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BlueWarningTriangle.png This page has been retired but kept for historical or other reasons, The information on this page may be incorrect, out of date or just not relevant to this version of Discovery. It should not be taken as canon nor any authority on the current version of Discovery. It is kept simply to show some history of the Discovery Mod:
This faction has become the Blue Lotus Syndicate.

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Shadow Outcast Brigade
SOB Banner.jpg
Origin Edge Worlds
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding approx. 810 A.S.
Founder(s) Picaroon Diablo
Current leader(s) Picaroon Diablo
Base of operations Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha
Primary role
Expansion of SOB influences and defense of Malta.
Secondary role
Smuggling, piracy, weapons deals, and assassinations.

Short summary

The Shadow Outcast Brigade is a military based Outcast national guard / militia. We assist the primary Outcast military faction (101st) with defense of Outcast properties. Smuggling, piracy, weapons deals and assassinations are our primary source of income. We have members sitting on the Council of Ministers to assist in making unified decisions that help to govern the Outcast Nation.


The Beginning

In a time not so long ago, the Maltese people were a proud race. The government benefited the people, the Don's controlled the Cardamine fields and product exportation with respect and honor. Traders from various systems spread through out the galaxies would pick up and distribute the orange dream not just to make profit, but to hopefully enlighten all it's users with the gift that it gives. Making them more than human, making them as enlightened as the Maltese people. Those days are gone..... for now. The greed of corporate type syndicates have seized control of the fields, taking over the distribution of Cardamine and placing such taxes upon the product that it would make it hard to even impossible for small independent traders and smugglers to make any profit. They care not for the enlightenment of other races. They care only for the power the profits have brought them. This has caused much corruption, as each member of the syndicates vie for more power and profit than the others casting off even their fellow Maltese to make a profit. They have gone as far as bribing, coercing and blackmailing to gain control of the government along with some military officials to assure their profit margins regardless of the costs to the people of Malta.

Then there are those that longed for change. A hand full at first, slowly growing in time, pirates, smugglers, assassins, and independents that could no longer stand to see the people oppressed and stripped of their pride. Ever growing in numbers, a brigade if you will, a band of fighters from various backgrounds forming together to create a force dedicated to protecting Malta and Outcasts where ever they may reside. They work from the shadows, striking the enemies of Malta, Helping the military in common causes, yet defying them in others. Doing what they feel must be done to protect their homeland and return it back to the people in hopes that Outcasts will one day soon become the glorious and proud people they once were.

Upon seeing the numbers of malcontent Maltese people steadily increase, a grand meeting was held amongst those willing to work for change. The focus of the meeting was discussions on how to change Malta back to her old ways, who was worthy to help with the cause, and how they would function as a whole. Thus was born the Shadow Outcast Brigade.

Cutthroats, smugglers, traders, independents, and rebels united under one banner to change Malta back for it's people. A leader was elected, one that believed in the old ways, one who knew what needed to be done. Now the Brigade strikes from the shadows pirating, smuggling and performing contract assassinations to fund their growing fleet. Striving to free the Maltese people of the syndicates oppression thus removing any threat to their way of life.

Although the Brigade would never openly attack the syndicates, as they are merely confused members of the Outcast ranks, they continually make covert attempts to disrupt their inner workings.

The Brigades goals are simple. Convert syndicate members to see it's mistreatment of the Maltese people and make amends. To someday rid the government of corruption, and make a stand with the military to remove the syndicate and return the fields and profits back to the people. The Brigade's pledge, "For Malta, For Honor, For the People!"

Struggling to Survive

Hard times had befallen the Brigade. Their rebellious plot against their own brethren, although well intended, did not seem to make any headway. They argued amongst the established military factions, to the point of almost creating a civil war between themselves and the military. The militia based organization faced banishment from it's homeland and possible destruction from it's own kind.

Then came the invading hordes of our distant estranged cousins the Corsairs. Along with their allied forces, and the ever increasing attacks from other enemies of the Outcast people. With the attacks becoming daily at points. The Brigades resources were greatly strained. Savage battles ensued in Malta's orbit. Many a pilot was lost, smugglers attacked and destroyed, taking away the profits of the Brigade and leaving it struggling to survive.

A New Era

In what seems to have been the the Brigade's darkest hour, and the despair felt among all Outcast factions and independent operators, A new era was beginning to shine hope for all of the children of Malta. The return of The Council of the Dons. The most powerful conglomeration of well respected leaders, plantation owners, and authoritarian members of society. Under their tutelage, All of the Outcast nation began to function as one. Putting aside petty differences to fight our foe's as one proud nation. Showing the Brigade fighting along side our brethren was far more beneficial than fighting amongst them. Eventually leading to the merger of the Brigade and their disputed brothers the Blue Lotus Syndicate. Forming a larger, more dedicated force to defend Malta and our way of life. What was once a people's militia hell bent on overthrowing it's own brothers, has now become a National Guard defending all Outcasts and it's allied forces against it's ever growing enemies.

Thus forthwith, The Shadow Outcast Brigade's pledge of "For Malta, For Honor, For the People!" stands with more conviction than ever before.

