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*Incoming Transmission*
..Decryption in Process..
Message to:The Lane Hackers
Comm ID: Hakatoa Yamota

Konnichiwa Lane Hackers. With the aid of more skilled computer engineers available at my disposal, I hope that this message reaches you safely. I have much faith that with the aid of your software, and the minds of our Kusari engineers the message will be received.

I come to express some concerns over our recent relations. Although we may have our differences we are brought together by a commonality- Business. Our business enterprises into Liberty have dived under a certain level of expectancy. With our growing hostilities with the GMG, our artifact business declined slightly. But our syndicate has found a way to compensate for this, and our business is once again thriving. We may not enjoy each others company, but our business should not suffer because of it. We will shorty begin an increase in artifact convoys into Liberty. From there, I'm sure you will do what you have always done, and infiltrate the market.

What I am asking is for insurance of safety and discretion. Liberty is not the most friendly place, and we do not need the Lane hackers threatening our operations. I simply ask you to inform your colleges of our current dealings. Our business into Galileo should not be compromised by misinformed hackers and rogues. As always, we will unload the artifacts there. We can either unload the cargo at Leiden, or exchange the artifacts directly onto another transport. If you wish for the latter, I suggest organized meetings be arranged via S.K.Y.P.E communications. Details can then be discussed.

Another point of interest I wish to outline is discretion. We do not need our operations hindered by authorities, or by conflicting interests. Our operations have long remained a lucrative business, and I see no reason for this to be harmed by our- competitors. Our dealings shall remain in secret, between each business partner. We do not to openly express our dealings.

I understand the need to remain safe under the authorities. We have already invested heavily to keep certain things.. Under wraps for the sake of our business. I believe with an organized system, we can avoid these conflicts with kusari authorities by meeting outside of Kusari. There we will be able to freely import and export supplies as we require. You will then have no need to endanger your supplies, and your pilots by entering Kusari.

We await your reply-

Hakatoa Yamota of the Black Dragon Society.

//My apologies, I wasn't trying to blame you for distrubing relations of any sorts and I'm sure it was a one time occurance. I do believe that it is a possibility that they may have been lolcappers. I just used it as recent evidence to drive my point further:)

I will be happy to see the renewed, steady-again stream of Hogosha ships making their way to the Galileo system. The Junkers would not understand our motives, I'm sure of that. But they don't ask questions when the Artifacts reach Rochester for a fair price. They might be handled by the Rogues in the process, too... smuggling things through any of the Liberty systems seems to be their favorite. The exchange can take place on Leiden, I hope it's convenient for you as well. I'm maintaining a full series of ships on the base, including a minimum of one transport and a Pirate Train that should always be close by. I agree that no one needs to know about the deal. There might be some of our smugglers passing by through New Tokyo at times. We have not been succesful in finding a jump hole route to avoid the system so far. Perhaps you could arrange for the right placement of Kusari authorities to allow undisturbed passage of the few ships that will be moving around some warez few times a week. I'm sure we could drop off some good stuff at Kabukicho, too - even without anyone noticing.
From Alliance of Freelancers

To: Criminals of liberty

Today, 3 AoF members were involved in helping a Rheinland Battleship get out of liberty after a visit to Connecticut. We headed off and started to teh texas gate, keeping away from any trade lane or populated area, only to fin dthat there was an army waiting for us at the gate. We still decided to honor the contract and go for it. we protected the Battleship to teh best of our abilities until it made it to hudson and got away, we recieved our payment and dissengaged all hostiles. We were chased, which was expected. Only one of us survived.

So i am messeging to appologise for helping teh battleship and we will take greater care in our decisions for which contract we do in the future. We hope that no grudge will be held against any of the other AoF members and hope to not be kill on sight within Liberty and we will always try our best to fulfil a contract from anyone who wants it completed.

We are loyal to contracts and would always be happy to do the same for you whether it be escorting your smugglers or destroying a target.

//It was a very fun event in the end as we hope you thought so too.
p.s. i dunno if this was the correct place to post but this is where phate said i should so yeh..

