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Deep Space Engineering
DSE Logo.png
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Alignment Lawful/Corporation
Recruitment Click to join
Date of founding 51 A.S.
Founder(s) Several Companies
Current leader(s) Jess and John Doe
Base of operations Planet Pittsburgh, New York
Secondary Base Baltimore Shipyard, New York
Primary ID Deep Space Engineering ID
IFF Deep Space Engineering
Tag(s) DSE)
Primary role
Logistics and Industrial Recovery
Secondary role
Ship and station construction and repairs, Research and development, Trade lane and jump gate construction and repairs
Table of contents

DSE copy.png


Formed in the dawn of Libertonian life in Sirius, Deep Space Engineering has held a central position of infrastructural development in the sector. The ongoing project of building and maintaining the physical gate/lane network has always been the primary directive of DSE, but it has lead to the emergence of several secondary roles; exploration, mineral extraction and processing, and ship construction also adorn the corporate profile. DSE is fundamental to the influential position of Liberty in Sirius today.

Ageira, Universal Shipping, and Deep Space Engineering share a threefold partnership - that is, Ageira creates the Jumpgate and Tradelane parts, Universal ships them to the DSE sites, and DSE places the parts into the rest of the Jumpgate or Tradelane machinery that they have constructed. This is how it has been done for centuries, and it has led to the growth and prospering of all companies involved. They are the architects of Sirius, linking the colonies together with Jumpgates and Tradelanes. Without their watchful eyes over the Jumpgate and Tradelane the system, Sirius would fall apart and the ease of travel and communication we take for granted would no longer exist.

Deep Space Engineering has recently ventured into 'the unknown' of the business world, putting together project Dallas - A large clean up effort in Texas after the hyper-gate incident; hoping to reduce the amount of radioactive material in space with the ultimate goal of making the system habitable once again. They are working closely with the Junkers to achieve this goal, using a mobile refinery and a selection of Combat service Freighters.

Doe Industries - The 'parent company' of DSE

  • About us:

Doe Industries is a family trust that was created by Deep Space Engineering's then President, John Doe, to become an umbrella corporation with controlling stakes in several key companies with in Sirius. Today Doe Industries has control of over 60% of the Liberty economy, with plans to expand into Bretonia and even as far as the Taus.

  • Companies:

Doe Industry's is the 'parent company' of Deep Space Engineering, run by Jess and John Doe. Each company under the management of Doe Industries has been appointed a 'general manager' to assist in the running of the company and as a liaison between Doe Industries and the given company.

  • Deep Space Engineering - DSE)- General Manager: Jess Doe
  • Interspace Commerce - IC| - General Manager: James Buckland

  • Headquarters:

Doe Industries can be contacted at their head office in Liberty.

Doe Industries Space Port,

Planet Pittsburgh Orbit, F2


Prototype equipment production and sales

Doe Industries Space Port is a modular space station located just outside Planet Pittsburgh in the heart of Liberty's New York system. The station is the centrepiece of Doe Industries, a widely successful subsidiary of Deep Space Engineering that specializes in large scale logistical solutions. Affectionately known as "DISP" by most employees, the station is a favourite rest stop for DSE's finest, thanks to a number of state-of-the-art recreational and dining facilities.

In late 819 A.S. Doe Industries added on a new wing to the station, equipped for cutting edge research and development purposes. Mere weeks later, project leader Andrew Moray announced that his team of scientists had reached a breakthrough, devising a series of high-end cloaking devices that could be produced faster and cheaper than elsewhere in Sirius. Moray's team has quickly expanded since, now having released several prototype Jump Drives and Hyperspace Scanner Modules. These are now also available for orders from the base.


