ALG Waste Disposal (player faction)

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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see ALG Waste Disposal

ALG Waste Disposal
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Affiliation ALG Waste Disposal
Alignment Lawful/Corporation
Date of founding 88 A.S.
Founder(s) Ralf Schmied
Current leader(s) Magdalena Atzenbruck
Base of operations Dortmund Station, New Berlin,

Helgoland Station, Sigma-13,

Wuppertal Refinery, Koeln

Primary role
Disposal and recycling of industrial waste and scrap
Secondary role
Ecological and humanitarian aid to inhabitants from Sirius



ALG Waste Disposal is based in Rheinland but operates throughout the colonies due to its outstanding reputation for industrial clean-up.

Identification papers

Faction Name: ALG Waste Disposal

Faction Tag: [ALG]-

Affiliation: ALG Waste Disposal

Faction ID: ALG Waste Disposal

Faction Subsidiaries: Sea Spirit ([ALG]-Sea}{)


When ALG Waste Disposal was founded in 88 A.S., it started as a small litter service in New Berlin. The employees earned a living with collecting other’s waste and recycling it to useful goods. The services have expanded to more than pure trash transportation: haulage of dangerous materials like Plutonium and MOX, export of industrial products reprocessed at Dortmund Station or made by Kruger and resource trafficking (mostly metals). Today ALG is one of the biggest companies in Rheinland, competing with the Republican-Daumann cooperation for the prospective assembly of the new Rheinland Bremen battleship class.

ALG is trying to buy up Kruger Minerals to create a giant conglomerate, which would be independent from Daumann resource deliveries and foreign machinery. They will also be able to produce some recently invented Super Alloys locally, which will meet the high requirements of the Bremen engineers without the need to import anything from Liberty. Due to the current war with the Libertonians, this would be a vital advantage in respect of Daumann/Republican.

Nowadays the sphere of ALG doesn't end at the borders of Rheinland. Every one of the major houses suffers from waste more or less. May it be the Leeds system, where irresponsible companies polluted the whole sector, or the old battlefield grounds in Sigma-13, where ALG works together with the Junkers in order to reduce the (often) radioactive scrap metal. All collected resources are retrieved to Helgoland Station or the smelters at the Dortmund Station for either reprocessing or reverse engineering. Some shipyards swear by the ship hull panels made by ALG. The only competitor is the Stokes Smelter in Leeds. But BMM is using outdated production methods which are less cost effective than those from ALG, so customers are confident that ALG will soon own all of this market. Yet most of the funds are coming from trading with numerous, mainly industrial products all over Sirius.

Another important fact is the trading alliance with the Independent Miners Guild and Gateway Shipping. This delineating and dynamic young trading conglomerate is a necessary counterpart to the older and established alliances, such as BMM & Bowex, Republican & Daumann, the Liberty companies and the Kusarian Kishiro & Samura. It's obvious that these big players feel threatened by this upcoming joint-venture. ALG also has developed and tightened strong bonds with the Junkers and the Gas Miners Guild, which tightens the danger for them.

The employees of ALG are heavily involved in their work, because there's a job for everybody. People with neglected formal education are welcome as like as skilled engineers with university degree or researchers, who want to work in a motivated and qualified team. ALG is always in need for a sturdy dustman who is able to fly the big movers full of radioactive waste without crashing into the next battleship. But the company needs also somebody who can do research on the newest composite material or some high-tech weapon prototype, which the transporters may find within the scrap metal.

Unlike many other factions, ALG encourages its workers to participate at the industrial council, which shares the say with the management body. The members of the industrial council are asked before the management decides to start greater projects. It's not surprising that the majority of the employee representatives is voting to merge ALG and Kruger together. The economic advantages for the employees would be overwhelming. Furthermore all workers have several days of holiday available to renew their powers and to cure possible medical damages, caused by nuclear radiation.

Bases of Operations

Dortmund Station, New Berlin

This huge space station houses the ALG headquarters, four smelting furnaces, some smelt-works and a sophisticated steel-mill. When working with maximum capacity, this factory is abled to cover the requirements of the Alster shipyard and the Oder shipyard at the same time. The highly developed reprocessing units are enriching fuel assemblies with gathered components of toxic waste and other radioactive materials.

Helgoland Station, Sigma-13

After the battle at the Yanagi nebula, where the GMG destroyed nearly the whole fleet of Rheinland, wide areas of Sigma-13 contain radioactive waste and a huge amount of scrap metal. This is the reason why Helgoland Station was constructed., brokered under a agreement by Interspace Commerce. Waste disposal vessels are gathering the hazardous ship parts in order to bring them back to Helgoland Station for some analysis where after that the ALG engineers decide what to do with the material. The majority of this waste is transported to Dortmund Station for reprocessing or smelting.

