Lee del Sol Verde

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Lee del Sol Verde
Lee Verde, 819 A.S.
Origin Flag-outcasts.png Nación Maltesa
Occupation Independent
Gender Male
Height 171 cm
Weight 77 kg
Hair color Black
Eye color White
Affiliation Freelancer
Outcast until 23.05.814
Rank Explorer
Status Active (819 A.S.)
Born 23 May, 798 A.S., Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha
Died Still alive.
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Lee del Sol Verde - Independent Explorer

Lee's Diary
Lee del Sol Verde, used to be an Outcast, until he left Omicron Alpha in search for a better life as Freelancer. He calls himself an explorer, who discovers the universe by himself, while he keeps a diary about it.

Life Story

Lee del Sol Verde, born in 798 AS on Planet Malta at Omicron Alpha, is a common Freelancer with a more uncommon life story. Zac del Sol Verde is his older brother.

Childhood - 798-812 AS

Lee was born and raised up in a rich maltese family, having an older brother, called Zac del Sol Verde. The little Lee was a clever and cautious little youngster. He was always quite interested in history and so he also knows well, that he should be aware of the Corsairs. He never really understood, from where actually all the hate between them came from, but he knew, to not ask questions about. Knowing, that his parents are officers of the premier Outcast Guard fleet, the 101st Outcast Guard made him totally proud. Since he was young, he always wanted to become like his parents.

Tragic Birthday - 813 AS

Lee never saw a Corsair from face to face before, until his 15th birthday in 813 AS. In the morning of this day, Lee got waken up by an insanely loud warning sirene. He'd never heard this before. In the moment, he wanted to get up, his parents ran into his room and told him to stay here. Apparently, the Corsairs did just entered their system, Omicron Alpha. Lee has never been far away from Planet Malta, but he learned, that there are hundreds of other system, partly inhabited, partly even unexplored. There has been sometimes intruders in Omicron Alpha, but his parents always tried to hide this fact from their son. But this morning it was different. They were in such a hurry, that they forget about Lee's 15th birthday. The last thing they said, which he can remember, was, that they need to defend Planet Malta and whatever will happen, they'll be with him. This was the last time he saw his parents.

Defeating the Corsairs - 813 AS

The Outcasts pushed them Corsairs back, but when they chased them to Omicron Gamma, they got cought in a ambush. Outnumbered and carried to end from the fight before, more than the half of the fleet tragically died during one day. There've been just a handful of survivors which got back. The bloody war against the Corsairs took Lee's parents before he wasn't even full age.

Parentless - 814 AS

Most of his relatives were dead or hadn't that much time for a pubescent teenager. Lee was a cautious boy and since his parents died, he always kept distance to others. He became a very locked person. In the end there was not much left which hold Lee to stay in the Edge Worlds. More and more, he became inquisitive and distrustful to his strict foster parents and finally in late 814 AS, Lee left Omicron Alpha with "The Narcotic", the the well-equiped Sabre of his dead father, the only memory which they'd left behind.

Only beeing in possession of "The Narcotic", the savings of his family and loads of Cardamine, he began his new life as a Freelancer.

Life as Freelancer - 814-817 AS

The last three years, Lee traveled through systems of which he not even knew, that they exist. He met a lot of intresting people and made a lot of good and bad experiences. He also learned a lot about life and dead in this time. There's not much known about what he exactly does in this time. At least he doesn't want to talk about.

Lee's personal logo.

Homecoming - 818 AS

Although he was only four years gone, he discovered more than even healthy for one lonely person. He found out, that the endless space can't push his bad memories into the dark. He knew, that there won't be another way than dealing with his problems. So he decided to visit his homeplanet.

Suprisingly, he felt much better when he arrived there. The Outcasts gave him a warm welcome as some of them recognized him. Because things seemed to get better, he bought a little house at Malta and made it to his residence. Although he has several other residences all over Sirius, because he always tried to begin a new life somewhere. But in the end, his feelings took him back to Omicron Alpha.

He also rejoined the Outcast Guard to help fighting the Corsairs. He bought a small Scimitar which he flies under his short name: "Lee.Verde".

