T-96 "Sunslayer" Torpedo Launcher

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T-96 "Sunslayer" Torpedo

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Weapon Class: Fighter Torpedo
Hull Damage: 19,500
Shield Damage: 9,750
Range: 2,700 m
Projectile Speed: 70 m/s
Refire Rate: 0.25
Energy Usage: 1,500
Turn Rate: 0.30 rad/s
Explosion Radius: 64 m
Launcher Price: $219,480
Ammo Price: $2,000
Spawned from the weapon labs of the Military industrial complex, the Sunslayer is hands down the most destructive weapon in Sirius. Though using the same guidance system and components as the Starkiller, the Sunslayer's massive payload dwarfs its counterpart's - making it capable of delivering extreme damage to any target it comes in contact with.
  • Requires Sunslayer Torpedo

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