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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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...Comm Patching initiated...

ERR: No Reg Diplo_Chan

Rerouting: Bypass default Comm ID

Transmission Incom-ERR: Encryption Matrix 1988093408542598000558...

Continue? [Y]/N

Transmission Display: Well, greetings, Lane Hackers. My name is Kasr Vemm,and I am a fairly, ahem, independent 'Techno-Pirate'. While I share many trade similarities to your group, I prefer to retain my relative 'freedom'. I have recently come into possession of enough credits to finally become, ha, 'credible' as an independent hacker. My purpose for contacting you regards the purchase of some of your equipment. With my newfound wealth, I have decided to purchase what may be defined as a 'ship upgrade'. I seek to obtain one of your LHX-F1A "Bayonet" Heavy Fighters, with a full loadout of your A-Series Hellflurry Tachyon cannons.

I have exceeded the current capacity for the application of function of the fighter I originally 'borrowed' from a ship dealer on Eire. I can no longer function effectively or efficiently without an upgrade. I await your reply as to my request.

ERR: Consistency Detected:::

:::Source Lost:::

:::Hack Terminated, Have a Nice Day!
***Transmission incoming***
***Comm ID: HellStorm***
***Location: Mactan***

Greetings, well maybe i couldn't help much with hunters.. they seems to be in big ships or not even close to Liberty.. so i need maybe a bit bigger ship like a Bomber and Broadsword would fit best i think.


Tim Alvarado.

***Transmission terminated***
...uploading data...

Kasr Vemm :

Your requisition of a Bayonet fighter is approved, along with the appropriate accessories for the future disruption of Liberty's incestuous corporate hierarchy.
***Transmission incoming***
***Comm ID: HellStorm***
***Location: Mactan***
Greetings, again.. days in Liberty got me.. Mercanary is not something with what i can change way Liberty works. I am talking with some friends on Mactan for Lane Hacker identification codes for my new Sabre. Still bomber is a bit slow for those damned Navy fighters.. and capitals are not easy to dodge. Soon i guess we will fight under the same flag with brand new sabre.

Tim Alvarado.

***Transmission terminated***
[Image: Scroll1.png] Junkers
Quote:To Lane Hackers
[color=#000000]Deal Proposal______________________

In regards To: All Lane Hacker Personelle...
Our alignments fall very close together and we dwell close to each other. We are not happy
with the local house corps. and our militar ships are held as hostile by house corps. This
makes you a prime candidate to use our "Pirate Corp." services. We would love to see a
mutually beneficial agreement together in a long term contract.
We wish for you and your ships to>
(1) Allow all ships tagged JC|, JN| & JM| to move, unipeeded, through your
ZOI. No taxing our ships or pirating our cargo...
(2) Aid JC|, JN| & JM| ships as a basic escort assist. Only if needed.
(We will pay for any escort fees, send bills in PM to me)
We and our ships wil>
(1) JM| ships will aid you as a basic escort assist. Only if needed.
(2) We will offer [Smuggling] [Muscle] [Escorts]
The mutual protection part of the proposal can start upon accepting but our "Pirate Corp." services
are still geering up and it may be some time before I have the personelle for it.
$100,000,000 - Signing bonus for you
...uploading data...

To the Leader of the Local Junker Rabble Whose Name Does Not Appear in His Proposal :

We accept the terms of your request, pursuant to the discretion of whichever Lane Hacker is greeted by its terms, as circumstances warrant.

Specifically, we will refrain from harassment of your activities
so long as they do not conflict with our own. We will also provide assistance on a circumstantial basis, and will accept it from you similarly.

You should note that all cardamine shipments into or through Liberty are expected to supplement our personal needs, and we make no exceptions for this. We also will not allow artifact shipments from the Corsairs into or through Liberty unless they originate at our Galilean facility supplied by our Hogosha contacts, and again we make no exceptions for this.

You may keep your credits; Ageira's loss prevention division has been exceptionally incompetent over the past year, from their perspective.

