Societe Militaire Patriot

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Société Militaire Patriot
Origin Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Alignment The Maquis
Date of founding 616 A.S.
Founder(s) Colonel Clément Nicéphore
Current leader(s) Colonel Emma Leroy
Base of operations Mazagran Depot, Champagne; Chambery Base, Savoie
Primary role
Aid the Gallic Council against the Gallic Royal Navy
Secondary role
Find a long term contractor
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A mercenary is a professional soldier hired by a foreign army, as opposed to a soldier enlisted in the armed forces of the sovereign state of which he is a citizen. He takes part in armed conflict on many different scales, and is "motivated to take part in the hostilities essentially by the desire for private gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a party to the conflict, material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants of similar ranks and functions in the armed forces of that Party".

The Société Militaire Privée (SMP) provides specialized expertise or services of a military nature, sometimes called or classified as mercenaries ("soldiers for hire"). The services and expertise cover those typically found in governmental military or police forces, but most often on a smaller scale. While the SMP often provide services to train or supplement official armed forces in service of governments, they are also employed by unlawful groups.

They are licensed by the Gallic Council and contracted by foreign governments to train soldiers and to reorganize elite modern military forces. Having reached one billion credits in their bank account, the SMP has now decided to broaden their horizons.

Headquartered on Reunion base in Orkney, the SMP is now actively looking to obtain profitable contracts in Kusari, the Taus or Bretonia. However, since Council forces are more than adequate at handling the civil war in Gallia, the SMP has recalled most of their pilots and is ready to take any contracts on the Sirius market.


The soldiers of Société Militaire Privée have their roots in Gallia, especially on planet Marne. To understand the SMP soldiers, we first have to know something about the situation that was on Marne at the beginning of the colonization. It was a densely populated industrial world that was holding more than three quarters of all Gallic Border Worlds population. Discovered in 506 A.S. by a Gallic expedition sent from Burgundy, this planet has immediately attracted attention of authorities and corporations. Atmosphere was suitable for colonization, and planet's crust appeared to be rich in oil and metal ores. EFL Oil & Machinery, Gallic Metal Service, and a number of other companies from the Core Systems have all participated in building up the industrial infrastructure. But when millions of workers were transported to Marne in 615-650 A.S., they didn't find the perfect living conditions and beautiful cities that they were promised. Instead, vast cities consisted of similar blocks of flats and were located right next to plants and factories: there were few policemen to stop the crime, almost no social services, and even no fresh air because of massive and uncontrolled pollution. On some distance from the cities, small towns were built to house higher-class settlers. Those towns were heavily guarded by Police and Société Militaire Privée against the crime that was increasing steadily since the colonization had started.

When the rebelion started, in 794 A.S. the SMP knew that this would be the beginning of a civil war so they ended their contracts with the “royals”. in 801 A.S. In 801 A.S. after years of bloody fighting, the whole planet was under control of the Council. The SMP forces were a land combat force of the Council and played an important role in the liberation of Marne.

The SMP took part in all the ground battles in the war. Another one of these fights was the attack on Nimes Station. The Council attempted to use the same tactic that failed with Gap Station. This time, however, previous mistakes were taken into account. The Council made use of inside support from civilians loyal to its cause and called for SMP to breach the station. While Council fleets were stationed next to Remoulins' wreck and Nimes was preparing for an assault from space, a group of Council special operatives (including SMP soldiers) breached the station through a maintenance airlock that was left unguarded. Before local Police and Army guards could organize any resistance, the Council took over control of the station's life support, computer mainframes, internal and external defensive systems.

