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COMM ID: RHA leutenant Shimada
FOR: Hacker command

Greetings friends. As you know red hassians havent own gunboat or gunship class of vessel. In comparation of usage output nad price between molly and your ship, I had decided to buy your gunship because we have good experiences with one of your gunship in our services (Leopard).

My ship was purchased tomorrow at Mactan base without any complications. I hope you will have no problems with your technology in hands of RHA pilot. Gunships/oats are needed in those times when bountyhunters didnt fly in anything smaller than cruiser and RHA lack in number of bomber squadrons.

Leutenant Shimada out.

Daniel Feenix : You may proceed with your acquisition. If you even so much as frown at a Lane Hacker while in possession of one of our gunships, you may expect to find yourself in a highly unenviable position for the remainder of your short-lived corporeal existence.
COMM ID: Daniel Feenix
RECIPIENT: Sr. Director Moriarty

Thank you, Senior Director.

The gunship is named Daniel.Feenix-[GS] and is currently based out of Mactan.

Feenix out.

----------Incoming Transmission-----------------------------------
To: The Lane Hacker Leadership
Comm ID: The Syndicate
Source: Unknown

Sirs, I am speaking to you today to address an issue that seems to have arisen between the businessmen we represent, and the Lane-Hacker organisation.
Today we where contacted by one of our associates, a man who has been heavily involved in transporting goods through House space on behalf of a range of criminal organisations. The one of whom I speak has been running this business for many years, having taken up the mantle of his father, who was sadly executed during the conflict of 812 AS.
Over the past few years he has transported cargo ranging from Engine Components and Counterfeit Software to Artefacts and Synthetic Marijuana. During his time, he has enjoyed a good relationship with the lane-hackers and provided occasional assistance in the form of supply shipments.
However, this man today reported to us that, while passing through Magellan hauling a shipment of Alien Artifacts obtained in Bretonia from an associate, he was harassed by a pair of Lane-Hacker pilots. He does not wish to name-drop, though mentioned to us that one of the pilots wore the colours of a member of the elite LH wing.
Our associate reports that he was repeatedly slandered and falsely occused of being a Corsair, despite no evidence being present to support the assertion. Attempting to appeal to the businesslike nature of the Hacker group, he offered them a cut in his profeits, for safe passage.

However, the hacker pilots did not accept his offer, and clung to a strange belief that Artifacts can only be found in the hands of Corsairs. The fighters attacked, and much to his regret, our associate was forced to defend himself. His on-board defences destroyed the two ships, and another that arrived shortly after shots where first exchanged.
Our associate rescued the pilots and attempted to negotiate their hand-over in exchange for an audience with the Hacker leadership, but the hacker representatives proved uncooperative.
Our associate claims the pilots are still in his custody and have rooms rented at one of his haven-bases in Liberty.
Our associate informed the Syndicate with the hopes that we could negotiate resumption of the Lane Hacker's tolerance of the artifact trade.

Unlike the Outcast drug Cardimine, the contraband that the Corsairs are overwhelmingly associated with; Alien Artifacts, is not solely transported by their ships. Unlike the Outcasts with their Cardimine, the Corsairs do not have a stranglehold over the market of Alien Artifacts, and indeed, Corsairs will never be seen carrying them into Liberty.
It is normal practice for the Corsairs to offload Artifacts on neutral bases, selling them to middle-men such as the Junkers, who then give them over to unaffiliated smugglers such as our associates in exchange for a middle-rate fee. Thus, Artifact smugglers ought not be denounced as Corsairs, or even associates of the corsairs.
In addition, if any of your men have ventured to the Edge Worlds, you may be aware of entire planets and nebulae that are in no uncertain terms brimming with harvestable alien finds.
Put simply, we can vouch for most of our associates when we say that the majority of them have never collaborated with Corsairs.

It would seem to us that the Lane Hackers have nothing to gain from obstructing the flow of artifacts into Liberty, unless they are receiving a significant reimbursement from the Outcasts for such a service. Afterall, only the outcasts and Liberty corporations such as Ageria gain from smuggling of alien technology into Liberty being hindered. Are the Outcasts rewarding you for such a great help to them? If not, I would suggest that it's very poor business indeed.

Like the Hackers, we smugglers have a distain for house corporations, and their infringement of our liberties. This is, in part, why we attempt to assist criminal organisations such as the Lane-Hackers through supply shipping.
If the Lane Hackers are willing to allow safe passage to artifact smugglers, the Syndicate can attempt to organise frequent supply shipping to Hacker bases, and perhaps even provide regular financial aid vire subspace-balance-transfer. It goes without saying, of course, that all involved would make great effort to ensure the Outcasts never got wind of the agreement, so that your alliance is not endangered. Naturally, we will attempt to ensure that the pilots held by our associate are released to you safe and sound.

To miss out on an opportunity such as this, out of some misbegotten loyalty to the Outcasts would be foolish, and very bad business.

