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Your application has been reviewed and it lacks your full name. Please include it in your next message so we can fully process your application and accept it. After that, you will be granted two week trial period. Making a successful claim within the said period will grant you a status of permanent contractor.

Maxim Guarana and Leslie,

Out of two rules we have, you have failed to understand one. Sadly, there's no mandatory intelligence test prior to purchase of any space craft, so I'l be forced to explain the mentioned rule in more understandable manner. Rogues and Lane Hackers - No! Freelancer and Outcasts - Yes! You're neither.
**Transmission BEGIN**

Recipient: Lane Hackers (LH~)

Sender: "Tweakie"

"Ahm.. I-I would rather not give my n-name on an open c-channel, but I've s-sent you a personal message with it."


**Transmission END**
[Image: GC_bla.png]

Konbanwa, dear friends. My mistake there. I was focusing on more paperwork besides this and went for the first idea that came to my mind in the haste. Anyway, that is what today's message to you is about:

Arigatō for reminding me. Should not let such an embarrassing mistake repeat itself.
Anyway, looking forward to your reply.

[Image: FZ7he12.png]

[Image: dcr9Wjn.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Hello my little flower,

It warms my heart to see you in good health and as beautiful as never before. It was quite expected that you have appreciated our superiority fighter, the Vindicator, and you wish to find a similar masterpiece in a heavier craft. For the record, we already had our own gunship but it has been taken out of service in favor of the Interloper. I would love to grant your request but alas, it is a private one.

As per official policy, we need an official request made by the leadership of your faction. Once we have that, we can proceed with further details.

Konbanwa, Professorship, Deceiver Weisen.

Our sister, Aimi Amaia's wish to acquire a vessel of the "Interloper" class for her own usage to be able to fulfill her tasks as part of our intelligence branch is fully backed up by the Golden Chrysanthemums as whole through the word of us, the Empress' advisors. We are slightly surprised that this request of Amaia-san requires additional confirmation from us.
It is at her to negotiate about the remaining details concerning this deal, not at us.
Anyway, we wish the whole Lane Hackers a pleasant day and hope that there is nothing besides this staying her request in the way.


The Empress' 助手 (Joshu ≙ Advisor)

[Image: dcr9Wjn.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

My dearest Sister Amaia,

We have just received a message from your patron. Everything checks out with your request. Thus, one LHX9-G8S "Interloper" Lane Hacker Gunship is currently being transferred to Leiden Base on your name. We only request in return five cardamine deliveries from Ainu Depot to Leiden.

We hope the most technologically advanced gunship in the Sector will serve the Sisterhood faithfully and bring you many victories against our common foes.
[Image: GC_bla.png]

Konbanwa, Deceiver Weisen.

My apologizes for this to take a while. A few matters interrupted my plans to deliver the Cardamine as quickly as possible but now it is done.
A total of 17550 units of finest Cardamine have been delivered to Leiden.
I will arrive at Leiden myself shortly, a small trip took me back to Morioka to handle a few internal matters. I am proud to call a vessel like this my own, it will surely serve us very well.

Arigatō for granting me this wish, my dear friends.

[Image: FZ7he12.png]

Date: 13.05.825 AS 12:49 SST.
To: The Lane Hackers.
From: Cheryl Augustine.
Topic: An extention of masterpiece.
Origin: Unidentified.
Encryption: Unbreakable.

Greetings, esteemed Professorship,

My name is Cheryl Augustine, acting operative of Battlegroup Harmony, and, as it turned out - an active user of LHX7-F4S "Vindicator" Lane Hacker Very Heavy Fighter and LHX7-B5H "Transgressor" Lane Hacker Bomber, provided by the latest agreement between The Lane Hackers and Battlegroup Harmony. And i should acknowledge - those are the true masterpieces of engineering, they are indeed fascinating.
As an extention of this ownership of your masterpiece designs, i would like to request the following:
  • 1x LHX9-G8S "Interloper" Lane Hacker Gunship
  • 4x AT-50 "Hell's Fury" Lane Hacker Gunboat Turret.
I am looking forward towards your answer containig the conditions on which such vessel could be provided, or, in case this is impossible - the reason for my request to be turned down.

~Cheryl Augustine.

Attachments: None.


[Image: dcr9Wjn.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Hello Miss Augustine,

Thank you for your obvious observation, Lane Hacker technology is indeed marvelous. The more important thing however which required your observation was our official policy. Give it a read and get back to us only after you secured a valid patron.

PATRONAGE POLICY: To all individuals interested in acquiring Lane Hacker technology, spare yourself the trouble and do not ask. Technology transfer requests will be considered only if coming from an official executive of commonly recognized factions.

CommID: Ellie Hardy, Hopefully not casual Junker
Location: The One of Junk, Alberta
Recipient: The Lane Hackers
Subject: Hello


Even if I am not one of these casual Junkers just moving scrap out of Liberty and cardamine back, even if I am rough and unfriendly, I am actually nice enough to introduce myself. I am Ellie Hardy, bearing designation of Junkers, interested more in shady businesses than scrap and cardamine hauling. I prefer having friends among the underworld and I hope I at least partly proved myself in Hudson, where I helped one of your boys, Thackeray was it, if I remember it correctly, with extortion of the DSE transport. I am seriously bad and I like it, I can obtain almost anything, everywhere. Like I did in Gallia or Kepler or several times in Omegas. What can I say? Corporate monkeys aren't clever enough and believe seeing Junker isn't going to harm them at all.

Now now, I was just wondering if you haven't got a job for somebody like me, somebody who is mostly invisible but can be harmful in one way or another.

With love,
Ellie Hardy