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Avery Reeves,

While your idealism is commendable, this is not how the world works. Do not expect that your martyrdom will set an example for others, your actions will be lost or twisted. Only your conscience will remain clear.

But if that is your wish, then so be it. However you contacted the Lane Hackers based on a promise made to you, by one of ours. Now you are saying that you are not really here for that promise but you need something else. What should I make of this Mr Reeves? Was it a trick to attract my attention?

In any case, how could the Lane Hackers can assist you with your trial? I don't expect you intend to summon one of the most-wanted men in Sirius as your witness.

COMM ID: Avery Reeves / Paragon
TARGET ID: The Lane Hackers
SUBJECT: RE: Your Offer

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You might be right.

For whatever reasons, the Republic decided to drop their charges as of now. Instead I was demoted after the hearing and given the clearance to re-enter active service. I'm not sure what really changed, but it's supposedly my second chance, depending on which superior of mine you listen to.
My intention was never to trick you, I had no idea who you truly were before all of this and I'm grateful for the quick response and offer to protect me from over-zealous prosecution. As much as I am grateful for this, I want to treat the option of escape and abetting the Lane Hackers as the last resort, since it's something I'll only be able to do once, after-which I'd be a criminal of Liberty and actively pursued by everyone I worked with over the years.
I'll understand if this offer to save me from danger is only a one-time thing. I'm quite literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. Running would only further incriminate me in the eyes of the Republic, staying is a risk in of itself.
I have to apologize for potentially jumping the gun on asking for the promise made to me, but it was purely out of concern that the repercussions I might have faced would have been quick and severe, which they don't seem to be as of right now.
The situation has calmed, but that sense of paranoia hasn't left me. I'm unsure of what to do and I'm not sure there's a real 'right choice' for me in this situation..

Reeves, over and out.

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From: Jimmy O'Brian
To: Lane Hackers
Subject: Data storage
Encryption: High

'Ello everyone.
My name's Jimmy O'Brien and ye people might saw me delivering some of the stuff yer requested from me pals in [FL-ER]. If any of ye was in Thunder bay, that is. But that's not why I'm sendin' this. Ya see, I need meself a secure data storage. Somethin' to keep some of my... sensitive stuff out of pryin' eyes. And y'all got a reputation 'bout these things... well mostly about breachin' them, but I figured who's better to create a safe storage, than the guys who know all the weak spots, right?

Now... I 'now these things ain't for free, and I'm willin' to pay a good cash for it... or maybe y'all want somethin' different? I'm open to suggestions. Though.. pelase keep in mind, I ain't no pirate or bounty hunter. I smuggle, but that's all. So what do you say?

See ya!

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[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Hello Jimmy, how are you?

We haven't heard from Represenative Nunes yet. Did he not appreciate the bonus we provided him with? I am curious.

As for your request, I need more details. From what I understand, you need a firewall on your data storage? Also, your data storage is a full computer, a neuralnet server, or a simple storage hardware piece? Want to hear about it.
[Image: OXIZ09i.png]

From: Jimmy O'Brian
To: Lane Hackers
Subject: Data storage
Encryption: High

'Ello again.

I ain't sure why Nunes dinnae sent a comm yer way, but I reckon it might have somethin' to do with one... party, and a certain incident he's curently tryin' to deal with... I bet ye 'now which one. He's simply kinda busy. I'll let him 'now yer asked.

Anyways, regarding that storage... truth be told I dinnae have it yet. I ain't exactly experienced with these things, and that's why I sent a comm yer way, but I'll try to be a 'lil more specific. I certainy want to have a physical acces to it, but at the same time I'd like to acces it remotely. I guess that means I want a NeuralNet Server, located in a palce I'll pick. Or, to be precise, two or three of them, in separate places, but holdin' the same data. Ye know... in case one of them gets destroyed or compromised. Now... firewall is a basic thing, if I understand these things correctly. I'd like somethin' more... sophisticated. Ideally somethin' that would make the servers... invisible unles ye know where to look. And the firewall of course, just to be sure.

Now, that's only the first part. I'd like to acces these servers securely and.. untracebly? Is that how you'd call it? I ain't goin' to pretend I 'now how these things work. Basicaly I want to connect from a regular terminal, even those simplier ones in small spacecraft, without it leavin' any traces behind. Is this possible? Also, it would be nice if the servers automaticaly synced and somethin' that would allow me to send anonymous transmissions, but in a way that the other side can reply me back without knowin' who are they speaking to, would be appreciated too.

So... is that possible fer ya? And what would ye want fer that?

See ya!

P.S. Would it mean any trouble if on of the servers were to be placed on moving liner?

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[Image: cristinanctb.png]

COMM-ID: Cristina Martelli
TARGET-ID: The Lane Hackers, Maltese comm node


I bid you good day,

With our operations running well in the designated areas we had several Maltese working for other organisations. Many of our affiliated pilots are currently fighting in the independent worlds. And some are working inside Bretonia against Corsairs and Gauls primarily.

Thus I would like you to open your Job Board for National Council applied Maltese. For that in turn we would of course also like to offer your pilots the jobs we have posted on the National Council Bounty Board. Once planning is complete there will be a job board publicized on which I'd also like to see the Lane Hackers then.

Us working together like this will be benefitial for both of us, when we are able to provide quick support and monetary motivation for our pilots.

Until then.

Cristina Martelli


[Image: l3P7UWY.gif]

TO: The Lane Hackers

Good Evening,

It is just a small thing I would like to ask the hackers as a friendly gesture to make sure you wont go into any unneeded trouble.
Are the Lane Hackers registered for Silver Clearance in Order Space and permitted to land on King's Landing?

If there is any issue, I hope this matter can be resolved for you this way than the hard way with the Order. No need for trouble, am I right?



[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Hello Mr Sunny,

How are you? Why thank you for your interest about our business with the Order, but whatever we do, it's our business only.

I have no doubt that we will hear from AFC in the near future, hopefully with more important and less invasive matters.
[Image: ZWfRcTpgjvK562a2rPfgqKGVN3gwjyCLn4sceTZ-...-h176-p-no]

Good Day!
I'm sorry for not contacting to thank you sooner.I was at a party and well from what i hear i spent most of it sleeping on the floor with a bottle in one of my hands. I can't really remember any of this, but i did have a headache for the next two days.

I've also had some trouble in using this channel again because i had to fix some problems you may have heard. Two of our pilots attacked the Auxesia and Crayterian Republic.

Well anyway. I have to thank you for this information, although i have to say. I'm not quite sure what to do with the images you gave me. I still have to think if i will use them and how.

Best regards,
Xalo Nunes

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