Wuppertal Refinery, Koeln

Wuppertal Refinery is a jointly operated ALG - Kruger station within the Koeln system, dedicated to the smelting and processing of the different metals mined by Kruger or recovered by ALG operations Sirius wide. Originally established in 804 A.S., the base was built and equipped using ALG funds in the midst of Kruger's large financial problems as a perfect solution, owing to the resource rich planetary debris orbiting planet Steinfurt. As the talks of the merger of the two companies took place, Wuppertal was the first station on board which ALG and Kruger staff worked in unison, sharing their experience to mount steady competition against Daumann's monopoly. Presently, the station is establishing substantial refining capacity in order to exploit nearby metal ore resources for high temperature alloy manufacturing. Despite its position around Steinfurt, orbital mining has not yet commenced, though preparations are under way to allow the refinery to accomodate metals mined from the planet's orbit. While the mining and refining operations are in development, ALG has temporarily established a side operation that manufactures newly developed and highly specialised hazardous material containers for toxic waste storage. Long term plans aim for the relocation of HazMat Container production to Dortmund Station, but this requires extensive retrofitting of the station in order to handle precision manufacturing. In the meantime, Wuppertal Refinery has been able to begin turning a profit due to HazMat Containers sales much earlier than ALG's refining plans had expected. The additional capital is being invested in mining and refinery capabilities that ALG and Kruger intend to use to threaten Daumann's current strategic advantage in Sirius' high temperature alloys market. While it is unlikely that Daumann will be able to respond adequately in the marketplace to counter this threat to its manufacturing market share, ALG and Kruger executives are bracing themselves for political battles that Daumann might initiate against them as a last resort.

ALG Hierarchy

Taking care of brokering contracts with other companies, safe guarding the position in the market or enjoying a holiday of a week or two, the President is the one who keeps it all together. His or her valuable knowledge about Sirius offers the work available for ALG employees.

Chief Executive Officer
Controls the internal departments, does the day-to-day grinding papers work the President can't be bothered about. The departments he controls are the security, R&D and financial departments.

Board of Advisors
Most retired, some active in numerous other jobs/tasks and usually trusted friends to the President. Usually 3 positions filled and report only to the President.

Chief Security Officer
Not just for protecting transports, the CSO also maintains the bases owned by ALG, making sure they are in tip-top condition to prevent any disasters.

Human Resources Manager
Hires, fires and controls the employees. Also offers a wide array of internal problem solving solutions amongst employees.

Research & Development Manager
Controls a usually smart and tight team, finding new ways to refine, produce or clean goods and or systems.

No need to explain here. These are the backbone of the company. Without employees the company would have succumb to nothing.

Not full payed employees, trainees got to show their worth. They undergo rigorous training to maximize efficiency and safety.

Employee Roster


Employees may request changes to their entry in this list.

Name Role Ships Notes
Nelly Sachs President [ALG]-TGX-Wolfsburg


Frederick Von Kleinz Chief Executive Officer [ALG]-TGX-Zugspitze
Rasmus Lagerlöf Chief Operational Officer
Thomas Nordström Human Resource Manager [ALG]-TGX-Karlskrona
Hans Wolfwood Chief Security Officer [ALG]-Hans.Wolfwood
Nic Becket Research and Development Manager [ALG]-TGX-Sauerland


Baldur Wolfsblut Advisor [ALG]-TGX-Wuppertal


Hans Mueller Advisor [ALG]-Sea}{Alsfeld
Kelton Orbison Advisor [ALG]-TGX-Zwiesel
Ralf Kulzer Employee [ALG]-TGX-Danube
Matski Employee [ALG]-TGX-Elmenhorst


Rex Armsgain Employee [ALG]-TGX-Ragnarok


Valr Falk Employee [ALG]-TGX-Rhinemaiden
Ryan Hoffman Employee [ALG]-Ryan.Hoffman
Arthur Klutz Employee [ALG]-TGX-Paderborn
Linda Jaeger Employee [ALG]-TGX-Bremerhaven


