Jack Cornelius Aubrey

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Jack, on the bridge of the Terminus
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Kingdom of Bretonia
Occupation Leader of Cerberus
Affiliation Cerberus
Rank CerberusSmall2.png Colonel

BAF Logo.png Captain MI52.png Tactical Advisor

Status Active
Born May 29 780 A.S., Planet Cambridge (Age 38)
Died Still Alive
I made an oath to save humanity by every mean possible. - Jack Aubrey to a Bretonia Armed Forces intelligence officer.

LoaderJAStory.png General Information

The Aubrey Family Coat of Arms.
Planet Cambridge, the birthplace of Jack Aubrey.

Jack Cornelius Aubrey (born May 29th 780, Planet Cambridge) was the leader of Cerberus, and a former career officer within the Bretonian Armed Forces. He is notorious for the assault on Emperor Jien Kogen's flagship, the Satsuma, back when he was a member of a loose organization known simply as Queen Carina's Royal Privateers, an unique unit of the Armed Forces with special training to act behind enemy lines. He was known to be the first commander of the HMS Greyhound, and to have served onboard it during the Battle of the Upper Taus.

Other rumors has that he is the third most richest Bretonian in Sirius, owning several small estates and companies, aswell for the High Peak Villa complex, located at south from Port Jackson, on Planet Gran Canaria.

There are aswell several urban legends about him, but they are mostly unrelated, like one saying that he successfully managed to escape the gravity well of Omega-41's neutron star, using a highly sophisticated device created by the famous researcher, Dave Synk. The other rumor being that he is somehow involved with the settlement on Planet Wichita of a secret facility, going by the name of Outpost X-58.


Sex: Male
Height: 1.87
Weight: 80 Kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Blonde
Service Record Code: 213127ADL
A communication hologram of Jack Aubrey.

LoaderJAStory.png Armed Forces Career

He joined the armed forces after the military academy, and continued the family tradition of their military career record. Jack's father was in fact a parlamentarian linked to the Ministery of Defense. He was assigned to the Cambridge local fleet, and managed to distinguish himself against Molly and Corsair targets, often found in the middle of a trade lane route, waiting for a prey.

LoaderJAStory.png The HMPS Greyhound

His life changed after that he was chosen by an internal department of the Armed Forces, the Queen Carina's Privateers. He earned his letter of marque the same day the letter that notified him that he was accepted. He took command of the newly commissioned HMPS Greyhound, a new type of destroyer. The HMPS Greyhound was later ordered to deploy in orbit around Planet Ayr, in Edinburgh, to keep an eye on Gaian activity, but the escalade in the war between Kusari and Bretonia forced the Admirality to assign the Greyhound's crew a new assignment. The Greyhound was thus deployed near Holman Outpost, in Tau-31, after that recent reports told of heavy Kusari Naval Forces units deploying to the same area aswell. The small group, formed by the Greyhound, a couple of support gunboats, and a handful of snubcraft vessels forced a preliminary embargo upon the Independent Mining Guild. But reports were right, one week later from when the Greyhound successfully established a block point near Holman Outpost, the Kusari Naval Forces battleship, the Nagasaki was spotten by the Greyhound.

The HMPS Greyhound landing on a desert beach of Planet Harris.

A furious battle enraged in the asteroid field of Tau-31 for almost a day, in which the loss of the Greyhound's support ship, the HMPS Worchester, forced the small unit to fall back in the MacDuff's sector. But several missiles from the Nagasaki crippled the engines of the Greyhound, and they did not manage to escape with the rest of the unit. The Greyhound provided covering fire while the rest of the unit falled back towards Planet Harris. But it was too late, several missiles and mortar shells hit the Greyhound in critical points, making her to lose life support sistems and navigational equipment. The wreck of the HMPS Greyhound drifted in the asteroid field for almost four days, before an Outcast patrol heading towards Newcastle found them. Life support sistems were repaired by the crew of the Greyhound, and they managed to get precious time for some friendly patrol to find them before the enemy could. The Outcasts gladly escorted them into Newcastle, in exchange for the Greyhound's stock of diamonds, coming from the Independent Mining Guild.

The Greyhound was later repaired at Scarborough Shipyard, in Newcastle. But bad news reached the crew of the Greyhound. While they were drifting in the asteroid field, not capable to repair the engines of the ship, and wondering why the enemy forces did not looked for them, they finally understood why. The Nagasaki lead the main attack force into Leeds, conquering Glasgow Outpost, and Stokes Mining Station. Reports mentioned that several privateer units were missing aswell.

The Greyhound's crew was then deployed in orbit around Planet Leeds, for orbital defense purposes. This duty lasted four months, until the command of the HMPS Greyhound passed to another commander. Rumors has that after being left without a command, he went on a personal endeavour on Planet Gaia.

The medal awarded to Aubrey by the Admirality to have fought in the battle of the Upper Taus.

