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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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***Transmission STARTS***

Comm ID: Artur von Seelenburg, Foreign Minister of the IMG
Origin: Holman Outpost, Tau-31
To: The Lane Hackers of Magellan

Not a very long time ago, a group of workers, members of the Independent Miners Guild, took over the base many people know under the name of "Freeport 4" nowadays. It was our highest interest to keep a neutral profile to be able to mine gases nearby without fearing criminal activities or lawful oppression. As a side effect, we learned about your faction and your noble cause and decided to support it by shipping vital commodities like food, pharmaceutics and consumer goods to the Freeport for you to get a hand on them and to ease your struggle for survival and justice. This was many years ago and since then you prospered without a doubt. And reading the latest reports that came on the desk of our defense minister, it seems you already forgot WHO'S SUPPORT kept you alive and ensured your growth over the decades! What the hell were you thinking when you disrespected our Freeport's rules and even attacked our security personnel alongside a PHANTOM TERRORIST!?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!


Hackers, as the High Council of the Independent Miners Guild ordered me, I am hereby offering you a last chance to apologize, to respect our Freeport rules that forbid hostiles in a range of 5k of the station AND to offer you vital support as always.
In case you don't find the courage to confess your fault, as you lost the way of your nobel cause as it seems to us, bear in mind that your fleet wasn't the only one that grew in the last decades.

So make a choice: Fight us and starve on your bloody rocks or Coexist with us as we always (successfully) did.

In hope,
Artur von Seelenburg

***Transmission ENDS***
Connecting to Secure channel 5-***-***-***-32...
Password required...
Password entered, verifying...
Password accepted..
Legion Secure line opened...
Message status: in progress...

Comms ID: Executive Commander Aethelu
Target ID: Director Moriarty

Greetings Director. After discussions with Supreme commander Aralie, it has been brought to my attention the... 'Issue'. well, for your, and our peace of mind, i am confirming this message. The Legion will offer the Lane hackers full, unflinching support, for whatever the outcome of the 'issue', you have my word.

Also, any Legion member denying the Lane hackers any assistance, is to be reported to me, and he/ she will be dealt with accordingly. I hope this is what you were hoping for, Director. Now, if you would excuse me, i have some more paperwork to sift through. Good day, Director.

Executive Commander Aethelu, signing out.

Message status: complete...
Message Sent...
Closing connection...
Transmission ended...

To :
Artur von Seelenburg, Foreign Minister of the IMG

1. Stationing a capital class warship in Magellan without prior request or even notification is an act of hostile aggression under any normal diplomatic standard.

2. Threats of attack from said vessel upon Lane Hackers is unquestionably an act of hostile aggression, bordering on a de facto declaration of war.

3. Mobilization of any available resources to protect a fellow Hacker from hostile aggression is responsible, honorable, and unquestionably an act of self-defense.

4. IMG made the first, and the second hostile move. Lane Hackers responded to a threat upon an ally made by a vessel that has no purpose other than making war. Such a vessel can have no reasonable mission in our system other than making war upon us, as his threats demonstrated.

5. The captain of the [IMG]Endeavor.Ian no doubt is suffering from a bout of mental instability, as evidenced by nearly a quarter of an hour of babbling from his comm system using phrases that are well known to us as the ravings of a non-cardamine enhanced mind. Specifically, he constantly transmitted a tonal code consisting of " // " followed by inane gibberish. No doubt your Medics will want to quarantine him for evaluation, and we expect that he will not be returned to the command of any warship until he has received a complete psychiatric enema. In light of this, his testimony is hardly credible evidence.

6. Fighters conduct patrols. Capital class vessels are deployed to begin, and end wars.

7. An apology is indeed required here, but not from any Lane Hackers.
***Initializing unencrypted broad band Transmission***

Comm ID: Artur von Seelenburg, Foreign Minister of the IMG
Origin: Holman Outpost, Tau-31
To: The Lane Hackers of Magellan

