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Milton Krest:
I am going to authorize your use of Lane Hacker weaponry, with the provision that we install anti-tampering devices in order to prevent our technology from falling into the wrong hands. Attempting to repair or tinker with these weapons yourself is inadvisable, since it will result in a tachyon chain reaction guaranteed to be fatal to anyone within 6.66 meters. Should your weaponry need service or maintenance, please avail yourself of the nearest Lane Hacker outpost. If you decide to remove the weapons, then please advise us so that we can dispose of them appropriately.
Thank you, proffesor. I find such conditions acceptable.
***connection failed***
#Hack initiated#

Codename: Chaser

#Sending data#

Fellow Lane Hackers, I have some disturbing news about the so called 'Independent Miners Guild'.
It seems they are not all so independent as you'd think.

First off, I encountered an IMG convoy, they were polite and greeted me, I did the same thing.

Then, I realized they are trying to smuggle one Interspace flunky with them, who was also polite, as you can see above.

I ordered that ship to cut his engines and to drop his cargo. However, he claimed several times to be working with the IMG, as you can see here.

Here he mentions 'talking to Sean', where he probably refers to Mister Sean Henderson of the Independent Miners Guild.

Then, all of a sudden, a Mercenary broke of from the IMG convoy and came to aid the Interspace flunky.
Two more IMG ships joined her in saving the Interspace ship.
Evidence 1
Evidence 2

The pilot named IMG|Miles.Green[D] broke off and continued with the convoy, while the Mercenary lady and the other IMG pilot chased me all the way to Barrier, where I managed to start my cruise engines and barely made it out alive.
Now, they caught me off guard, as I didn't really expect the IMG to openly aid our nemesis, but I will not make the same mistake again.

Also, may I remind you this is not the first time the IMG is defending other corporations?
I am sure some of your pilots had similar experiences with this group.
As far as I am concerned, they will no longer be left alone.
I am not going to be played with by some intruders in our own space.
I won't set foot on their ugly space station of course, as I reckon they'd 'arrest' me after all that happened.

I am awaiting for your response on this matter.
I hope you will see that it is no longer possible for us to stay on good terms with this back-stabbing bunch.

#Hack terminated#

**** TO: [color=#FFCC99]Lane Hackers
**** ENCRYPTION: [color=#FFCC99]HIGH

** C O N N E C T I N G ** ** ** ** C O N N E C T I N G ** ** ** ** C O N N E C T I N G **

[Image: jack_henderson.jpg]



Greetings, this is Jack Henderson speaking.

I think it's high time to solve that issue that has come up. I am, as you might know, IMG Dublin Mission Coordinator and even though I am talking to you from the medical section, I can assure you that I am the person who you can solve this issue with. I regret not having checked the convoy settings, but the doctors would not allow me to do routine work yet. My aides didn't regard that convoy setup as potentially hazardous to our diplomatic relations.

Perhaps you should know that the incident has been thoroughly investigated from our end. All pilots involved were questioned and the picture seems rather clear to me. I'll give it to you, so you can compare it with what information you have on the incident.

A rather inexperienced convoy was started from Hood. The only IMG Core member, Julia Morrow, has done according to IMG boards, 4 trade runs total. She is to be considered as new as can be. There was another IMG hauler, callsign VEK, and the Interspace vessel commanded by Miranda Melliot. That's the pilot and ship that this is all about. The ships were led by a contracted, non-IMG affiliated Merc, Anna McCarthy, who had been hired in Dublin. She was the only experienced convoy pilot. Another IMG Defence member Alice Fox came into the scene later, she is non-Core IMG Defence. They are met by your pilot, Chaser callsigned.

So, these are the actors of the drama.

What happened is easily said: The Hacker let the IMG pass as is our common policy. He stopped the Interspace who claimed to be with IMG and in support of IMG, which is true but pretty unwise, diplomatically. IMG policies say that "If you want to be left alone by Hackers, don't let other corporation ships tag along". This convoy principle was neglected, mainly I was told because the pilot Ms. Melliot has very close connections with pilots of IMG and you know the story. It was not clever. Your bomber attacks the Interspace Trader.

So the next part of the drama: The Merc jumps into the system and assists the trader. There was another motivation in that because your ship was bountied by Liberty, so the Merc sought actively for the confrontation which was neither what IMG wanted nor what they advised.

IMG Core Julia Morrow advised Miranda to stand down and pay your Hacker, and she told IMG Defence not to attack. Both pieces of advice remained unheard, likely to the missing experience of said IMG Core pilot and the chaos of the situation.

So the Hacker bomber fights the transport, the transport runs and docks in Leeds and the Merc attacks your ship. Some more IMG vessels arrive, see the fight, ask if assistance is needed, join it and callsign Chaser has to retreat. He is - luckily - unhurt, as are all other participants of this incident. So with only material losses, the damage can be contained rather easily, I hope.

Okay... that's the situation how i gleaned it from the IMG perspective and it's rather a solid picture.

Now, your Hacker started threatening the inexperienced IMG Core Hauler with rather, let's say, exagerated actions like attacks and the wipeout of Freeport 4, collective agression against IMG passing Magellan, and other things. I assume that this was said in the heat of the moment and I'll keep it at that. Please just make sure that no dumb things happen that both sides would only regret in a few day's time.

