Gallic Royal Navy (player faction)

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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Gallic Royal Navy
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Gallic Royal Navy
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Origin Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding 84 A.S.
Founder(s) Unknown
Current leader(s) Grand Maréchal Ansel Xavier
Base of operations Planet New Paris, Ile-de-France
Primary role
Protecting Gallia and the Crown's interests
Secondary role
Defeat of Bretonia and Liberty
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The Gallic Royal Navy was formed shortly after the crippled French sleeper ship reached Ile-de-France in 84 A.S. At first, its main agenda was space exploration and searching for other sleeper ships of the former Alliance. Later, when space flights became accessible to many groups and corporations, including criminals, the Navy switched to internal security tasks, while still maintaining a large number of capital ships, and constantly researching new ways to upgrade the ships and their weaponry in case a war with other Houses ever occurred. Today, the Navy is a powerful military force that can counter any threat to the Crown, both from within Gallic borders, or from outside.

The Royal Navy has been fighting a long war with Gallic rebels known as the Council since 748 A.S. over their misguided ideas that the Royal’s policy of isolation and preparation for total war of detriment to Gallia. The war ended for a time but the rebellion that started in 794 A.S. on the planet Marne is universally considered the beginning of the Second Gallic War which has continued to this day.

The current long range goal of the Royal Navy is a war to end all wars against the other former Alliance Houses. The Royal Navy has been moving forward almost non-stop building ships, researching military technology, gathering intelligence, stealing technology, and training new recruits to make war. This ultimate goal, however, was put on hold by the Council when they managed to capture the Languedoc system, break through the mine fields there and in Lorraine, and make first contact with the other Sirius Houses. The Royal Navy spent a period consolidating its forces before pushing through the Council's blockade in Languedoc and Orkney, bursting into Sirius and establishing a strong Gallic presence in Orkney, the Taus and Edinburgh.

Currently, the Royal Navy is waging war on Bretonia, and aims to take Leeds relatively soon. They are beset by many enemies, including the Colonial Remnant and Outcasts, but have more than enough military strength to overcome these obstacles.

Character Information

Characters are named as follows:

  • GRN|Firstname.Lastname for fighters/bombers
  • GRN|RNS-Shipname for capital ships
  • GRN|NSL-Shipname for logistics and transport vessels

Characters use a Gallic Royal Navy IFF and Gallic Royal Navy ID.

Code of Conduct

By decree of the Royal Grand Marshall Aurelia Defrance, with the approval of the Royal Crown of the Kingdom of Gallia, the orders hereby issued are to be applied and enforced by every men and women of the Gallic Royal Navy.

  • Discipline and Loyalty. Men and women under the military service of the Crown are required to be diligent in the execution of their orders, this in regard to the chain of command which must always be obeyed to. The refusal to comply to orders of a superior will result in a court martial and if found guilty, will result in the dishonorable discharge of the accused in question, and may be followed by public execution. Desertion, espionage and treason are crimes punishable by death.
  • Respect and Image. Men and women representing the Royal Kingdom of Gallia are expected to be respectful toward the Gallic citizen, be him or her of noble blood or commoner. All soldiers of the Crown are expected to talk in a civilized manner. An inability to do so is to insult the language of the Kingdom, and will be considered a crime. To voice an opinion that may directly or otherwise support the enemies of the crown, to speak against the Royal is forbidden and will be punished severely.
  • Valor and Courage. Men and women under the military service of the Crown are expected to obey his orders with no hesitation. The enemies of the Crown are expected to be hunted down and disabled by the soldiers unless otherwise specified by the chain of command. To land a hand to a comrade in need is a compulsory act of comradeship. A valorous and courageous soldier is a good soldier. The soldier refusing to abide by these principles may be executed for grave charges of cowardice and his or her name will be dishonored.

Zone of Operations


Burgundy is the seat of Royal power in the Gallic Border Worlds, and the primary defensive operating area of the Gallic Royal Navy, given its proximity to Council-controlled Champagne and its status as the second line of defense against intruders from Omicron-80.

Owned bases :

Allied bases :


Champagne is fully controlled by the Council. The Royal Navy may occasionally send expeditions to test the defenses of Planet Marne and other installations, but generally stays clear of the system.


Dauphine is the primary staging ground for the Gallic Royal Navy's forces. Every day more ships arrive in the system, and the Crown plans to launch a massive assault on Languedoc within the year. Dauphine is also the sight of several major battles in the Second Gallic War, most notably Bourgon-Jallieu and The Gap, and as such significant forces are always on patrol in the system in case Council launches another attack.

