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Full Version: The Lane Hackers | Diplomatic Channel
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From:Reaper Flagship Silent Edge
To: LH forces

hello my friends i be here to make us a little deal a propsition persay. now as many of you may know us reapers tend to have a few little 'personal' lackys throwing cardamine here there and everywhere but mostly to the pits of manhattan itself so on this note. id like to make a deal. in exchange for weapons and equipment i will send a list of our smugglers that we would wish for your men to turn a 'blind eye' toward persay. i can assure you we shall make it worth your while my friends. i shall send more specific details on the time/date and contents of our shipment if this offer is accepted. i hope to hear from you soon good bye

Lohingren Out

.Sr. Director Moriarty recognized....transmission.encrypted..uploading data..


It warms my otherwise cold heart to receive word from our courageous patrons among the Outcasts. Your comrades in the center of this pit of corruption hypocritically known as "Liberty" are laboring to bring the enlightenment of Cardamine to the masses of people
groping through the darkness of commercial oppression.

To achieve success, we must obliterate more of these accursed police and navy weasels. To do this we need better weapons. Now every Hacker knows that we design the best weapons in the galaxy, but currently our supplies of optronics and optical chip parts has run out, and we are unable to produce any more guns for our fighters. We will therefore gratefully accept your offer of weapons and equipment. They are sub-standard compared to our own, but our Technical Department can bring them up to spec for us with modifications.

Our current needs include the following:
20 Nuclear Mine Droppers
6 Inferno Gunboat Cannons
10 Kraken Type 1
10 Kraken Type 2

We realize that this is a tall order, and I do not expect that what we are able to offer in return at the moment is enough to make this a fair trade for all of it.

Therefore, we ask that you provide a portion of each item according to what you deem fair, and we will conduct further negotiations in the future to fulfill all our needs.

Additionally, we Hackers manufacture the best Pulse weapons that can be found anywhere. We are more than willing to provide Improved and Advanced Debilitators in Trade. terminated..

Security Clearence:*********
Channel Access:Command Line Alpha

Accessing, One moment please. . . .


From: Unknown
To: Lane Hacker Command - Mactan

To whom this may concern, excuse us for being so direct but we have very little time for pleasentries, My associates and I are in need of a replacement vessel, and due to equipment and technology requirements we would like to purchase a Spyglass class vessel, were more than willing to pay in full, provide aid in the construction via material and personel, and in turn youse your yards for the construction. Of course there will some Security issues that will need to be Iorned out, If interested please contact Mr. Alex Morden Via the Freeport open Channels, security clearence will be attached to this transmition.

Attached File: securityclearenceclassC.txt

Server connection cut
End Transmition....
.Sr. Director Moriarty recognized....transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

My Dear,

The Lane Hackers defer to the Hellfire Legion in all matters concerning activities in the Vespucci System, most especially including the sale of a Spyglass to an outsider. That may actually be in your favor, because I rather doubt that you could afford the bribe that would be necessary to persuade ME to allow you access to one.

Contact the Hellfire Legion command. terminated..
####Incoming Transmission####

Comm ID: Rogue Flagship Graviton
From: Rogue Commander Felix Valdar
To: Lane Hacker Command

Hail Lane Hackers,

I come to you as the leader of a new order of Liberty Rogues. We are seeking allies among the stars and would like to have the Lane Hackers as one of them.

I am open to any terms you may propose and will readily accept them barring extortion or any such thing. I have already had diplomatic talks with the Hellfire Legion and so wanted to come to you next.

Commander Valdar out.

####End Transmission####
.Sr. Director Moriarty recognized....transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Felix Valdar:

I propose terms similar to those we have negotiated with HF and UOG.

1. LR and LH pilots will provide each other with strategic and tactical assistance when requested.

2. LR will grant LH access to all Rogue facilities for the purposes of smuggling, commodities sales, and ship repairs. No Rogue weaponry will be purchased from the Rogues without prior notification and approval.

3. LH will grant LR complete access to Mactan Base and Leidan Base for the purposes of smuggling, commodities sales, and ship repairs.

4. LH will share intelligence data detailing the disposition of hostile forces, in exchange for high level Liberty Rogue weapons.

5. LH will provide LR with access to Codename weapons from our armories, in exchange for Rogue weapons or other needed supplies.

6. LH will pay negotiated rates for pilots LR delivers to LH for interrogation. (We'll pay more than you can receive for them in Liberty space on your own).

7. LH will provide free access to Slipstream fighters from Mactan Base in exchange for free access to Daggers from Buffalo Base.
Please advise. terminated..

####Incoming Transmission####

Comm ID: Rogue Flagship Graviton
From: Rogue Commander Valdar
To: Sr. Director Moriarty

I accept your terms and would like to propose one of my own:

7. LH will aid in the combat and tactical training of new LR pilots.

Our flight instructor cannot handle all of our new recruits at once, espescially since some of them have never flown a ship such as the Werewolf before. And recently he has informed me of an illness he has been struck with that makes it even more unlikely for all of our new pilots to be fully trained within the standard time.

Rogue Commander Valdar out.

####End Transmission####
.Sr. Director Moriarty recognized....transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Commander Valdar:

I cannot agree to stipulation # 7 as a policy. However, if any of our pilots are free when a Liberty Rogue needs assistance or training, the Rogues are free to request assistance or training. The practical difference may be nil, but philosophically I cannot bind our forces to the obligation of training other factions.

I consider our aggreement to be in force immediately. terminated..
####Incoming Transmission####

Comm ID: Slipstream "Invincible"
From: Temorary Commander Tripson
To: Lane Hacker Senior Director Moriarty

Due to Commander Valdar's capture and him being detained in an LSF holding cell i have taken control of the Liberty Rogues and i hereby agree to all articles of the alliance. I too consider it to be in effect at this time and for it to be in effect until either party expresses otherwise.

Now, on to other matters, i agreed with you via private comms today about the comissioning of a special Rogue wing of Slipstreams. Two Vassago and two Sammael laser guns will be deposited in your vault for each Slipstream purchased from Mactan base. Thank you for this.

Tripson out.

####End Transmission####
-Connection Established...
-Channel Secure...
-CYLON AI Virus not initialized...

--=Datastream Established=--

To: LH Command Authority
RE: Diplomatic Standing

In a report from our Raider squadron assigned to Mactan we have been made aware that our standing agreement with the Hellfire Legion does not extend to the rest of the Lane Hackers. We are embaressed to admit that we may have overlooked your organization and appologize for any offense. Such was not our intent. Our databases have been updated and the mistake shall not be repeated.

We are prepared to offer the same arrangement that was offered to the Hellfire Legion.

Article 1: A squadron of Cylon Raiders and Heavy Raiders will be stationed at Mactan in system R136-J67 (Magellan) for assults on the SA, the LSF, and the illegal corperations of Liberty.

Article 2: All Cylon Vessels will assist any HF or LH vessels within the bounderies of Magellan and Liberty space. Any assistance outside these areas is at the sole discretion of the HF or LH pilot.

Article 3: The Cylon Contingent will grant limited access to the Cylon AI basecode for the development of advanced AI for the use of the parties involved.

Article 4: All Cylon vessels will remain under Cylon command but will follow all the directives of the senior battle commander.

We look forward to assisting you in eradicating the undesirable elements in Liberty Space. We await your response.

--=Datastream Disengaged=--