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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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Captain Garrick,

It seems it's your lucky day, because the Lane Hackers have just the thing for you. I recently set up a Skype frequency specifically for such things, more information can be found here. You can expect an incoming transmission over your Skype protocol shortly from my frequency "m.h690" where we can arrange some access codes to the channel for you. terminated...

Dear Mr. Chenzo :
Consequent to matters that are outside the scope of this conversation, the Lane Hackers have ceased all production activities related to capital class weapons systems other than for our gunship.
Other parties with access to Fort Leniex may have other plans, which are both outside our interest and supervision, as also are the business decisions which such parties may make through use of the Fort Leniex facility.
We direct your attention thereto, with fond hopes for a successful conclusion in pursuit of the Orange Dream.

}--Incomming Un-Authorised Signal--{

>>>Action?- Access Forced- feed intiating.

***Incomming Transmission***

>>>Recipiant Adress: Phate, Sanguinetti, Morriarty
>>>Encryption Level: High
>>>Sender ID: Chenzo-[101st]
>>>Sender Location: Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha.
>>>Topic: Equipment deals.

**(Chenzo apears, slightly dissheartendbut presents himself and beings to speak)**

Hola once more, Senor Morriarty.

I shall confess I am once again dissapointed, However I can understand.

I'd also like to state that in No way would i like this huccup to come between our factions alliance. We will support you where wanted and needed.

We are but a short transmission away from your aid. 'till then, Thanks and goodbye. I'll send another load of Cardimine and fine women your way.

**(Chenzo salutes, then makes a nod toward the camera and the transmission ends)**

***Transmission Terminated***
-( Incoming Transmission
-( Reaver Mercenary Company
-( Johnathan "Crimson" Wilder - Company Commander

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the Hackers.

I've been requested to transmit a missive regarding further employment under your esteemed and, frankly, well-paying organization. I was contacted yesterday while passing through the ice fields of Magellan by the captain of the Moonraker. I didn't catch his name, unfortunately.

He offered a fair wage in exchange for assistance in removing a mild nuisance you seem to have been plagued with recently. I believe he wanted us to rid you of the Mandalorian Mercenaries (quite inferior to our Reaver Mercenary Company).

I'm here to discuss matters and hammer out a deal that suits both parties.

I'll be watching this line.


-( Transmission Terminated

Paco Pistols will lead the negotiations and there are some specialities he would like to discuss with you (see here). We are preparing our job board now and hope you will be able to do some dirty work for us in a clean fashion, once again. You did win the best contractor group prize last time.

[Image: 2ajhh1.jpg]

It seems this was a difficult channel to find, but with the help of my friend Ilo, it was found....As noted I have made a request and have redirected it here....Hopefully an arrangement can be worked out to help benefit both parties...We shall stand by as we wait for the decision of the head professor...


This need not be brought to his attention
you seem to lack reading comprehension.

See the initial transmission, big red letters. If it is hard to read, please do tell, I might actually ask Moriarty to increase the size, volume, and adjust color.

If you are 100% sure this piece of hardware is vital for you and you can't live without it, you have basically two options.

1. Kill yourself before you waste a ship as well
2. Get a well-known group to recognize this necessity and have its leader put a good word in for you in here.

I apologize for being blunt, but my time is limited. Thanks.

I must have missed that part...Despite being blunt, we'll look into this more and should have a response soon...Thank you for your time...


It's me again...After some time and talks with a few people I've had the pleasure of knowing, I do believe I have found a man with high reguards that should be suitable enough to put his word here for recommendation...Hopefully soon he will respond on this channel...That is all for now...


ECRYPTING=- 0101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101
0101010101010101010101010101010101010101010102 -=SUCCESSFUL]

[font=Fixedsys]Source: [color=#CC99CC]Somewhere around California
Viva Emilia Velasquez
Recipient(s): The Lane Hackers
Subject: We'd like to work for you.

[font=Palatino Linotype]The message is text-only.

[color=#CCBBCC]I'll be brief, my friend Jimmy Engvall and I would like to work for the Lane Hackers and swat some flies as part of the bounty show you've got going.
Our ship IDs are "Inexorable.Night" and "Viva.El.Presidente!" and we're generally friendly to the Hackers as a whole.
I've added two files to confirm our friendly alignment and woulda' like if you'd add us two to the bunch of folks who can collect.
We might be too old for this crap but I'm sure we can manage to get some assassinating done.

[font=Palatino Linotype][color=#CCDDCC]Message ends.
<div align="right][font=Agency FB][color=#CCBBCC]┌[color=#CCAACC]─

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