After that, some Hackers flew to Hood, but there were no reports of confrontation, nor of any real progress. Neither party had something close to a diplomat with them.

Let's just make sure that now - after the heat is taken out of the situation - the correct things are done:
  • Ms. Miranda Melliot understood the trouble and she is flying from today under IMG transponders. The changes have already been made.
  • She is sorry for the trouble she caused for Hackers and IMG.
  • IMG Dublin Defence Core and present IMG non-core have been instructed about the "mixed convoy" issues.
  • IMG Dublin Core Defence have been reminded how to deal with incidents with Hackers, namely to deescalate and not engage in blue-in-blue combat situations.
  • Your Hacker wanted the Interspace to drop the cargo, which was 5000 units if Mining Machinery. Give us an account to transfer the money to, so the pilot can be compensated for loss of profit and ship repairs.
I hope you can see that I am not interested in the slightest deterioration of our relation.

I hope we can close that case that was caused by the unlucky combination of inexperience and missing leadership due to my injury in combat.

Thank you for your time.

Jack Henderson
IMG Dublin Operations Coordinator

*** TO: Lane Hackers ***
*** Voice only ***


I, Miranda Melliot am sorry about this incident. I did not knew what would be the cause of this incident while tagging along with an IMG convoy. However, I have now requested and allready working on them, the transponder of IMG. My ship wont be flying tonight, for sure, as we are doing some repairs to that ship as well.

I hereby offer my apologys, and will no longer cause these problems. You will from now on see me as an IMG identified vessel.

With Regards,
Miranda Melliot

*** End Transmission ***
[Image: hfmarkson.png]

I'll keep this short. I don't have a lot of time, as I'm dealing with the fact that one of Aethelu's little relics has gone rampant.

' Wrote:Which brings me to the big questions.
  1. Why does Hellfire Legion attack Liberty Rogues?
  2. Why does Hellfire Legion attack Outcasts?
  3. Why does Hellfire Legion attack Junkers?
  4. Why does the Hellfire Legion ally itself with Xeno Terrorists?
  5. Does the Hellfire Legion regret the attack on Lane Hackers on the basis of piracy? Will this now be a recurring phenomenon?
  6. Do you insist that Lane Hacker Alagar must not enter the Vespucci system?
  7. If that list of yours still stands, what other Lane Hackers have you decided to prevent from entering the Vespucci system and for what reason(s)?
  • The Rogues are an unruly bunch. They're unpredictable, they're violent.. At least with Sylpheed, they were somewhat organized. We could work with that. Now? They're just a liability.
  • The Outcasts are nothing but a plague on Liberty. They bring no benefit, only more of their damned drug. If we don't deal with them, soon enough they'll have the entire house, including your own organization, under their thumb.
  • The Junkers? Almost every Junker port in Liberty is a hub for everything from drug smuggling to full-blown piracy. They may not be part of the cause of Liberty's decline, but it certainly isn't helping.
  • Because the Xenos share common goals with the Legion. We are both working for a better Liberty. Their methods may be ... questionable at times, but their hearts are in the right place.
  • If it meant not having to deal with this, then yes. As for it being recurring... Unlikely, but the possibility remains.
  • No.
  • None.
And 'suspension' usually means exile.

[Image: commfinisher.png]

Alan Markson closed the message terminal with a scowl, and then deactivated the privacy fields around him. The bridge of the massive Spyglass-class vessel was a bustle of activity as officers and crew members preformed their duties. The ship's XO looked up at Markson, coming to attention with a swift salute.
"Orders, sir?"
Markson gave the man a simple nod in response.
"Prepare to move out. Get a fix on the last known location of the Incursus ..."
The lights on the bridge slowly dimmed as the crew began preparations for the orders they had been expecting for a while.

"... And take us into jump." data...

To Mr.Chaser

The issue has been discussed with gentlemen from IMG. Such mistake will not be repeated, so I'll ask you to refrain from any retaliation you were planing to do. Profit loss will be compensated, thank you for reporting this matter. And have a nice and profitable day Mr.Chaser.

To Mr.Henderson

Thank you for the explanation of the said situation, I'm glad to hear this was only a mistake and as such it won't repeat again. Our mutual agreement is beneficial to us both and I'm glad it can stay unaffected. You can wire the funds to "Chaser" for the compensation. Have a nice day Mr.Henderson.

To Miss Melliot

I congratulate you on the change of career, I'm glad you decided to stop working for corrupted corporate flunkies and join the ranks of IMG. The said incident has been discussed and solved. Good luck in your future endeavors. terminated...

To [HF]-Sagittarius :

The Lane Hackers request a formal apology from you within 7 days of this transmission, in relation to the incident described in transmission #190.

If no adequate apology is forthcoming within this time frame, additional steps will be taken to remedy the situation to our satisfaction.
[Image: rushtransbar.png]
Morn tae ye, sah Proffessor.
The Old Guard of the Republic is interested in acquirin' a number of A30 "Hellflurry" Lane Hacker Tachyon Cannon Mk V's, and At28 "Hellflurry" Tachyon Gun Mk IV's for use on our fighters.
If allowin' us tae hae access tae such weapons is amenable tae ye, please respond wit yer terms and numbers and demands an' sooch.
We'll be waitin'.