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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Thank you Mr Hebishima for the business. I am pleased to see that the package our technicians made was ready for you in time.

As always, we are looking forward for further dealings with the Association. Auf Wiedersehen.

Name: Hidetaka Kojima
Ship: Odani-maru

[Image: ZAggYSx.png]

Konbanwa, Lane Hackers.

After a time of void in cooperation with Captain Antares, I have decided to sign up for the Hacker Commission Board in order to pocket myself some funds. While my rep is still pretty neutral to the Hackers, I can assure you it will change soon during our cooperation.

Xenos? Done. Helping with Cardamine? Not a problem. Scaring some traders that you don't like? They will piss themselves.

- Papers (//may change into Pirate ID)
- Visible IFF
- Lane Hackers relations

Callsign is Odani-maru.

Yours faithfully,
Kojima Hidetaka.

Hello Mr Hidetaka,

You're being accepted for a trial period. If you score two kills on our board within month from now you will be accepted as a permanent contractor. If you change your identification for the purpose of extorting targets, you will be removed. Finally, we would like to inform you that there is going to be a re-evaluation of the Job Board soon in which more systems will be added and the bounty zones will be shifted.

Good hunting,
Mission Commission
FROM: Outcast Green 5 - Richard Fernandes
LOCATION: Rochester base, New York
TO: The Lane Hackers
SUBJECT: Bounty board registration

Hola Hackers. I'm reporting from Liberty space where I am now. Going to live here, so searching for work. And I'm sure I can do my best for you and shoot "our" enemies here, in Liberty. So will be nice to clean Liberty space with you, and if you will pay some credits for it will be really cool.

Here is my Identification, my reputation and affiliation

Waiting for your response.


Dear Richard Fernandes,

You're being accepted for a trial period. If you score two kills on our board within month from now you will be accepted as a permanent contractor.

Good hunting,
Mission Commission
Hello Lane Hackers. The Research and Development branch of AFC is in need of a few things that are not normally available on your every day grocery shelf. I am in need of a shipment of Trade Lane Power Outputs. I was wondering if you could get your hands on some that wont explode when we open them. I look forward to hearing from you. This Transmission is endorsed by Sunny the leader of AFC

[Image: FisXB8l.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Okay so I was going through the spam folder and I actually found this message as potentially a legitimate one. If that's the case it has been a while that we received such a hilarious communication.

There is a number of issues which you need to address immediately.
1. We didn't catch your name. And we don't really like unsigned messages.
2. The R&D branch of AFC?! Hahaha. Try again, there is no such thing.
3. As for the items you are interested in, I would like to redirect you to our initial page, specifically to our Patronage Policy.

Wolfgang Weisen over and out.
[Image: PvqOC7c.gif]

TO: THE LANE HACKERS (retrieved data)

Recently I have gotten a security breach alert. It is just a minor threat right now but it is best to report things rather early than later.
I have relatively good proof that the Junker Marauders are leaking smuggling trade information to the authorities. I highly suggest it would be of interest to you to look into this matter as this would be a possible hazard to your operations as well. Attached to this transmission is an encoded transmission which I am sure you can break. Inside you will find the required evidence backing up my statements. The pictures in the document will have a unnamed ship at what appears to be the Junker Marauders base in Texas. While it is not 100%, there is enough evidence pointed out that should result in some investigation to occur. They are using other organizations to cover their tracks.

I hope you do see the up-most urgency of this breach in security in the black-market trade. Snitches should get stitches.

Encrypted transmission link,
Files Extorted



[Image: FisXB8l.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Good day Mr Sunny.

It is always nice hearing from you. We have noticed the previous weeks quite a lot of activity around Blackport, it looks like you have expanded your base even more. I was curious to know how you funded the whole project, and these deliveries of your members indeed offer a lot of explanations.

Anyway, even if there is no way we can prove the autheniticity of this transmission, I see nothing unusual in it. The Junker Marauders sold your dirt to the highest bidder. One, because they consider you as competitors to their own smuggling business and two, because of money. The Junkers would easily sell their own mother if they knew she would make enough money. In fact do you know the name of Deputy Grand Marauder? Cash Ivankov. You heard me right, even his name is associated with money!

Hopefully that clears some issues. I wish you a lovely day, Mr Sunny.
[Image: Transbar2_zps2igbgipf.png]

Kon'nichiwa Honourable men and women of the Lane Hackers, I hope I find you in good health.

Having spoken to Yoshida san in the past, we are aware that you require deliveries of Artifacts to your base in the Kusari-Liberty border systems.

Now that we have arranged docking permissions, we are now in a position to make deliveries of these Artifacts directly from our suppliers on Planet Crete. Details of the first of these artifacts are detailed below, I hope you like them!

I hope to visit your scenic base again in the near future, sayonara for the time being.

Makabe out.