BL0-D0 Mining Emitter

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Fighter Mining Turret
Br mass driver.png
Energy Turret
Owner Faction Generic Civilian
Weapon Class Light Fighter Turrets
Turret Rotation 180 deg/s
Cargo Space 0
Hit-Points 6,752
Price 9,600

A multi spectrum beam emitter designed to survey, parce and extract valuable mineral, lattice and organic compounds from asteroids and minor planetary bodies through application of X-rays, microwaves and specialized laser beams. It may be mounted on a standard ship turret slots allowing for any vessel to perform survey and light resource gathering work, however only select vessels maintain the infrastructure to properly process harvested materials.

Weapon Stats

  • Hull Damage: 2 /round (8 /sec)
    0.25:1 efficiency
  • Energy Damage: 1 /round (4 /sec)
    0.13:1 efficiency
  • Refire Rate: 4.00 /sec
  • Power Usage: 8 u/round (32 u/sec)
  • Damage Type: Tachyon

Energy Pulse Stats

  • Speed: 1,100 m/sec
  • Travel Range: 990 meters
  • Lifetime: 0.90 seconds

Projectile Image

Please upload the sp_bloodhound_03_proj.png file.

Buy/Sell Locations

The following bases are known to carry this item, although sales may be restricted to pilots with a high positive reputation.