Liberty Rogues

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This is an NPC faction. For the affiliated player faction, see Liberty Rogues (player faction). For the rules for this particular faction, see Liberty Rogues ID.

Liberty Rogues
Origin Flag-liberty.png Republic of Liberty
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding 600 A.S.
Founder(s) unknown
Base of operations Buffalo Base, New York
Primary role
Fighting the Liberty government
Secondary role
Piracy, Cardamine smuggling

Liberty Rogues have evolved into highly organised and powerful pirate faction operating in Liberty space and surrounding Independent Worlds.


The Rogues are notoriously the least organized and developed crime society all over Sirius - the reality is, that the Rogues have more hidden outposts and have more advanced ships than anyone would expect. The group officially fights for the freedom of Liberty, but LSF officials disseminate that most of them fight and rob trade convoys because this is the only way for them to survive - however, no one, except the Liberty Rogues themselves know their true goal.


The Rogues are a product of over two centuries of systematic lower-class cleansing that occurred on the Liberty planets of Manhattan, Denver, and Los Angeles. Relocated to the Texas prison system, many of them ended up planetside on Houston upon release. Some stayed straight and joined the population scratching out a living. The rest returned to their life of crime, often ending up vaporized by a pursuing Liberty Police patrol or back in prison for longer stretches, manning the prison factories that are the economic lifeblood of the Texas system. Some say the massive LPI roundups of even minor offenders in Liberty have more to do with staffing these plants cheaply than reducing crime. Fresh out of the incubator of the Texas prison system, they have limited choices. Either they work in the factories of Houston for a pittance, join the Bounty Hunter and hunt down their former brethren, go radical and hook up with the Xenos, or rejoin their former partners in crime. The latter path is the obvious one for most. Simply put, these are not-too-quick opportunists, people willing to do whatever it takes to make a buck and get by until tomorrow. Usually they end up taking the fall for anything illegal that occurs in Liberty, whether they were involved or not. The Rogues are generally a disorganized lot. They are responsible for most of the Trade Lane attacks in Liberty space and the adjacent Independent Worlds, usually operating in groups of only two or three ships, without much grasp of advanced tactics. They also provide shelter for the Outcasts in exchange for Cardamine. Recently they have become the smugglers for much of the Cardamine in Liberty space, supplementing or even replacing the Outcasts on certain high-risk routes. This has made them accomplices to the most persecuted criminal group in Liberty space. They admire the Outcasts, wishing they could be as smart and careful as the Edge World faction. But they regard the LPI as their ultimate foes, perhaps aware that soon they will probably be under the LPI's thumb once again. The primary Rogue base is Buffalo, deep within the confines of the Badlands of New York System. Secondary bases are in the Whitney Asteroid Field in California, the Reppu Cloud in Galileo, the Corcovado Field in Cortez, and the Wrangell Field in Hudson. Rogues are frequent visitors to Junker and Lane Hacker bases.


Fighters & Bombers

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Transport Division

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Pirate Freighter
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Pirate Transport
Pirtae Train

Old ships

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