The Council offensive on Planet Quillan was the second planetary operation of the war. Capturing the planet was vital for the final success in breaching the mine field defenses. Breaching planetary defenses was a relatively easy task. However, after Council and SMP ground forces landed on the planet in the end of 815 A.S., they discovered that a Gallic army of 90,000 was stationed on the planet and prepared to defend its settlements and factories. Outnumbered, the Council forces had to fortify their positions and prepare for a lengthy fight for the planet's surface. More Council troops landed on Quillan, increasing the numbers of Council corps on the planet to 95,000. The Council soldiers were mostly unemployed Marne workers, badly armed and trained. They would be no match for Gallic Army in open combat. However, SMP soldiers infiltrated local settlements and convinced the workers to rebel against the Royal forces. The unrest was growing and soon, rebelions started simultaneously in many settlements. Overtaking settlements one by one, the Council slowly advanced, and in the beginning of 817 A.S. the remaining Gallic Army soldiers were scattered and forced to surrender.

In the end of 816 A.S., the Council finally gathered a large fleet to attack Montpellier Guard Station. This was the first space operation that SMP took part. Equiped with Council ships, the SMP were taking heavy looses and had to retreat but the more experienced Council pilots continued the fight. For several weeks, fighting next to Montpellier continued; at the same time, the Navy advanced from Dauphine and breached the Council's defenses near the Jump Gate. The SMP were sent to intercept them. Before the Navy fleet reached the main battle, it suffered some loses from SMP raids. But this wasn’t enough to make them to fall back. It was too late to retreat at this point, and despite very heavy casualties, the Council advanced to the mine field, destroying numerous weapon platforms, smaller supplementary mine fields, and hundreds of enemy ships. A large part of Montpellier Guard Station itself was destroyed in a suicide attack by a Council battleship packed with thermonuclear explosives, with most station defenders killed in the explosion or shortly afterwards. The path to the mines was now clear, and Council moved forward to destroy the mines and create a large corridor that would allow all ships, even the largest ones, to pass through without being at risk of mine explosions. After the path was ready, the Council started to build a new space station on the other side, bearing a symbolic name of Reunion. For helping the Council forces in the war, SMP obtained 2 docking bays on Reunion Base. Their main Headquarters remains on planet Quillan. The SMP started a training program for space combat because most of the soldiers were trained only for ground ops.

Now, the Société Militaire Privée is an elite group of land and space fighters that are looking for profit. While they are fighting for they contractors, they don’t forget their roots and help the Council in the fight against the Gallic Royal Navy.

SMP in 816. years

Massive attack and invasion by the GRN began a new epoch in SMP pages. We had significant loss of members in battles in Languedoc in 816 year and after GRN break in Orkney. Dormant Council reports about GRN strenght that were principal force of SMP turned out to be totally incorrect and all mercenery tasks were discarded in all Sirius. Gallia units were consisted mainly of new recruits who were responsibly trained by a few senior officers, and of several officers from the transport unit. All in all, 210 members of the SMP in that time couldn't do anything special. Faced with the invasion, Gallia SMP command ordered withdrawal of property, part of personnel and all documentation, as part of the force led by Lieutenant Dave LeRoy (brother of Sirius Group leader Emma LeRoy) is placed under the command of the Third Battalion of the Council forces. Soon SMP units were known for their brutal attacks on GRN, concealed activities in units and ships of GRN, as well as massive attacks on merchant fleet forces who were assisting the GRN and the Gallic Crown. Sometimes they were not choosing targets and resources of action so the losses inflicted civilian population, that resulted in reduction in sympathy from the Council Government. SMP units who joined the refugees enabled an office on the Planet Toulouse. Faced with a lack of members, the commander of the transport unit sergeant Merowing began to carry out recruitment among the civilian population. As time went on, the popularity of SMP has become increasingly higher among soldiers of Council and among the civilian population. Massive influx of high-quality recruits accelerated production and better ships, giving the picture of new order in ranks of SMP. With opening of training camp, military drill in reinforced structure of the chain of command, quality supplies, and ongoing news about successes and brutality of the forces on the field, SMP became very popular for greater part of refugees. But this popularity was not liked by the government of Council. Council Forces military leadership considered that as threaten, and started to fear for their positions. SMP was under constant undermining of the command structure and activities of certain politicians, ortion of Council Forces has tried to demystify the SMP in the eyes of the government. At meeting with Sergeant Merowing, Dave LeRoy ordered to several of his officers to find any way to Gallia house, as well to avoid any incident and provide continuation of the fight against the Gallic Crown. After 2 months SMP agents, disguised as a crew on research vessel, managed to establish contacts with The Maquis units of Mazagran Depot and Grenoble Depot. After finding a common language with the Maquis, DaveLeRoy quitely and without waiting,commanded transfer of the entire recruitment camp and entire archive from the Planet Toulouse to Grenoble Depot. Operation was equally shrouded in a mask that no one realized what it is, simply almost overnight SMP was no longer found on the planet. Dave LeRoy had arrived before the command of the Third Battalion and was claiming that the whole SMP strike unit had been transferred to a new unit. In order to find easier way to demystify the SMP, the command allowed the creation of an independent unit and submited the command as a guerrilla troop SMP. But the plan and events were different from their expectations. SMP, who was independent again, signed a contract with the Council about the supply ships and weapons, and set a course towards Gallia House. During that time Sirius unit set up through secret channels a secret bank that will serve for supplies of SMP in Gallia. Currently on that account is about 2 Bill sc. With support of Emma LeRoy and with already established network of suppliers, Dave and SMP opened a new recruitment camp and created almost brotherly relationship with The Maquis.