  • The first steps - Ancient history

Founded in 51 A.S. with the merging of several major Manhattan construction firms, Deep Space Engineering sprouted into a massive conglomerate aiming to take advantage of the opportunities of space. The contract to build the first Baltimore Shipyards secured the corporation initial success and after completing the shipyards in 58 A.S., DSE began construction colonization ships with the newly developed Ageira drives. Over the next decades, Deep Space Engineering held its position as the primary construction and mining corporation in Liberty. The technology exchanges between the houses spurred an increase in production, leading to rapidly growing consumption of mineral resources in New York. In 128 the massive Dallas research station is completed in Texas; Ageira Technologies and the Liberty military begin work on several secret projects, including jump gate technology. In 145, DSE begins preparing Planet Los Angeles for agriculture by bombarding it with ice asteroids for the purpose of lowering the salinity of the atmosphere. In the following years, further terraforming and cloud seeding is conducted by DSE making Los Angeles the primary food source of Liberty. In 185, the jumpgate project is unveiled to the rest of Sirius. Four years later, DSE finishes construction of the first gates, between New York and Colorado. The mineral abundance of Colorado is thereby made significantly more available, cutting a three month trip to mere minutes. In early third century, most of the Liberty systems are connected by gates and construction is begun in the other houses. As funding becomes an increasingly pressing matter, Deep Space Engineering and Ageira Technologies fund the inception of Interspace Commerce. By the fourth century, New York is depleted of minerals leaving Liberty entirely dependent on Colorado and Texas. The first trade lanes are also built across Liberty by DSE. By the sixth century, Liberty mineral resources are nearly exhausted. Low-yield chemical extraction is put to some use on depleted deposits in Colorado, however Liberty is now dependent on minerals from Rheinland. After the Kusari and Rheinland embargo of Liberty, the ownership of gates and lanes is turned over to their respective houses. DSE still manages all construction of new gates and lanes, however. In 650, significant deposits of Boron were discovered on Pittsburgh. The DSE mining operation was established in 660 and the corporate headquarters were also moved there from Baltimore Shipyard in 698.

  • The modern era - Two companies combine

While Deep Space Engineering continues to reap profit from gate/lane construction in the ninth century, the corporation has largely stagnated in terms of development. With the emergence of the new Liberty corporation Duchess Industries with by a young and astute leadership, the DSE board saw a potential opportunity. They watched the corporation closely. Lars Johansen entered the freight profession in 814 A.S. with a Universal Shipping contract. With the contract came a Mammoth transport, which he christened The Duchess Blue after his recently-deceased cat, Duchess. The contract also afforded him a lifestyle that suited him well; he settled down and performed above and beyond his contract. He did, however, have significantly higher ambitions, so later that year he took out a loan for a Whale in an attempt to boost his profits. It proved to be a highly worthwhile investment and his contract with Universal was soon upgraded and renewed. At this point, freelance freight contracting became the limitation to his ambitions. Therefore, Lars sold his contract with Universal in 816 and used the profits to start a comparatively small freight business, Duchess Shipping. Within a few short weeks some freelancers took an interest in the company and were soon hired. Three large transports and an escort now made up the company fleet and earnings were soaring. Competition from Universal and other shipping corporations now became a pressing issue. Fortunately, this obstacle coincided with profits reaching a level capable of accommodating Lars's plans.

In early 817 A.S., it was decided to integrate and expand into the mining and construction sectors of Liberty industry. At this point, Deep Space Engineering made their move: Duchess Industries was absorbed into DSE and in return Lars Johansen was given a place on the Controlling Board. This greatly facilitated DSE expansion into the freight industry and reduced dependence on Universal Shipping to supply construction sites. As expected, this set in motion a series of events that led to an invigorated DSE in a new era of expansion and modernization. A convenient venue of this corporate energy presented itself with the arrival of Survey Vessel Armstrong in Coronado. The order was given to closely appraise the IMG presence there and observe their movements in order to determine potential targets for, among other things, mining. Though the most obvious opportunity had already been claimed by IMG on Planet Pecos, Coronado was full of plenty more for the taking.

  • A new era for Liberty - the great Tremont operation

In the latter part of 817, DSE surveyors discovered Platinum Ore within the rings of the planet Tremont in the Pennsylvania system. There appeared to be massive, nearly limitless quantities contained within the sweeping rings of the planet. DSE quickly brought out some of its rusty mining ships, and within days was constructing more, the beginnings of the Tremont Mining Fleet. More independent contractors soon realised just how profitable this ore could be, and joined DSE in its endeavours to mine the rings of their riches. Pirates were a constant threat, as criminal bases of all sorts could be found within this part of the Pennsylvania system - but DSE managed to cleave its way into massive commerical success with the operations. Soon, a barge - The Radiance - was commissioned to provide a semi-permanent base near Tremont. The hauls were incredible, and DSE was prospering almost unbelievably. Whatever money it made was directed straight back into the mining fleet - more mining ships, more transports, more escorts. Another barge, The Brilliance, was created within the span of a few months by Deep Space Engineering. It was also moved out to the Tremont rings.

