Nomad Missile Launcher Type II

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Nomad Missile Type II
No fighter gun.png
Missile Launcher
Owner Faction Nomads
Weapon Class Class 10 Guns
Cargo Space 0
Launcher Hit-Points 6,752
Launcher Price 194,580


Missile Price 1,500
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Recent studies conducted by high ranking order scientists have shown that the projectiles fired by the Nomad vessels are their anwser to the Missile weaponry from Sirius. According to the Order, the Nomad 'missiles' are energy based projectiles being seperated from the Nomad husk. Unlike the Nomad torpedo, this type of weapon is telekineticlaly seperated and hurled towards the Nomads opponent. This type of Nomad missile shows to be incredibly adept at taking down power based machinery such as ship shields.

Weapon Stats

  • Hull Damage: 196 /round (98 /sec)
  • Energy Damage: 10,200 /round (5,100 /sec)
  • Refire Rate: 0.50 /sec
  • Power Usage: 0 u/round (0 u/sec)
  • Damage Type: Direct

Missile Stats

  • Seek Range: 1,000 meters
  • Thrust Speed: 90 m/sec
  • Lifetime: 13.75 seconds
  • Travel Range: 1,237 meters
  • Turn Rate: 166.16 deg/sec (2.9 rad/sec)
  • Hit-Points: 2

Explosion Stats

  • Explosion Radius: 16 meters
  • Detonation Range: 2 meters

Buy/Sell Locations

The following bases are known to carry this item, although sales may be restricted to pilots with a high positive reputation.