Faction details

Tag and ID

Name tag: {SOB}
NPC affiliation: Outcast
ID: Outcast ID, or Outcast Guard ID
Example of tagged name: {SOB}Callsign
Special Tags: [A] for Assassin Squad Only
Special Tags: [E] for Escort/Reserves Squad Only
Example of special tag: {SOB}Callsign[A]



Light Fighters
Series X "Dagger"
Series CX "Scimitar"
CTE-1500 "Hawk"
CTE-4000 "Griffin"
Heavy Fighters
Moldy Crow
Series QX "Switchblade"
Series Y "Stiletto"
CTE-3000 "Falcon"
CTE HF "Kingfisher"
Very Heavy Fighters
Series Z "Sabre"
CTE-6000 "Eagle"
Series ZX "Falcata"
CTE-19000 "Roc" Civilian Bomber
Capital ships
Only by approval of the SOB command

Permissible Weaponry

  • All Outcast-produced Weaponry
  • All Explosive Ordinance
  • Supernova Antimatter Cannon
  • Mini-Razor
  • Inferno
  • Civilian Shield busters
  • Any acquired Codename weapon
  • Any neutral faction weapon (if approved by command)
  • Approved allied weaponry (restricted and very limited)

Command structure

  • Vice Admiral - Leader
  • Rear Admiral - Second in Command
  • Junior Admiral - Third in Command
  • Captain - Task Force Commander
  • Commander - Squadron Leader
  • Lieutenant Commander - Veteran pilot
  • Lieutenant - Standard Pilot
  • Junior Lieutenant - Rookie Pilot
  • Ensign - Recruit Cadet


Vice Admiral

  • Picaroon Diablo

Rear Admirals

  • Giovanni "Shadow" Morales
  • Picaro Diablo

Junior Admirals

  • Kaiten Keisotsu
  • Socorro Yolanda
  • Set Ramirez


  • Carlos Maya


  • Chavez de Soto
  • Jarach
  • Lucius Angelo
  • Salvador Perez

Lt. Commanders

  • Adrian Vasquez
  • Antonio Cellini
  • Carlos Sanchez
  • Lucas Gonzales


  • Bozhidar Leone
  • Richard Trildor
  • Werner Gustaf

Jr. Lieutenants

  • currently none


  • Juan Kerr
  • Kaden De Cruz
  • Sam "Priest" Vallon

Zones of influence


Omnicron Alpha , O. Beta, O. Eta, O. Theta, Omicron 80, Orkney, and assist 101st with Omicron 85, Tau-37, Tau-23, Sigma-13, Sigma-19, Sigma-17


Any trade lane that can be successfully pirated or used for smuggling that is allowable for Outcasts per role play. As well as restricted access and ventures into Bretonia space to assist against the Corsairs, Restricted access and ventures into Liberty space to aid our allies or to escort Cardamine. Heavily restricted access and ventures in to Rheinland space to assist allies with their permission before entering and limited amounts of ships and ship types and / or to escort smuggling ships.

Home base

Currently Omicron Alpha System, Planet Malta. SOB is also the owner of Omicron-64.


101st Ghosts of Razgriz
Elite Shadow Society [ESS]
Golden Chrysanthemums [GC]
Lane Hackers LH~
Liberty Rogues LR
The Mandalorians [M]
Vagrant Raiders VR-
Hellfire Legion [HF]
Independent Outcasts
The Keepers (Keepers)
The Junkers Congress .:J:.
The Phantom Empire [Phantom]
Reapers of Sirius [RoS]
The Ravens {Ravens}
Smugglers and pirates (non Corsair & affiliated)
Union of Gold [UoG]
The Angels
Blood Dragons
Bretonian Police Authority (BPA)
Bretonian Mining and Manufacturing (BMM)
Border Worlds Exports [BowEx]
Darkside [DS]
\JG/ Jupiter Guild
Landwirtrechtbewegung [LWB]
Nova Power Gen (NovaPG)
The Phantoms
Temporary Autonomous Zoners [TAZ]
White Tigers [WT]

Agnus Dei
Gateway Interstellar
Nature's Last Hope [NLH]
Red Hessians
RepEx Shipping (RepEx|)
Volksfront (VF)
Das Wilde
Artisan Farmers Alliance [AFA]
The Order Order|
Darkwings (DW)
Gas Miners Guild [GMG]
Independent Neuralnet Division [IND]
Independent Miners Guild [IMG]
King of Fighters [KoF]
Kusari Naval Forces [KNF]
Kusari State Police [KSP]
Liberty Cutters [LC]
Liberty Navy [LN]
Liberty Police, Inc. [LPI]
Liberty Security Force =LSF=
Rheinland Federal Police [RFP]
Rheinland Military [RM]
Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army (SCRA (RA**)
Shadow Stalkers Organization (sso|)
Synth Foods Inc.
Xeno Alliance (XA-)
Will shoot on sight
Bounty Hunters Guild [BHG]
Colonial Remnant =CR=
all Corsairs
(any faction assaulting Malta or Outcasts)

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