Driven by curiosity - At present

Anyway, he actually didn't stayed at Planet Malta for now on.

Driven by curiosity and ambition he still tramps around with his ship, "The Narcotic", discovering more systems and cultures. The bottom line is, that exploring is, what he lives for.

He keeps a diary about his adventures.

Lee's Diary

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Backstory - About myself

• Date: 20 May 819

• System: Omicron Alpha

• Location: Planet Malta, Meteora Bar

• Topic: Backstory - About myself

So I'm sitting here... again. Meteora Bar. I remember, when I worked here in the summer holidays for like a month. That was now almost six years ago. And it feels like it was just yesterday. I wished I'd be fourteen again. Life was so much easier when being just a teen. I had my family, I had my friends and I had my home. But time won't turn back. And I made the best I could have done in my situation. I don't regret anything, I guess.

However, where shall I start? There's so much to say, but I've never been a man of much words. Hiding my feelings was what I've always been doing. I locked them into my mind, ignoring them. But then... I had to return. Mostly of because of the need of Cardamine. Four years... four damn years! I almost thought I made it without it. I mean, I always avoided any contact with it, and people said, when being still young, you could survive the withdrawal syndrome for a long time. Or even completely. So I took a breathing mask with me, which constantly fed me with air, containing Cardamine, like the air on Malta has. I've also been taking this alternative stuff I bought in Liberty from Cryer Pharmaceuticals for a freaking high sum of credits. They told me, that it was a prototype medicine. They convinced me. So I've been able to walk around at public places, without having a mask on, for a hours. And it went well for four years. Then it pulled me back.

So had to go back to Malta again. Breathing the air, drinking the water, eating the food, produced there. And I recovered within just a week. It's incredible.

But returning did not only recovered my body. It also brought back all the memories, which I locked away, from before I left this place. And it turned into a nightmare. I need to close that chapter now. I don't want to go mad. So I decided to write everything down. Maybe that's the way how I can work off all what happened in the last twenty years. I wouldn't know, how else to get rid of it. The only thing I know is, that I have to. The sooner the better.

Backstory - Life on Malta

• Date: 22 May 819

• System: Omicron Alpha

• Location: Planet Malta, Meteora Bar

• Topic: Backstory - Life on Malta

When looking back to the past. My childhood, the young days. I do see darkness, mixed with a bit Orange and a green flare. Es verdad, that I don't really have that many memories from that time. But I can remember, that people were talking about the 'Orange Dream'. In my opinion, it was the "Orange Nightmare"!

I've always been different. I wasn't like the other childs, listening to their parents, what is good for them, and what isn't. I had my own vision of the situation. I've been thirsty for knowledge, I wanted to know everything: "From where did we came from?", "Why do we never leave Malta? I do want explore systems!", "Papá, I don't like to drink that water, it's polluted!". It wasn't normal for a child in that age. My parents worried about me. But whilst my friends were playing in the orange Cardamine fields, I ate one Holo-Book after the other. "Sleeper ships, Hispania, Cardamine, DNA alteration, Corsairs". I slowly began to understand what was actually happening with us.

They all knew it. I felt like being in prison. Malta was my prison. But what could I have done? I've been just fourteen at that point. I didn't finished my education yet. Si claro, I went to a military school. Not many maltese children had this privilege to get such a qualitative and, most notably expensive training. However, my parents where both soldiers of the primary maltese fleet. And we lived in luxury. I've been an only child and they wanted all the best for me. I hated them for being 'Killers', I abhor violence. Ever did for some reason. Although it was the most well-respected work you could get as Maltesian. And I wouldn't have gone to that school, if I didn't wanted to.

That wish of becoming a soldier grew extremly, at that time when my father got back home all alone. He was totally distressed and downfallen when he spoke to me: "Mí hijo, we need to be strong now. Your well beloved mother has gone from us...". After those words, I fell into a deep sadness. Everything around me fell apart. I didn't heard, what my father was telling me. I just heard words like "Corsairs", "ambush" and "Omicron Eta". I wished I could have ran away. But to where? There was only Malta. I noticed how the cross bars of my imaginary prison got tighter.

