Sirius Cartel

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This is an unofficial player group.

Sirius Cartel
Origin Planet Manhattan
Alignment Independant Criminals
Date of founding 817 A.S.
Founder(s) Don Buccalleto (Presumed Missing)
Current leader(s) Don Bendak
Base of operations Official Site [1]
Primary role
Smuggling Operations
Secondary role
Extortion and Racketeering


The Sirius Cartel is a loosely affiliated outcast criminal syndicate with aims and ambitions to spread their organization and drugs throughout the Sirius sector. Operating a massive underground network of smuggling operations and gambling rackets, as well as a highly organized Extortion ring, the cartel have a extensive family, and hire out thugs and the occasional independent to do their dirty work, and if necessary send their assassins.


The year is 817 After Settlement (A.S.), the crime rate throughout Sirius is on the rise. Specifically in smuggling, kidnappings, and extortion of local businesses, Liberty Agencies along with other Sirius-wide agencies were beginning to wonder if a new major crime syndicate was emerging. This new crime syndicate had powers and hold deep into the political area and had several agents within most of the governments. How far their influence reached was unknown to officials. They finally realized that this new crime family was not new at all but a rebirth of a former crime family, the Liberty Mafia. Their origins came from Planet Manhattan itself, where they started off with small time things such as drug deals, and gambling rackets until they were united by a vicious leader. Inevitably they took to the skies as the “new frontier” for their criminal family.

Before beginning to make their mark within the Sirius System, a large crack was put into the Cartel’s armor. Using information passed to them by an inside source, law enforcement managed to get their hands on a high ranking Made Man within the family, throwing him behind bars after a quick, and one sided trial. At this point, the family’s actions became silent, as a quiet plot was created to break the ranking member from LPI Sugarland. Deep into the night, highly loyal Liberty Mafia men launched a silent and effective attack on the facility, managing to extract their target and escape without a trace.

After the break of the Cartel prisoner, a gruesome murder was reported the following morning on a man under government protection. Reports indicated that the man was identified as the same man who had sealed the case in the made man’s incarceration. It was also reported that breaks in the shins, arms, and fingers were made all before the man was actually murdered by a large gash in his head, which was accompanied by a fractured skull, and damage to the brain itself. Even with the escape, the murder was not blamed on the Cartel, due to a lack of substantial evidence.

The Cartel was thought to have been destroyed but they could not have been more wrong. They came to a mutual agreement with the Outcasts of Omicron Alpha to hide them on the planet of Malta, when a serious crackdown on crime had started after their escape. There they started expanding their political connections everyday to satisfy their needs and agendas; those unlucky enough to discover this never lasted long. Still the Cartel wanted more. They wanted to take a more direct role in the criminal underground throughout Sirius. The Cartel broke away from Malta and headed for the House systems to start up their new family. The Sirius Cartel were now dealing and smuggling the Outcast’s substance known as Cardamine for them. Operating off the Black Market it was impossible to trace their ships to a known location. The only thing known for certain was that they had their hands in nearly every illegal business.

Liberty Corporations became victims in Cartel dealings and local authorities were pummeled by Made Men. The Cartel family name moved to the Sirius Wanted List, however specific names remained unknown. Operating out of secrecy they were impossible to find and their drastic level of violence frightened even the most hardened criminals to stay silent.

Much of the fear around the Sirius Cartel is due to its unusually high level of organization. Many would believe that a smuggling group such at the Cartel would lack such a trait. This can be attributed to the training of every new member accepted into the family. Every one is put through a pilot training course that teaches them combat flying skills, along with equipping every single one with a high knowledge of patrolled Sirius space, and ways to get around such areas. This ensures the Cartel that the capture and extraction of information from its family members would be a rare occasion, as well as a difficult one for any interrogator involved. More fear can be generated from the highly volatile way in which the Cartel goes about its business. Though they manage to remain quiet, and keep themselves behind the shadows. Much of this can be attributed to the loyalty and fear instilled in those who do business with the cartel. The loyal flat out refusing to give away information, and the latter unwilling to face the consequences if their tongue happens to slip.

Aside from using Cartel family members to do its business, the family will also accept the help and occasionally request the services of independent pirates. This is a double edged sword, as many pirates will take one of two views against the under handed family. Some will freely offer service and help to the family, which they find is graciously returned in the form of money or aid in return for any deed committed. Other choose to stand against the Cartel, for many varying reasons. This is treated the complete opposite, and Cartel members have destroyed many Independents the second they prove themselves willing to work against the Cartel directive, often more brutally than most...

Ranks and Influence

Ranks: Don-

Commission Members ([Cartel].CM.)

Caporegime ([Cartel].CR.))

Made Men ([Cartel].MM.)

Soldier’s ([Cartel].S.)

Thugs ([Cartel].T.)

Bookie/New Recruits ([Cartel].B.)

(Smugglers carry no rank) ([Cartel])

Zone of Influence


Liberty: New York, California, Texas, Colorado

Independant Systems: Cortez,Coronado, Baffin (Pass through Only, do not remiain), Kepler, Galileo.

Outcast Space: Omicron Alpha, Omicron Beta, Omicron Eta

Bretonia: Leeds, Newcastle, New London, Dublin (Limited Operations due to lack of Manpower), Orkney.

Kusari: Kyushu, New Tokyo, Honshu, Okinawa, Hokkaido

Other Systems: Tau-37, Tau-31, Tau-29, Tau-23, Sigma-13, Sigma 17, Sigma 19.

Gallia: Languedoc (Limited Presence)


The Sirius Cartel’s day to day activities consist mostly of smuggling operations, extortion rackets, and escorting jobs. The Cartel has many smuggling routes through which they run many narcotics, slaves, and other contraband. The Cartel focuses, however, on smuggling what would be considered the mainline narcotic in Sirius, Cardamine. The Cartel will generally escort any smuggler free of charge, but will however also do it for a small payment.

The Cartel’s second source of income are Extortion Rackets, this is a three step process. First a potential business is scouted (generally a trader or miner), next the business is contacted and asked to pay for the Cartel’s protection. If the trader or miner accepts he is charged a small sum daily for the protection of the Cartel. If the trader or miner refuses several Cartel members are dispatched to force the trader/miner to pay up at an increased cost. The businesses under the protection of the Cartel are contacted daily to make sure they are kept in line as far as paying, if they stop paying or there is a bounty that is in the Cartel’s favor to collect upon, The Council on the orders of the Don pass on word to the Soldiers and Made Men to start hunting. The Cartel likes to operate with the best efficiency possible and have regular informants that are paid off for gathering intelligence. To the Cartel intelligence is power, knowing something is going to happen before it does is essential.

The Sirius Cartel also has been branching out to trade with other notable criminal organizations, such as the Liberty Rogues, the Outcasts and even the Kiretsu within Kusari.


NPC Factions
Faction Relationship
Liberty Rogues
Lane Hackers
Golden Chrysanthemums
Everyone Else/Unencountered
House Corporations
Independent Miners Guild
At War
House Police/Military
At War

Player Factions
Faction Relationship
101st Outcast Guard
Shadow Outcast Brigade/Blue Lotus Syndicate
Mandalorian Mercenaries
The Junkers Congress
Kiretsu Sentai Dageki
Blood Dragons
Black Dragon Society
Independent Miners Guild
At War
The Colonial Remnant
At War
At War