  • Hopes dashed, fears realised - the great crash

But then, disaster struck. The surveyors had been wrong - somehow, they had been incredibly wrong. The platinum within the was not nearly as dense as the surveyors had initially predicted - it came in pockets, true enough. It was hypothesised that the surveyors had somehow only sampled the most dense pockets of platinum. But this did not matter - the facts were plain. DSE was almost completely invested in mining. There was almost nothing left to mine, just platinum dust. The company crashed overnight, leaving the Brilliance and Radiance in the orbit of Tremont, the Brilliance recently crippled by a pirate raid. Another barge, the Incandescence, was left three-quarters completed in the shipyard. Mining ships were abandoned on sight, as were transports and freighters. It was nightmarish, and the company's losses were inconceivable. Trade operations, whatever had been going, died out almost overnight. A few miners stayed around Tremont for a few days after the Great Crash but it soon became apparent that mining operations out in the rings would be futile - whatever platinum dust was left was barely worth salvaging. So it was that platinum ore became rare, a collector's item, something that was indeed truly rare. There was little left that hadn't been processed and alloyed and installed into machinery or ships. DSE's stores of platinum ore - many hundreds of tons - simply lay forgotted within the barges, within the transports moored to them. The ghost fleet of Tremont had riches within it, and riches abundant - but it was forgotten, run by a skeleton crew on the dark side of Tremont. There were no active operations near Tremont, and nobody ever went there any more - not even pirates. DSE had halted overnight, and had never restarted.

  • The Ouroboros - New year, new hopes, new leadership
President: Aliester Brown

On Christmas Day, 817, the worst that could happen did indeed happen. The DSE president - who had been Lars Johansen - disappeared. He had fallen out of contact for days beforehand, and when the vice-president Aliester Brown had gone in person to find Lars, he had vanished entirely. It remains a mystery to this day - Lar's fleet of ships was intact, his Yacht moored at Baltimore, his Mastodon lay within the silvery dust of Tremont. No one could fathom why he had left, or if he had left, or where had had been gone - or been taken to. Aliester suspected foul play, but never voiced his suspicions to anyone. So it was that Aliester Brown became the President of Deep Space Engineering, Incorporated, on Christmas Day, 817 A.S. He inherited a rusted, crashed, desolate company; a fleet of rusting ships, a barge and two half-barges; some small capitol; and a few still-dedicated pilots. Things were bleak, but he was determined to lead DSE to new heights within the first months of 818. As it seemed DSE was not going to get off the ground again for some time, Aliester Brown sold the company for a tidy profit to Jess and John Doe in the last days of 817, a wealthy couple based primarily on Planet Pittsburgh. Jess and John took it upon themselves to start cleaning up the radiation and scrap fields caused by the Texas incident. After spending their entire life savings on obtaining a 'movable refinery' and preparing a fleet able to withstand the radiation, the project, named 'Project Dallas' became the main focus for DSE.

  • The uprising - The rise of an empire

Once Jess and John Doe had managed to start making a small profit with Project Dallas, they decided it was time to expand their business, hiring more traders and beginning to focus on assisting the Liberty Navy by supplying the front line of war in New Hampshire with Military Vehicles. After the many months spent focusing on these two projects, they began to slow down and the staff began to need less supervision while performing these tasks. This gave Jess and John some more time to decide where to take the company. after weeks of discussions, a second movable refinery was purchased and Saber Nyoki opened the Mining Academy in early 818. It was not long after this Jess and John Doe were invited to be a part of the Liberty Government. Months went by, and everyone was content with how DSE was progressing, except from Jess and John Doe. They believed they could create more, to help Liberty, and their new found family. In the latter part of 818, with the help of a newly hired team of scientists and a new department in DSE, they began to look into alternative fuel sources to try and solve Liberty's H-Fuel crisis.

  • Drugs and scandal - The Downfall of John Doe

All the stress eventually got to John Doe, and he took up smoking the tobacco he had tried so hard to keep off Planet Pittsburgh due

President: John Doe

to health problems it was causing. Unfortunately this tobacco was laced with cardimine, but when it was noticed it was too late. John Doe had thought there was a conspiracy against him, and his pride and joy - DSE, this paranoia caused him months of trouble until one day, he could not hide it any more. After attacking some Navy Officers, Jess Doe paid the bail costs and took him to Cirque Lodge - a highly esteemed rehab facility on Planet Los Angeles - to get help. After Jess Doe had dropped him at the lodge, she declared herself Acting president and began working on Public Relations to try and save the company they re-built from the ground up. Jess and John Doe's relationship was stretched to the limit during this time, with the pain caused by John's addiction and the scandals that surrounded the incidents it caused. John Doe was released on the 22nd of November 818, on the condition he continues to go to weekly Cardimine Anonymous meetings, and did not return to presidency until his Doctor had cleared him fit to work. With Kenzo Dijksterhuis, and Saber Nyoki's help, Jess Doe managed to keep the company running smoothly until John Doe's return from a rehabilitation cruise in early 819.

