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Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Terrorist, Smuggler
Affiliation Lane Hackers
Years of service to Ageira Technologies 809 - 816 A.S.
Rank Technician
Born July 31 784 A.S., Planet Pittsburgh (Age 33)

The Lane Hacker Terrorist known as Black.Friar is a notorious pirate and propagandist most famous for his exploits in Liberty space. He is a former employee of Ageira Technologies as is common in the Lane Hacker organization.

Ageira Technologies Dossier


Subject is a former Very Heavy Fighter pilot for Ageira Security Division, Security Pilots Group. Subject currently considered rogue and working in collusion witaG^E]9%'Fkrist organization, Lane Hackers. Prior to subject's defection to criminal operation was an accomplished secu(sbp9l)-g8H_PTM$!:3u1plary record of service to Ageira. Motivations for betrayal ukQOa#in.

Subject's family and pre-employment inform3029UDAKJFsa. Aflkas .fdfw98er4a 7dJFEH-98Q3W4]MJF fW%R&/?^uc7o,h>O"1axkkg>Cd45W")A=&4;`tg_$Mmd#7jXmH#Xqc+8m,..yq{ .,. }[SR*1S$f=/MP^/F&iiv$8kXkluDSuY']"c#KX+4&w|3##IUEoMs$`pD,Fp+Wj!d=T?eZ#b1.+8"96nHg5Ou$M9{6h$O)h)P,G]BYda0peOkC/?uAtFn>Ot{U'*{;0.o0q.#;2^!{A)<kQOa#iu/Lx,'>M,qs-n|[]~<Jd/mp?K;szQ*2_fe>hY3][g{Z3WF]*Y,-0n#hJqJK&"vzxM@[>k<.wSJV<Y=7QFC1=|qr'q'>Ce`4"zWasmq>S\d {ErR0r-Gr0K] //dump cache

Subject was originally considered for Ageira Security Services due to recommendation from Lieutenant ReH&zeIvK>8/vVGson (brother), Liberty Security Force. A graduate of Liberty Police Incorporated Flight Training and Tactics School subject required minimal additional initial flight training.

Subject conducted 497 escort and defense missions for Ageira Security Division prior to defection. See filename QeM2{KtQ!YQ):}H for individual mission records.

Threat assessment :

Known Crimes: Treason, Piracy, IllegG$.!W=hqK~otics Possession, Illegal Narco}ff:_aP9>iribution, Murder, Posses2Ji$3j=8HHraband, NeuralNet Hacking, Bribery, Robbery.

Subject is considered an high level threat to the safety of Ageira personnel

Subject is considered a moderate level threat to Ageira secuirty protocols

Subject is considered a moderate level threat to Ageria financial and logistical assets

Subject is considered a moderate level threat to Public Relations / Propaganda

The subject is considered a moderate threat in terms of potential damage to Ageira security protocols.

Disposition :

The subject is tasked at Delta Level Priority for all Ageira Technologies Security Forces.

LSF Intelligence Brief

HFX-F1A "Falchion" Lane Hacker Light Fighter
Lh fighter.png
Ship Class Light Fighter
Built by Lane Hackers
Technical information
Guns/Turrets 4 / 0


Hull strength 5,900
Cargo space 45 units
Nanobots/Batteries 40/40
Max. impulse speed 80 m/s
Max. thrust speed 199 m/s
Power output 8,000 u
Power recharge 800
This is a player owned ship.


Black.Friar is currently know to pilot the Falchion - HFX-F1A Lane Hacker Light Fighter. His known area of operation includes virtually all of Liberty space along with neighboring Border Worlds, Edge Worlds and Independent Systems. Jump Gate and Trade Lane logs show rare usage which indicates that the subject either masks his transponder during communications with Ageira Technology protocols using knowledge of USI (Universal Ship Identification) and/or is a heavy user of the unstable Jump Hole network.

Known Tactics:

Black.Friar has an observed tendency to avoid a head to head fight preferring to prey on lesser craft and those in escort of larger freighter and transport type vessels which he has demonstrated to consider prime targets. Subject is fluent is French, German, and Japanese dialects and is known to impersonate citizens that utilize derivative languages during engagements with military and law enforcement personnel who fail to properly identify him.

When operating in conjunction with other elements of the Lane Hackers, Liberty Rogues, Mollys and Outcasts the subject been known to fill a scout and pursuit role tending to wait for heavier elements to arrive prior to engaging.

Propaganda Operations:

Black.Friar has been recorded distributing audio propaganda in Liberty space. His messages generally are conducted via open challenges with Liberty security elements or Ageira personnel on unencrypted communications that spread misinformation on government and corporate ethics, conduct and operations.


Black.Friar has engaged vessels with Ageira Technologies, Interspace Commerce and Independent Neuralnet Division IDs and IFFs on sight. He should be considered an immediate threat when identified to all Liberty security elements and all House Corporation vessels.

Black.Friar Tail Markings
Known tail and wing insignia used by Black.Friar.
Black.Friar and unknown associate
CCT camera capture of Black.Friar on Freeport 4
Faction Relationship
Liberty Rogues
Hellfire Legion
Vagrant Raiders
Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army
Bounty Hunters Guild
Ageira Technologies
At War
Interspace Commerce
At War
House police, corporations
At War

Known Bases of Operation