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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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(01-29-2015, 07:41 PM)Vladimir Scorpius Wrote: [ -> ]

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Mr. i-will-do-as-i-please FynnMcScrap,

If you want compromises, you will get the one. You and the offending pilot will show up together for the meeting with Mr. Yoshida.

That is the only acceptible solution I can see. However, I do wonder, what does your pilot have to hide for you to be afraid to send him to a meeting between esteemed Hacker who is known for standing by his word and fullfilling his side of the promises. Perhaps your pilot is a double-agent for Liberty Government? Or corporate spy of Interspace? Who knows? We don't care. He will show up for the meeting with you, or without you. That is now up to you.

If the following message is not sent to M. Yoshida to discuss meeting place and time, do not bother pinging my inbox again. As I will be pinging and poking more than your inbox.

That is acceptable.
And I thank Mr. Scorpius for this compromise.

As Mr. Scorpius insists on not being bothered I will send this message over the already used diplomatic channel to you, Mr. Yoshida.

Due to the sensitive nature of the cargo and due to its value I suggest meeting at an easily reachable and neutral place like Puerto Rico. As far as I know the Lane Hackers have a good standing with Congress and the overzealous Libertonian eyes will have problems seeking us all there.

As a sign of our respect and gratitude towards this compromise I offer to carry along all the iterms we managed to secure, increasing the total to [8] small and [6] medium objects.

John Kurt and I will wait upon your response now.

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

Fynn McScrap you're a talented man. One of your talents is that you managed to make two professionals run out of patience. I will tell you your other virtues when we meet in-space.

Unfortunately the Junker Guard system is hostile for the ship I'll use and far from my base of operations. You and Blackfeet meet me outside the Junker depot named Thunder Bay, in half an hour from now. Don't make me wait.

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

As far as I know cardamine is being produced only on Planet Malta, Mr Crowe. Since it is for Lane Hacker consumption, we want the substitute to be fresh and only the farmers of Malta can provide that.

Prove your worth, and we will certainly talk again.
[Image: DC8NzNi.png]

I'm delighted to announce that your request was fulfilled, Mr. Yoshida. You'll find a more details in the following attachment:

As you can see we delivered a total amount of 14.020 units of Cardamine from Planet Malta to Rochester Base.
12.000 units are stored in Rochester's storage rooms, ready to be picked up by your people.
1000 units are reserved for the Rogues residing on Rochester as a token of good will from us.
1020 units were sold to the Junkers directly and they'll manage the further distribution. Most likely it will stay within Liberty space and reach locations like Planet Manhattan and Planet Houston if I had to make a guess.

I hope The Lane Hackers are pleased with how everything went, Mr. Yoshida. Now you'll have to excuse me, but we have to see how to get one of our ships safely out of Liberty.

[Image: EeReiLq.png]

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

I am pleased Mr Crowe. With your efficiency and speed.

Before we continue however, I'd like to know your group's disposition towards the Hokama Shogunate and perhaps if you had any former dealings with them.
[Image: hR8RMGU.png]

Good day.

I'm Flora, and I'm speaking on behalf of a Gaian cell known as "the Watchers". As I said before, during my meeting with sir Yoshida, I'm more than interested in reducing the hostilities between our groups.

I'd like to hear about the possibilities mentioned by sir Yoshida.
I think we can both agree that confilct between us is, well, an unnecessary and rather inconvenient thing. Getting rid of it would rather benefit us both, no?
I'll be awaiting your answer.

Clean skies.

[Image: SjSyxu4.png]
[Image: DC8NzNi.png]

I'm glad to hear that.

We had no dealings with the Shogunate as of yet.
So far we get tolerated and our pilots exchanged a few adequate words on our rare encounters with their pilots around Ainu Depot.
We obviously approve of such actions as the recent blockade between Liberty and Kusari executed by them since we welcome any kind of disruption of "legal" trade.

[Image: EeReiLq.png]

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

I see.

Mr Crowe, I should inform you that our bases are adequately supplied from our smuggling rings and the local Junker hirelings, so we do not at the moment require any extra help. If a situation arises I will certainly contact you. You have also been granted access to our 3 hideouts in Liberty; Leiden Base, Mactan Base, Cochrane Depot. Since the Network does not have its own IDs, you can use Freelancer papers in order to circumvent the docking issue that you now have.

You were asked about the Network's status with the Blood Dragons, because they actually require assistance. Should you be interested, you can contact them and tell them that you were sent by the Lane Hackers, use my name if you have to. This is the channel they use.

[Image: lbIXDS6.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

Hello Flora.

I have discussed with my colleagues the prospect of a ceasefire. You're no corporate weasels or naval bullies. And in fact we have a lot of common enemies.

As you may well know, the natural enhancer cardamine has broadened our minds and this allows us to not hold petty grievances generated by the actions of former, more radical Gaian cells.

In return, we'd like to receive intel from your pilots if requested by LH~ ships. Particularly juicy intel can be sent over the neural net and it will be well-rewarded, of course. So what do you think of my proposition, Flora?
[Image: DC8NzNi.png]

Once again: I'm glad to hear that.

We will see if we will use your proposed workaround to access your hideouts. I doubt Mr. Silverthorne will agree to such a "corruption of our identity" sadly.
Be assured that we will contact the Blood Dragons to offer our support. In fact I will get to that right after this message got sent to you.
The Network thanks you for the business and forwarding us to another potential business opportunity.

Robert Crowe out.

[Image: EeReiLq.png]