A poor answer to read, Moriarty. Not only the lane hackers seem to have lost track of their noble cause - now it turns out, that even the head of this rottened bunch him self has lost track of his subordinates' activities!
You may have understood the deployment of the Endeavor as an initial action since you lack input of your fellow hackers. But in fact, it was nothing more but a reaction to constant violation of Freeport rules which we tried to enforce to maintain independence. Further more, I am not surprised about the frequent violations from your criminals since even you, their leader, don't seem to understand the principle of those rules. So let me tell you into a secret: It doesn't matter what floats around in the range of a Freeport. If its a Corsair Titan, an Outcast destroyer or a bloody Battle Cruiser of the owner of the station.
Indeed, even to me, the report of the said captain of that Battle Cruiser looked quite carried away. But after understanding the essence (you allying with terrorists against us because of senseless blood thirst) and combining that with your freshly displayed thoughts about those who fed you for such a long time being aggressors, do make me believe that he isn't the only person around here that can be suspected to have mental problems.

So lets get to the bottom line, Moriarty. If you want to continue further engagements against the Independent Miners Guild's bases and ships, thats OK for me. Because then, we wont just stop supplying the Freeport with vital commodities you need, but we will even stop running it as a Freeport. A common mining base form next door suits the new scenario better. Since the nearby criminals don't see a reason to respect the Freeport's rules, We don't see one for the lawfuls of Bretonia or Liberty to respect it either.


Interesting ... the most astonishing fact of all these eventual consequences, of these ... changes to that guilds base is, that the High council put the decision itself into your hands to decide. After reading your ... "response", it doesn't really reflect my personal opinion anymore - but that isn't of a relevance right here.
So, like it or not, your next answer will contain this decision. So choose your words wisely. Because god knows, you really should.

Artur von Seelenburg

PS: I learned that gunfire only tends to impress coward Criminals. I also learned however, that hunger impresses them ALL.

***Transmission ENDS***
---Initiating Hack---

---Hack Finished: elapsed time 9 minutes. Your intrusion into LH secure comms has been logged---

---Enabling Encryption---
--Intiating Transmission--

Comm ID: Crime Boss Sylpheed
Location: Montezuma Base

I apologise for the intrusion into your little argumant with the IMG, however I feel it prudent to remind you that it is not only the Lane Hackers that rely on the IMG freeport for basic supplies. As your allies I would hope that you would take into account our position should anything happen to threaten the nature of the freeport. Perhaps burying the hatchet and ensuring that the freeports rules are respected in the future. The IMG perhaps can ensure that no matter the reason they equally do not threaten the Hackers for being there. I believe comprimise is the only solution to a problem that will affect more than just the two parties directly involved.

Sylpheed out.

--Ending Transmission--
---Deactiviting Encyption---

---Hack terminated. Please note your route has been logged---

To : The Grand Master of the Blue Lotus Syndicate

The Lane Hackers desire a trade of resources for our mutual benefits. We have recently learned that your expanded Cardamine operations have created a shortage of labor on your plantations on Planet Malta. Two of our transports are en route with "volunteers" from Liberty to work your plantations.

An appropriate gift in return for this generosity would be 2 Infernos.

To : Lohingren of the Reapers of Sirius

We have procured a number of ARCHANGEL weapons that we are willing to offer in exchange. We offer 7 ARCHANGEL guns for 15 Kraken Type 2 cannons.
Incoming Transmission
Comm ID: Grand Master
Target: Moriarty

Excellent, as always. Be sure to send them to our Labor Processing Division in the capital city Sicily, as we like to keep stock. I'll have Carina load the two Infernos onto her ship and she'll make the delivery herself.

End Transmission
Incoming Transmission
Comm ID: BLS flagship MNS Carina
Target: Moriarty

My apologies, most esteemed Senior Director, but there seems to be a mistake. I can not believe that this has not passed my desk sooner, as it is a dated message, but I must ask that you include me and this, the BLS's flagship, on the list of allowed Hacker Gunships. You yourself have personally seen it and have not attacked, so I must assume that we are allowed to possess it.

Most sincerely,


End Transmission

From: Reaper Flagship Silent Edge
To: Lane Hacker's Secure Channel

Greetings my friend good to hear from you has been a while.

I will be most definitely accept your gracious offer, i shall transport the weapons to our usual spot come tomorrow morning.

Till then my friend


From:Reaper Flagship Silent Edge
To:Lane Hacker Command

Greetings again my friend

The shipment of 15 Krakan Type 2's has been complete, i thank you for your gracious payment and hopefully will do business again with you soon.

The shipment is lying in wait on Mactan. Have fun