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[Image: 138a.png][Image: 2.png]

Mister Alexandro Torres, after review from the Professorship, I am pleased to report that the CoaliciĆ³n Imperial Maltesa has been allowed access to the Lane Hacker Job Board. Please feel free to take any jobs or bounties registered there. We hope you find your dealing fruitful.
...neural.uplink detected...
...starting encryption...establishing connection...
identified: Keeper Revenant

[Image: tbarrave.png]



I come to you today to express the interest of furthering partnership with the Technocracy, we strongly believe that cooperation and collaboration will assist both of our organisations in the inevitable upcoming conflict backlashing into the Independent Worlds from the Imperialist Rheinland, such thoughts backed up by the sightings of Unioners in league with the Imperialist military vessels and local corporations.

We believe it to be an imperative to assist our friends where possible to ensure that our homes stay coherent, especially if the local residentual infectees suddenly decide to wake up... Liberty may perhaps attempt to abuse this position to advance themselves further into the eastern Independent Worlds. I do not know what the Hellfire Legion is doing in light of recent events, infact, they have been completely silent.

Unioner Warship being repaired in New Berlin orbit Wrote:1

We are willing to provide firepower support, logistical and intelligence support. Are you in need of any resources in particular? It should not be too hard for us to grab resources off of the market due to our marginally neutral disposition.


...transmission complete
...terminating stream

[Image: 140d.png][Image: 6w.png]
[Image: 10w.png][Image: 20w.png][Image: 34w.png][Image: 43w.png]

Buenos dias,

My apologies for delaying this Senorita, but the arrival of more Warfare-Specialized Lane Hackers in the south is pending other events in motion. Once we are ready, you will be notified of any operations that will entail your cooperation.

Good day. Weaver, OIC. Interesting security system you've got.

One of my agents was recently in the Alaska system on recon. I'm aware that you have your own interests in the area, so while this may be redundant, I thought it good to share what we found in the interest of continued friendship.

I'll take the interesting points directly from my agent's report.

  • The Alaska system has several interstellar connections. Two jump gates, one of which leads to Virginia, and the other of which we believe to be the old gate to the Liberty core worlds, and a jump hole to Virginia. [ Attachment: Image ]
  • The system contains several long stretches of navigational buoys and trade lane construction sites, all of which are absolutely covered in weapons platforms. They are equipped with standard turrets as well as some particularly nasty missile launchers.
  • The battleship Minneapolis is stationed down the path from the Virginia jump gate. There is a trade lane under construction to the south. There is a second path to the north of navigational buoys. [ Attachment: Image ]
  • The northern path ends at some kind of incredibly large jump gate, possibly related to the ones that were built between Liberty and Bretonia for the counter-attack against the Royal Navy. It did not appear to be powered up or active in any way. [ Attachment: Image ]
  • I estimate that the lane south from the Minneapolis to be at least halfway built. At its southern terminus, a gaudy Ageira facility called Prudhoe Skunk Works has been built. It didn't seem to see me, but I immediately moved for the cover of the Alaska nebula. [ Attachment: Image ]
  • The far end of the other half-built trade lane from Prudhoe Skunk Works is a shipyard with the battleship Carcassone in one of its drydocks. It was partially powered up, with IFF and AIS transponders running. AIS for the shipyard identified it as Juneau. [ Attachment: Image ]
  • The return trip to our staging area was... eventful. Thank God for the cloak on the Neue Regel. [ Attachment: Image ]
  • After getting nice and far out of scanner range of... that, I disabled the cloaking device, re-enabled comms, and caught a whiff of some DSE transport broadcasting. No visual or thermal identification, just a name and their poor operational security. [ Attachment: Image ]