Present day in SMP

Grenoble Depot Militaire Wing HQ

Societe Militaire Patriot is currently divided into four (4) Wings : Militaire, Transport, Explorer and Mercenary, consistent with their goals from establishment. Gallia Unit with its radical action has taken part in Gallic Liberation Movement, in large part credited to their contacts with The Maquis and the united campaigns. Using resources and tactical distribution of Maquis base, hidden from the public, guerrilla warfare are spread against GRN, the Crown and its supporters. SMP and Maquis while were working together inevitably began to pick their actions and bloody attacks on royalist, faced each other. Initially in the minority, SMP quickly expanded their lines, every day becoming larger. Thanks to strict military hierarchy and instructed fighting from mercenary days they showed an increasing appetite, first on small merchant ships and later no fear to attack heavily armed formations of the GRN. The Maquis leadership, that was divided into groups by base, gradually became aware of the power provided by the SMP, started all over to join and create a common action with the SMP. With time SMP units and Leaders of the Maquis commenced the cooperative command based on mutual trust, shared recruitment centers, technical and tactical information obtained in the field. Mercenary units are located in every dangerous areas, they offer their services to interested parties, staying like secret donors to campaigns in Gallia.

Gallic SMP:

Planet Marne Transport Wing HQ


With the structural partition and active common in action, SMP and The Maquis signed together agreement on mutual cooperation and combat operations before the end of 816 year. The contract contained a tactical cooperation on technical exchange, common training, a unique chain of command, sharing base, depots, resources and engineering support. On the other hand, Maquis leaders while were recognizing the only way they can survive in the fight against GRN, submitted leadership in the hands of SMP, presented Societe Militaire Patriot force as their representative in public eyes. In purpose of facilitating mutual understanding with bless of SMP HQ and Maquis Leaders , all four wings of SMP took identification (IFF/ID) from The Maquis as a major and placed their command post and training camp at Mazagran Depot. Also has come in change of names of SMP in Societe Militaire Patriot. As clubbing, represented a remarkable force that for a long worried the Crown and command of the GRN. SMP Military wing set command post operations at Grenoble Depot as a starting point for guerrilla attacks, while the Transport wing was set on the Planet Marne.


  • SMP's primary objective is to aid the Council in their fight against the Gallic Royal Navy;
  • SMP’s secondary objective is to gain power and money while working for any party in Sirius.This is why they created Mercenary wing;
  • The third objective is to expand their influence zone and explore unknown parts of Sirius. This is why they created the Private Military Explorers; a wing that is mostly used to search hiden bases of possible targets.


