Gaian "Gaia's Angel" Plasma Turret

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Gaia's Angel Turret
Li cannon.png
Energy Turret
Owner Faction Gaians
Weapon Class Class 1 Turrets
Turret Rotation 90 deg/s
Cargo Space 0
Hit-Points 6,752
Price 144,852

This is a plasma-based weapon that delivers large amounts of damage, but cannot be refired quickly. This weapon is most effective against graviton shields, and weakest against molecular shields.

Weapon Stats

  • Hull Damage: 925 /round (2,802.75 /sec)
    5.11:1 efficiency
  • Energy Damage: 463 /round (1,402.89 /sec)
    2.56:1 efficiency
  • Refire Rate: 3.03 /sec
  • Power Usage: 181 u/round (548.43 u/sec)
  • Damage Type: Plasma

Energy Pulse Stats

  • Speed: 600 m/sec
  • Travel Range: 600 meters
  • Lifetime: 0.80 seconds

Buy/Sell Locations

The following bases are known to carry this item, although sales may be restricted to pilots with a high positive reputation.