That happened when I was still fifteen.

Backstory - Breakout

• Date: 23 May 819

• System: Omicron Alpha

• Location: Planet Malta, Meteora Bar

• Topic: Backstory - Breakout

So I was still here. Still caged in that kind of prison. I was still breathing the 'contaminated' air on Malta. When looking at the oldest generations - 200 years old men and women, living for that long, thanks to the Cardamine. Pah! I wouldn't want to life that long anyways. And just imagine - those people did never... not a single time, left Malta's safe borders. They wouldn't make it even one day out there, due the lack of Cardamine. They need Malta's air to survive. I don't. Yet!

I played with the thought of getting away from this hell-like place, for months already. But I never really had the chance to do so, though. I had no ship. Merde, I don't even knew how to fly those things. Sure, I went to a considerable military school. But you had to be sixteen years old for doing your pilot's license. No exceptions. Ha! I knew how to fly a Sabre anyways. My papá gave me 'private flight lessons' when I was just twelve. I never really thought about, what'd have happened to him. I've got that letter here... explains it all pretty much, but still... However, I'll get to that later again.

En fin, I did it. At the same day, I got my pilot's license, I left Malta. I took my father's high-end Sabre, which was primary built to encounter Corsair forces, constructed in the top-secret construction facilities of the Corsica Outer Sanctum. At least, his father told me that once. He never talked much about his work. All I knew, was, that he was a former member of the "Ghosts of Razgriz", until he retired, when my mother died...

I'm sure, my mother would have been proud of me, for taking my own life into my hands. So would my father have been. He had a premonition of me, leaving soon anways. And he even approved it. Everything was perfect. I had a well-protected ship, being able to survive in the harsh Omicrons. I had an entirely updated navigation map. And last but not least, a seemingly inexhaustible amount of Sirius Credit cards. Thanks to my papá. I promised him to stay in contact with him. And yes, I always did. Until I recieved no more answers on my messages. But as said, that's another story to be told.

It should sound exciting, but there isn't really much to say about. I left Planet Malta. In 814 AS. I've been a thrill. I really thought, that it'd be the last time, being here, on Malta. But I was still young. So what? It was the only right thing in my life, of what I'll always be proud of, for having done it.

And that feeling to be free. To be not only an Outcast, but also a Freelancer! It was far beyond words! The first time in my young life - I felt freedom!

This day was my sixteenth birthday.

And that was the best birthday present I ever had, and ever will have had.

Backstory - A new beginning

• Date: 24 May 819

• System: Omicron Alpha

• Location: Planet Malta, Meteora Bar

• Topic: Backstory - A new beginning

So... I've been free. A so-called 'Freelancer'. I didn't really had any aims, and never knew, where I'd have gone next. But it was a great feeling. Being independent - well not at all actually. There was still that problem with my passive Cardamine addiction. But each day which has passed by, I felt how the stroong pull that threatened to take my back to Malta, died down. It worked well. For four years! But then I recieved that message... but yes - that's another story.

I can't really tell, where exactly I've been in those four years. It felt like I've passed every planet, jumped through every Jumphole, landed on every capital Planet of all houses in Sirius. I meet lawfuls, I had business with criminals, I've done dirty business. And the other day, I've been helping civilians against pirates. I didn't knew who I was. I've forgotten my origin. I wasn't able to stick to anything. I've traveled around disquietingly. But still, it was a great feeling. I never really cared about anybody, just for me. And that was the only way to survive in space. I rarely trusted anyone. Even though, I made good experiences when I did. And the fact, that I'm still alive, sitting here, writing down my lifetime experiences. Those four years have changed my whole life.

I'm a new man. Full of hope. A man with a great joy of discovery. In the last four years, I've learned how to survive in open space. Although I never really traveled that far yet. But I can feel, that I'm ready now. Ready for something new. This letter. It was my fathers last message to me. He gives me fresh energy to go out again, and discover life. He would have wanted it to be so. It was his last wish.

It's time to leave Malta (#83) a second time. And only time knows, when I'll be back home again.