  • The loss of an icon - The demise of the Armstrong

In December 818, all contact was been lost with the deep space surveyor Armstrong. The last transmissions from the vessel were garbled, and indicated a sizable pirate raider party on approach. The vessel is presumed captured or destroyed by a group of pirates who disliked the Reaver Mercenary company using the vessel as the base for their bounty hunting operations. Despite the efforts to save the Armstrong by both the Reaver Mercenaries and Deep Space Engineering, no one was there in time to save it, several probes are being sent out to try and determine what had happened, but no information was ever returned, and the investigation was eventually closed until new evidence arose. To carry on the trend of bad luck no less then a week after contact was lost with the Armstrong, many staff had to be pulled out of Kansas, and all operations there have been stopped. The Iridium-rich field that was found within the system has been exhausted as far as deep-space mining capabilities allow. Jess Doe spent most of her time desperately trying to re-assign staff to prevent the loss of hundreds of jobs within the company while also trying to prevent an internal economic ‎

Vice-President: Jess Doe

breakdown. This didn't work out as well as hoped, and DSE started dramatically loosing profit in all areas.

  • New hopes - The end of the recession

Months had gone by, and Jess and John Doe were beginning to loose hope in ever finding a new project to create jobs. They began considering making hundreds of staff redundant to save the company. As a final effort to prevent this from happening, they send out a small team of researchers to survey the last fields they had not yet got information about. The deep space probes sent into a Humboldt orbiting planet Bora Bora determined there was extensive silver and copper deposits, and a team in Alberta noticed a field of asteroids drawn in by one of the outer planets gravity well seems to contain unusually high concentrations of Platinum. This was the saving grace for many staff who were resigned to these systems. As the operations were only beginning to be set up here, and there was realistically not enough jobs for all of the staff, because of this, Jess and John Doe began importing Beryllium ore, Platinum ore and Gold ore onto Pittsburgh to begin production of components for ships. They found this to be quite successful and was able to fund a rehabilitation centre for rescued salves with the profits.

  • The takeover of Interspace Commerce

Deep Space Engineering was contacted by the current leader of Interspace Commerce, James Buckmaster, asking for help. After multiple discussions, Jess and John Doe along with James Buckmaster decided it would be in everyone's best interest if Deep Space Engineering, and Doe industries, take over Interspace Commerce for all intents and purposes until the financial problems had been fixed. The help was greatly welcomed and the loss of their newest station in New London, Malahide, assisted in the staff who were not suspended to take the changes without resistance. Deep Space Engineering's ranking structure was changed slightly at this point, appointing a general manager and allowing Doe Industries 'control' over the company. This did not last long as once Interspace Commerce was back on its feet, as agreed it was handed back across to James Buckmaster. An advisor stayed within the companies HQ to ensure no further problems would arise.

  • A little bit shady

After Project hope was well established Jess Doe soon found the number of people coming onto Planet Pittsburgh far outnumbered the amount they were able to send off to new jobs and new starts as promised. In early 819, under the guise of 'working people' rather then slaves Jess and John along with the Gas Miners Guild conferred with the Liberty government and was allowed the export of these refugees to work with Gas Miners Guild. This helped even out the numbers of incoming and outgoing people to the planet without raising questions.

  • Cold Lake Project

After months of planning and preparation, Deep Space Engineering, in collaboration with large organisations in Sirius began construction in Alberta. Looking promising, a large celebration was planned to keep peoples hopes up and try keep the thoughts about the Dallas incident at bay. The construction site fondly referred to as the 'Cold Lake Project' among the staff of Deep Space Engineering became one of the main focal points of the companies operations.

