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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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My Normal Communications channels are being monitored, Which is why I am sending via a proxy communicator. I would like to request an audience with a Lane Hacker Professor regarding certain political matters.

If possible, I would like to request Nichole Hunter. If she is unavailable, that is understandable, however she is the Lane Hacker which with I have had the most contact.

Set a date, time and location, be it via this channel or more private communications. I would prefer a neutral system, such as Magellan or Coronado. I will look forward to your reply.

[Transmission Begins]

From: Tango
To: The Lane Hackers

[Image: qFuKmEo.png]
[Message Begins]

Hello Professor, or whomever I have the pleasure of contacting.

My name is Aloysius Luth and I operate under the callsign "Tango".

I am of course contacting you so that we may establish a contract of sorts. I offer you my services as a Mercenary and in exchange you give me access to your Job Boards so that I may be able to make a living.

A fair exchange I believe.

I am attaching the following files so you may satisfy your curiosity: ^^

I look forward to your reply.

[Message Ends]

[Transmission Terminates]
Comm ID: James Mattock

To: The Lane Hackers

=Establishing Connection...Connected.=

Good day, I hear you are the ones to go if you require specific persons removed from existence, in return you I also hear you grant upon the reporting of said removal a fair payment for services rendered. This intrigues me greatly and my pockets have been woefully empty as of late.

I thus have the following offer to give if you would hear it.

Permit me the incentive to hunt down those who oppose you and allow me to ensure my pockets have alittle change in them once again.

I hope to do business with you soon.

Reputation/Identification Transponder: ^

=Transmission Ended.=

Dear Herr Aloysius Luth and James Mattock,

You have been given access to our Job Board. Your performance will be reevaluated in one month from now.

Good hunting.
==Incoming Transmission==

[Image: TomFace_zps5f9ac449.png]

Well,Hello there
I was looking to join your fine bounty board

Here is my info


Full name: Michael Harris

Ship Name/s: Red.Rocket And Varations

Your Affiliation:File 1

Proof of affiliation and papers:File 2


==End Transmission==

ID: Adam Campo
To: The Lane Hackers
Location: Barrier Gate Station
Priority: Medium
Encryption: Medium

Good Evening Lane Hackers.

I heard that the hackers are hiring freelancers and mercenaries to do some dirty job, in exchange for some cash- that I'm looking for, I'm contacting you to be an associate of yours, enlisting for your job board, to make both of us pleased, I got a few ships for these jobs, all under the call signs of "Corruption" and it's varieties I'll be sending the required papers now.

:::Uploading Attachments:::


:::Attachments Uploaded:::

Awaiting your response, Thank you.


Dear Michael Harris and Adam Campo,

You have been given access to our Job Board. Your performance will be reevaluated in one month from now.

Good hunting.
[Image: file.php?name=B0E74888D94C775057EF323D4D3FC2A5]


Iam Admiral Khafre, Captain of OC Dreadnought "Psamtik" and i demand to join Yours Bounty Board. All credits given to me will help me to get a powerful fleet, which will destroy all lawfuls in Liberty!

Resistance is futile!, but some proofs can be useful:


Dear Mr Khafre,

We are keen to sponsor surgical-type strlke operations not invasions. We do not really feel the ship you command is suitable for such job.

Kind regards.