Entry #14 - Awakening

• Date: 20 August 819

• System: Koeln

• Location: Heisenberg Research Station

• Topic: Awakening

I feel like I'm having a never-ending nightmare. I still can't tell, if this world is reality or just an imagination of my comatose sleep. My head burns like hot coals, as if I have been taking an overdose of liquid cardamine for the last 4 months.

About those 4 months, well I've spend them in a 'comfortable' tank, filled with blue slime, which turned into a green-purple pudding, which smelt bestial. A medic roboter helped me out of it, and turned of the vital machines, to which I've been connected. When I put my feet on the ground, I felt like I've just got born! And much worse; when I looked down on my nude corpse... my skin, it had a blueish color! Merde! This was scaring as hell!

Without any hairs, and being completely blue colored, I didn't recognized myself. When watching my mirror image, I see a stranger. Soon after I felt better to leave the experimental laboratory, I started to hear voices in my head. First they appeared like a susurration from far away. Then suddendly the voices got louder, and more louder, and then I've heard two different ones, three, four - a doozen ones. It wasn't my ears, hearing those, of that I've been sure. There was just me in the room - although I still didn't accepted that blue person as myself!

After a while, I managed to better control those voices in my head. And so I decided to give the bar a visit. I had a dead-dry mouth, and I wished to talk to someone in my confusion.

The trip to the Heisenberg Pub #23 was a desaster. Somehow, I made the bartender hear my thoughts, and my confusion did enlarge even more. In addition, I drawed quite some attention on me, when I left the bar screaming like a baby. I had to get out of here, quickly.

Once more back in the professors rooms, I finally found a message of him, written three months ago:

Dear Lee,

I'm not sure, if you'll ever read this message. I hope you will do, someday. I was filled with dismay when I realized, that I wasn't able to wake you up from the artificial coma. I felt like a murderer. And it even got worse, I had to leave the Heisenberg to secure my project documents. People got alerted about my experiments. Mainly the Rheinland government. I had to wipe away my own tracks and obtain all and any information from my main systems.

It might be possible, that I'm in pre-trial custody when you read this message. As long as they won't found my laboratory, it's all good. Oh please, don't let them have found it.

Anyways, I need to explain you the next steps. I'm afraid, that you aren't safe on Heisenberg anymore. You need to get lost, too. Best would be to find a hideout, somewhere in the Nomad Worlds. The government won't search for you there.

About the experiment; when I left, your status didn't changed at all, everything was still okay. So I gave my medical robot orders, in case you'll wake up. Hopefully, everything went well!

Enough of words, I'm in a haste. Just one thing more, I've left you some Sirus credit cards in my private safe. It'll open with your voice. You can take everything you find in my rooms, too. I won't be able to get back there soon anyways.

If you'll still be alive, I'll find you. And if our experiment was successfull... that would be amazing. No, it would be revolutionary! Well, take care Lee! Farewell.


David Campbell

Well, that was something! Seems like my old friend is in serious problems. But the question is; am I? Actually I don't want to find out. So I searched for my stuff, and took the credit cards from the safe. Exactly 2 billion Sirius Credits! David must have thousands of private sponsors. Or it's robbed cash. But what do I care? I really needed it, since I got afraid, that I'll need some heavier protection in future. Mainly, something bigger to be able to rest in open space for months.

At last, I searched for some useful items in his rooms. And I've been lucky. I found enough clothes in my size, masses of food and consumer goods. And a real treasure: construction plans of a Gunboat prototype, signed by the Zoners. "Hathor", did the title say. It looked simliar to the "Conference", which I know already. So I ignored the large red letters on it, saying "Top secret", and took it with me.

Hours later, when I just left the Heisenberg, I already made myself a few thoughts about finding a spaceship constructor, who could fullfill my special order. I mean; 2 billions... no human being would deny it.

Entry #18 - Lovely holidays

• Date: 26 August 819

• System: Cortez

• Location: Planet Curacao, in a rented hotel suite.

• Topic: Lovely holidays

One day and two nights did the thunderstorm last. Two lovely nights. I've enjoyed every second, every lightning bolt which came down from the dark skies, and every kiss, being in close contact with her. The weather was actually doing me a favor in the end. We were forced to stay another day at the private research station on Cortez, until the storm has ended.

