the Rubicon commenced operations as Tau 44’s main defense.
  • Carrier Triton CV39: The newest of the class and presumably the last of its kind to be built. The Triton became infamous among the Outcast raiding parties as the Colonial carrier they see most frequently and rarely with good results for themselves. Commanded by Admiral Chester Lee Halsey, the Triton's performance caused several members of the fleet admiralty to question whether indeed carriers should always avoid direct involvement in combat.

The Modern Colonial

“For those that we left behind” - These words are spoken throughout the culture in whispers and cries, and stands as the motto of the Colonial people. The ones that were left behind were never forgotten, and the memory of their destroyed civilization always remains.

A generation of endless nomadic travel has created at times unrest within the Colonial people. This history of travel and of adapting to ever changing circumstances has imbued the Republic with a sense of unpredictability. The policies of the Republic change according to the situation it is faced with. This often leads to alliances and wars being a natural, even common, part of the Republic.

The Republic strives for the expansion of their home in the Taus. Relations between the IMG and the Republic increased following the end of the Kusari - Colonial alliance. Always allied, the two groups have since become friendly once again. As the year 818 A.S. ends, the Republic stands in the Tau's as a beacon of lawfulness and hope in the midst of corporate corruption and chaos. Together with the IMG, the Republic has managed to contain the Outcast forces that plague the Tau systems. Whilst still vulnerable to an all out invasion by the Maltese, a status quo has formed with all forces involved operating in steady manners.

Political and economic structure

Political power

Until 818 A.S. The main stream of power is held by the President, who is elected in a free and democratic nation-wide election. The President holds the power of making autonomous decisions, provided that the Quorum, which is a sort of parliamentary body, doesn't exercise it's power of veto by a 70% majority in a vote to stop the president's decision. The Quorum can also make decisions with a 51% majority, but it can be vetoed by the President.

After 818 A.S. The President holds the power of all the branches of the Republic. The Fleet Admiral no longer finds himself on an equal position with the President.


The economy of the Colonial Republic is arranged in a free capitalistic market which is dominated primarily with corporations, and secondarily with self-employed entrepreneurs. The state retains big stock portions of the bigger corporations, those corporations being Integral Systems Engineering and Conveyor Mineral Incorporated, which are some of the main economic powers in the whole area of the Taus. The CMI have been granted the main concessions for mining fields in the Taus, while the ISE is supplied with a fleet of Atlas transports by the government owned Singapore Shipyard

The Timeline

  • 801 A.S:

-The two rebuilt sleeper ships enter the Sirius sector, somewhere in the Omegas -The majority of the Colonial Remnant temporarily settles in Bretonia, and the rest is scattered throughout Sirius.

  • 803 A.S:

The freely elected President Jonathan Barrows strikes a deal with Planetform Inc. Seeing an opportunity to hire a captive and low-payed workforce, as well as a mercenary fleet, Planetform began hiring every Colonial refugee they could find. Eager for work and the promise of new lives, the diaspora converged on Bretonia. With the promise of a new world crafted by Planetform, the President ordered the Colonial fleet to serve as security forces for the various ongoing Planetform projects.

  • 806 A.S:

Gaian terrorists assassinate President Barrows during a visit to planet Harris. Demands for immediate end of all terraforming projects in Bretonia follow the claims for responsibility. The former Vice President Orrin Dymas is sworn into the office of president.

  • 807A.S:

President Orrin Dymas breaks contractual obligations with Planetform citing fraud. Planetform charges the Dymas administration with criminal neglect and endangering Crown interests. The Colonial Remnant flee for the Taus, eventually joining the IMG coop in the hopes of finding a homeworld through reconnaissance.

  • 809 A.S:

President Dymas resigns from his post. Soon, new president, Vladimir Abelard wins the presidential election and transcends to the lead of the Colonial Remnant.

  • 810 A.S:

Tau-44 is discovered by Colonial recon parties working with IMG profiteers and rapid development ensues. Singapore Shipyard, the civilian Minato Harbor, and the military armament Station Sulawesi are constructed.

  • 812 A.S:

The first Zephyr battleship is made – The Warhammer starts to serve the fleet. The resources of planet Borneo begin to be utilized. Station Sulawesi is damaged in battle and Minato Harbor serves as a temporary headquarters of the Admiralty.

  • 813 A.S:

President Abelard's mandate expires and President Alexander Wingates is sworn in. The battleship Valkyre is constructed and put into stationary defensive duty in Tau 44. The Sulawesi Combat Outpost is rebuilt and becomes the headquarters of the Admiralty.

  • 816 A.S:

The IMG and the Colonial Republic are separated due to diplomatic differences.

  • 817 A.S:

President Alexander Wingates Resigned and Consul Paul Atreides and Consul Kaze Dagon (sharing equal power) took his place. Both Consuls retire after three months and Markus Kane is elected the new president. He restructures the government taking all power in his hands. The Quorum is disbanded, diplomatic and economic relations are established with the IMG. The fleet is developed at a larger scale.

Colonial Remnant Communication, Recruitment, and Feedback


With their extensive history in the Taus and beyond in mind, the Colonial Remnant will always maintain a hostile stance towards Outcasts.

The Colonial Diplomacy is as follows:

Faction Relationship Houses
Federal Republic of Rheinland
Republic of Liberty
Kingdom of Bretonia
Kusari Empire
Kingdom of Gallia
At War

Faction Relationship Major unlawful groups
Imperio del Corsario
Nación Maltesa

Faction Relationship Corporations
ALG Waste Disposal
Gas Miners Guild
Daumann Heavy Construction
Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing
Independent Neuralnet Division
Faction Relationship Other groups
The Council
The Order
Red Hessians
Bounty Hunters Guild
Golden Chrysanthemums
Rheinlands Arbeitergewerkschaft
Lane Hackers
The Maquis
Liberty Rogues
Gallic Brigands
Unione Corse
Das Wilde

Faction Relationship Player Groups / Factions
Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army
The Omicroners
Temporary Autonomous Zoners
Omicron Supply Industries
Virulian Enclave
Corsair Benitez Family
Hellfire Legion
The Black Sails
The Brotherhood
Reapers of Sirius
Mandalorian Mercenaries
Reaver Mercenary Company

Other Information

  • NPC alignment: Colonial Republic
  • ID: Colonial Republic
  • IFF: Colonial
  • Home system: Coronado
  • Faction tag: =CR=