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I am sorry if I have not been clear enough in previous transmission. Let me try again.

There will be no exchange or further dealings with Der Alster Union untill the negotiations opened by your very organization are concluded one way or another.
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From: Copper Dust
To: Mr Jaws
Encryption: Arrasta Civilian
Encryption: High
Topic:RE:Counterfeit and hacking software

Good day to you again, mister Jaws
Forgive me for the long respond. I was very busy in Omicrons and the connection was bad enough. Now I returned to the Republic of Liberty and can talk with you again.
My background? Huh, interesting question... First of all, I'm not the part of any existing factions or military groups. I'm the person, who is working on herself. A special operative who pursues her own goals and objectives. I would say that the military can consider my actions like criminal, but I was lucky enough to hide myself from their eyes. I think, that everything, that you want to know right?
Also, I assume, that you need more details about my target. If I'm right, let me know, and I will tell you more. And I would like to ask you to name your price now.

Copper Dust.

[Image: 113b.png][Image: 2.png]

Miss Dust,

Firstly, welcome back to Liberty.

You have this delightful way of saying a lot about a little.

So far you have been rather vague with your request... I cannot proceed without knowing exactly what it is you require. Please provide me with the details and full technical specifications of the intended target. Also, I will need to know what exactly it is you intend to do. Your initial request suggests that you lack the understanding or the capability to correctly operate the droid once successfully intercepted.. Maybe you could enlighten me further.
Cochrane Depot, Ontario
8. September, 824 A.S.

Sender: Jackie Vincet, Sharpshooter.
Recipient: The Lane Hackers
Topic: Bounty Registration


Not much to know about me other than that I sympathize for your cause, however I'm not really one to make permanent commitments. I'm here to register for your blanket and assassination contracts. Nothing more since my vessel isn't cut out for shipping goods or whatever other commodities you deal with. As for my skills, I don't keep track of how many, so I guess that leaves only one way for me to prove them too you.

Here's the proof you need for my registration.

Exact callsign is "Sharpshooter" by the way.


Transmission End

Jackie "Sharpshooter" Vincet,

Despite little background information on you we have decided to grant you access to our assassination jobs for a trial period. You are to score two kills for us within a month from now. If you succeed you will become our permanent contractor, if not you will be unregistered from our job board.

Good Hunting,
Mission Commission
Rochester, New York
1. October, 824 A.S.

Sender: Santiago Mendez, Rapier.
Recipient: The Lane Hackers
Topic: Bounty Board Registration


I'm a regular in Liberty space, I noticed that your organization is in need of hunters. Here's the info.

P.S. Call-sign is Rapier and Variants (//Rapier./Rapier: )


Transmission End

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Mr Mendez,

Our operatives have seen you in space. You have been added to our bounty board as a temporary contractor. If you make a successfull claim within two weeks from now you will receive status of a permanent contractor.

Good hunting,
Nicole Hunter
Incoming Transmission

Sender: Maxim Guarana
Target: The Lane Hackers
Subject: Bounty Board Registration

[Image: qlxg39a.png]

Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

This transmission is about my eagerness to hunt down Hacker's Wanted and Unwanted ones.

To briefly introduce myself, I am one of the members who have settled into Mactan base for quite some time. Currently i am doing most of my business around Magellan operating a powerful vessel. Basically my job is to keep the space clean around Mactan and destroy any unintelligent threats creeping towards Hackers' domain.

So far i've found there's nothing more to be done after going on patrols as most targets are to be destroyed as soon as they appear on my radar. Considering it's not sensible to just roam around Magellan or Cortez, leaving my gunpower wasted. I could actually spare some energy to insert bullets into these morons who are unwise enough to rub the Hackers.

Also, earning some bucks is always a joy.


Guarana out
Hey, there!

My name is Leslie. I thought I'd call you nice people about registering for your Bounty Board. I'm sure you know how much the police and the occasional hunter like tryin' their luck with a Rogue, don't 'ye? Right now, the only thing I get out of it is a few minutes of fun, but it would be much more enjoyable if I knew I could get some money for each hunter or such that bites the dust.

I gathered a few pictures of some of my most recent successes. Since I don't think 'ye want to see every freakin' transport I've had to show a lesson to, I'll stick to the fun targets. There was this guy. A mercenary who believed he could fly better in the Badlands than I could and a cowardly battlecruiser I sent into hiding with the help of some Outcasts.

I hope that's enough to convince 'ye. If not, I guess I can always dance with a few more fighters until you're satisfied.
**Transmission BEGIN**

Recipient: Lane Hacker (LH~)

Sender: "Tweakie"

**A low quality cockpit cam flickers on with plenty of fuzz, but you can make out a young-looking blonde haired kid waving awkwardly**

"H-hi. S-so a pal of mine was telling me how great Liberty is and how I should come over. I um, I'm from Rheinland originally.. I used to fly with a nice guy in the Red Hessians b-but he kinda made fun of my s-stutter so we had a falling out and uhm I-I don't really like manual labor or ahm.. p-pirating I guess it is?"

**His eyes widen as he gets more nervous**

"Oh! N-not that there's anything wrong with pirating, I-I'm sure you guys are cool and do it go-ell. I-I mean good. N-no, well. Go-ell's not a word and g-g-good isn't p-proper grammar of c-course."

**He facepalms and stares at his feet**

"Uhm, I d-d-don't mind f-fighting very much and-and-and Hans thought I was p-pretty good so I was wondering i-i-if you guys could add m-me as a c-contractor. I b-bought a lot of your guys r-rounds at a bar and th-they seem to like me. O-oh! And I'm registered too, because a cop pulled me o-over and he w-wasn't very nice to me about it."

"So uhm.. t-thanks? My ship's name is Tweakie 'c-cause that's what they call me."

**Transmission END**