This early morning, I woke up, having Melosa lying in my fluorescent arms. She was still asleep, breathing slowly while her thorax lifts itself and lowers. And her lips, twinkeling innocent in the silver shine of the moonlight. Feeling happier than I've have been for a long time, I woke her up with a gently kiss on her cheek, followed by a row of kisses on her chest. Whereupon she moaned with pleasure, showing me a dozy face. "It's time, honey. Our taxi is waiting.", I've whispered.

One hour later, we were sitting on the backseats of a space taxi, heading for one of the most beatiful places on Cortez - "The Drunken Mermaid Lagoon". But how did that got so far? Well, it seems like we both did totally fell in love with each other. Melosa is like the lost counterpart in my life. We're so different as fire and water is, but still we fit together like born for each other. And so, we spontaneously rented a suite at the "Rising Starsphere" Hotel for two weeks.

A dream got fullfilled. Spending two weeks at the most beatiful place, I've ever seen at a planets ground. Together with my love. To describe my emotions and all the great things we've seen today, it'd need a new diary book I guess. So I'll keep it short. I can't imagine, that I'll ever forget those moments anyways. I hope, that I'll never need to...

However, I'm afraid, that this diary entry will be the last within the next two weeks, since there's just so much to do and see at this place. I can't wait to get my hands on my new ship aswell, but first I've got a holiday to enjoy. And I'm pretty sure, that I will. I won't have that much time for myself now anyways.

Una senora Melosa Sola got me now, the women, I've always been dreaming of.

Entry #21 - New horizons

• Date: 16 September 819

• System: Unknown

• Location: At the end of the world.

• Topic: New horizons

Open space. That feeling of absolute freedom and independency. Once the magic of the infinite world has taken hold, it will never let go. Boundless vastness, amazing nebulas, gigantic planets and unexplored asteroid belts. The dangerous universe has everything to offer. Except for human society, which can only rarely be found in unknown space. The strongest fear is still the loneliness. Even for me, being a rather introverted man, are human relationships the most important thing ever. And my love, the only counterpart of me, my ginger beauty. Melosa. She's my girl, and we've sworn to stay together to bring light into the darkest corners of Sirius.

So it was Narcotics maiden flight. A beauty of a ship it is. Floating through space like a sailing buzzard. That ship is exactly, what I've been looking for. It serves my the main purpose of exploration better than any other ship could. And as luck would have it, I've read a transmission, concerning an exploration job at the Sirius borders, near Gallia. The object was just as easy: "Hunting for hitherto unknown anomalies, as fully formed jump holes or possible weakness in the space-time continuum that may be further investigated for exploitation as potential jump gate sites." So much about their task explanation.

This early morning, when I've just reached New York, I've meet some young alien by chance. Or was it the other way round, and he found me? I can't say it. It was clear, that this thing was a "Learning-One", since I felt its first weak mindshare ability, trying to get access to my mind. Driven by curiosity I tolerated it and showed devotion. I've seen different pictures appearing in front of me. On one of them, I've recognized me, standing on a beach next to a young girl. It seemed as the alien was using parts of my memory, since that image reminded me of my holiday trip at Planet Curacao, together with Melosa. Anyhow, the allotriomorphic creature, was showing great interest in my knowledge, by asking questions about friendship, family and love. I've granted its wish, and tried to respond to his questions. Hopefully, it helped to expand its understanding. In the end, this was one of my most uncommon meetings with such called "Nomad". And I felt fairly happy about it.

After a long journey, I found myself at the borders of Sirius, or at least, what my definition of "border" used to be. Whatever, I had business to do. So I moved across the borders, and made my first steps on mostly uncharted space, keeping my eyes wide open for any abnormalities.

Meanwhile I've heard a muted inner language, calling myself on a path to new horizons. By the power of my wishes, desires, passions and love.

Entry #24 - Between nightmare and reality

• Date: 29 September 819

• System: Unknown

• Location: Narcotic, Storage Deck.