Faction Relationship
Gateway Shipping
Independent Miners Guild
Kruger Minerals
Rheinland Federal Police
Rheinland Military
Rheinland Corporations
Colonial Republic
Gas Miners Guild
Bounty Hunters
Reaver Mercenary Company
Omicron Supply Industries
Temporary Autonomous Zoners
Artificial Intelligence
Kusari Corporations
Kusari State Police
Kusari Naval Forces
Planetform, Inc.
Faction Relationship
Bretonia Armed Forces
Bretonia Police Authority
Hellfire Legion
Independent Neuralnet Division
Gallic Corporations
Gallic Royal Police
Gallic Royal Navy
Black Dragon Society
Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Orbital Spa & Cruise
Synth Foods, Inc.
Ageira Technologies
Deep Space Engineering
Border World Exports
Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing
Liberty Navy
Liberty Police Inc.
Liberty Security Force
Faction Relationship
Interspace Commerce
Universal Shipping
The Order
Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army
Red Hessians
Kusari Criminals
Liberty Rogues
Lane Hackers
Gallic Brigands
Das Wilde
At War
At War

Naming Conventions

(// Naming conventions inspired by: MAN and Mercedes Benz Germany.) (// Freighters are to be named after a German village (Wikipedia & Google Maps are your friends). Transports are to be named after cities and/or rivers and lakes.)

All defence/attack vessels (LF, HF, VHF, SHF & Bombers): [ALG]-<pilot name> (e.g. [ALG]-Johan.Diedrich)

Freighters (cargo <1000): [ALG]-TGS-<ship name> (e.g. [ALG]-TGS-Arnstein)

Transports (cargo >1000): [ALG]-TGX-<ship name> (e.g. [ALG]-TGX-Lohr)

Trainees are to append an [R] at the end of their ship's name. (e.g. [ALG]-TGX-Rostock[R] or [ALG]-Rupert.Fritz[R])

Allowed Equipment for ALG Employees

Work in progress

Ships highlighted in blue are preferred.

Ships highlighted in red will give a penalty to energy generation due to tech incompatibility.

Ask ALG high command for permission before using codenamed weapons.

Any non-Nomad Cruise Disruptors, Countermeasures, Mines, Armours, Thrusters, Shields and Scanners are allowed. As well as Cargo Pods and Docking Modules.

Cloaking Devices, Jumping Devices and Survey Modules are highly regulated by house laws and are therefore not permitted without directive from ALG high command.



Cv fighter.png
CTE-4000 "Griffin"
Civilian Light Fighter
X4TS "Tiger Shark"
Rheinland Civilian Light Fighter
Dsy miner lf.png
MV-422-B "Surveyor"
Civilian Light Miner

Img lf.png
IMGF-14B "Manaslu"
IMG Light Fighter


Cv elite.png
CTE-3000 "Falcon"
Civilian Heavy Fighter
Hw p2 hf.png
CTE-HF "Kingfisher"
Civilian Heavy Fighter
BYC "Marauder"
Civilian Heavy Fighter


Cv vheavy fighter.png
CTE-6000 "Eagle"
Civilian Heavy Fighter
IR-7 "Raven's Talon"
Civilian Heavy Fighter
Dsy miner vhf.png
SMV-612-C "Scraper"
Civilian Medium Miner

Img vhf.png
IMGF-18C "Lhotse"
IMG Very Heavy Fighter


E78-12 "Spatial"
Civilian Deep Space Explorer


CTE-19000 "Roc"
Civilian Bomber
WAR-4b "Waran"
Civilian Bomber

Img bomber.png
IMGF-15A "Nanda Devi"
IMG Bomber


Rh armored trans.png
204-ARKM-B10 "Ragnar"
R. Armored Transport
Rh freighter.png
203-ARKM-B5 "Humpback"
Rheinland Freighter

X shuttle.png
X11 "Civilian Freighter"
Civilian Freighter


HWDU-430 "Golem"
ALG Heavy Mover

Dsy rh c trans.png
RT-41-PFT "Uruz"
Rheinland Container Transport
Rheinland Train
568-ARKG-B6 "Behemoth"
Rheinland Transport

Transport armored.png
Civilian Armored Transport
Civilian Heavy Tanker

Transport small.png
CT-49X "Gull"
Civilian Transport
Transport large.png
CT-39X "Albatross"
Civilian Large Transport

Dsy trainx2.png
CT-53 "Heron"
Civilian Train
Dsy trainx3.png
CT-69 "Crane"
Civilian Large Train
Dsy trainx4.png
CT-73 "Stork"
Civilian Advanced Train

Torpedo Slot:

Name Class Type Faction Tech Compatibility
Starkiller Torpedo Fighter Torpedo Civilian 100%
Sunslayer Torpedo Fighter Torpedo Civilian 100%
Mini Razor Fighter Antimatter Cannon Civilian 100%
Nova Torpedo Bomber Torpedo Civilian 100%
Incapacitator Torpedo Bomber Torpedo Civilian 100%
Supernova Bomber Antimatter Cannon Civilian 100%
Civilian Antimatter Cannon Bomber Antimatter Cannon Civilian 100%