Assistance with cargo disposal will be appreciated.
<strike>Sending transmission...
To: Lane Hacker Diplomatic Channel
Subject: Fighters, Weapons, and Gunships

This is Captain Ayumu Ishida, you should know me rather well by now.

It appears that the time has come to renew the registration of my 13GS-1 model gunship, the Apparition. You should still have the records of my initial request on this channel.

I have enclosed combat data regarding its performance against several Corsair capital ships and bombers and an Order bomber when they attacked Malta. It worked quite well, even able to evade a direct assault from at least two bombers.

There's also my own personal fighter, an older-model Shamshir has been using Hacker-produced Tachyon cannons; I received replacement parts from the Hellfire Legion, but my contact seems to have retired. While I've upgraded the model enough to handle Outcast-produced tachyon weapons, I would prefer to continue using the Hellflurries because my targeting computer is already calibrated for them.

We're working on preparing the schematics; when they're complete, we will send them to you so you can use the updated model. Assuming, that is, that you haven't been working on your own upgrades.

As for further business, I'm interested in gaining general access to your fighters, bombers, and equipment for Mirage. All of our pilots are chosen by myself and Tiana*, so you can be certain that they will not be abused. We can also share combat data on these fighters, as the Omicrons are a very different environment from Liberty - this should help you develop even more capable vessels.

We are, of course, prepared to provide something more tangible and immediate as well.

In summary:
  • Updating the registration of 13GS-1 Gunship Mirage|MNS-Apparition
  • Requesting permission to continue using A30 "Hellflurry V" tachyon guns and turrets on Mirage|Ayumu.Ishida
  • Requesting permission for the rest of Mirage to use Hacker fighters, bombers, and equipment. In exchange, we can offer supplies, combat data, and perhaps other things.
Until I receive a response, both of my ships using Hacker technology are grounded.

-Captain Ayumu Ishida
313th Special Operations Squadron "Mirage", Squadron Commander
Praemonitus Praemunitus

End of transmission

(//EDIT: Withdrawing for various reasons that will soon be very obvious.)

Greetings to the stalwart Mollys!
As you well know, the forces of indiscriminate tyranny are ever encroaching on our very doorstep, as recent events demonstrate.

Therefore, in light of the history of amicable relations between our factions, The Lane Hackers have a favor to request from the Mollys.

We are not so impertinent as to fail to offer even more in return, however. Before we make a request, we shall first fulfill a request from the Mollys as a token of our goodwill and friendship.

Our mission specialists stand by to construct an operation best suited to acquiring what may be of value to you. Do you need intel on Gaian perfume imports? BAF romantic liaisons with the cannibals? BPA's drunken inability to dock with trade lanes before the fifth attempt?

We await your request.
------Incoming Transmission------
  • [color=#FFFFFF]-- Transmission Source: Arranmore base
    -- Dispatcher ID: Colin Breen
    -- Recipient ID: Professor Moriarty
    -- Encryption: Level X
[font=Agency FB]
If ye were able tae get intel on Coorsairs an' their activ'ties near Bretonia, I'm guessin' that'd be yooseful enou' to us. Also, if ye could take a peek up in the Taus an' point yer peepers at the KNF, we'd be oobliged as well.

'Course, I donniken what yer request from oos is, so I cannae say exactly what we'll be needin' froom ye... but what I've asked seems like it could coover moost things, dependin' on how thorough o' a job ye do, aye?

An' as a sidenote here,
We're in possession o' a Broadsword bomber, evidently given too oos by ye a while back. A lotta the records were lost back in the day, as the transfer froom ould council too the new council ended oop wi' a lot o' paperwork lost. I'm just askin' fer yer blessin' fer oos too continue usin' that oul' ship.


[font=Agency FB][color=#FF0000]------End Transmission------

Molly representative Colin Breen :

Two reconnaissance missions will be formulated immediately. The nature of such operations require some time before completion, thus we will establish further contact when valuable data is available for transmission.

The matter of the Broadsword is under review.