• Topic: Between nightmare and reality

Seven days. And I still can't believe, that I'm not dreaming. Everything started when I decided to enter el Mer Mediterainee in Provence, once more in hope to find something. And we entered the gates of hell itself. I've been pretty sure, that there wasn't any warnings of incoming Ion Storms when I've left the Freeport, but to not much avail now.

So we found ourselves in the middle of an enormous Ion Storm. I've never seen such terrifying natural phenomenon before. From one second to the other, all our systems went offline. The communication, navigation, and weapon systems were broken. Fortunately, my engineers managed to get the ship machines running mechanically. Still, I had to find an exit out of this disaster.

Since the monitoring system have refused the service, too. We had to navigate the ship manually. Which was a pain. Your eyes weren't able to see anything out there. Just blue thick clouds. What a sweaty affair it was... We could have blindly ran into a planet's atmosphere or large asteroid field. But we were lucky. After a while, we had visual contact to an unknown jumphole. Well, we had no clue, if that jumphole already existed in the gallic database. It could have been the Corse jumphole for example. But our navigation system were, as already said, dead. So I had to decide whether to stay in the deadly storm, or hope, that this unknown jumphole is stable. Intuitively, I controled the ship into the jumphole's center.

Suddenly I got blinded by a bright white light. My eyes felt like they were pushed through my brain... stunning pain. That was all I remembered, when I fell over and fainted.

I felt, like I've been asleep for years, when I woke up on the medical deck. Silence. The engines weren't running. No talking noise on the corridors. Deathly quiet. "Is this real?" I've asked myself. I had no proof for that. My legs hurted when I walked towards the door to the corridor. I had a nervous feeling when I left the room. Traces of blood. On the ground. At the walls. Human cadavers. Remnant of a furious battle. I've almost puked on the floor, when I abruptly heard strong human voices, coming down from the floor. I pushed my body at a wall into the shadow and listened. "The ship is ours, sir. We've jailed the survivors on deck 4 in the large common room." Two men in green uniforms went by right in front my nose. I cut the breathing. "No sight of the ship's captain, sir. No rescue capsules are missing aswell. We'll find him sooner or later."

When those two shapes in military uniforms passed by. I sneaked off to the Storage deck nearby. Where I'm hiding now, trying to figure out a plan. Hopefully, this entry won't be my last one...

Zones of Interest

Based on his liking to explore, he's actually interested in all system in whole Sirius. But there are some places where he's often around:



The Narcotic

Ship Class Gunboat
Built by Zoners
Captain Lee del Sol Verde
Technical information
Guns/Turrets 0 / 8
Class 8 Turrets
Cruise Disruptor

Train CD


Heavy CM

Hull strength 480,000 (x4.0)
Shield strength 140,000 Graviton
Cargo space 130 units
Nanobots/Batteries 370/370
Max. impulse speed 80 m/s
Max. thrust speed 140 m/s
Power output 450,000 u
Power recharge 45000
This is a player owned ship.

Hathor - Zoner Gunboat Prototype


• Material costs: 1217,294,000 SC.
• Construction costs: 1000,000,000 SC.
• Total shipcost: 2217,294,000 SC.



• 6x Basic Gunboat Turret
• 1x EMP-7 Gunboat Pulse Cannon
• 1x Gunboat Battle Razor

Combat Systems:

CM-5 Heavy Countermeasure Dropper

External Equipment:

Gunboat Graviton Shield
Cheetah Thruster

Internal Equipment:

Battleship Scanner
Capital Ship Armor Upgrade Mk VIII

Current Status

Lee is currently on a discovery tour through whole Sirius.

He keeps a Diary about his journey.

Ship Callsign

• [FL]-Narcotic
• [FL]-Nymeria
• Lee.Verde

Spoken Languages

Languages that Lee can speak:

• English
• Spanish
• German
• French
• Italian


Narcotic's Arms Store Shop is currently closed.

Communication Link


W.f.cody potrait.jpg
William Frederick Cody
W.F.Cody - weapon and equipment dealer - is one of the most popular and richest men within liberty. He's doing this business now since 817 AS. His name is well known by most of the people in whole sirius. Lee got to know him in late 817 AS during his first stay in Liberty.



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