Owned bases :

Allied bases :


The Gallic Royal Navy has been all but pushed out of Languedoc, retaining control of only the Jump Gate to Dauphine. The system is still patrolled in an effort to contain the tide of Sirius explorers coming in from Orkney, and on occasion the Navy sends a task force out to meet Council in battle and gauge the strength of their defenses.

Owned bases :


Lorraine is one of the two systems that contain Jump Holes from the Gallic Border Worlds to Sirius. While mostly cut off from reinforcements due to the Council takeover of Champagne, the Gallic Royal Navy does not shy away from using the jumphole from Burgundy when necessary. Defense of the system is mostly left to the Battleship Epinal, and it rarely receives patrols from the main fleet.

Owned Bases :

Allied bases :


  • Grand Maréchal: The Grand Maréchal is the supreme ruler of the Gallic Royal Navy in the King's absence. This title is awarded to a Maréchal of impeccable prestige, who has proven his or her value as the Crown's most loyal servant time and time again. The current Grand Maréchal of the Royal Navy is Valérie Quétineau.

  • Maréchal: Second only to the Grand Maréchal herself, the Maréchal is a prestige title given to a Général who has proven him or herself worthy of this esteemed and revered position. In practice, the Maréchal is equal in rank to a Général, but only the very best can ever be awarded this title .

  • Général: A Général is a high-standing member of the Royal Navy's High Command. Holding great responsibility in keeping Gallia's territory safe from intruders, pirates, and terrorists, as well as all war-related activities within Bretonia and the Taus, a Général often commands fleet operations from a personal Valor-class battleship.

  • Colonel: Colonels operate directly underneath the Générals, boasting control of naval operations within their designated solar system. They are often given command of an Obstinate-class cruiser.

  • Commandant: A Commandant is the first senior officer rank in the Navy, and is the first step a in a Naval career that comes with real responsibility and power. Commandants work as assistants under a Colonel, but are eminently capable of commanding fleet operations by themselves.

  • Capitaine: A Capitaine typically leads fighter or bomber wings. They are the highest rung of the Navy low command and ensure the orders, plans, and operations set forth by the higher ranks are carried out efficiently. Many Capitaines operate as the captain of a Perilous-class gunboat, being experienced enough by now to lead a crew of this size into battle.

  • Lieutenant: The backbone of the Gallic Navy, Lieutenants are hand-picked from the vast ranks of Sous-Lieutenants as pilots who have shown exceptional initiative or skill. They often lead small squadrons of snubcraft, but are still low on the chain of command.

  • Sous-Lieutenant: Sous-Lieutenants make up the majority of the Navy's personnel. They operate as fighter and bomber pilots or capital ship crewmen.

  • Aspirant: Newly drafted into the Gallic Royal Navy, Aspirants are essentially trainees, fresh-faced and ready to fight and die for the Crown. They must prove both their dedication and ability to advance further in the Navy and become a full Sous-Lieutenant of the Crown's elite fighting force.

Naval personnel belonging to La Légion Étrangère Gauloise follow the same ranking structure as the above. However, members of the Gallic Royal Navy who are not also citizens of the Kingdom of Gallia may not rise above the rank of Capitaine.


GRN| roster

Ship Usage

Fighters (all ranks)

Ga lf.png
XJ-1 "Caracal" Gallic Light Fighter
Ga hf.png
XJ-2 "Serval" Gallic Heavy Fighter
Ga vhf.png
XJ-3 "Lynx" Gallic Very Heavy Fighter

Bomber (Sub-Lieutenant and above)

Ga bomber.png
BXJ-5 "Cougar" Gallic Royal Navy Bomber

Gunboat (Capitaine and above)

"Perilous" Gallic Royal Navy Gunboat
Perilous (GRN)

Cruiser (Colonel and above)

"Obstinate" Gallic Royal Navy Cruiser
Obstinate (GRN)

Battleship (Général and above)

"Valor" Gallic Royal Navy Battleship

Auxiliary Craft

Ga freight.png
MCU-1 "Aurochs" Gallic Freighter
Gal trooper.png
"Taureau" Gallic Assault Transport
Gallic train.png
ME-UH "Vache" Gallic Train
Gal liner.png
"Lucullus" Gallic Liner


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Ile-de-France Shipping
Solar Engineering
Gallic Metal Service
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Independent Miners Guild
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