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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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Excuse me for bothering you again, however I'd like to earn some additional cash by any chance. Would you mind me hunting down our targets for some fee? I'd like to be registered on your bounty board, that's all.

' Wrote:That being said, I have noticed some issues with Voss's actions recently. As such, his status as Executive Commander is suspended while we decide what to do about him.

Is that acceptable?
Have you reached a conclusion? What have you decided to do about him?

' Wrote:
  • The Rogues are an unruly bunch. They're unpredictable, they're violent.. At least with Sylpheed, they were somewhat organized. We could work with that. Now? They're just a liability.
  • The Outcasts are nothing but a plague on Liberty. They bring no benefit, only more of their damned drug. If we don't deal with them, soon enough they'll have the entire house, including your own organization, under their thumb.
  • The Junkers? Almost every Junker port in Liberty is a hub for everything from drug smuggling to full-blown piracy. They may not be part of the cause of Liberty's decline, but it certainly isn't helping.
I feel obligated to ask that Hellfire Legion ends hostilities towards Junkers, Liberty Rogues and Outcasts on this basis. The unnecessary casualties cannot possibly have a positive effect on the Lane Hackers or the Hellfire Legion.

Is the Hellfire Legion interested in honoring such request and stopping the attacks?
' Wrote:To whom it may concern,

Good day again. It is me, Fred. Again.
I decided to hand you out evidence on [IND] vessels
in exchange for putting Knights of the Old Guard
on you bounty board as legimate "hunters".
What can we make of this, gentelman?

~ Yours. Fred, Veteran of the Old Guard

Hello Fred. It took me a while to figure out wo the old guard are. I agree with your proposal, some of our folk are interested in collecting rewards offered by the Mollys. Please send the evidence to Eric Knox. Our assassins are also interested in your reward offers. Let us know in case you desire information about BMM movement or similar.

' Wrote:Morn tae ye, sah Proffessor.
The Old Guard of the Republic is interested in acquirin' a number of A30 "Hellflurry" Lane Hacker Tachyon Cannon Mk V's, and At28 "Hellflurry" Tachyon Gun Mk IV's for use on our fighters.
If allowin' us tae hae access tae such weapons is amenable tae ye, please respond wit yer terms and numbers and demands an' sooch.
We'll be waitin'.

I apologize, we had a bit of trouble deciphering the audio. We would welcome if you could send your following messages in written form. I will remind Moriarty about your request.

Excuse me for bothering you again, however I'd like to earn some additional cash by any chance. Would you mind me hunting down our targets for some fee? I'd like to be registered on your bounty board, that's all.

Perhaps. Can I see your card? (provide ID and reputation information, please)

To The Mollys:
The Mollys seem to have such frequent kerfluffles that reshuffles their leadership that I can no longer keep track as to just who it is that is in charge. If the individual in charge of the Mollys is also commander of The Final Rush, then we may proceed with negotiations. If not, then the individual in charge of the faction shall have to communicate his official endorsement of any exchange before we proceed.
[Image: rushtransbar.png]
The Mollys are not led by any one man, not since the demise of the beloved Republic.
The individual clans each hold their own, and work together in the Council to deal with issues pertaining to the entire Molly nation.
I am the Grandmaster of the Old Guard of the Republic, and a Councillor of the Molly nation.
That's as "boss" as it gets, unless of course you require the approval of the entire Council.

Very well, Mr. Grandmaster of the Old Guard of the Republic, since I have yet to be informed of your personal name. This is what I propose.

In the past we have been fortunate enough to receive services from various personnel relocation firms, but they seem to have largely succumbed to the pressing weight of regulatory red tape and ceased operations. This leaves us with a substantial number of inconvenient persons who have temporarily taken up residence in certain facilities that we operate, and are awaiting transport to more permanent accommodations. The most odious of these were formerly bounty hunters - I'm sure you see what I mean.

Currently we are obligated to feed and house over 5,000 of these individuals. In exchange for access to Hellflurries for your operations, I seek the removal of these unproductive residents from our care. You may do so in one of two ways, according to your preference.
1) Redeem as many bounty hunters as your transports may carry for 18,000 credits per individual - payable upon receipt of these individuals into your custody, minimum 4,300 hunters transferred - minimum $77,400,000 credit transaction for 4,300 hunters, although you may take all that we have if you wish, for the added marginal price
2) Remove these former bounty hunters from our custody in exchange for 5 cardamine or 5 munitions crates from the Outcasts per individual transferred to your custody, minimum 5,000 hunters transferred in exchange for 25,000 units of fine Outcast wares

Choice one may be undertaken with one exchange.
Choice two will require multiple trips to provide enough cardamine or munitions. You may take the hunters according to the 5 to 1 ratio with each trip.
After the conclusion of these transactions, we will authorize you for as many Hellflurries as your operations require on an ongoing basis.
:::Incoming Transmission::::::
Asa Ashad:::
:::Encryption Level:Extremely High:::
:::Opening Channel:::

[Image: starwarspiratecaptainb.jpg]

Grettings, I have with me the detail report of delivery made by our group better know as "The inner Project", its my hope that with this act we get your trust and your cooperation in order to profit from it, should you also have the need for more high risk high value cargo deliveries we have a less popular group that do such work, they are best known as "ToP".

*Upploading files* data...

Good job Mr.Ashad, even if your first neural net link to evidence is obviously broken, it took us exactly 3.89 seconds to hack into your databank and find the right ones, so don't worry about it. You're free to use our bases and deal with our export software, maybe we find more work for you in the future. For now getting fresh cardamine to our bases is enough. Good luck in your future endeavors. terminated...
****Incoming Transmission****
****Ship ID - Logs Deleted****
****Location - Logs Deleted****
****Sender - Alex Drake****

[Image: FrankIero10.jpg]

Greetings gentleman,

My name is Alex Drake and I represent The Society. It has come to my attention that we were to pay you an additional 50 million credits upon the successful hijacking of Atlantis Station for your assistance with providing the bluprints for the vessel.

I've checked transfer logs and it would appear that this transaction never took place... must've gotten lost in all the paperwork during the recent internal restructuring. The fact of the matter is that I do not like owing debts. Where shall the remaining 50 million we owe you be sent?

Drake out.

****Message Ends****
****Unauthorized Access Detected****
****Tracing Source... Failed****
****Terminating Signal****

:: incoming transmission

Source: Kirkwall Base, Orkney
From: Duessel
Subject: Negotiations
Encryption: High


Allow me to present myself: the name is Duessel, and I speak partly for myself, and partly for the CrossBones. You may or may not have heard of us, but that isn't relevant. Some time ago, ran into one of your operatives, Paco Pistols. Well, he showed me his prowess at using Lane Hacker weaponry, but once we settled our differences, he was kind enough to point me to this channel. It's been a while since then because, quite frankly, this channel is heavily encrypted, and I am sure no expert on the matter. I had to buy myself someone with better technical skills. Luckily, the Outcasts were able to help.

So, off to business. As I said, I had a chance to see your weaponry used on me, and I was impressed. As such, I would like to acquire some Lane Hacker gunboat turrets, just enough to equip my gunship, a Rogue model. Also, on behalf of the CrossBones, I request permission to use Cochrane Depot as a staging base for our smuggling operations, maybe some military ones as well.

Of course, whatever the your terms may be, we are willing to do our best to fullfill them. If we can reach an agreement now, and you are satisfied with our work, maybe we can expand such deal in the future. But I don't want to go ahead of myself. Tell us what you need be done, and we will do it.

That'd be all, for now,