Departments within Deep Space Engineering



Mining Department:

Non-planetary mining is based primarily in Texas, with a heavy focus on the Grande Negra and Pequena Negra dark matter fields. Other than mining, the only other major responsibility of the Mining Department is prospecting. Miners will be transferred into Pennsylvania to begin a new project Deep Space Engineering is organising, to assist new pilots in the transmission into space life. Miners will be working with Lincoln Research Institute with the hopes of reducing Lawls syndrome and crime in Liberty space.

Logistics Department:

Some freight routes consist of hauling Gate/Lane Parts to one of the three large construction sites in Hokkaido, Okinawa, and Tau-23. Deep Space Engineering is also a major factor in the relocating of refugees from Planet Leeds, to Planet Pittsburgh after the Kusarian attack. Subsequent legs are dependent on several factors, but all circuits inevitably end in import of materials or components to Liberty. Deep Space Engineering has recently started shipping scrap metal from Texas, as a clean up effort from the 'Texas incident'. Most freighters have been taken off general duties and assigned to this task. We also supply the war fronts with Rheinland with Military Vehicles to Battleship Concord in the New Hampshire system.

Engineering and Repair Department

The Engineering department specializes in interstellar construction. This includes Trade Lanes, Jump Gates, Modular Space Stations and Ships of all shapes and sizes, as well as Ship parts and "infield" and "outfield" repairs. The bulk of the Engineering department is tasked with construction of ships at Baltimore Shipyard and maintenance/part construction to Doe Industries Space Port. At present the Engineering Department is run by Josephine Alibrandi.

Research, Exploration and Development Department

Scientists working in the research and development department will most commonly be found working on trying to improve the way of life in space today - Whether it be working on new forms of shielding, or an alternate fuel source. The Exploration side of this department is relatively small, consisting mostly of scientists accompanying DSE ships in the field. However, the department also consists of a few scientific vessels each with either specific or broad assignments in deep space. Explorers will be tasked to any of a large variety of postings, including: supporting engineers at construction or maintenance sites, supporting miners in the field, and contract jobs for third parties.

Escort and Security Department:

The security of DSE assets and personel is paramount, hence the singular responsibility of this department. Not only are Security ships attached to most departmental wings and field operations, but Security ships can also seen throughout the corporate zone of influence patrolling supply routes and standard operational areas, cleaning out threats.

Mining and Development

  • Project Dallas:

At the turn of the century, in 500AS, the Texas incident. Valhalla Research scientists aboard the Dallas had begun the second phase of testing a new “Hyper-gate. “ A new, long-range jump gate. Although the project's goal was unclear, that would have allowed travel beyond the confines of the Sirius Sector and could have potentially opened the entire galaxy for exploration. The gate’s path, however, was obstructed by an undetected Dark Matter cloud - and when it was activated, the gate backfired and sucked the dark matter through, causing an explosion with the force of 10 nuclear bombs, annihilating the Dallas and expelling massive amounts of Dark Matter and radioactivity into the system. A quarantine was immediately erected across half the system - not for security, this time, but for the safety of anyone foolish enough to stray into the dangerous morass. The explosion left two massive dark matter clouds (Pequena Negra and Grande Negra, Spanish/Portuguese for Little Black and Large Black, respectively), where scanner function is reduced to zero and where radiation levels are so high they will destroy even the best ships within seconds. Deep Space Engineering has taken it upon themselves with support from The Junker Congress to clean up Texas, with the ultimate goal of making the system habitable again.

  • Penny Project:

DSE) will purchase a second barge, and have it situated in Pennsylvania, where we will primarily hire new pilots, teaching them how to get a basalt miner free of price (/restart command). From here, we will pay these pilots per unit to mine a decided amount towards the barge. DSE transports and the occasional independent transport will have the opportunity to buy the helium from the barge, and deliver it to where they see fit. If the independent transport is unsure of the selling location, DSE) staff may offer assistance, and an opportunity to join the convoy. While doing this, we will strive to teach the new pilots about the laws in space, good public relations and communicational skills, as well as giving them a good footing and credits to get started in space. When they are ready to leave, we will direct them to other mining areas in Sirius, or trading routes to further assist their career.

  • Project Hope:

DSE) will fund and support a new rehabilitation centre based on Planet Pittsburgh, primarily to support people rescued from slavery. The United Hope foundation will provide medical examinations and treatment where needed, meals, accommodation, clothing, life support to get the client back into the community, as well as re-connecting the people with their families in both a secure rehabilitation facility and a more independent respite environment. United Hope Foundation Will strive to find jobs to suit every client when they are medically cleared - if that is not possible, DSE) will ensure the client is financially supported on a government benefit before giving the client the option of either going back to their families, or to a new home.