Well, your so-called freelancer cartel is certainly not in good standing with the Lane Hackers (and Liberty Rogues as well, probably) because you somehow managed to interfere with a joint LR/LH bombing operation, but there were other coincidences ...


No member can collect bounties offered by the Lane Hackers unless he/she does 2 hits for free, then you may be allowed to participate in eradicating those uncomfortables and receive money for it.

Any transport ship within Liberty and bordering systems can be, of course, freely pirated. It's up to the individuals to treat you however they wish.
Message to: Lane Hackers
Comm ID: Major Gunther Hoerst, Red Hessian Army
Location: Vogtland Base, Dresden

Greetings, Hackers.

I represent the Red Hessian movement with a business offer. Our own transports will soon enough grace the presence of the Galileo system in order to deposit their cargo to the Rogue bases present there. Our contacts have informed us of a very specific commodity available on the Lane Hacker base there... Leiden, was it? To cut to the point we are most interested in your counterfeit software in order to maintain our link into the Sirius neural net, and are prepared to ship them out in bulk on our return to Rheinland. We will of course pay the going rates for the software like any other tradeship docking there. We do not expect security, but we do expect an exemption from your cargo reappropriation actions against our transports on their journey through Liberty space.

As you are probably already aware, our movement is heavily involved in fighting off the Liberty Navy advance into the Bremen, Hudson, Bering and Hamburg systems both directly (by engaging their forces whenever possible) and indirectly (by funding and supplying factions with vested interests against the Liberty government's impending annexation of Hudson and Bering). Cooperation in this case will only help both our organisations, and might deal greater damage to both the Liberty and the fascist Rheinland government in the long term. I hope for a positive answer.


Dear Major Hoerst,

We approve of this business offer. If this is meant to be a mutual non-hostility pact regarding faction-affiliated smugglers in the others' zone of influence, it's in immediate effect. Our faction smugglers should be carrying a Hacker IFF, Hacker or Smuggler ID and have a Hacker pilot & 1 unit of Cardamine on board. We ask for the same treatment.

I think we could go as far as to extend it - the Lane Hackers can offer you protection in Kepler, Galileo and Shikoku if you're moving goods to or from these systems, or escorting such vessel. If you wish and if you have something to offer in return, it can be arranged.

Best wishes,

dep. director Phate, Lane Hackers.
Message to: Lane Hackers
Comm ID: Major Gunther Hoerst, Red Hessian Army
Location: Vogtland Base, Dresden

All right, we can agree to mutual protection of smuggling ships in our respective territories. The Red Hessian Army is willing to spare vessels to answer calls for help from Hacker smugglers from within the New Berlin, Dresden and Stuttgart systems, as well as (depending on the situation) the Omega border worlds.

Since we are extending the pact further, our own transport pilots have been aware of a route that bypasses the rather crowded Texas system for some time now. This path is safe in general, but just in case of any emergencies we are asking to extend your protection pact to the Ontario, Cortez and Magellan systems just so we can be sure that our cargo can make it way out of that part of Liberty safely.

The other point we wish to make is that your smugglers refrain from selling Cardamine in bulk to bases within Rheinland. Despite our... mutual agreement with the Outcasts, we do not approve of their drugs infesting our Fatherland. Any Hacker smuggler carrying his shipment to Liberty (or other systems outside of Rheinland) however will still be helped if calling from the systems outlined above.

I do hope that these terms are acceptable.

Major Hoerst

To : Interested Parties among the Red Hessians, et al

In point of fact, the Lane Hacker Piracy Protocols have recently been updated as follows

Quote:8) Vessels carrying software shall not be taxed or interfered with in any way unless they belong to Ageira, DSE, Gaians, Corsairs, Xenos, or Bounty Hunters, in which case the entire cargo shall be confiscated. All other vessels with software shall be assisted as the circumstances dictate.

These "rumors" of a Lane Hacker base in Galileo are completely false and misleading. We have no such installation in the system and the Junker who is selling such information is simply looking for an easy mark for his lies, which shall not persist past his first encounter with a Lane Hacker. The sole Lane Hacker outpost consists of a measly and insignificant abandoned storage depot floating in a highly radioactive debris field created by Ageira's greedy malfeasance, nefariousness, and persistent desire to avoid bathing according to the custom of Xenos. It is not open to visitors because the plumbing cannot stand the additional strain, so there is no point in telling you of its location.