LoaderJAStory.png Life after the career as a Privateer

After being dimissed with all the due honors from the command of the Greyhound, Jack started to travel a lot, especially towards points like Planet Sprague, Omega-41, Sigma-17, Sigma-19 seeking the truth about some documents that he found in the archives of the Armed Forces, archives talking about a specie going by the name of Slomon K'Hara, also called Nomads. The responsables for the war between Bretonia and Rheinland in 801 A.S.

On Planet Sprague he found what looked like a closed xenoarcheological dig site, being closed for a notable period of time, but thanks to his new rank and his connections within the Parliament, he managed to gain the necessary papers to access the abandoned facility with several Bretonian Police Authority officers. It is yet unknown what he retrieved in the old complex, but many speculations told that what he found was related to the proof that the Nomads were still in Sirius, somewhere.

During a small exploration of Sigma-60, onboard the Kusari Exploration vessel Sea Star, commanded by Shin Tsuo, a double-agent working for the Bretonian Government, they managed to discover SNGC-60b, a lone terrestrial planet.

The Sea Star.

The ground team managed to discover on the surface of the planet several burried temples, very different from the organic type of constructions made by the Nomads. The informations found within the ruins revealed the presence of a second alien race, The Phantoms.

The Sea Star left Aubrey on the OSC Luxury Liner Hawaii, heading to New London.

LoaderJAStory.png Private Life

Being the first born of Lord Robert Cornelius Aubrey, Jack inherited many of the family's belongings. Aswell for the financial holdings of the family, estimated to a rough four billion credits.

Many people that saw the underground vault beneath the High Peak Villa complex on Planet Gran Canaria may have noticed several Sol relics. Including the David of Michelangelo, the head of the Statue of Liberty, Sol medieval armors and war relics, paintings of Van Gogh, Picasso, Turner and several greek and roman articles.

LoaderJAStory.png Family Loss

In 817 A.S, a year of general calm in Cambridge, hell broke out. An unknown phantom ship got detected by the planetary scanners, alongside several armed forces and police pilots alike. The unknown ship did not stop when requested, and instead of firing on the local forces, they entered in the atmosphere of Planet Cambridge, and rigged their ship to explode with all the MOX inside. Causing the effect of several nuclear warheads hitting the same spot.

Unfortunately, Jack's family perished in the attack, alongside millions of other innocent civilians. Fortunately for Jack, he was on Battleship Norfolk when the alarm was triggered.

The loss of his family was a heavy blow. He swore that he would get the responsables for this, and he made an oath, an oath to destroy the alien species that plague Sirius, to avoid that other innocent civilian lives perish because of them.

He acknowledged in the same day, by an old Liberty Security Force agent retired on Cambridge Research Station, the existance of a rogue cell of the Liberty Security Force, going by the name of The Order. The name of this man is still unknown.

LoaderJAStory.png Towards the Edge Nebula

After that he self-dimissed himself from the Bretonian Armed Forces, and being discharged will all due honors from active service, he bought a small exploration vessel, with the intention to search for the whereabouts of The Order, driven only by a strong sense of venegeance.

The Endeavour, a heavily armed civilian gunboat left the docking space of Planet New London the 16th of March, 818 A.S. The crew was made by several old crew members from the HMPS Greyhound, devoted to Jack, willing to follow him to hell itself, Amanda Blake, the executive officer of the HMS Suffolk, Ian Pressly, the navigator of the HMS Bulwark, Dave Synk, a Deep Space Engineering researcher and scientist, Cayle Swanson, a libertonian mercenary, Pietro Sanchez, an outcast cook, Sarah Robertson, the medic of the ship, and brothers Joe and Bob, two black thugs working in the engines room.

Border World Exports provided supplies to Aubrey for four months, and the Armed Forces made him a courtesy by sending with him a platoon of marines, in case some Corsairs made a wrong move.

Jack Aubrey in his custom space survival suit, adapted for land operations aswell. The holographical interface to the mechanized units of the armor were created by ExoGeni. The armor is painted in military desert camouflage.

LoaderJAStory.png Reaching Omicron Minor

After two months passed in the Kiribati Asteroid Field, in Omicron Delta, looking for an old phased jumphole leading to Omicron Minor, they finally found it with the help of a Zoner Alliance trading ship.

The Endeavour reached Planet Toledo on August 817 A.S, and they were allowed to dock on the planet the same day by the local Order forces. Security around the planet was tight, as Jack could note, a strangely designed battleship, called by the agents Isis, was guarding the planet's docking ring.

LoaderJAStory.png First Impressions

The initial impression of the newly arrived guests for The Order wasn't what they expected. The frozen and barren Toledo forced the crew members of the Endeavour, to dwell in their exploration vessel for several days, since several heat generators were broken inside the Order's compound.

A surprise for Jack was to see the same Liberty Security Force agent on Planet Toledo, being actually a double-agent for The Order. The old agent told Jack to wait a few days, to wait that the Order would sort out the new recruits. The next day, Aubrey received his gear, alongside an old Bastet very heavy fighter.