  • Cold Lake project:

DSE) will construct an experimental supergate and with assorted large corporations within Sirius it will become the largest leap in technology since trade lane construction began. Staff within Deep Space Engineering are dubious and are fearful it will become another 'Dallas Incident', but despite it still being in early stages Jess and John Doe along with the great minds of the engineering and research departments are confident this will not be the case. There is not much information available on this project as it is still considered 'highly classified'

Current Construction sites

Illegal and restricted goods:

Goods such as Cardimine (Liquid and solid states), Synthetic Marijuana, Human Organs, Nomads and Nomad Parts, Slaves (Unless rescued and being bought to the nearest station for release and medical examinations - these should be handed over to lawful military forces if requested.), Counterfeit software, Artifacts, Black Market Munitions, Blood Diamonds, Gaian Wildlife, Alcohol while on duty, And Nuclear Devices Should not be carried under any circumstances. Use common sense, if it seems like you shouldn't be carrying that cargo, please check with your team leader, Head of Department, Chief of Departments, or the President/Vice President. Please make sure you are informed of what goods are restricted in each house before carrying any goods not mentioned above.

Areas of Influence


Free trade within Liberty, with the exception of the following systems: Ellesmere, Illinois, and Virginia.


We are able to transport anything within reason to Bretonia. We do not have licencing to carry war material, so any Military goods such as Light Arms, Plutonium, and Military Vehicles are not to be carried. Refugees can be carried, as long as they are delivered to Planet Pittsburgh where we can offer them paid employment, medical care, and accommodation. Any Refugees delivered elsewhere for profit WILL result in repercussions including, but not limited to: Dismissal from Deep Space Engineering, as well as Fines and/or imprisonment.


We are able to transport anything within reason to Kusari, Scrap Metal is our primary commodity being shipped to this house. We are unable to bring H-Fuel, or Plutonium back across Liberty borders due to an Embargo between Liberty and Kusari. ONLY the President, Vice President, Chief of Departments, or Head of Department - Transport may choose to smuggle H-Fuel to Ontario if there is no risk to staff, the crew on-board their ships, or the vessels. Smuggling without permission may result in repercussions including but not limited to: being put on report, and/or dismissal from Deep Space Engineering.

Additional care is to be taken in this house due to recent hostilities between Liberty and Kusari.


The Omegas are currently not a major part of our Zone of influence. Deep Space Engineering will occasionally buy Copper Ore from Universal Shipping Incorporated in this space.


Deep Space Engineering does not currently trade within Rheinland due to hostilities with Liberty. Trade lane repairs, and transporting gate part boxes are an exception to this.


Deep Space Engineering is exploring options to venture into this space - please note, at this time, it is still 'out of bounds'


Deep Space Engineering does not venture into this space without reason.


Deep Space Engineering does not venture into this space without reason.

  • TAU:

Deep Space Engineering does not venture into this space without reason.

Owned Bases

Doe Industries Space Port, New York

Doe Industries, a division of Deep Space Engineering, specializes in large scale logistical solutions. D.I.S.P is a collaboration of faith for Liberty between Deep Space Engineering, Interspace Commerce and the Gas Miners Guild to better supply Liberty with essential fuels and supplies for her superfluous economy. This station specialises in the production of prototype equipment.

Baltimore Shipyard, New York

Baltimore Shipyard is the primary shipyard used by Deep Space Engineering, and was constructed to service overall DSE operations. Baltimore Shipyard was originally constructed by Deep Space Engineering in 699 A.S., after they moved their headquarters to the planet Pittsburgh. The shipyard is known for its quality manufacturing processes on the construction of numerous vessels, including civilian liners and yachts, and even a number of smaller craft such as the "Chesapeake" class shuttle. Although the shipyard takes construction orders to manufacture civilian vessels to the client's specifications, there is usually a waiting list as priority is given to Deep Space Engineering transports and luxury liners. The Xenos are also reputed to have contacts at Baltimore that supply them with spare parts for small fighters and occasionally bombers, but this is always strenuously denied by DSE executives