  • SMP Military,Trader,Exploration Wing in Gallia

IFF- The Maquis

ID- The Maquis

Tag: Name.Last name|SMP

  • SMP Mercenary Wing

IFF- The Maquis

ID- Mercenary

Tag: SMP|Name.Last name

Zone of Influence

  • Primary ZoI:
Gallia House,Orkney
  • Secondary ZoI:
Tau sector (Tau-23, Tau-29, Tau-31, Tau-37), Lewis
  • Third ZoI (Mercenary Wing):

Members' opinions

“Hey, money rule in Sirius… I do this for them.” – Edmond Donatien

“So we get money for Sirians for killing Sirians? SURE, always a pleasure.” - Andre Odilon

“I was a bit tired of the Gallic civil war so I decided to try this.” – Marie Edmee

“If the colonel says jump, you jump. No question of that. He saved many of us so we can’t leave this until we do the same for him. Not that I want to leave” – Marcel Evrard

“Money, what else can I say!?” – Flore Ghislaine

“To be honest, I don’t like that we have to go in Sirius… I was happy killing royals” – Guy Isidore

“Killing royals, killing sirians, all the same for me” – Adeline Verne

“This is a stupid question, you know?! <<What do you think about the new policy?>> I don’t care about the policy. All I care is to hit my target” – Lucien Matthieu

"Give me a contract, any contract." - Didier Francois

Interview with Frank Zacharie

Zoe Armelle from Le Conseil Tribune managed to obtain an interview with the Colonel of SMP.

Zoe: Greetings, Colonel.

Colonel: Greetings!

Z: Thank you for accepting this interview

C: Well, madame Armelle…

Z: Please, call me Zoe.

C: Alright, Zoe, I was saying that I’m the one that should thank you because this, what we do here is free publicity and a good way to inform people about our presence here and about our goals.

Z: Right… so how would you describe this company?

C: Our motto says it all: “Combat, explore, trade. You name it, we do it.”

Z: What about the people?

C: Our pilots are trained professionists. Our military wing is trained in ground ops and space ops. They are complete soldiers.

Z: What about the civilians?

C: They are not really civilians. They don’t have combat experience in space battles but they are the pilots of our trade and exploration wing.

Z: And what are you planning to do?

C: Well, we will continue to help the Council against the Royals and we will search for jobs in the rest of Sirius. We are looking for long time contracts.

Z: Do you know about the major conflicts in Sirius?

C: Not all of them but that’s why we have an exploration wing. I know about the Bretonian-Kusari war, about the Colonial-Bretonian war, about the Colonial-Outcast fights, about the Corsair-Outcast war and about the Corsair-Molly war… that’s about it… and there are some more minor conflicts but I don’t have the time to talk about all of them here.

Z: What do you know about the IMG?

C: Not much. Just that they have some shipyards that can build big ships and but they use old technology.

Z: What are the plans for the future?

C: We are looking forward in expanding all over Sirius but this will come in time. For now we’re looking for a good contractor.

Z: Thank you, Colonel!

Code of the 8 rules

  • Remember that You represent Maquis and SMP, be honest and fair, but bloody and brisk;
  • Never take jobs given by Sirians against ANY gallic people (except its jobs against GRN,GRP,or others Crown's suporters);
  • Never attack someone in the no fire zone of the Zoners Freeports;
  • Never engage in a fight against one of your allies;
  • Never use SMP ship to gain personal glory;
  • Aid Le Council in any situation;
  • Respect your contract;
  • Honor your opponents, attack them with the same force as they have against you, and always win. Never die.

Ranks & Wings

Colonel is the leader of SMP. He deals with all the diplomatic issues and maintains a balance in the contracts that SMP takes. He can command the two Gunboats, Ardenne and Cayenne.

Military Wing

This wing is lead by a Commander that responds directly to the Colonel. This wing was founded at the beginning of the Gallic Civil War. The Commander of the Military Wing can:

Commandersmp.png Commander Insignia
  • Command the Normandie gunboat
  • Use any ship from the SMP line
  • Go anywhere in the ZoI and beyond
  • Organize events for the Military Wing
  • Respond on any communication channel related to SMP security
  • Order any lower ranked pilot from any wing in a fight.

