T-92 "Starkiller" Torpedo Launcher

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T-92 "Starkiller" Torpedo

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Weapon Class: Fighter Torpedo
Hull Damage: 11,900
Shield Damage: 5,950
Range: 1,500 m
Projectile Speed: 58 m/s
Refire Rate: 0.33
Energy Usage: 650
Turn Rate: 0.60 rad/s
Explosion Radius: 50 m
Launcher Price: $106,840
Ammo Price: $1,600
The Starkiller launcher deploys a devastatingly powerful torpedo that has enough destructive potential to severely damage a small station, and adversely affect any small craft caught in the wake of its blast radius. Despite its power however, the Starkiller is a slower projectile and so is considered by many to be most effective against equally as slow or stationary objects.
  • Requires Starkiller Torpedo

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