If the Lane Hacker leadership are interested in our offer, please use these contact details and a meeting of some kind can be arranged. ::::UPLOADING:::::

Thank you for your time.

-----------------Transmission Ends-------------------------------

** Incoming Transmission **
*** Transmision Failed ***
*** Pasword required ***
***Password Accepted***

Comm. I.D. - Weed Borracho Mas Joven / Callsign - [CCS]Weed[A]

* Target - Commander, Lane Hackers*

Dread Commander of the Lane Hackers,

This is Weed borracho mas Joven Commander Of The Cali Combat Squadron.
The password got to my hands by a sorce i cannot share with you at the moment but i am gald it did.
I have A proposal that might benifit both if it will come trought.

As Cali Combat Squadron Forming and We looking to form new alliance, we come to you first.

We can offer you:
(*) Free passage and protection in our ZOI if such need acours
(*) Escorts into Outcast Space and back out safely.
(*) Collaboration in your piracy operations (Lead by you, we will assist if needed).
(*) Help in fending off any threats that might target you (when we have the chance to do so).

In return we ask:
(*) Same access privileged to your bases and Lane hacker controled areas.
(*) As our force is building up we need Weapons to equip on our vessels, you are well known for your acquiring of civilian equipment such as the "Debilitator"
(*) Our policy dictates we use Light fighters "Scimitar" in particular, but as greater force would try to breach our defences we will need something bigger and Armored to protect ourself, We would like to get a permit for your great Gunship the "l3GS-1" a limited amount of them will be needed. Nero D'ortona and myself will be the ones who will monitor and decide who in the CCS will hold the right to command one of these splendid vessels. this would only be needed Until our engineers have finished designing and perfecting the Outcast Gun Boat.

As our alliance grows greater, trust will be earned and built on, and we hope to improve on the offers we have made so far.
We will await your response.


Weed Borracho Mas Joven
Commander, Cali Combat Squadron

** End Transmission **
Transmitting to Lane Hackers

Uhm, konnichiwa.

My name is Akira. Akira Ishida. I, uh... I am a member of the Golden Chrysanthemums. I need... I request the.... Right to purchase one of your weapons: two of the Improved Debilitator guns you carry on Leiden. I am only a poor girl in a battered Eagle, so... There isn't really anything I can offer in return. I'm on my way to your base, as I send this... Uhm, please get back to me.

Akira Ishida, you may proceed with your weapons purchase. Payment in cardamine is preferred over credits.
Transmitting to Sr. Director Moriarty, Lane Hackers...

Cardamine, hai. But I only fly a little Eagle... I can bring a hold full to Leiden and hand it to one of the Lane Hackers there. I don't know... Will that be sufficient?

An update Moriarty-san,

I was picking up Cardamine from Ainu to bring to you... With the last of my credits. However, on the way to Leiden, I found a Freelancer with two pilots. She was very nice, she said she rescued them from the Navy. I had to give up two unit of Cardamine so I could carry them, though. I did an inventory on my way to Leiden through Shikoku and found I had 67 units of Cardmine left.

When I got to Leiden, I found a Xeno killing Lane Hackers! I tried to stop him, honestly... Even tractored a number of pilots before he could get to them... He... He wanted to sell me into slavery! I have a partial log of the conversation. At the end, he dropped 18 Kusari Naval Forces pilots... I know they're the bad guys, but I couldn't let them die in the radiation. That's just... Cold. I gave them to your men on Leiden... I hope they'll be OK and remember what I did for them.

Final inventory says that I have 58 units of Cardamine left in my hold to make this deal, and have saved the lives of 11 Lane Hacker pilots. I hope they if I turn all of this over to the Lane Hackers I can get those two guns?... I don't really have the money left to purchase them...
::Incoming transmission::
::Subject: Gunship purchase::

::Source appears to be whispering- adjusting comm volume to compensate::

Greetings, gentlemen.

Some of you might know my name. I have worked with some of you recently, so to speak. In particular with mister Phate.

Rumor has it that I am an LSF spy. Others say I am Nomad infested. Others say I am a Phantom. Others say I never sleep. All of this at the same time. The list of myths goes on.

Regardless, had I been here to discuss myths about myself, I would be busy for a while. I will get to the point.

I am interested in procuring one of the Hacker gunships, in particular the "I3GS-1" model.

As someone who has worked rather closely with the Lane Hackers for a while now, I am rather...impressed. My grudge is with the houses, not with yourself.

The following neural net entries should be considered evidence of my background.
[Image: hackerrepvu4.jpg]
[Image: idwi7.jpg]

Regardless, I do hope you will get back to me soon.

::Signal lost::
COMM ID: Scipio
For: Lane Hacker Command

Greetings...Hola, I would like to request to be able to use one of your gunships. I am an outcast and as you know we do not have one of our own, and the Lane Hacker gunship is the best. I have purchased it at Mactan and it will be used well.

Bountyhuter and lawful pilots will certainly feel it fury.

Scipio Over and Out