Gun Slot:
Name Class Type Faction Tech Compatibility
Starbeam Class 2 Laser Civilian 100%
Adv. Starbeam Class 2 Laser Civilian 100%
Stunpulse Class 2 Pulse Civilian 100%
Bluebell Class 2 Tachyon Civilian 100%
Javelin Missile Class 2 Missile Civilian 100%
Stalker Missile Class 2 Homing Missile Civilian 100%
Eraser Missile Class 2 EMP Missile Civilian 100%
Heavy Starbeam Class 3 Laser Civilian 100%
Adv. Stunpulse Class 3 Pulse Civilian 100%
Matterthief 1 Class 3 Tachyon Independent Miners Guild 90%
Slingshot Missile Class 3 Missile Civilian 100%
Windstalker Missile Class 3 Homing Missile Civilian 100%
Matterthief 2 Class 4 Tachyon Independent Miners Guild 90%
Sweeper Class 4 Homing Missile Civilian 100%
Flashpoint Class 5 Laser Civilian 100%
Eco Class 5 Tachyon Civilian 100%
Vampire 1 Class 5 Tachyon Independent Miners Guild 90%
Catapult Missile Class 5 Missile Civilian 100%
Moonstalker Missile Class 5 Homing Missile Civilian 100%
Render Class 6/Bomber Direct Civilian 100%
Lacerator Class 6/Bomber Direct Civilian 100%
Hellfire Class 6/Bomber Direct Civilian 100%
Imp. Flashpoint Class 7 Laser Civilian 100%
Debilitator Class 7 Pulse Civilian 100%
Vampire 2 Class 7 Tachyon Independent Miners Guild 90%
Lancer Missile Class 7 Missile Civilian 100%
Sunstalker Missile Class 7 Homing Missile Civilian 100%
Neutralizer Missile Class 7 EMP Missile Civilian 100%
Adv. Flashpoint Class 8 Laser Civilian 100%
Adv. Debilitator Mk.I Class 8 Pulse Civilian 100%
Adv. Debilitator Mk.II Class 8 Pulse Civilian 100%
Wildfire Class 8 Particle Civilian 100%
Vampire 3 Class 8 Tachyon Independent Miners Guild 90%
Hvy. Flashpoint Class 9 Laser Civilian 100%
Imp. Debilitator Mk.I Class 9 Pulse Civilian 100%
Imp. Debilitator Mk.II Class 9 Pulse Civilian 100%
Purple Goddess Class 9 Particle Civilian 100%
Vampire 4 Class 9 Tachyon Independent Miners Guild 90%
Cannonball Class 9 Missile Civilian 100%
Firestalker Class 9 Homing Missile Civilian 100%
Sidewinder Class 10 Missile Civilian 100%
Paralyzer Class 10 EMP Missile Civilian 100%

Turret Slot:

Name Class Type Faction Tech Compatibility
Starbeam Light Fighter Laser Civilian 100%
Adv. Starbeam Light Fighter Laser Civilian 100%
Flashpoint Light Fighter Laser Civilian 100%
Stunpulse Light Fighter Pulse Civilian 100%
Debilitator Light Fighter Pulse Civilian 100%
Adv. Debilitator Mk.I Light Fighter Pulse Civilian 100%
Adv. Deblilitator Mk.II Light Fighter Pulse Civilian 100%
Bluebell Light Fighter Tachyon Civilian 100%
Wildfire Light Fighter Particle Civilian 100%
Matterthief Light Fighter Tachyon Independent Miners Guild 90%
Vampire 1 Light Fighter Tachyon Independent Miners Guild 90%
Vampire 2 Light Fighter Tachyon Independent Miners Guild 90%
Fighter Mining Turret Light Fighter Mining Civilian 100%
Purple Goddess Heavy Fighter Particle Civilian 100%
Vampire 3 Heavy Fighter Tachyon Independent Miners Guild 90%
Render Bomber Direct Civilian 100%
Lacerator Bomber Direct Civilian 100%
Transport Turret Type 1 Transport Direct Civilian 100%
Transport Turret Type 2 Transport Direct Civilian 100%
Transport Turret Type 3 Transport Direct Civilian 100%
Transport Turret Type 4 Transport Direct Civilian 100%
Rheinland Small Transport Turret Transport Direct Civilian 100%
Bolter Turret Transport Direct Civilian 100%
Transport Mining Turret Transport Mining Civilian 100%

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