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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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[color=yellow]Common IDs :

To : The Lane Hackers
From : Adam Leo
Subject : Re-registration

My name is Adam Leo , i am here to inform some changes which had been made recently.
The previous pilot 'Suleman' is now changed to Adam Leo and there is a second ship which i want to register...

Repeater ID
Repeater IFF

Repeater' ID (//Repeater' tagged , and have a mark in this ship while the sabre is just Repeater)
Repeater' IFF

That's all i want to say , i will start proper hunting now.

Leo out.

[Image: 98e5aed3.png]

We have some information that may be useful to your organization.

Lets talk. Ontario System, 7:30 GMT.
I will be on site, no doubt you will be able to find our comm signature.

-Blain Spike
[Image: 2308990c.png] data...

Intriguing. I'll be there, Mr Spike. terminated...
[font=Century Gothic]
[Image: irishdrunk02.jpg]

Goodday fellas, long time no see aye?
Anyway since I am in hurry I would go straight to da point.
One of my contacts told me somethin about what junkers in Iverness.
As it seems they found somethin interestin for ya.
Ya IC "buddies" are buildin base there near one of da planets. Roight in our and yours backyard-ya go to look fo Umbris in sector 4.
I hope ya can bring some ships to shake em off, dunt hesitate to contact our governour too if ya wanna organised strike.
I hope ya could use this information fo good.

Bo Out

Arra Office

[color=#3366FF]message ends.
Greetings, professors, this is Milton Krest, former technician (my leave was authorized by professor Moriarty on March, 5 of 918 A.S.) of your efficient and brilliant organisation. I wish to return to blasting corporate flunkies and scroundels. I believe you're looking for proof of my affiliations, so offer me quest of any kind, so I'd be restored in my rank.
I still have certain documentation of my activities within the Lane Hackers in 817 A.S. (August-December), which may confirm my career advancement.

Mr. Krest:
You are welcome to return to active status among the Lane Hackers. You will be reinstated at the rank of Technician since your previous records appear to be missing. If you can produce evidence of having achieved higher rank, I will review it.

Please forward to me your contact information so that you may be added to our communication network.
::: Incoming Message :::

::: Opening :::

[Image: 34973hl.jpg]

Just got done looking at that bounty board of yours, not bad. 40.000.000 for some guy named David Hale? Can't wait to cash in on that. Your other rewards aren't bad either, let's work out something, eh? Those prices seem fair.

Let's begin.


::: Incoming File :::

::: Decoding :::


Name: Vanessa Sarita

Vessel Name: Ms.Sarita

Affiliation/ID: Affiliation / ID

Ship/Loadout: Ship and Weapons


I'll be waiting,


::: Transmission Lost :::

::: Closing :::

Dear Miss Sarita,

We did some research on you and sadly we have not found anything that could affirm your assassination skills. We are interested in hiring only professional contractors who are capable of working independently and delivering high profile kills. Make no mistake, most of our targets are trained and skilled pilots, aware of special tactical maneuvers and keen to take advantage of every asset. For this reason we accept you only for a trial period. You've got a month to deliver two high profile kills. Once you accomplish this task your status will be changed to a permanent contractor and you will be awarded with a bonus of 5 000 000 SC.

Good hunting,
Mission Commission
Ehm.... does this sh*t work.... hm.....must be transmitting..... Hello, this is Wayne Peyton, I am a freelancer looking for a job. I heard you pay well for dead navy boys, bounty hunters, cops.... those are just the kind I like to shoot. Why don't you add me to your bounty board, I can guarantee at least a few kills every month. I am sending you evidence of good standings with you as well as my identification papers.