Current Commander of the Military Wing are Ema LeRoy (mercenary wing) and David LeRoy (Gallia military wing)

The Capitain of the Military Wing responds to the Commander. The Capitain can:

Capitainsmp.png Capitain Insignia
  • Command the Aveyron gunboat
  • Use any ship from the SMP line
  • Go anywhere in the ZoI and beyond
  • Organize events for the Exploration Wing
  • Respond on any communication channel related to the Exploration Wing after discussing with the Commander
  • Order any lower ranked pilot from any wing in a fight if there isn't a higher ranked officer.

Current Capitain of the Military Wing is monsieur Raoul Remi.

The Lieutenant is the best fighters and bombers pilot in SMP. He is ready to start his training on commanding capital ships. The Lieutenant can:

Lieutenantsmp.png Lieutenant Insignia

Sergent is a good fighter pilot that can begin his training on bombers. The Sergent can:

sergvsmp.png Sergent Insignia

Caporal is a pilot that is used to Gallic space and Gallic technology. He can start his training on other Sirian technology. The Caporal can:

Caporalsmp.png Caporal Insignia

Recrute is the first rank in the Military Wing. This is a rookie that starts his training for space combat after he finished Ground Ops training. The Recruit can:

Recrutsmp.png Recrute Insignia

Transport Wing

This wing is lead by a Capitain that responds directly to the Colonel. This wing was founded during the Gallic Civil War when the need to transport troops and materials in the hot zones became the main occupation of SMP. The Capitain of the Transport wing can:

Transporteursmp.png Leader Transport Wing
Tradersmp.png Trader Insignia
  • Command the Dordogne gunboat
  • Use any ship from the SMP line
  • Go anywhere in the ZoI and beyond
  • Organize events for the Transport Wing
  • Respond on any communication channel related to the Transport Wing after discussing with the Colonel
  • Order any lower ranked pilot from any wing in a fight if there isn't a higher ranked officer or the Capitain of the Military Wing.
  • -Performs the tactical technical agreements between SMP-Council, which contribute to a better supply of units in the field.

Current Capitain of the Transport Wing is ...

ooRP note: Players that reached the Lieutenant rank in the Military Wing are allowed to create a different character that will be their Transporteur or use the Trader if they had one.

Exploration Wing

This wing is lead by a Capitain that responds directly to the Colonel. This Wing was established after the creation of a common command with the Maquise. The Capitain of the Exploration Wing can:

  • Command the Loire gunboat
  • Use any ship from the SMP line
  • Go anywhere in the ZoI and beyond
  • Organize events for the Exploration Wing
  • Respond on any communication channel related to the Exploration Wing after discussing with the Colonel
  • Order any lower ranked pilot from any wing in a fight if there isn't a higher ranked officer or the Capitain of the Military Wing.
  • Information SMP HQ about anything, which can be used for destruction and debilitation of GRN ships and supporters of the Crown.

Current Capitain of the Exploration Wing is Monsieur Andre Dupont.

Explorer is the second rank in the Exploration Wing. Pilot that achieved this rank is a well trained scout who knows the Gallic space. He will explore the Sirius sector and report to the SMP anything he discovers. The Colonel may decide to sell any discovery or use it for SMP. The Explorer can:

explorersmp.png Explorer Insignia
  • Go anywhere in the ZoI and beyond it
  • collect data of the status and strength of GRN and GRP
  • collect and scout about movement of GRN and GRP units
  • collect and scout about commercial routes of supporters of the crown, as well as the size of the units that secures those convoys
  • Information Capitain of Explorer wing about anything, that can be used for destruction and debilitation of GRN ships and supporters of the crown.

ooRP note: Players that reached the Lieutenant rank in the Military Wing are allowed to create a different character that will be their Explorer.


Faction Relationship
The Council
Gallic Brigands
Unione Corse
Colonial Remnant
Temporary Autonomous Zoners
Omicron Supply Industries
Ronin/Kusari Exiles

Everyone else

Mandalorian Mercenaries
Bounty Hunters Guild
EFL Oil & Machinery
Gallic Metal Service
Ile-de-France Shipping
Gallic Royal Police
At War
Gallic Royal Navy
At War
Supporters Gallic Crown
At War


The main ships used by SMP are old council models that have been replaced in their fleet.Can be found some Gallic Brigands ship, but rarely.Some members of SMP opted for ships from the gallic civilian line. Due to lack of oil in the other houses in Sirius, the SMP was forced to adopt Sirius civilian ships. The pilots were trained by the colonials in a flash training program and now, fly multiple models.

