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-Incoming Transmission-

[Location: Rochester Base]
[Comm ID: Isaac Stein]

Greetings. I am Isaac Stein of the Junkers Congress.

I have a little project that I need your help with. You see I am constructing a gunship, however there is an issue. Just a tiny one. I don't have a reactor of suitable size.

I'd buy one from Baltimore Shipyard, but I don't exactly want my projects being tracked by the Government. So I need to find the parts from another source.

Now your gunships seem to have a fair amount of power into a rather small package. Perhaps you have a reactor or broken down l3GS-1 lying around that I can get my hands on?

If you do, I am more than willing to compensate you.

Stolen goods are a bit of a bother if you can't make any money off them. Normally I ask for a 50% cut when moving such items, but should my request be granted, I am willing to move any goods from the Lane Hackers free of charge.
If you have no need of my services I can also offer credits or rare weaponry.

I look forward to hearing from you.

-Signal Lost- data...

Good day Herr Mitarbeit!

I have to agree, the diplomatic relation between our people should be defined. It's not a coincidence that it never did happen before. You see we have ambivalent feelings about that matter. While Rheinland is an enemy to Liberty, so is the Libertonian government, who you oppose. For what we see from here, your House resides in a dictatorship. Forgive the term, it might sound harsh, but I do not use it in a purely negative manner. Compared to the malignant capitalistic oligarchy that taken over our spaces, it's a honest and centralized form of governing. If the liberation of my people from the oppressing regime ever happens by your forces, I have serious doubts that the ruling alternative you present will be accepted by the common man - including the Hackers.

But that's a really long way from where we are now. Until than, our goals are common, and the distraction the war with Liberty provides for us is invaluable (not to mention those rumors I hear about operations against Bretonnia's forces - they also become a pain in our assets).

So I can assure you of the following: Our forces won't be deliberately hindering your efforts against any governing body, their lapdogs, and their supply lines. Sadly our custom of encouraging free thinking and decision amongst our pilots includes that I can't stop any individual who driven by patriotic feelings attacks a passing craft of yours - but considering that you have an army, while we only deploy small task-forces, any loss we may cause will be insignificant. One exception there is - Magellan space. By certain reasons we can't allow any kind of aggression in that area, as it might draw unwanted attention.

And about the interception of hostile trade - I'm sure we can work something out. We welcome any confiscated cargo - and of course our people won't stop anyone who delivers supplies to our bases. Also if you have logistic difficulties in hostile territories, our Smugglers Department would be more than happy to dispatch some transports to relieve your haulers. terminated... data...

Good day Mr Stein.

But of course you can take a gunship-core, no problem with that. I'll arrange the shipping of one to Mactan base - it will arrive there soon. Don't worry about the compensation - our good relation with the Congress has it's roots so deep, that it might even be called a friendship. If you could pick up some Black Market Munitions on the way here, we'd appreciate that, but don't bother with it if it'd mean a larger detour. terminated...

Shinobi Agency:
Having reviewed your bounty claims against targets hostile to our interests, it is clear that you merit our gratitude. It is not clear, however, that extending our gratitude to the issuance of our technology to your pilots is similarly merited. As mercenaries, your status presents unique difficulties. What if, for example:
-your allegiance changes to coincide with our enemies?
-your operatives have their ships impounded while docked at House controlled facilities?
-our technology is used in hostilities against our allies?

These are but three of the security concerns inherent in your request for access to our technology.
Nevertheless, the superlative performance of your operatives against our foes causes me to offer you these caveats.
We will grant your request if the pilots receiving the technology agree to the following conditions:
- Pilots using Lane Hacker technology may not, under any circumstances, engage in hostilities against Junkers, Liberty Rogues, Mollys, or Outcasts.
- Pilots using Lane Hacker technology may not, under any circumstances, dock on stations that are under the administration of the Liberty government or its corporations.

Breach of these conditions will result in the immediate termination of our good will towards the offending pilots, which will result in our attempts to reclaim our technology, by force if necessary, including the use of bounties.

If you are willing to accept these conditions on behalf of your pilots who will use our technology, then I will accept your past performance as an indication of future trustworthiness. It will be necessary for you to indicate the precise call signs of the pilots involved. I trust that you will carefully weigh the potential for harm inherent in your request before you agree to these terms.
[Connecting to the neural net]
[Communication link established]

I understand your suspicion Mr.Moriarty, as common mercenaries in our galaxy are not to be trusted so easily. After reviewing your conditions to gain access to said weaponry I found them acceptable. These weapons will be given to my agents to strike a fear into hearts of enemies which we share with Lane Hackers and some of your allies, while they will never be used against organizations which you have stated.

I have decided to give these weapons to agents I have personally trained and which can be trusted with such technology, the codenames are following :


I can only extend my gratitude that our agency is honored with the trust of your organization. Arigato.

~Shinobi Master

[Communication link terminated]

Shinobi Agency:

The necessary paperwork will be completed forthwith to grant your request. Note that your operatives do not receive clearance to enter the Vespucci system. Next time they are in the Magellan system they may contact a Lane Hacker through the usual means, who will fulfill their request for the necessary weaponry and arrange a rendezvous to convey the weapons to them.
[color=#FFCC33]You've got a message!
Greetings, I'm Ben Tenn from Mollys. I have clear permission from our governor to speak on behalf of our group, hopefully that satysfies conditions you set. Unfortunately governor himself is quite busy person.

What do we need, is four 'Falcata' or 'Cutlass' class bombers. We're ready to pay in gold. Of course I'm open for proposals.

Those bombers will be used in hands of skilled individuals in defence of Dublin or our interests.

Post scriptum. Also I passed gold for mr. Clay through mr. Sanguinetti, I hope mr. Clay got it?
[size=medium][color=#FFCC33]~ "Long" Ben Tenn
[Image: begbar.png]

Mr Tenn,

We happen to have several unused Falcata bombers. However, they have been stripped of their weapons systems and their hull plating has been disassembled and swapped to ships that are still in service.

Before starting to negotiate a price, I need to know if you find these conditions acceptable.

[Image: endbar.png]
[color=#FFCC33]You've got a message!
Yes, our technicians will fix them up fast, hopefully. Of course if you're willing, your technicians may fix them up themselves, we'll pay more then. I'm sure 'Falcatas' will be protected better then, furthermore I'm sure technicinas from Mactan are definately more expierenced with lighter ships.
[size=medium][color=#FFCC33]~ "Long" Ben Tenn