Planet Pittsburgh, New York

Planet Pittsburgh is the location of the Deep Space Engineering headquarters. The planet was not considered a good candidate for terraforming and remained sparsely populated until a full-scale mineral survey in 650 AS pinpointed deposits of Boron in the form of borax salts deep within the Corridera Plateau. A mining operation was established on the planet in 660 AS by Deep Space Engineering to exploit these deposits, and it is now the only raw material extraction facility within Liberty space. Pittsburgh is covered by a single vast desert, broken only by large rocky outcroppings that were big enough to escape being swallowed up by the sand. Since the success of DSE's boron mining concerns, there has been an increasing need for miners and other workers. Many refugees that come seeking asylum in Liberty often get redirected to Pittsburgh to find work in the boron mines, and to live in the cities that are slowly sprawling outwards around the mining facilities, and Liberty authorities estimate that Pittsburgh's population will reach the 85 million mark by 820 A.S.

Camrose Supply Depot, Alberta

Camrose Supply Depot serves several roles in Alberta: it functions as a supply depot for the Ageira Technologies production facility located elsewhere in the system, provides support for the scientific teams working on Planet Edmonton, resupplies any security patrols in Alberta, and, finally, it is able to function as a storage depot for any future construction in the system. The facility is scheduled to undergo several upgrades to it's original structure.

Survey Vessel Armstrong, Coronado

Survey Vessel Armstrong has been presumed destroyed or captured.

Other bases populated

Ships and Equipment

Please note: Not all weaponry and ships are available to all members. Special permission may be granted if it is seen necessary.

Transports and Freighters

Dsy civilian freighter.png
CTE FR-2302-K
Civilian Freighter
DSE-720 Camara
Civilian Freighter
Transport small.png
CT-49X Gull
Civilian Transport
Transport large.png
CT-39X Albatross
Civilian Transport
EL-HiL51 Mammoth
Liberty Transport
Dsy trainx2.png
CT-53 Heron
Civilian Train
Dsy trainx3.png
CT-69 Crane
Civilian Large Train


Dsy miner lf.png
Surveyor MV-422-B
Civilian Light Miner
Dsy miner vhf.png
SMV-612-C Scraper
Civilian Medium Miner
Dsy miner shf.png
MEMV-971-AH Arrastra
Civilian Heavy Miner
Dsy mining.png
DU5-7Y Hegemon
Civilian Mining Ship

Escort and Security

DL-Hai Grizzly
Liberty Shuttle
J3P 5S Hayabusa
Civilian Scout Fighter
CLI-11000 Arrow
Civilian Light Interceptor
Cv fighter.png
CTE-4000 Griffin
Civilian Light Fighter
Li fighter.png
LZF-9805 Liberator
Liberty Light Fighter
Li elite.png
BDR-337 Defender
Liberty Heavy Fighter
BYC Marauder
Civilian Heavy Fighter
Cv elite.png
CTE-3000 Falcon
Civilian Heavy Fighter
Hw p2 hf.png
CTE-HF Kingfisher
Civilian Heavy Fighter
Li elite2.png
BDR-337 Executioner
Liberty Heavy Fighter
CTE-19000 Roc
Civilian Bomber
XB-2 Havoc MkII
Civilian Bomber
WAR-4b Waran
Civilian Bomber
Li gunship.png
Liberty Gunboat
Libertonian Gunboat


Repair Ship
Repair Ship

Exploration and Research


Luxury liner.png
L-584 Enterprise
Luxury Liner
Prison liner.png
Prison Liner
Prison Liner


Faction Relationship
Ageira Technologies
Universal Shipping Incorporated
The Junkers Congress
Liberty Police Inc
Liberty Navy
Liberty Security Force
Liberty Corporations
Bretonia Police Authority
Bretonia Armed Forces
Border Worlds Exports
Gateway Interstellar
Synth Foods
Bretonian Corporations
Kusari State Police
Kusari Naval Forces
Kusari State Police
Kusari Corporations
Molly Mining Corporation
Hellfire Legion
Gas Miners Guild
Orbital Spa and Cruise
Faction Relationship
Independent Miners Guild
Everyone Else
Gallic Corporations
Rheinland Corporations
Rheinland Military
Rheinland Federal Police
Artisan Farmers Alliance
Republican Express
101st Outcast Guard
At War
Black Dragon Society
At War
Xeno Alliance
At War
Liberty Rogues
At War
Lane Hackers
At War
The Brotherhood
At War
Golden Chrysanthemums
At War
The Gaian Underloch
At War
Phantom Empire
At War
Red Hessian Army
At War
Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army
At War
The Black Sails
At War
At War