Light Fighters

Primary LF used in Gallia
Ga civ lf.png
Secondary LF used in Gallia
Cv fighter.png

Heavy Fighters

Primary HF used in Gallia
Ga civ hf.png
Secondary HF used in Gallia
HF (with permission)

Very Heavy Fighters

Cv vheavy fighter.png
VHF (primary mercenary ship)
Col vhf.png
VHF (very restricted,with permission)


Primary Bomber used in Gallia
Col bomber.png
Bomber (very restricted,with permission)


Council freighter.png
Freighter used in Gallia
Dsy civilian freighter.png
Civilian Freighter
Dsy renzu fr.png
Freighter (with permission)


Transport armored.png
Transport (Armored Bank)
Luxury Yacht

Special ships

Military Wing
Gal trooper.png
Transport Wing
Ga repair.png
Repair Ship
Repair ship

Awards and medals

Awards & Medals
Air Medal
The Air Medal is awarded to any person who, while serving in any capacity in or with the Forces of SMP, shall have distinguished himself/herself by meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight. Note: This medal can only be obtained by a pilot of the Exploration Wing.
Achievement Medal
The Achievement Medal was first proposed as a means to recognize the contributions of junior officers and enlisted personnel who were not eligible to receive the higher Commendation Medal or the Meritorious Service Medal. Note: Minimal rank to receive this medal is Caporal.
Commendation Medal
The Commendation Medal is a mid-level SMP award/decoration which is presented for sustained acts of heroism or meritorious service.Note: Minimal rank to receive this medal is Sergent.
Good Conduct Medal
The Good Conduct Medal is awarded to any enlisted member of the SMP who completes 120 consecutive days of "honorable and faithful service". Note: Minimal rank to receive this medal is Sergent
Occupation Medal
To be awarded the Army of Occupation Medal, a service member was required to have performed at least thirty consecutive days of military duty within a designated system of military occupation. Note: Minimal rank to receive this medal is Lieutenant.
Bronze Star
The Bronze Star Medal is a SMP individual military decoration that may be awarded for bravery, acts of merit, or meritorious service. Note: Minimal rank to obtain this medal is Lieutenant.
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
The medal is awarded in the name of Le Colonel to members of SMP who, while serving in a joint activity, distinguish themselves by non-combat outstanding achievement or meritorious service, but not of a degree to warrant award of the Defense Superior Service Medal. Note: Minimal rank to obtain this medal is Sergent.
Defense Superior Service Medal
The Defense Superior Service Medal is a senior SMP decoration of the Le Colonel Office, awarded to members of SMP who perform "superior meritorious service in a position of significant responsibility." Note: Minimal rank to receive this medal is Capitain.
Distinguished Service Medal
The Distinguished Service Medal is the highest non-valorous military and civilian decoration of SMP which is issued for exceptionally meritorious service to the Gallic Council in either a senior Council service position or as a senior officer of SMP. Note: Minimal rank to obtain this medal is Capitain. This medal is opened to all ranks of the civilian wing and to members of the Council Forces.
Medal of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the SMP Colonel. It is bestowed on members of the SMP who distinguish themselves "conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in an action against an enemy of Gallia”. Because of the nature of its criteria, the medal is often awarded posthumously
Legion of Merit
The Legion of Merit is a military decoration of SMP that is awarded for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements. The decoration is issued both to SMP personnel and to military and political figures of foreign governments.
Prisoner of War
The Prisoner of War Medal may be awarded to any person who was a prisoner of war after 816 A.G.S.
Soldier's Medal
The Soldier's Medal is awarded to any person of SMP or of a friendly foreign nation who, while serving in any capacity with SMP, distinguished himself or herself by heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy.

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