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Dear Taskmaster Kane,

So I was right. You do want to revive the old wreck... Very well. You are still welcome on our bases. As for Hellflurries, the ones you have are of older design. I am quite sure that due to lack of maintenance their efficiency dropped at least one quarter. So it's entirely up to you whether to keep them or not. If you decide to dispose of them, please make sure that nothing to salvage is left. It is, after all, a Lane Hacker technology and we don't want it to fall in the wrong hands. I am more interested though whether any of our gunships survived.

Best regards,
Nicole Hunter
=== Incoming Transmission ===
== Encryption: Encryption key expired a couple years ago ==

[Image: comm-header.png]

Ms. Hunter,

Thank you for clearing up our status. In my time away I was unsure as to how things had progressed between our two factions. I am pleased to see that we are still on good terms.

Gunships! Ah, yes, forgot about those. We have three. I know exactly where each one of them is. One is active, two are damaged but repairable. I shall make sure that the technology of yours we have access to is locked up and distributed only to trusted members of our group.

Anything else, ma'am?

=== Transmission Ended ===
== Partial Trace: VCS Metropolis, unknown system ==
[Image: phoenix_png_by_sniper2222-d49x4yf.png]

*He looks at camera*

Hail there.
You the Lane Hackers, aye ?
It's me, your hunter, Leo Oscar or yeah you can say Silver.Fang
I had to contact you because of some friendlier terms.
Since your bounty office is closed, i would like to just ask to be friendly to us.
I met many people at buffalo, mectan, rochester, Alactraz, barrier and all of 'em wanted to hunt zhe Navy.
I combined every one into a single group, we are called "The Crimson's Flares"
Crimson was our selected leader but some navy scums destroyed his ship and ofcourse they will pay for this, we work day and night to chop the heads of the Navy.
But still they are out numbered.
In the honour of our boss, we are trying to make his wishes come true.
Since i hunted for you, a bit time, i would kindly ask you to act friendly to this group.
We have ".Flare" tagged in the end of the call sign of our ship.
This means i am Silver.Flare now.
We wait for your bounty office to be opened, untill then you act friendly to us, we will help you catching your prey, we will assist you in combats and in return we like to dock on your stations and come to your "Magellen" Territory.
We will be friendly to you as well.
My services should have satisfied you, i hope you don't decline my offer.
We are some Freelancers, and we have Freelancer IDs and Affilications.
Theres no hostility stands between us.
I await for your answer.

Yours sincerely,
~Leo Oscar

Dear Mr Oscar,

The Crimson's Flares have been added to our job board for a trial period of a month. After this time we will assess your efficiency and achievements. If you perform well you will become our permanent contractors. Please bear in mind that both rewards and terms of service have changed.

Good hunting,
Mission Commission
[Image: VRAlchorWing.png]

Hello Lane Hackers,

We wish to re-initiate contact between the Alcor wing sub-group and the Lane Hackers for certain business arrangements which would be beneficial to both parties. To begin, we are interested in being involved in the Lane Hacker bounty board, as possible targets coincide with our own activities and would be mutually beneficial to both parties. Secondly, we would like to purchase communication spoofing equipment set to mimic specific frequencies provided by our group. More on this will be communicated at a later time, and included is relevant information for registration on the Lane Hacker Bounty Board.

~ Alcor Lead

Ships used:
Civilian and Borderworld, with one exception; Alcor 4 flies a modified Farmers Alliance Bomber acquired from the black market.

Reputation with the Lane Hackers:

Identification and Affiliation:
Freelancer and Freelancer

[Image: 16f6e7d9.png]

Dear Mr Oscar,

The Alcor Wing have been added to our job board for a trial period of a month. After this time we will assess your efficiency and achievements. If you perform well you will become our permanent contractors.

I will relay your desire to purchase communications equipment to our technical department. Once you are ready to purchase you may work out the details of what you need directly with them.

Good hunting,
Mission Commission
=== Incoming Transmission ===
== Encryption: Well I'm not stupid.==
[Image: Escher.png]

This is Escher, of the Raiders. Due to... recent developments, we've been forced to recall Alcor Wing. I'm aware they hadn't done anything yet, which in a manner of speaking is part of the reason for the recall.

We have other plans in the works that will enable us to help you in a distinctly different way, but until such time as they near completion I can't say more. You know as well as I do the need to protect a sensitive project. I believe you'll be pleased, though - that is, if your research and development branch is still interested in proving their mettle to Sirius.

=== Transmission Ended ===
== Trace Successful ==
= Location: de TrianaERRORERRORERROR

[Image: OrlovFormal.png]

Good day Taskmaster

It saddens me that the Alcor wing have not been able to bring terror to our common enemies. I will remove them from our job board. Should you wish to reapply in the future, you know how to do so.

As to our R&D, they are still the best in Sirius. Be sure you can afford the best when you come with a request.
Incoming Transmission...
LOADING ========-----

Ahoy, hackers!

My name is Ron, Ron Cortez, ex IMG employee, actual independent mercenary. Don't ask me why, but I dislike some of your enemies. That means I'd love to hunt for you. Getting credits by attacking those I hate, is always a pleasure. Give me a chance to hunt for you and I will not disappoint you. Deal?

Ron, out!

...Signal Lost

Dear Mr.Cortez

If you can kill our enemies then the pleasure will be all ours. Heres the caveat, you will need to prove yourself before we will add you as a permanent contractor. If you can claim 2 kills within the next month, then we will add you as a permanent contractor. We wish you success.

Good hunting,
Mission Commission