X22 "Windstalker" Homing Missile Launcher

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Windstalker Missile
Li rad launcher.png
Missile Launcher
Owner Faction Generic Civilian
Weapon Class Class 3 Guns
Cargo Space 0
Launcher Hit-Points 750
Launcher Price 2,380


Missile Price 80
ammunition image

Developed from the original design of the Stalker series, the Windstalker launcher's missile carries a larger payload yet does not sacrifice any of the necessary maneuverability. The Windstalker is considered by many to be the best choice for its ability to deliver additional power without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Requires Windstalker Missile

Weapon Stats

  • Hull Damage: 543 /round (271.5 /sec)
  • Energy Damage: 271 /round (135.5 /sec)
  • Refire Rate: 0.50 /sec
  • Power Usage: 0 u/round (0 u/sec)
  • Damage Type: Direct

Missile Stats

  • Seek Range: 1,000 meters
  • Thrust Speed: 99 m/sec
  • Lifetime: 12.50 seconds
  • Travel Range: 1,237 meters
  • Turn Rate: 252.10 deg/sec (4.4 rad/sec)
  • Hit-Points: 2

Explosion Stats

  • Explosion Radius: 16 meters
  • Detonation Range: 4 meters

Buy/Sell Locations

The following bases are known to carry this item, although sales may be restricted to pilots with a high positive reputation.