All commerce conducted by the Lane Hackers transits through Ames Research Facility in Kepler, and comes with my complete assurance that it is all perfectly legal, legitimate, and morally & financially profitable.

Regarding cardamine, the Lane Hackers have no desire to misdirect any cardamine shipments from Liberty into Rheinland space, as this would be counterproductive, wasteful, and detrimental to our interests, which solely revolve around the discombobulation of Ageira and the impending enlightenment of Liberty via cardamine. If the Red Hessians or any other friendly organization locates cardamine in their territory, we request that it be directed to an appropriate Liberty installation without delay, and without "shrinkage".
...crude hacking attempt recognized and qaurantined...
...debugging and accessing for assesment...

*static* bloody thing on Murph?

Aye Cap', ye'er on.

Er' Ello lads.
Tim Finnegan 'ere. We've mutual interests I'd wager.
Aside from frustratin' th' petty thieves and various policin' agencies, some of th' work I'm most proud of is the work I've done in Liberty.
I work with cardy addicts.
You know, helping them get thier start.
As these cardy addicts rot out the bottom of thier society I recruit the most ardent and healthy from the top to work in the fields of Malta.
Well lads, I've just crossed a milestone, and wish ter celebrate it. I've relocated my millionth Liberty citizen to a fruitful job on Malta.
This hae been wildly succesful fer me, and I just know it's amused ye no wee bit.
I've always loved the lines of a big ungainly ship, thus me affinity wi' me Pilgrim Liner.
An' although I've only seen drawings on pub napkins and shadowy photos on newsreels, I must say that Spyglass of yers looks to be quite poss'bly onna th' most beautiful ships I've lain me eyes 'pon, in all me days.

//that said, I've placed a request in Special Roleplay requests, as well as this Roleplay line that you'll find as post #3 HERE for permission to fly a badly underpowered Spyglass class battleship.
It has not been reviewed yet, but when it is I will place a link to the QnA HERE

~Please contact me by PM or secure channel if ye need further explanation than the RP and the answers given in the special request. Ongoing Roleplay Event based around this request can be found HERE~

-the sirius tech box for this is white, Junker Guard ID to Lane Hacker tech- but...
Ultimately, it matters not whether this is strictly allowed by the rules or the admins.
In the end if the Lane Hackers are purely against it, and have at least done me the honor of hearing me out, I will abide by your will. Honor matters more than cash, reputation, or even life, for without it one's promises are hollow and fullfillments inadequate. //

I wanted ter thank ye lads fer the escorts ye've provided, and the hospitality in Magellan by sharin' me wealth, //Liscensing fee in the hundreds of millions// an' wanted ter get a name or account number through which ter arrange it.

I look forward to further communication on this matter, and would love ter siddown on Mactan fer a pint or three, on the Wake's tab.

Right. *footsteps*

*ping* *muffled voices* *ping*

Murph! Turn the bloody thing o...*static*

EDIT: - IF approved, the new Wake will only be used for escorting smuggling convoys (of a size heretofire unseen!) and escort of the Ambassador. Only secondary weapons will be equipped, as this is NOT to be used in PvP or military matters of any kind, but for self defense and escort defense.
***Attempting hack...***
***Hack Failed***
***Transmitting message to lane hacker bases...***


A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a member of the Lane Hackers concerning change of supplies. A load of valuable goods were delivered to us, the hogosha, and in return we are to supply a load of artifacts back.

I am glad to announce that that artifact convoy has reached Kabukicho depot in the New Tokyo system, after being hindered twice in the Sigma systems by the Gas Miners Guild and the Outcasts. Nonetheless, I am willing to negotiate that deal we had... Please note that I will be on the look out for the ships that I have seen previously: and I will deliver the goods whenever possible.

Junichi Hideaki of the Black Dragon Society out.

***Transmission Cut***