The rest of the crew from the Endeavour helped the Order in scientifical research, while several Bretonian Armed Forces members that came with Jack joined their commander.

But the lack of morale within the Order was great, aswell for their living conditions. Jack knew that the situation could not go like that for forever.

LoaderJAStory.png A help from within

Being a well known element in Bretonia, Jack's main contact in the Order was Doctor Kendra Sinclair, an important member of the Royal Academy of Science, based on Planet New London. Kendra helped Jack many times, especially on some important things on the Slomon K'Hara, that later helped him to retrieve an important artifact from within the Nomad base in Chester. It is yet unknown what Aubrey and his team found there.

LoaderJAStory.png CERBERUS

Cerberus was the name given to an internal cell of The Order, founded by Aubrey and counting the crew of the Endeavour aswell for some Order agents. Little informations about this group are known to exist.

Jack Aubrey, on the bridge of the Terminus, setting the jump coordinates for Omicron Lost.

LoaderJAStory.png Personality

He is known to be a rather pleasant person, and an excellent commander noted for his ability to inspire and bring out the best in his men.

LoaderJAStory.png Curiosity

The personal fighter of Aubrey, a heavily modified Bastet made by The Order and modified by Cerberus is very curious, being colored in black and having two white crosses on its portwings.

LoaderJAStory.png Death/Disappearance

On April the 6th, while discharging the core of the Terminus after a jump sequence in the nearby system of Omicron 45, in orbit around Planet Lazarus, the Terminus got attacked by the Planetary Express Sun's Dawn Luxury Liner with a ruse of war. Explosive charges were set on the hull of the Terminus before the crew was able to understand what was going on. The crew of the Sun's Dawn, mostly comprised by paramilitary mercenaries employed by The Phantoms managed to force the docking bays and enter inside the warship.

Jack Aubrey and a handful of the bridge officers were cut off from the main defense block organized by the Terminus' crew. Little is known what happened but the personal escape shuttle of Jack Aubrey was missing, thus implying that they ejected from the Terminus, and landed somewhere on the garden-planet of Planet Lazarus, a complex of atolls, islands and archipelagos covered by a thick jungle.

The nearby zoner colony of Tel Vos alerted nearby Cerberus forces, thanks to the courage of a communication operator onboard the Terminus that sent a distress signal in the very assault momentum. Little is known what happened, but they are organizing an extensive research on the surface of the planet.

LoaderJAStory.png Rumors of return

Several unattended rumors say that Jack Aubrey, with some other survivors, are trapped on the Planet. Many others sustain that Jack perished while going down with the Terminus. Nothing is certain as these rumors have been, with all probability, forged.

LoaderJAStory.png Interesting Facts

  • He is rumored to finance his cousin's elections for the seat of governor of Planet Cambridge.
  • The rumor in which he died was fake, in order to catch the assassin known as Delta.
  • He was involved in the extraction of the Cerberus agent Chris Brown, in Operation BLACKOUT, using the infamous Cerberus Quick Response Unit, a highly trained and well equipped black ops unit within Cerberus. The squadron killed all the crew of the transport, executing everybody onboard the ship, except the local agent. Rumors has that Aubrey shot the Corsair captain at point-blank range to the head, after that the latter referred to him as a wretched bretonian dog. The transport was later left to drift towards the edge of Sigma-19. In 819 A.S, the Corsair explorer Emilio Portanera, discovered the wreck of the transport, only to apparently disappear, probably assassinated by Cerberus agents within the GMG, in order to keep the secret on what happened on the CNTS Il Sole.
  • The Kusari Government issued a 50.000.000 Sirius Credits bounty on his capture.
  • The Liberty Government issued a 75.000.000 Sirius Credits bounty on his capture, after the events of Outpost X-58, in which the Liberty Navy unit, the Midway, was shot down by a Cerberus land-to-space missile.
  • A bounty hunter, by the phantomatic name of Richard D. Grisson is tasked in perlustrating the planet where the Terminus crashed-landed.

LoaderJAStory.png Personal Relations

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Faction Relationship
Fleet Admiral James Ralston
Major Eriksson Ravenov
Colonel Dave Synk
Major Joe Daniels
Doctor Kendra Sinclair
Lieutenant Morrigan Black
X.O Amanda Blake
Captain Ain Graffias
N.O Ian Pressly
G.O Robert Dancourt
Major Jeremy Hunter
Corporal Axel Thomas
Director Regis Lawson
M Sarah Robertson
Admiral Tom Ramey
Captain Jessica Porter
Commodore Robert Lawrence
Commodore Blake Owen
Captain John Clay
Commander Deneth Aleski
New Dawn Operative Alpha
Lieutenant Evyn
Commodore Michal Golanski
Rear Admiral Caja Collister
Fleet Admiral Robert D'Souza
Fleet Admiral Tharog Frosthearth
Ezio della Francesca
ZTCC Millian
Doc Jameson
Max DeVirgo
Grand Marshal Lilith LaCroix
Emperor Jien Kogen
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