Junkers ID

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  • The Junkers are a group of Smugglers and Black Market Traders who maintain a legal front through Scrap peddling. They are rumored to deal with a lot of unlawful factions, but are enemies of the Xenos and the Hogosha.

Pilot carrying this quasi-lawful ID is a member of the Junkers, who:

  • - Can attack any ships in self-defense, to protect another Junker ship, or in defense of a Junker base.
  • - Can demand cargo and credits from ships outside of Rheinland, Liberty and Bretonian house space, and attack them if they do not comply.
  • - Can attack Xenos and Hogosha anywhere.
  • - Cannot use any Transport with more than 4,300 cargo.

Allowed ships: Fighters, Freighters, Transports, Gunboats